(Kagome stands next to and looks at the Sacred tree and a vison of Inuyasha bound to it) (Kagome, Lincoln Loud and Sarah Whitney go through a portal like the Bone Eater's Well as an image Sacred Jewel appeared)

Mamorubeki mono nante

Nayamu mademonaku hitotsu shikanakatta

(Under a clear sky at a meadow near Horseland, Inuyasha, Sarah Whitney, the Loud Sisters, Team Horseland, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara are seen happy seeing Kagome, Lincoln, Sabrina and Juniper Lee running towards them with Ray-Ray Lee, Monroe and Laila)

Sakebi koe no kodama

(Shippo lands in front of Lola, Lana and Kirara happily)

Munashiku hibiita fukai mori no oku ni [1]

(The Brotherhood of Tofu, The B.F.F.L. and their Ancients, The Rainbooms, Lolirock, the Lords of Nature, DC Super Hero Girls, Clyde McBride, Kohaku, Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago, Koga and Sesshomaru appear in different places and images one by one) (Inuyasha moves with his demon vortex wielding Dragon Scaled Tessaiga)

(Two of each of the Demon Sorcerers and their Demon Relics' images appeared then Drago appeared) (Then Kagome faces the right wondering)

Namida o koraerareta riyuu wa

(Inuyasha, Lincoln, Juniper, Iris and Yugo with Will Vandom and Sunset Shimmer are all standing on a rocky cliff with an image of Inu no Taisho's grave in the sky)

Kasaneta yubi no nukumori no sei

(Inuyasha is in a cave alone holding a sphere soul with Kikyo's image behind him) (Demons and monsters pop up everywhere in the shadows)

Kimi ga inai mirai

(Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Lincoln (using his Dom Magic while sending out his Pokémon), the Loud Sisters jumped into battle with each of their respective weapons and Talismans)

Imi nado nai mirai

(Then Kagome and Sarah both shot a Sacred Arrow) (Then Byakuya makes a quick facial appearance)

Nido to hanashitari wa shinai kara

(Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin, while the Brotherhood of Tofu and Sari Sumdak and her Autobot friends, The Rainbooms, Juniper Lee & Team Te Xuan Ze, W.I.T.C.H., the Lords of Nature, DC Superhero Girls and Lolirock each walk forward in different images) (Then Sesshomaru jumps and uses Bakusaiga) (Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Lincoln, Sarah and Shippo appeared in a slide image)

Kimi to nozomu sekai

(A shadow of Drago's large form is seen facing Inuyasha holding Tessaiga, along with Lincoln and Yugo)

Mita koto nai sekai

(Tessaiga's blade turns black and then Inuyasha uses the Meido Zangetsuha)

Jikuu o koete haruka tabisuru bokura

(Inuyasha hand move forward as Kagome hand grabbed it, while Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's hand and Yugo and Amalia's hand did the same) (Then the Loud House, the Sacred Tree and Inu no Taisho's grave appeared)

(Jaken, Blunk, Az the Tofu Bird, Monroe, Napoleon the cat and Spike the dog try to sneak up on Shippo as they play "Red light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3")

"A peaceful morning was interupted when some of our heroes and Captain Black all got kidnapped in cluches of Drago & the Ice Crew, forcing Lincoln to accept a trade for them with the containment unit. Then, Lincoln's sisters and the Rainbooms made a spell to handle it by adding a piece Shendu's stone form while Lincoln prepares himself and his Pokémon for battle. Right, when it's 3 Am for the exchange, the Ice Crew rebelled against Drago and just when Miroku & Sango removed the Demon Chi from them, Drago made a surprise comeback and now all 8 Demon Chi are in his posseccion. Will our heroes stop him? Stay tune to find out." The Narrator (from Pokémon) said."

Now that Drago has all the Demon Chi, he makes the bridge collapse. "Damn that bastard!" Inuyasha growled grabbing Kagome & Shippo while Sunset Shimmer & Will did the same with Lincoln, Pikachu & Kai. "Everybody off the bridge!" Miroku alerted as they jumped off about to land in the river when they land a fishing boat with a pile of fish. "Is everyone okay?" Kagome asked. "I've been better." Will said. "We better let everyone else know about this." Sunset Shimmer observed. "Sorry you plan didn't work, Lincoln." Shippo apologized. "It's alright. And like I said, my plan is far from over." Lincoln said. "Pika!/Bui!" Pikachu and Kai nodded as they left while Drago with the powers of the Demon Chi caused storm clouds to appear and turn red. "Prepare yourselves my demon brethren! Your liberation awaits!" Drago spoke as he flew off. "So, uh, what do we do?" MC Cobra asked. "Yo, if D boy be turning the world inside out, I'm sticking with the man like wax on a port. Ya feel me?" StrikeMaster Ice asked as the Ice Crew followed Drago.

