Bruce went straight to a lab and started moving equipment around with everyone's help. Fury and Hill took off in the quinjet to retrieve their secret helicarrier.

"What're we gonna do when the Cradle gets here?" Donnie asked.

Bruce glanced at the young man before going back to some calculations on a computer screen, "We're going to see if we can use the body as a backdoor to Ultron's programming."

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Bucky asked, "If we could get to Ultron, couldn't he get to us?"

"Theoretically, yes," Bruce paused in his work, "but we don't know how much of Ultron will be downloaded into the body. We could just end up destroying it all."

"This might also be our only chance to put a virus in Ultron's programming if he's been weakened by the upload that may or may not have happened," Donnie added.

Bruce gave the young man a smile, "That's the plan." He moved a few cables before turning back to the computer, "Tony and I never got to finish Ultron, so there could easily be a lot of holes that even he doesn't know about."

"We should call Shuri." The young scientist lamented, "She'd probably be able to figure out something."

"Shuri?" Dr. Banner asked.

"She's the princess of Wakanda," Diana said, "and a genius with tech. But other than showing up in Wakanda again, we don't have a way to contact them."

Donnie's eyes lit up, "That's not true! I saw Shuri slip a bracelet into my bag before we left Wakanda. She said I could use them to contact her. I don't know how they work since I haven't gotten a look at them, but…" He rushed toward the door, "I'll go get them."

Bucky was smirking, "I think he likes her."

"Buck, Shuri's fifteen. Donnie's twenty-something." Diana rolled her eyes, "I doubt her family would approve."

The Soldier shrugged, "It's a bit of a gap now, but in a few years I doubt it'll matter." He eyed her, "Aren't you supposed to be a teenager right now?" His smirk widened.

"Shut up."

A few moments later Donnie was back with a bracelet of medium sized beads, "I can't figure out how they work." He fiddled with the beads, frowning.

"It's okay, Donnie." Diana said, "We'll do fine on our own."

"You sure?" He asked, and the sorceress nodded. He slipped the beads around his wrist, "Okay."


"Hawkeye calling Avengers Tower, does anyone read?" Clint's voice came over their personal coms.

"Clint, hey," Bruce answered, "We're all set here for the Cradle."

"Good. I'll be landing in five. We'll need more people up here to help with the heavy lifting."

The four Avengers made their way to the landing platform at the top of the Tower and watched Clint land the Quinjet.

Tony came out with Steve carrying the Cradle, "Hey, Glinda," Stark said, "think you can make things easy for the old man over there and make a portal to the lab?"

Diana gave the billionaire an amused look, "You realize you're physical age qualifies you for that epithet more than Steve, right?"

"Pfffft… Just make the portal." Stark scowled. She did and smirked at him as he passed her, "Spoilsport."

"Where's Romanoff?" Bucky asked.

The remaining Avengers exchanged a look and Sam replied, "Ultron took her. I tried to go after her, but he can fly faster than my wings, and I couldn't catch up."

The Soldier looked to Diana, and she said, "She'll be fine. Ultron wants someone to monologue to. Remember, he is technically Tony's creation."

"He won't hurt moy malen'kiy pauk?" He asked. At the Russian Diana gave him a confused look, so he repeated in English, "My little spider. It's what I called her when we were on the run."

"Like her calling you "starshiy brat'." The sorceress nodded before answering Bucky's question, "Ultron's not gonna harm his only audience, and Nat's strong. She won't go down without a fight."

"We've already got a plan to save her," said an accented female voice.

Diana tensed and turned her gaze to the final two passengers on the Quinjet, "Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver."

"I didn't realize we already had codenames," the speedster looked a little smug.

The sorceress turned on her heel and strode through the portal. Her mind flashed to the bodies strewn at Thanos' feet.

"Remember, it's your fault." The Mad Titan taunted in her mind, "All your fault."

Diana staggered, and someone caught her and gathered her close, "You alright?" Bucky asked before scoffing and correcting himself, "Better question, what's wrong?"


The Soldier's grip on her tightened, "The vision?"


"I'm sorry." Diana heard Wanda apologize. The blonde looked to the brunette girl. The Witch had guilt written across her face.

"You have no idea," the sorceress said through clenched teeth, "what you've done. You might be able to see, but you don't understand."

Wanda looked away, "My powers are so new, and I've only used them in anger," she looked at her hands. "I need to change that." She looked at her brother, "We need to change that, starting with apologies."

