Okay, so I decided to try this story after I came across the picture that inspired me to make the one-shot and after reading stories. Okay, so for those who don't know this I made the one-shot called "Lost" and I was debating if I should do this. The pic I got it based off of the pic I found on Devintart called "Let this be our prayer". Since then I watched the show and still watch it as a guilty pleasure show.

However, this won't be like my other stories. This will have no dialogue. Why? Cause I wanted to try something different and yes it will be a lot like the "My Little Dashie" series.

This will be different, but I hope you all still like this. Now then, let us see how the first chapter goes. I don't own anything from My Little Pony. It is own by Hasbro. Also, thank you to Beavernator for the picture, now let the story begin.


Canada (Unknown pov)

It was raining outside my home. It's been this way almost all week. It wouldn't be much of a problem, but it is becoming a pain in the ass since I have to do a lot of my chores outside. Hard to do when you trying not to get wet, get caught in the mud, and get into an accident while doing my chores.

Normally I would wait till the next day to get my stuff done or wait till the rain dies down. From the looks of things it doesn't appear to lighten up. So, I decided to grab my things. I put on my boots, my raincoat, and my gloves.

I walked outside and went directly to grab the wood I had cut earlier. I got them all and head towards the patio where thankfully I had set up a roof. To keep my patio from getting wet and where I keep my grill. I normally don't do use it, but it nice to have it around just in case.

My chores are not done yet though. I walk back into the rain to lift up the small wooden door to let the small canal I made around the garden I made. Had to let the water out so it won't drown the plants. Bad enough the rain is already doing the drowning. Once I got that done I needed to take out my digger to deepen the trench.

Once I finished getting that part now I needed to check on the fences.

Lately they have been weakening due to the rain, which caused the ground under them to loosen up. The wind that blew by yesterday didn't help either as it loosened the fence. Wouldn't be a problem if it was a normal fence. However, I used wiring to help keep any animals from coming in so I had to make sure they didn't break off.

I fixed it that same day, but I had to make sure it was holding up. Otherwise it's another four hours I have to work on to fix this stupid fence and survive the cold. Thankfully the fences were fine, but I did need to secure them only a bit more just in case. Thankfully this only took me a few minutes and with that I was finally done.

I head inside and took off my raincoat. I left the boots by the door to dry up and threw the raincoat in the basket to clean it later.

I head to the living room where I turned on the TV. The weatherman explains that the rain will end by tomorrow, which I am hoping is true. The guy has been known to be wrong a lot.

And here I thought the weathermen in America were bad. I thought to myself as I go to the kitchen to grab some dinner.

Thankfully the pizza I ordered two days ago was still good. I put it in the oven to heat it up, when I received a phone call.

I walk over and to see who it is. It was my coworker. Letting me know she won't be able to make it out due to the rain, but promised she would come by tomorrow. I knew why she was coming over. She wanted to probably let me know the bosses are driving her crazy and she needs someone to talk to so she knows how to shut them up.

We both work at as Park Rangers and she is in charge of the park. At least keeping it from falling apart thanks to the last guy who was in charge. However, lately the bosses have been causing her trouble due to the new rules she made. Claiming she can't do that or their investors don't like this and how they feel the park should be run more like a business.

She goes to me to help deal with them without killing them all. My advice for to deal with them is tell them to shut the hell up and let her do her damn job that we almost didn't have cause the last guy in charged almost send the place crashing to the ground.

But that's just me. Not sure if she will finally go down that route yet. For now though, I will just enjoy my vacation time.

Once the pizza is ready I sat down on the couch, turned on my Hulu, and prepared to put on the Conjuring movie when all of a sudden I saw a bright light engulfed outside my house. I jumped out of my couch and fell behind the furniture trying to adjust my sight. Once it came back I got off the floor and grabbed from under my couch my baseball bat.

I go to the window and saw nothing there. Could it have been a bolt of lightning? Maybe? But then again if it was then he would have notice where it got hit.

If it is though he shouldn't be near a window and closed the blinds. As long as the power is still on I don't care what it was. Even if it did take the power he has a generator. So, he goes to put the bat away when he heard some noises coming from outside.

I got to the door to see through the peephole. Nothing was there. He couldn't see anyone or anything. He didn't know why but he was worried this might lead to a horror movie.

He goes to his living room to see his Netflix is on the Conjuring, but right now with what happened he lost the mood to watch the movie. So, he turned it off and goes to Hulu to watch some old episodes of Seinfeld.

However, I soon heard the noises again, only this time it sounded like someone crying. I figured it must be my imagination since there is no one that lives near where I live and he knew no one would come out here to camp. I tried to ignore this when I heard a loud thunder noise roaring over the house and soon I heard what sounded like tiny screams and crying.

Okay, that definitely sounds like little kids crying. I am not imagining it.

I go to grab my raincoat and opened the door. I look around wondering where the noises is coming from, until I looked down. To my surprise I see on my doorstep a basket. Not of human babies though like I thought I would find, but instead of fillies.