Later on, Inuyasha's group, the Loud sisters, the Rainbooms & W.I.T.C.H. were at Section 13 with Captain Black calling an emergency meeting with all personal. "Okay people, listen up! At 03 hundred hours, Drago has abosrbed all 8 Demon Chi powers! I need all personal and equipment all ready to deploy by dawn! This isn't gonna be easy, but I know you're up to the task! The fate of the entire planet rest in our hands. Now let's move!" Captain Black ordered dismissing the personal into preparation. "I fear this won't be enough even with Black on our side. Magic must defeat magic." Miroku spoke. "I hope we can succeed. Like he just said, it won't be easy." Sango hoped preparing her Hiraikotsu. "I know. But we're gonna give all we've got and fight back if we want to end this." Kagome said. "Right. Whatever the outcome, we keep fighting and never give up." Inuyasha determined. "But where is Drago now?" Shippo asked. "Drago, was last seen heading east." Captain Black answered when they the Loud sisters giving Lincoln a hard lexture. "Lincoln! I can't believe you made the trade! Now, no one would be around to see my upcoming pagents!" Lola spoke in anger. "Yeah, dude! Drago absorbed all the Demon Chi stuff and now there's no stopping him!" Luna joined in. "Right. This time you literally blew it and your plan was a failure and now Earth is in danger because of you!" Lori sneered. "This is all your fault, Stinkcoln! You lost the Demon Chi for all of us!" Lynn added. "That's enough girls, right now! Your brother risk everything for our safety and protection! We just got surprised by the Ice Crew's rebellion & Drago's new spell!" Miroku opposed in defense. "I agree. Your brother has been through for one night. If it hadn't Drago, it would've been Magor or Nerissa. Lincoln knew that being a hero or protector to someone can mean making tough choices. He did it for those he cares about and that's what's really important." Captain Black agreed when Will opened a fold. "I'll be back, everybody! Try to keep me in a low profile! I'm gonna get back up and make up for this! I promise!" Lincoln told going through the fold before it close. "Where's he going?" Leni asked. "The darling is going to get help. You really should not be so hard on him." Rarity answered. "You should apolgize to him when he gets back." Applejack added. "Beside, as Lincoln planned, we lost on purpose." Will revealed. "Wait a minute. You're telling us that Lincoln was planning to let Drago get the Demon Chi? Why?" Luan asked. "Yes. And we all been helping in secret." Twilight Sparkle answered. "And he told us his plan wasn't done. He wanted it to happen." Pinkie Pie added. "Lincoln also told that the spell we made was only the start." Fluttershy said. "It's time you knew the truth. When Lincoln told us he got a call from Drago, he said he must deliver the containment unit in exchange for Miroku, Sango, Shippo & Captain Black's lives." Will explained remembering this morning. "What?! And Lincoln trusted that freak?!" Lynn asked. "He so did not! Lincoln knew exactly what he's dealing with! The demon who's henchmen would betray him and break the deal and would absorb all the Demon Chi." Will continued. "Then Lincoln told us to prepare after Drago absorbs them all up…" Hay Lin began. "And told us and the Rainbooms to help Inuyasha's group put up enough of a fight…" Irma continued. "To keep Drago and the Ice Crew from suspecting the rest of Lincoln's plan." Cornelia finished. "Which is literally what exactly?!" Lori asked impatiently. "Our allies, the bond between people and Pokémon and the power of one, Lori. It's all about our allies, the bond between people & Pokémon and the power of one." Will answered. "Now I see. It was suspectingly obvious that Drago would get betrayed by the Ice Crew and then get all the Demon Chi powers while one of them was his Fire Demon Chi." Miroku figured out. "Lincoln wants us to cover for him until he gets back and planned for Drago to absorb the Demon Chi knowing they can't be removed from him once combine." Will added. "And Lincoln remembers what we can do against Drago from the story of Toga helping the 8 Immortals with the Panku Box. Lincoln was one step ahead and still is. Very smart of him." Miroku finished. "Yeah dude. He's called the man with a plan and the master of persausion for a reason." Luna agreed. "Not that I wish to complain, but why would our male sibling keep us in the shadows?" Lisa asked. "He wanted to make sure Drago doesn't expect him to go anywhere except back in Royal Woods or Section 13, but Lincoln expected Drago to come here in the east which was true. The fewer knowing the secret the better." Taranee answered. "We're really sorry that from dark demon or chi magic, the human race and the Earth have to suffer again. But Lincoln wants us to keep a low profile." Will apologized. "Wow. Lincoln's plan's still in motion huh? Kid's pretty slick, convincing and smart." Rainbow Dash complimented. "However he said this is now only half of it and the rest is secret until you find out what it is." Inuyasha said. "So, right now Lori, you and your sisters take the Talismans to protect yourselves and each other and leave the big fights to the heavy weights until then." Captain Black suggested. "I just Lincoln can do this in one piece and just in time." Sunset Shimmer whispered to Will.

