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Chapter 1

Whoever said college was going to be a nonstop party must not have actually taken classes. My days were pretty much full between a full course load, off-season for soccer and actually trying to have a relaxing social life. Even if I focused completely on these things there's still the part where you have to take care of yourself. Lucky for me, I have mastered these skills pretty well, but that kind of stuff happens when you've been cooking and doing laundry since you were almost nine.

You would think after ten years of doing this, I would know not to wait until I am out of socks to do laundry, especially when your only options for laundry are the ones on the first floor that is always crowded. But I didn't think about that, I guess mostly because I was trying to get a little ahead in my psych class.

After that sudden realization that I wouldn't have any socks to run in the next morning, I started the laundry but quickly got distracted by some homework. When I looked at the clock I kicked myself the whole way to the laundry room. It was already eleven and my washer stopped almost forty minutes before. Now if I didn't get a washer, I would be up after midnight and would be exhausted for the run in the morning.

I instantly saw a dryer with the door open and ran to pull my clothes out of the washer and push them into the dryer. There was only one problem with my plan; there were already clothes in it. I weighed my options. I could wait for the next dryer to open up in 15 minutes, or I could pull their clothes out and get started. It wasn't running after all and they must know it's a war zone in here. A split second later I dropped my clothes onto the dryer next to it and started taking the poor chumps clothes out. I got two handfuls in before a shout echoed into the tumbler.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" I was already cursing into the dryer. The voice was definitely female and furious. Yep this was the poor chump that I was evicting from this dryer. I grabbed one more handful before extending out of the dryer.

"Uhm laundry?" It should have been obvious. This was the laundry room after all.

"That's my dryer! And my clothes!" I looked down at the bundle in my hand and saw a black lace bra. I tried connecting this with the girl in front of me. She was cute with an athletic frame, and seeing her furious with a little crinkle in the middle of her face made her even cuter. But I wouldn't see her as a type of girl that wears black lace.

"Really? I don't see you as a black lace type of girl." She blushed instantly and I couldn't help but smirk at her discomfort. Her small arm snapped the bra from my hands and she threw it back into the dryer while yelling, "I waited for the dryer! It's mine."

Okay, so it was kind of a dirty move but I had my reasons.

"Unless it's running, it's fair game." I matched her bra with a pair of my shorts. She stepped closer and I knew she wasn't backing down. Her eyes were hardened but I saw they softened for just a second as her eyes flicked up and down quickly. But just that quickly she was back to the crease between her eyebrows and reached around me to throw another pile that I had just taken out. She was feisty, and I admired her determination but I wasn't going to quit either. So throw for throw we went until I knew it wasn't going to work.

"Look," I didn't want to call her lady or whatever, she needed a nickname. I glanced at her shirt hoping for some type of connection and I saw across her chest the words 'Gallagher Track' and I knew I had it. "Gallagher Girl. I could do this all day but the dryer is going to get full and then it's not going to work. So if you could just take your clothes out and wait for another dryer that would be great." She crossed her arms, trying to stand her ground.

"No way! I waited for this dryer fair and square. If anyone is waiting it's you." She definitely had a bite to her words, but I couldn't see any follow through. Maybe that's why I felt confident enough to start taking her clothes out. I glanced up at her briefly to see her smug grin on her face and she put a quarter in, but after about the third handful it morphed into complete panic.

"Stop!" I couldn't put up with this any longer.

"I can't wait. I have practice starting at 5 am tomorrow and if I have to wait then it will be well after midnight before this is all done." I shut the door after the rest of my clothes were loaded in and put in the other five quarters to get it started. She was still standing there with her jaw slack, so I made my escape.

"You owe me a quarter then!" All the anger was still radiating off of her so I smirked and flipped my extra quarter at her. She caught it with eyes blazing.

"See you in an hour." I heard her groan in frustration as I shut the door and I couldn't help but laugh. I really got under this girl's skin and it was kind of fun.

When I made it to my room all three of my roommates were still playing video games in the living room.

"Zach! You ready for some Rocket League? Grant could use the help." Grant hit Nick over the head.

"Sure, but only for a little. I have to get my clothes from the dryer." I settled onto the floor and grabbed the last controller.

"Damn. I need to do some laundry." Grant sighed. I was already laughing.

"Yeah, good luck going now."

"Why? Is it really crowded or something?"

"Yeah. You could say that. Washers are easy to find but I had to fight this girl for the dryer." Grant stopped playing and Lucas stole the ball from him, he shook his head but still looked over at me.

"Was she hot?" After Lucas scored he stopped too to hear the answer.

She was pretty athletic and had nice eyes when they weren't all fired up. And I liked how she didn't back down. It was hard to get a real impression, so I shrugged.