"We were used by HYDRA, just like Sergeant Barnes was used by HYDRA," Pietro added.

Bucky went tense all over, his grip on Diana tightening protectively. He glared ice at the two teens, "We are nothing alike," the Soldier spat. "You had a choice; you volunteered. I had no choice. They had to suppress my humanity and make me a machine before there was obedience. You went to HYDRA for power and then used that power to hurt others. No, we're nothing at all like each other."

The Witch looked to be on the verge of tears, so her brother stepped in front of her, "You don't scare us, Winter Soldier."

"That's not who I am anymore." Bucky said, "My name is Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, codenamed White Wolf."

Diana smiled at Bucky, "You chose White Wolf, then."

"Yeah. It felt like the best match to who I've been and who I am."

A green glow lit up behind Bucky and Diana, causing their attention to shift to what was actually going on.

"Hello everyone," JARVIS's voice greeted them, "I'm sorry I was unable to stop Ultron from escaping."

"Don't worry about it, JARVIS," Steve said. "We're just glad you're still around."

"Ultron didn't go after JARVIS cause he was angry." Tony explained, "He attacked him because he was scared of what he can do. So JARVIS went underground. He scattered and dumped his memory, but not his protocols. He didn't even know he was in there until I pieced him together."

"I'm not much of a program anymore," the AI explained, "and without a central system to anchor me, I will be unable to reintegrate and help you with Ultron."

All eyes turned to the Cradle.

"Well…" Tony looked like he was itching to experiment on the synthetic body within.

"Tony, no." The Captain said, "We don't know how much of Ultron is in that thing. We could lose JARVIS entirely."

"JARVIS has been beating Ultron from inside without knowing it," the genius engineer countered. "This is the opportunity: we can create Ultron's perfect self, without the homicidal glitches he thinks are his winning personality. We have to."

"I believe it's worth a go," JARVIS gave his input.

Steve and several of the other Avengers, including Wanda and Pietro, looked dubious. The Captain crossed his arms, frowning, "I don't know, Tony."

"Diana, back me up here!" Tony turned to the sorceress.

She looked at everyone around the room before returning her gaze to Tony, "Do it."

The billionaire's mouth split into a grin, "Yay!" And he gleefully turned to the nearest computer screen.

"I do not understand." Wanda said, "One word from… her, and your disagreement ends?"

There was a pregnant pause, and a few of the Avengers shuffled awkwardly, not knowing if they should put their trust in the two teens who had been their enemies a few hours before. They may have also been waiting to see if Diana would tell the newcomers about her knowledge.

The sorceress crossed her arms, "I know things." She replied, "There is one event that I want to stop because Pietro deserves better."

The speedster straightened, "What's going to happen to me?"

Diana sighed, "In the final battle with Ultron, Pietro is supposed to die."

There was a moment of silence from the twins before Wanda's expression darkened, "No." She ground out, "That will not happen. I will not allow that to happen."

The sorceress nodded, "We're on the same page with that goal at least."

While the Science Bros plus Donnie got to work on the body and began to talk science jargon, the rest of the Avengers left the lab to have a short reprieve.

Before Diana left she turned to Tony and Bruce, "Hey, guys?"

"Yeah, what? What?" Tony asked, only half paying attention. Bruce, however, turned his full attention to Diana.

"That stone in the body's forehead - that's the Mind Stone from the scepter. It built that body, not Ultron."

That caught Tony's attention, and he stopped what he was doing. His intent gaze turned to Diana, "Go on."

"Just… make sure you can remove it safely at some point in the future and still have the synthetic body work."

The engineer's dark gaze narrowed, "I'd rather be rid of it now, but I'm guessing since you didn't just say that, it must be important."

"I don't know if it is or not, but at least we'll know where the stone is since we can't destroy it yet."

Donnie frowned, "Why can't we destroy it?"

"It's a singularity. It can only be safely destroyed by something like itself," Diana explained to the best of her knowledge. If there had been other options, she was sure the Avengers would've tried them - or mentioned them at least - in the Infinity War movie to destroy the Stone rather than simply relying on Wanda's powers.

"So, like the Maximoff girl's powers?" Bruce had come to that conclusion.

"She's not strong enough yet. Her powers are erratic, and I wouldn't trust them with something this delicate just yet. We need surgical tools, not a jackhammer for this thing."

"How long?" Tony asked.

"A year, two at the most." Diana replied, "After Ultron, I'll take her to Kamar Taj and see if the Ancient One can help."

