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Chapter IV

Canada (Unknown pov)

I came back home after going out buying gifts for the girls. I was just glad I got time off and was able to use it to go shopping. It wasn't easy though. Oh sure I know what the girls each like and they all don't have the same tastes.

It was finding the gifts that was a pain in the ass. That's the price I get for living in a small town that doesn't have a big fancy mall. The only place I knew where they have a mall that might have the stuff is hours from here. I could have gone up to get them, but I didn't like spending too much time away from the girls.

I was always worried someone might find them or they might run into some trouble. The benefits of my job is it's not far where I live. So if something happens I can always sneak away to check on the girls. But if I go somewhere I make sure it isn't three or four hours away.

Luckily for me, today they had a festival where they were selling things. So, this made shopping easier for me.

I saw down in the living room after we finished eating pizza and cake. I am still amazed that the girls could eat this food without getting sick. Just glad I got them some vegetables to eat after the junk food they ate. So, I can make sure they have a balanced meal.

We sat around the living room where I handed the girls each of their gifts. Each one in the same color package and ribbon as the mane of the girls.

The first was Rarity. I got her a nice silver scarf. It was both soft and fashionable. At least, I thought it was and thankfully Rarity thought so too.

Okay, so maybe the girls weren't all easy to buy a gift. Rarity was a tough one to find a gift for, especially if it isn't fashionable or sparkly.

The next one to go is Fluttershy. I was able to get her a baby bunny. Fluttershy gasped and held the baby bunny in her hooves. Oh she fell in love with the little bunny and promised to take good care of her…well um him after we found out the gender of the baby.

Applejack is up next and I was able to get her a cowboy boots. I had to buy four of them for her to use and they were made for work. Applejack did love helping around the house and even work outside a lot. So, I got her some boots to wear so she wouldn't prick herself and hurt her hooves.

Applejack loved the boots and put them on to try them out. She looked good in them. She did love western stuff ever since she saw the old John Wayne movies I had in my room. Just glad she prefers a lasso than an actual weapon…although that lasso was a dangerous weapon if she wanted it to be one.

Pinkie Pie is next and it was a challenge to find a gift for Pinkie that she could use a lot. Mostly because she already has a lot of party stuff and her own baking oven, which was originally a toy. Until Twilight helped make it more like an oven since the food Pinkie cooked tasted off. But then as luck would have it I found the perfect gift for my party girl.

It was a confetti cannon. A small one for her size and it safe for her to use. Pinkie fell in love with it right away and thanked me for the gift before she began using it.

Rainbow Dash was next and I knew she would love this gift. Applejack told me what happened earlier and I had to lecture Rainbow Dash about what she did. She apologized right away and promised she wouldn't disobey her sisters or me again. Even after our talk I could tell she was still bothered by what happened.

So, I went over to her and helped her open her gift. Once I did I showed her what I got her. That helped make her feel better. It was all three Indiana Jones movies.

She was a big fan of Indiana Jones and even dressed up as him for Halloween. So, she was happy to have the movies and wanted to watch them right away. I told them we will watch them once we finish with the gifts. And the last one to get her gift is Twilight.

Twilight is the easiest of the girls to know what to get for a gift. She loves science, she loves learning, but most importantly she loves books. The moment she began learning to read she couldn't stop reading every book she could find. From the small kid books to the longer and thicker books.

She even read all of the Harry Potter books, which she fell in love with and wanted to dress up as a wizard. So, I got her something I knew she would love. I got her three books that belong to Jules Vern. A famous author who wrote many successful fantasy stories that I knew Twilight would love.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 days, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. As I predicted, Twilight loved her gift and all six of the girls gave me a big hug as they tackled me to the ground. I was just glad they love their gifts. .

Once we finished we began cleaning up the mess and watch all three of the Indiana Jones movies. After six long hours once the movies ended I decided to take the girls out for a little walk. I figured it would be good for all of us. Not only to get some fresh air, but to mostly also help stretch our legs after the junk food we ate.

So, I got the girls all stretched up, I gave them their scars, and their own hats before we took off to go walking. All while reminding them of the rules. Not to go off the path, if they see a stranger not to approach them, and to stay in sight. Once they remembered the rules we took off for our walk.

(Twilight's pov)

Thanks to daylight savings the sun was beginning to set as time passes. It was good for us since it meant we could enjoy the nice cool breeze. This was a great idea from our dad. We needed to get some exercise after the food we ate.

