Inside Thoughts

A/N: So… I have no idea where this little post ep for "A Rose Foreverafter" came from. I hope the inside/outside splits aren't too confusing. I hope you enjoy this little excursion into Kate's psyche.


"He's all yours."


'He's all yours?'

What the hell does that even mean? It's not like I want him or anything. Please, take him back! Oh, wait… you're getting married…to someone else. Smart girl, Kyra.

But couldn't you take Castle anyway? Be his muse instead of me? Ha ha. I guess not. Greg probably wouldn't like that too much. I don't either, honestly.

Why does he look so pensive over there? Probably remembering good times with 'The One Who Got Away.' And why does that hurt?

Get a grip, Kate, you don't want him, remember?

Oh, shut up, Beckett. Maybe being a muse isn't so bad.

Katherine Houghton!

He's writing books about me, Beckett. Us.

Ok, I'll concede that being a muse is a bit flattering, but you don't want him. I don't want him… Kate? We don't want him, right? Kate, why are you looking at him like that?

What? No! No, you're right. I don't want him.


I don't! I mean, he is handsome – ruggedly so – and yes, I've fantasized, but that's not real. It's like fantasizing about Brad Pitt. Never gonna happen in real life.

Just keep remembering that, Kate.

He's arrogant, a jackass…



Kate jumped out of her thoughts.

"Oh! Hi, Castle."

"You okay? You seemed a little… I don't know… inside yourself."

"Just thinking."

Castle shuffled his feet nervously.

"So, um… if you're interested, Kyra and Greg decided to get married at the courthouse, with a much smaller guest list. Kyra invited me and a plus one. Would you like to go with me?"





"Uh... sure. It would be nice to see a happy ending to all this."


Oh, God, that smile.

Pull it together, Kate. Keep thinking about the happy ending for Kyra and Greg. Ignore how happy Castle is about you going with him. It's. Not. A. Date. Remember that.

I won't forget.



"Great!" Castle replied with no small relief, "It's tomorrow morning at 9:00. Amazing they were able to get in that early, but they've lost enough honeymoon time."


Ugh. Enough with the eyebrow waggle.

Be nice.

To Castle?

Yes. I don't want him, but he's a good man.

What happened to 'arrogant' and 'jackass'?

Just shut up.


"Pick you up at 8:00?"

"I'll be ready."


Not a date, Kate.

Shut up, Beckett.


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