"I got the impression that you didn't like her," Dr. Banner looked a little concerned.

"You're right. I don't really like her right now. You don't just go around messing with people's minds and memories, especially if it causes harm. It's essentially mind rape." The sorceress said, "But that doesn't mean I shouldn't help her with her powers. With the way they work, it's pretty much my responsibility as a fellow energy manipulator to get her trained correctly. Otherwise she could accidentally tear the Avengers apart from the inside."

The genius engineer stared back down at the synthetic body and the Mind Stone with distaste, "Well, better to keep these things close." He went back to work.

"Thanks for letting us know," Donnie gave her a small smile.

Diana nodded and followed the other Avengers to a more relaxing setting.


When Diana walked into the community lounge outside of the labs, she saw the other Avengers attempting to relax and an awkward Wanda and Pietro standing off to the side. She was surprised to see that Bucky and Steve were at the center of the Avengers having a heated argument.

"We don't know what's gonna happen with that body. What if it swallows up JARVIS and lets in Ultron?" Steve asked.

"What makes you think that's gonna happen?"

"Ultron's everywhere, Buck. I know you're still catching up, but the Internet is huge! Ultron's a spider in the web, and if we get caught, we're as good as dead!"

"You don't know that, and I know enough about the Internet to know that there are viruses and firewalls and stuff that deal with data."

"I just don't think it's a good idea for Tony to mess with something like that. It could be a trap."

The Wolf's eyes narrowed, "I may not know Stark as well as you, but from what I've seen, I don't think he'd fall for any kind of computer-based trap, and especially not with Dr. Banner and Donnie helping him."

"Ultron doesn't know the difference between saving the world and destroying it," the Captain said, "It sounds a lot like someone we know."

"You must have a very low opinion of Stark if you think that." Bucky frowned, "That also doesn't sound like anything you'd ever say."

"Tony's done a lot of terrible things in his life and made weapons to kill thousands of people. I read an article where he was called 'The Merchant of Death.' His suit still reflects that, and even the Iron Legion could put up a fight if utilized correctly. He's dangerous."

"I've killed many people with my bare hands," the Soldier said, "so I suppose that makes me just as dangerous as Stark."

"That's not what I meant, Buck, and you know it."

"He's trying to help fix his mistakes!"

"He could create another monster!"

"Diana told him he could do it! Does her opinion and her knowledge mean nothing to you anymore?!" The Wolf was close to snarling at his best friend.

"Diana can't know everything. We all know that she's changed a lot of things since she got here. This could easily be different than what she remembers."

"What's wrong with you?!" Bucky shouted, "When did you become so suspicious of your friends?"

"Probably around the same time SHIELD fell."

The Soldier flinched, "So your suspicion and feelings of betrayal are my fault," his gaze lowering to the floor.

Steve's head reared back, and his eyes went wide, "Th-That's not what I meant."

"SHIELD fell because of me. I nearly killed Nick Fury. I nearly killed you and Diana and Wilson and Romanoff. I was the most major player on the field during the fall of SHIELD."

"No, Buck, I…"

The Wolf turned his steely eyes back to his best friend, "I have a good idea who said that to you about Stark," his eyes flicked to Wanda. "If you'd rather believe her over Diana that's your choice. But that girl was our enemy only a few hours ago. She messed with your mind. Her games put Diana in a catatonic state for over twelve hours! That's something I can't forgive."

"Wanda's a part of the team now." Steve said meekly, "She wants to take down Ultron as badly as we do."

"Oh yeah, the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Bucky's lips curled into a sneer worthy of Loki, "That girl is no friend of mine, so if we have to fight together, keep her far away from me and far away from Diana. I've had enough mind rape to last me several lifetimes."

Steve nodded and picked at his gloves for a few moments, "Do you really think Diana's right about this body experimenting turning out alright?"

"If she had any doubts, she wouldn't have let Stark do anything," the Wolf said through clenched teeth.

The Captain nodded, "Okay. I'm sorry."

"Yeah, whatever, punk," the appellation was still laced with Bucky's simmering temper.

"Unlike Tony's other AIs," Diana said, making everyone in the room jump, "Ultron was born from fear and panic caused by the vision Scarlet Witch gave them. So Miss Maximoff is partially to blame for Ultron's personality and objectives." She glanced sideways at the girl, "But this new AI has Tony, Bruce, and Donnie guiding it from the outside and JARVIS from the inside. All three of them are in a better mental state right now. It'll turn out better than alright."

