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Chapter 2: Vision Ripple

Starleaf groaned on the bed. He heard voices.

"Is he okay?" Moonwatcher asked.

"This never happened before," Storm said.

Nightripper commented, "What can we do? It's been three days."

Moonwatcher jumped on him, poking him but he remained unresponsive. Starleaf decided to try ignoring Moonwatcher altogether. It was far better to pretend that he was still asleep. Every path he explored where he interacted with Moonwatcher lead to pain and sorrow.

"I know your secrets," Moonwatcher whispered. "If you don't get up, who knows what they'll do to you?"

Starleaf didn't want to experience another vision of pain and sorrow. He thought he was a monster before, but that was just the beginning. He relieved that encounter repeatedly never experiencing a happy result.

"You lied to Equinox making sure his future would unhappy. You lied to your town just to gain prestige. They are nothing more than puppets to you, yet to look to you with reverence," Moon whispered.

Starleaf leaped him from his fake sleeping position. He hugged Moon. "I just want it to end. I tried every scenario, but they always end in pain. Make it stop!"

"Do you promise to change?" Moonwatcher asked.

"Anything to end the pain. Please."

"This is occasion is still for you. Queen Glory decided to stay until you've recovered to show us around."

It happened again. Here came the parts where he showed the famed dragon around town. He couldn't resist enacting his plans to discredit the dragonets of destiny. It would all be behind him soon. All the traps were set.

His hopes were in vain when Moonwatcher visited him in the morning requesting a private chat. "Peril has to take care of business in the SkyWing Kingdom."

All his plans of using Peril as the scapegoat fell to ruin. "I never liked that flaming monstrosity. She's a public safety hazard."

Moonwatcher slapped him. "I know what you planned. You should be thankful that I got you out of your own mess. You wanted to kill me and escape blame."

"You know everything. My life is over. Why couldn't you and Glory just move along? I tried being sick instead of confronting you again." Starleaf cried.

"It doesn't have to be over. Come, let's celebrate more."

Trap after trap of Starleaf's failed. Moon fell for neither of them. He tried harder and harder to dispose of her, but she acted unaware and escaped unscathed.

Moonwatcher requested another private chat with him. "This isn't going to work, is it? You tried to kill me eighteen times today! Do you need me to love you? I tried friendship."

"Love?" Starleaf stuttered. He never expected this to happen during a vision.

"Yes, love."

"But you're three times my age and I'm too young. It'll never happen, and you should already have someone." Starleaf listed one worry after another.

Moon laughed playfully. "Oh silly, I didn't mean right now. I mean once you're old enough. Glory and Deathbringer have a greater age gap than us. You're right, I do have someone. I have two dragons, in fact, Winter and Qibli. I enjoy their company."

"Aren't you going to be the reason why I get run out of town?" he asked. He wasn't willing to accept reality as it is. "It happens time and time again."

"I see. I just read your mind," Moonwatcher said. He expected her to run away or make his life miserable somewhat. "I understand why those events happened. I also learned you desire me, but always thought I was out of your reach."

"Just kill me," Starleaf said. "Kill me so I can relive this again."

"Come, live with me. I can tease you all you want until you're ready. Oh, and don't worry about killing anyone, I will make sure all your plans fail, but you're free to try."

"You can't be serious."

"I collect males."

Starleaf left with the visitors towards his new home in Jade Mountain. Starleaf flew with Moon and her harem.

"Why would you do that, Moon?" Qibli asked. He grasped Starleaf's throat. "Just kill him!"

"Calm down, he's not a threat besides, it'll be fun to use my powers. Here, he's least likely to cause damage and we can use the practice."

"You realize he's going to try to kill us, and maybe others," Qibli said.

"I'm pretty sure that's how IceWings express love these days," Winter noted.

"You're on his side?"

"I just think he's too weak to do anything. Don't tell me you're scared."

Starleaf went to Moonwatcher for cover as Winter and Qibli talked.

"I expect you to try to kill us and fail time and time again until you give up," Moonwatcher said. "You also know what happens if you succeed. Do you really want to return to that?"

They flew in silence toward Jade Academy. Starleaf realized Moonwatcher was right, but still having her all to himself would be better than sharing. He hovered behind Qibli trying to gather courage launch a breath attack.

He closed his eyes launching a breath attack.

"That tickles!" Peril said. "Can you do it again?"

"When did you get here?" Starleaf said. He realized he used the wrong breath and it seemed Moonwatcher was long gone.

"You just floated in the air doing nothing, so I stayed to watch over you. Do it again, please. I haven't felt this good in ages." He unleashed RainWing venom, but Peril easily dodged. "I meant the fire breath. Playing with fire is fun, don't you think?" Starleaf became enraged. He took a deep breath for the hottest flames possible to unleash it all upon her. "That really hits the spot."

"Peril! Stop harassing Starleaf," Sunny admonished. She flew towards them idling in the air.

"Aww, but he's so good. Clay's breath isn't even hot enough."

"He's too young," Sunny said. "And you already have someone. Someone that you alone can touch."

"Challenge accepted," Starleaf said. He used his animus powers to make himself invulnerable to fire. "See? Easy!"

Peril kissed him on the mouth. She enveloped him in a hug. "I'm glad you're here."

"As principal of Jade Mountain Academy. Please wait three years before doing the deed," Sunny said.

"He can still practice his fire breath on me."

"Well, I won't stop you there, just make sure Clay is okay with all of this first."

"You're right."

His life improved dramatically. He gave up on trying to off Qibli and Winter thanks to a new source to vent his rage upon. Peril laughed whenever these sessions came about. Starleaf let out a good deal of rage by focusing them into a stream of fire.

It didn't harm Peril and was therapeutic for him. Moonwatcher was true to her word of love. She gave him a private show whenever he requested it without any hesitation.

At last, the day came when he turned five. Starleaf no longer focused on that singular day anymore. His two dragons argued over him.

Peril said, "I get to be first."

"No, me," Moonwatcher said.

"What's this about?" Starleaf said.

They whispered into his ear.

"Unless if you don't want to," Moonwatcher said.

"Both of you remembered after all this time?" Starleaf said.

"Choose," Peril said.

Starleaf fetched one of his trinkets from the cave. "Fight." The orb allowed dragons to fight one another to vent their rage without inflicting themselves physical harm. It was one of his creations to solve conflicts.

"Gladly." Moonwatcher placed her talons on the orb.

Peril said, "She can't win. She can't touch me."

It was true that Moonwatcher couldn't touch Peril within the orb. They fought within the simulation trying to kill the other.

"You can't touch me," Peril said.

"I don't need to." Moonwatcher hurled another rock at Peril. "I'm faster than you!"

And so, the forests became ablaze whenever Peril approached, but Moonwatcher eluded her grasp.

At last, she placed a claw on Moonwatcher's wing making her scream in pain.

Starleaf savored every moment of the spectacle in front of him.

Moonwatcher fought through the pain. She hurled more rocks at Peril until they landed in her eyes. It took little effort to Peril off then.

"I win," Moonwatcher emerged from the orb.

"Fine, I get to clean up this cave instead," Peril said.

Clay snickered. "Do you want to be alone? Peril."

"Shame on you for even asking that, Clay," Qibli said.

Moonwatcher whispered, "It's time for you to become part of my collection."

Starleaf and Moon headed towards a secluded area in the forest.

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