Meanwhile in the vault, Totosai, Myoga & Krampus were talking to Shendu. "Drago has absorbed all 8 Demon Chi powers. Do you know of a spell to remove them?" Totosai asked. "And why should I help you?" Shendu asked. "I don't know. Revenge maybe." Myoga guessed. "My son may have betrayed me, Myoga, but I will watch proudly as he destroys your world. Once all 8 powers are combined, nothing can remove them. Ever." Shendu mentioned. "Then our conversation is over, Shendu." Totosai decided as he, Myoga & Krampus begin to walk away. "Wait! Release me. I will deal with Drago and see to it that you are spared." Shendu requested. "That we cannot do, Shendu. Especially knowing Toga's reasons." Krampus rejected. "Then your Earth is doom!" Shendu responded.

A few moments later, Lincoln and Pikachu along with Katana arrived from the fold through at the Sky Pillar in the Hoenn Region. "Are you sure this is it?" Lincoln asked. "Yeah. Master Totosai showed me this place and guided me inside once. Yet, I still remember the place inside out since then. And thanks to him, I met the Pokémon you mentioned a few years back, since it sensed my sword and its purpose." Katana explained. "So, if it senses my Dom magic, it might know I'm descending (twice remonved) from Toga, the Great Dog Demon, it'll trust me?" Lincoln asked. "It is very likely. When this Pokémon senses the conflict between the other two members of the Weather Trio or something in the elements gone wrong, it will show itself to even those who arrive to this pillar in need." Katana mentioned. "Guess, you know where to go, right?" Lincoln asked. "Yep. I'm your guide for this one. And the last time I check, it was part of your idea, Mr. Man with a plan." Katana reminded. "Right. Thanks Katana. Let's go! We got a job to do." Lincoln said. "Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed as they followed Katana who knows the inside of the Sky Pillar.

Back at the Royal Woods Junkyard, the Ice Crew were getting a hard lexture from Drago. "Uh, it was a misunderstanding, yo." StrikeMaster Ice excused. "I don't suffer traitors well." Drago spoke using the Earth Demon Chi to trap them and then begins to transform. "Yo, that is nasty. Ew!" StrikeMaster Ice respond in disgust.

Back at Inuyasha and Kagome's house, Myoga & Totosai were trying to find a spell when they heard knocking. "Who could be knocking at the time like this?" Myoga asked when they answered it. "You want us to stop Drago from turning the world inside out? Then let us work please!" Totosai told when Myoga. "Totosai, Krampus, look who's at the door!" Myoga said as it was the Dark Hand enforcers (Hak Foo included). "Woah! Take it easy, old timers." Chow spoke. "We're not here to harm you." Hak Foo said. "Yeah. We, uh, just heard of the whole "Drago turn this world inside out thing"." Finn added. "I thought that was meteors coming." Ratso commented. "Hey, the world can't end now! We just got out of the slammer! It ain't fair!" Chow complained. "So, what do you say old guys? We're free lanced. We're orginally friced." Finn asked. "I promise not to steal nothing." Ratso promised. "What do you say Myoga?" Totosai asked. "Well, don't just stand there! Help us get cracking!" Myoga told.

Back at the Royal Woods Junkyard, the Ice Crew got out of the ground the vehicles with weapons from Section 13 arrive. "Yo, it's 5-0!" StrikeMaster Ice identified when the Ice Crew were surrounded and had their hands up when most of Inuyasha's group & Captain Black came out. "Alright you punks, where's Drago!" Captain Black asked. "Wait. Something's not right. He's demonic chi and aura are not the same as before." Miroku sensed when they saw Drago completely transformed: he's now has Shendu's height, Bai Tza's tail fin, Hsi-Wu's wings, Dai Gui's horns & Bai Zai's tenticles on his chin like a beard. "You've got to be kidding me!" Sango responded in disgust. "Well, now we can tell he's got something from each of his aunts and uncles." Shippo observed. "No matter how long this battle takes, we must stop him! If my powers don't stop him, I don't know what will!" Kagome preparing to shoot her arrows. "Time we settle this!" Inuyasha said when he drew Tessaiga.

Back at Section 13, the Loud sisters (minus Lily) were debating with Krampus. "Come on, dude! We can't just stand here! Our bro needs help!" Luna begged. "I'm afraid your safety is Lincoln, W.I.T.C.H. and the Rainbooms' number one concern." Krampus refused. "Come on you old demon-goat-thing! We're missing out on all the action!" Lynn said in persuasion but failed.