I have seen a lot of stuff being found on my doorstep before, but a basket of fillies is the first for me. Turning on the front lights allowed me to get a better look of these fillies to find they aren't ordinary ones. All are different colors, one has wings, and two of them have horns. Okay, its official I should not have tried drinking that fruit smoothie.

I then noticed them looking up me with their colored eyes, which began to get watery. As soon as they saw me they began wailing in fear trying to get out of the basket they are in.

Probably on instinct since baby animals show sign of fear in front of a complete stranger or something bigger than them that isn't their mother. I couldn't blame them though. If I was in their position I would be scared too.

As they began moving around one of them got knocked out of the basket. It was the orange filly, who began crying.

On instinct I kneeled down to help pick her up. As soon as I tried to grab her she begins trashing around, while the others cried for her. However, once I picked her up I held her close and began trying to calm her down. Rocking her in my hands carefully, while helping get her warm.

It appears to be working as she began calming down once she saw I was not going to hurt her. The others also appear to be calm as well as they see the little filly is okay. I gently put her back in the basket with the others who appear happy to see her back with them. I pick the basket up and took them inside.

I closed the door behind me and turned on the heater to help make the place warm.

I took them to the laundry where I figured is a good place to keep them warm. I took out a large blanket then set it up around the floor. Once that was done I took out a towel that was in the dryer then began setting it up. I turned around to notice the fillies appear curious of their new surroundings.

One of them appears to try getting a better look of this room when she fell out of the basket. It was the blue one with the rainbow mane. She began to cry as I kneel down to pick her up gently like the orange one. I soon began comforting her like her friend until she calmed down.

Soon the others began leaving the basket too, but I didn't want them to get hurt. So, I set the blue one down and helped them all down.

Once they got on the soft blanket they began looking around. Curious now of the soft floor they are on.

One of them though seems to turn towards me. One with the white coat and purple mane. She goes up to me and begins crying. I don't know why though since she didn't appear hurt. Still, I kneeled down and picked her up, up, but the moment I did the orange and blue ones began crying too.

So, I kneeled down to pick them up, but the moment I did they all began giggling. Okay, now that is weird since I know animals don't giggle like humans. It also felt like they were trying to get my attention. The moment I did though I saw the two fillies sticking their tongue out at the white one, which confirms my theory.

These fillies are no ordinary fillies. I could tell already though since one is what I figure is a Pegasi, while the other two are Unicorns? But how? I thought they were myths?

One of the fillies though sneezed softly and that snapped me back into focus. I had to get them dry so I used the towel to dry them all up. Making sure they are okay too without any injuries on them.

I left the room for a moment too to get some bottles from my office and began filling them with milk. I also began heating them up to try feeding them. I keep some supplies with me at home just for situations like this.

Once I got back the fillies continued exploring around the room. The pink one and the blue one appear to be looking up at the steps to try getting out of the room. The purple, orange, and white fillies were in front of the washer wondering what it is. The yellow one though stayed near the basket and appeared shy.

Wanting to gain her trust I kneel down and moved my hand out to see if I can gain her trust like I have done with other animals. She stared at me for a minute before she began sniffing my hand and began to nuzzle it with her muzzle. I began to laugh when I felt her muzzle tickle my hand.

This caused the yellow filly to move her head towards my hand, sniffed it, and began nuzzling it with her muzzle. Soon the others noticed this and began doing the same. Feeling safe around me as I gained their trust. I soon got them all some of the milk and to my surprise they all finished the bottles.

These fillies were really hungry. Couldn't blame them though.

After an hour the six fillies began to yawn showing how exhausted they are. I left the room for a minute to grab some pillows and a blanket that is big enough for them all. Setting the pillows down, I gently placed each filly on them so they can get comfortable. I then placed the blanket on them and waited for them to fall asleep.

It wasn't before long that I could hear the sounds of gentle snoring that came from the six fillies as they have fallen to sleep.

Still, I didn't want to take any risk of them waking up and I am not here so I grabbed my own pillow then lie down next to them. All while trying to figure out what to do with them. Even wondering where they came from.

Who brought them here? Did they arrive after that bright light emerged? Is it related? And what will happen tomorrow?

My questions stopped when I heard the six fillies sleeping soundly near me. I sighed softly and figured this is something I can worry about later as I soon began drifting off to sleep. Wondering how things will go now that I am caring for these six fillies. These six strange fillies.

That's the end of the chapter folks and hopefully you all like this. Yeah, it is a little like the one-shot, but like I said no dialogue. Best not to try since when I get to the girls grown up I will not get hate messages or struggle trying to figure out how to write their dialogue the way it is done. Still, I hope you all like this. And we will see how the girls do in the human world raised by a human.

Is this going to be like "My Little Dashie"? Well, no, but it was inspired by it. Along with other stories of MLP. So, I hope this one goes well.

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