"She was cute. Pretty feisty too." Now Nick stopped playing too. Some how I had drawn all of their attention. I couldn't get their attention when I needed their opinion for a short research paper, but now I half expected them to start taking notes and ask me to draw a sketch.

"Woah, wait a minute. Does Zach like this girl?" I rolled my eyes.

"Come on guys. Get real. The only interaction I had with her was her trying to take back her dryer. It was cute how mad she got but that doesn't mean I like her."

"You stole her dryer? Dude that's low. She'll never like you." I raised my eyebrows.

"I don't need her to like me. Besides the dryer wasn't running, it was fair game."

"What did she do?"

"She started yelling at me and threw some of her clothes back in."

Grant was still staring wide eyed. "Well I want to see this girl."

"She'll probably still be in there when I go get it. You can go with me." Grant nodded.

"Yeah, I should probably go with you for protection. I mean if she's really that mad at you then you need some man power to keep her away." I poked his bicep.

"Yeah, I think I need a little more man power." He elbowed me in the side and I winced.

"Well I'll go with you too, Zachy." Nick stopped playing and looked at Grant and Lucas.

"Could you guys be anymore desperate?" They both looked shocked and I tried to contain my laugh. Nick turned back to the game, "Seriously, just say you want to see the cute girl." They were both stunned. If they were dogs they would both be licking their wounds right now.

We went back to the normal game banter until Nick looked at his phone.

"Well if you guys want to see a pretty girl, now is the time. I think your laundry is done." I put my controller away and the guys looked like they were debating to go with me. Finally Grant stood up and put his controller away but Lucas stayed put.

"You want to come Lucas?" He shook his head and got back into the game.

"Suit yourself." Grant was walking faster than normal down to the laundry room. I guess it was a pretty big deal for guys that went to an all-boys high school. Sure some of the guys had the chance to have girlfriends in town, but Grant never tried. Since we got into college his head has been spinning at the thought of actually talking to girls. He did okay with the ones he wasn't interested in, but he froze up at the thought of talking to a pretty girl he liked. I don't know what the big deal is. They're just people. I guess you could say it comes naturally for me.

I looked around the laundry room, but only a tiny blonde girl was in there sitting on the counter. She kind of looked like a fairy in that light blue top, except she had books. Lots and lots of books. She looked up from her notes for a second gave a smile and then quickly went back to studying. Grant came up next to me.

"Is that her? She's… cute," he whispered. He was probably trying to envision this girl getting all fired up, but I'm betting the only thing she would get fired up about is getting an 89 on a test. I shook my head subtly, as not to draw attention to us. Grant slumped against the dryer next to me. I unloaded my laundry a little slower than normal, kind of hoping that Gallagher Girl would show up again. But the door stayed closed.

"Maybe you'll see her again." Grant sounded sympathetic but I wasn't sure why. I had talked to her once, and she already hated me. I don't think she would ever want to run into me again. I wouldn't be counting down the days either.

"It's not like I'm in love with her, Grant. She was just… interesting." Grant looked me up and down but let me push through the door anyway. Nick looked at us and had a smirk on his face.

"So did you see the pretty girl? Are you in love?" I gave a half laugh.

"Well we did see a girl. She kind of looked like a fairy. And no, I'm not in love."

"Sorry mates. You will all get a girl some day." Grant snorted behind me.

"And be as happy as you? I'm just fine being single. I don't need that kind of drama." I saw Nick bristle but he didn't want to start a fight. It was a sore topic around here.

I walked away before Nick or Grant could say anything else. Luckily Grant followed and leaned onto his pillows.

"Do you ever think we're behind since we went to Blackthorne?"

"No I think the academics were more challenging there." He sighed.

"That's not what I mean. I mean with girls. What makes Nick stay with Annie when they fight constantly?"

"I don't know. I think that he's really in love and you don't give up on it when you have it." He put his arms behind his head and looked at the ceiling.

"I don't know if I'll ever feel that." Alright, now he was being ridiculous.

"What about that girl in orientation?" He laughed.

"That girl would eat me up and spit me out before I even had the chance to talk to her. Even then there's no way I would be able to get through a full sentence."

"You don't have any problems talking to Eden across the hall. You can talk to the girl." He gave me a pointed look.

"Eden's different. I'm not interested in her." He was silent for a few more seconds before sitting up and looking at me square on. "Why don't you have a problem with talking to girls?"

I smirked at him, "Because I don't talk to them expecting anything out of it."

"You think you're ever going to see that girl again?" I shrugged.

"I don't know. We've been here over a month and this is the first time I've seen her. I'm not putting too much pressure on the fates to see her anyway."

"But what if you do?"

"Then I'll duck when she tries to hit me."

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