Steve looked guilty, "How much of that argument did you hear?"

"Enough to know you don't trust me anymore."

The Captain winced, "I'm sorry. I didn't -"

"Don't." She cut him off, and his grimace turned into a kicked puppy look. The sorceress turned an accusatory look toward Wanda, "Happy?"

The girl recoiled, "No, I… I'm sorry. I didn't m-" she paused and lowered her gaze, "I have no excuses."

"When we defeat Ultron, I'm taking you to Kamar Taj where you can train your skills under supervision," Diana said, "under those who've mastered magic similar to the energy you can manipulate."

Wanda looked up in surprise, "After everything I've done, you'd do that for me? Help me master my powers?"

"You're the only one who can destroy the Mind Stone, the only one that can prevent half the universe from turning to dust."

The girl's eyes widened in horror, "How- what?"

Diana turned and formed a portal, "I'm going to my floor. Come get me if anything interesting happens."

"I'll come with you," Bucky followed after her.


Diana swiped the portal closed and clenched her fists, "I am so tired of this shit! It was all so fine and awesome when I saw it on film - exciting and action-packed. Now that I'm in the thick of it I realize how much it sucks. Not a moment's rest, just villain after villain in a never-ending battle." She clenched her teeth, "The way things are going, I doubt I even stopped the future civil war!"

"Steve's being an asshole." Bucky said behind her, "I think his vision must've really messed with his head."

The sorceress walked over to one of the floor to ceiling windows and looked out on the city, "After everything we've been through, he believes Wanda over me. I don't get it."

"Hey," the Wolf stood next to her and put an arm around her waist, "if you want me to, I'll smack him upside the head when we go back to the labs."

Diana smiled, "Nah, that's okay. I don't want you beating on your best friend."

"I'm serious, Di. If he doesn't change his tune, there will be consequences."

She leaned her head back against Bucky's shoulder and hummed. She closed her eyes for a moment only to have something else filter through her mind. Her eyes snapped open and she turned to him, "Ultron threatened my family. My biological family. Why did Tony even keep a file on them? Why'd he even look for them? They don't know me."

"He found Rebecca too and her kids and grandkids." He gave a faint smile, "I'm a great-uncle."

"Looks like he actually told you," Diana said bitterly.

"I don't know why Stark kept finding your family a secret, but I have a guess." Bucky paused, his eyes narrowed slightly in thought, "Family is everything to him. Just like family is everything to me and to Steve. I can understand why Stark would want to know where to find your parents just in case one day you wanted to meet them."

"Well, the least he could've done is deleted it from the computer mainframe. He did all of that with the HYDRA files and stuff, so why not our personal information?" It was a rhetorical question and she shook her head, "It doesn't matter. It's out now."

"Do you want to know where they are?" Bucky asked, "Do you want to go to them to make sure they're protected?"

Diana stared out at the New York skyline for a while. She then looked at Bucky, "My parents, my family, comes first."

He nodded, "Then we're taking a trip to Minnesota."

Diana sent him a wide smile and took her Sling ring from her pocket. Just as she was about to create a portal to her hometown street, the doors to the elevator opened. Donnie stepped out and said, "The upload is almost done. Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner are about to activate the synthetic body. If you'd… like to... " He trailed off when he saw Diana's Sling ring, "Why do you have your portal-making ring out?"

"We were going to check on Diana's family," Bucky told the kid. "Ultron threatened them."

"Oh. Well, should I tell them you're not coming down?"

The sorceress shook her head and pocketed the ring, "No, we're coming."

"Diana-" Bucky furrowed his eyebrows at her, frowning.

"It's okay, Buck. I'll see them another time."

"I'll hold you to that."

The three of them took the elevator back down to the labs.

"Oh hey," Tony greeted them, "you're back. Good. We just have a few more adjustments and the upload'll be complete. No bumps, no snags."

"Knock on wood." Bruce said.

"Okay. And -" Just as the engineer hit the final button Thor burst in, hammer electrified and pounded on the Cradle. "No!" Tony cried out.

There was a hissing sound and the Cradle opened. The synthetic body rose, opening his eyes. He crouched atop the cradle before stepping out completely and, moving past Thor, stared out the window. A yellow cape flowed down from his shoulders. He then looked at all the Avengers, "I'm sorry… that was… odd." He said in JARVIS's voice. He looked to Thor, "Thank you. Your electric jolt was just what Mr. Stark was going to do with his computer system."