I walked beside dad, while my sisters were in front of us. Applejack is leading the group since she knew the forest better than the rest of us. Rainbow Dash is walking behind Applejack, while talking about her movie. I couldn't help but roll my eyes every time she brings up some of the scenes we saw from the film.

I still find all three films ridiculous and illogical. There is no way Indiana Jones could run past those arrows, avoid the bullets, and dodge those blades. Human reflexes aren't that quick. Still, dad makes it clear it's just a movie.

Nothing to worry about.

Rarity is walking with her…fancy hat as Rainbow Dash calls it. Rarity preferred wearing this hat and claims it is a perfect choice to wear for outside activities. I don't understand much about it, but if it is works for Rarity then that is fine with me. Pinkie Pie on the other hand is doing her usual thing.

Appearing around the forest so fast I could barely keep up with her. She was talking about the movies like our sister has been doing. But keeps bringing up how she wish she could have cooked up better food for the second movie. The food they ate…well let's just say it made us glad dad was okay with us throwing up in the garden.

Fluttershy though was humming to herself while skipping in front of dad and me. I doubt there is anyone who loves walking through the forest more than Fluttershy. She loves going around meeting all the animals in the forest, singing to them, and caring for them if they get hurt.

As we walk through the forest dad told us he had another reason to want to come out into the forest. Not just to get some fresh air, but to also because he brought us out to a lake. He told us the water was warm around this time so we could go in and have fun. That caused Pinkie Pie to be the first to leap into the water followed by Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

Rarity decided to simply stay in the grass to relax, while Fluttershy walked along the lake to find some ducks she spotted earlier in the day. I decided to stay on the grass and read one of the books dad got me. All while dad sat next to me to watch the girls play. I look up to my dad happy that he did this for us.

He always tells me I shouldn't thank him so much for the things he does for the girls. He does it because he cares about us.

I know this to be true, but I still like thanking him. Even if we aren't all blood-related. I knew this and so did my sisters. We all know we aren't related by blood, but we are still a family.

We all grew up together, we were all raised together, and we will be together no matter what. And yet…and yet as I watch my sisters play I couldn't help but have that question that has been in my mind begin to resurface.

I know dad has told us the answer many times, but I still can't help but keep wanting to ask him this…where did we come from?

I know we aren't from this world. I have studied all about unicorns and Pegasi to find they are myth. So, we must have either come from another world where our kind exit. The other though is that we are from this world, but our kind is hidden somewhere in the world.

Both are better possibilities than the one Rainbow Dash came up that we are lab experiments gone wrong. Highly unlikely since science can't control the weather, levitate things off the ground, or give flightless animals' actual wings to fly. It also can't explain Pinkie Pie breaking the laws of physics every single time…how does she do it?!

I heard my dad calling out to me and I looked up to him. He asked me what is wrong. I told him it was nothing, but he wasn't buying it. He asked once more and reassured me it will be okay if I tell him what's bothering me.

I decided there is no point of lying and tell him the truth. I told him what is wrong. From where we are from, how we ended up here, and if our families abandoned us here or if we were send here for a purpose. Once I finished I waited to hear what dad would say. I knew he wouldn't have the answers, but anything would be better than nothing.

He soon replied and I was right. He didn't know how we ended up here or why. But he felt there was a reason for it. Maybe something bad happened and our real families send us here to protect us.

Maybe they wanted to keep us safe and get us somewhere where we can be happy. He isn't sure if that is what happened, but wants to believe that to be the truth. He doesn't care though since he is happy to have found us. He is happy that he has taken care of us and that he is proud to be our father.

He is proud to have raised us all and that he is proud to have such great daughters. This made me happy to hear this.

Yes, it didn't answer my questions about where we are from, but I knew dad wouldn't have the answers. But he would say the right words to make me feel better. To make me feel good that I have a great family for support. And whatever happens that will never change.

I lean up and gave my father a big hug. I felt him pick me up and return the hug. I then heard him whisper to me how he loves me, which I soon replied with I love him too. We soon broke the hug and encouraged me to go play with my sisters.

I look over to see Rainbow Dash dropping a water balloon Rarity. This caused her to go after Rainbow Dash, while Applejack helps her. Pinkie Pie is running behind the girls with her own water balloons, while Fluttershy runs after them to keep them from scaring the ducks. I rolled my eyes and knew I had to get involved.

I gave my dad a kiss on the cheek and ran after them. To keep them from causing any trouble, but also to have a little fun on my own.

I don't know where this path of ours will take us and yet I don't care. I am just happy to be here with my sisters and have some fun. Whatever happens tomorrow we will deal with it together. As long as we are together there is nothing we cannot handle.

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