"Who are you?" Steve asked, "Are you JARVIS or Ultron?"

"I am…" Not-JARVIS paused, "I am... "

"I had a vision." Thor said, "A whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life and at its center is that." He pointed his hammer at the stone in Not-JARVIS's forehead, "The Mind Stone."

"Yeah, Diana told us all about the Stone of Doom." Tony said, "It was why we were actually about to bring the body to life before Point Break here jump started it."

"The Avengers cannot beat Ultron alone," Thor said.

"No, not alone." Not-JARVIS agreed.

"I'm guessing that since your 'vision' sounds like JARVIS, the upload was successful?" Steve asked.

"Yup," Tony nodded, "We had to do a bit of reconfiguration to the matrix so we could eventually remove the Mind Stone and the synthetic body could still function without it, but it's all good."

"I'm not Ultron, nor am I JARVIS. I am…" The synthezoid hesitated.

Wanda narrowed her eyes at him, "I looked inside your head and I saw annihilation."

The new being turned to the Witch, "Look again."

Clint scoffed, "Yeah, her seal of approval means jack shit to me."

"Their powers, the horrors in our heads, Ultron himself," Thor defended, "they all came from the Mind Stone, and they're nothing compared to what it can unleash. But with it on our side..."

"Are you? On our side?" Steve asked Not-JARVIS.

"I am on the side of life," the synthezoid answered. "Ultron isn't; he will end it all."

"So what's he waiting for?" Tony asked.

"You. All of you."

"Where?" Bruce inquired.

"He's in Sokovia. That's where he took Nat," Clint said. "I've been tracking her signal."

"I don't want to kill Ultron. He's unique, and he's in pain." The synthezoid looked sad, "But that pain will roll over the earth, so he must be destroyed. Every form he's built, every trace of his presence on the net, we have to act now. And not one of us can do it without the others. Maybe I am a monster. I don't think I'd know if I were one. I'm not what you are, and not what you intended. So there may be no way to make you trust me. But we need to go." He reached out and picked up Mjolnir to hand to Thor. Once the shocked thunderer took his weapon, the Vision strode toward the Quinjet.

"Right," Thor patted Tony on the shoulder, "Well done. All three of you." He gave a nod to Dr. Banner and Donnie.

The Captain squared his shoulders, "Three minutes. Get what you need. We're flying to Sokovia." Most of the Avengers left the lab. Diana and Bucky were halfway to the elevator to head up to the Quinjet before Steve called out, "Diana, could I talk to you for a second?" The Wolf paused to frown at his best friend. "In private, please."

The sorceress raised her chin, "Make it quick, Captain. I hear we have to be on the jet in three minutes." She approached him and crossed her arm.

Steve shuffled his feet and looked down at the floor, "I'm sorry I doubted your knowledge. I'm sorry I believed Wanda over you. I'm just… I'm sorry." He looked up at her.

"The Scarlet Witch messed with all our heads." Diana said.

"Can you forgive me?" Steve looked hopeful.

"Let me know when you trust me again. Then I'll forgive you."

The super soldier grimaced, "I do trust you, Diana. I really do. You and Bucky and Sam are the only people who have my complete trust."

"Then what the hell happened to it when it came to my knowledge of the Vision?"

Steve's mouth opened and closed a few times and his ears started turning red a little. He looked ashamed, "I have no excuses for my behavior. I could put the blame on the vision I had, but… no, no excuses. All I can do is say I'm sorry and that it'll never happen again."

Diana gave the Captain a long stare, "Alright." She looked to Bucky, who had watched, and probably heard the entire exchange.

"I'll see you both at the Quinjet." Steve said, "I need to, uh," he made a motion toward the lab, "my shield."

"Right. See you up there."

Diana and Bucky rode up in the elevator, "You forgave Steve?" Bucky asked.

"Like you weren't listening." She gave him a side glance.

"True, but I wanted to hear it from you directly."

"Yeah, I forgave Steve."

The Wolf nodded, "Good. That's good. His face would've met my fist otherwise."

"Flesh or metal?"

"Whichever one I felt like swinging first when he's being a stupid little punk."

Diana smiled, "I think we'll be fine."

"I need to stop at the armory and get more ammo." He said, "Do you mind?"

"I think I'll just head up to the Quinjet and wait."

Bucky nodded, "Okay." The elevator doors opened to the armory level. He gave her a kiss on the cheek for he left.

Standing alone in the elevator, Diana sighed, "I'm gonna need a vacation when this is all over."