Back at the Royal Woods Junkyard, Inuyasha's group and Captain Black's troops were about to fight Drago and the Ice Crew. "I was hoping you put up a fight." Drago spoke. "Heh. I was about to ask you the thing." Inuyasha said. "It's go time." Captain Black ordered as his men and vehicles began firing and shoot missles, bazzokas & lasers at Drago when he blocked missles with his Fire Chi and then either blew helicopters away with the Wind Chi or zap them to oblivion with the Thunder Chi. "Yo, we can't let Drago have all the fun!" StrikeMaster Ice said throwing a fire ball which tipped over Captain Black's truck. "Sorry 'bout yor ride, Q-ball!" StrikeMaster Ice sarcastically apologized when Captain Black's bazooka trapped him in a net before MC Cobra tackled him. "Booyah!" Md Cobra said while Shippo, Sango & Miroku fight DJ Fist. "You don't talk much do you?" Miroku asked when DJ Fist punched him. "Miroku!" Sango cried when a bazooka missle aims at Drago when he grabbed it with his tenticles and ate it. "Mmm. Tasty." Drago said burping with the Wind Chi blowing the troops away. "WIND SCAR!" Inuyasha shouting using the Wind Scar before Kagome shot him with an arrow but now effect. "It didn't work! It can remove the Demon Chi!" Kagome gasped when StrikeMaster Ice was freed and shot fire balls which caused the troops to run. "Fall back! All agents fall back!" Captain Black ordered when his troops and Inuyasha's group retreated. "It's pointless to run! There's no where on Earth to hide from your new master!" Drago laughed. "Yo, we spanked those fools!" StrikeMaster Ice bragged. "I should prepare a proper welcome for my demon brethren. A city in ruins would make them feel right at home." Drago planned. "Cool. Let's get this party started!" StrikeMaster Ice agreed. "No. I have a special task for you." Drago decided giving the Ice Crew each one of three demon chi while giving them new appearances: MC Cobra: Xiao Fung's puffed up neck, StrikeMaster Ice: Dai Gui's appearance and horns & DJ Fist: Tchang Zu's armor. "You have giving you each another "taste" of Demon Chi. Earth! Thunder! Wind!" Drago said. "Woah! What's the dealeo?" StrikeMaster Ice asked. "I want you to eliminate Section 13 and everyone in it once and for all." Drago ordered.

Moments later during Drago's reign of destruction, a bus full of people ends up on the edge of gap of the bridge. "Captain Black, there's trouble on the bridge!" Kagome alerted. "I see it! Go! Go!" Captain Black ordered as they came down form the helicopter with hooks. "Clip your end to the bridge!" Captain Black ordered when Inuyasha's group did so when bridge broke off. "Grab on!" Kagome told as Inuyasha's group and Captain Black tried to pull the bus back.

Back at Section 13, the Loud sisters just remembered something. "Wait. The Talismans. That's it." Lori spoke. "Yeah. I forgot about those." Leni said. "Drago may have Chi power, but we have Talisman power! Luna agreed. "Krampus, we must get the Twelve Talismans to Lincoln." Lucy said. "Girls…" Krampus started when they felt shaking in Section 13 when they was the Ice Crew empowered by the Earth, Thunder & Wind Demon Chi. "Yo, yo, yo! The Ice Crew is in the his-house!" StrikeMaster Ice spoke about to attack. "Wait until we deal with you clowns!" Lynn said when Krampus stopped her. "Stay back girls!" Krampus told as he was about to charge in StrikeMaster Ice blocked him with the Earth Chi. "Oooh! That's gonna leave a mark." StrikeMaster Ice said while DJ Fist and MC Cobra began to blasting and blowing Section 13 with the Thunder & Wind Chi. "Ugh! This is gonna make my hair frizz!" Lola complained in fear. "Time to give a taste of their own medicine, Twelve Talismans style." Luan said when the Loud sisters went to get the Twelve Talismans. "Girls no!" Krampus called out when StrikeMaster Ice trapped him into the ground. "Aw, you're worried about the sisters of the shorty. That's sweet yo. But you best be worrying about yourself, goat man." StrikeMaster Ice said.

Meanwhile with terrorizing Royal Woods, the Dark Hand was helping Myoga and Totosai at Inuyasha's house. "Scale of Codfish!" Myoga started. "Coming right up!" Finn said giving Myoga the Codfish scale. "Nail of Groundhog!" Totosai went on. "I got it!" Chow volunteered before accidently throwing the Groundhog nail which Totosai caught. "Powder of butterfly wing!" Myoga & Totosai called out in unison. "Monarch or Swallow-Tail?" Chow asked.

Back at the bridge, Inuyasha's group and Captain Black struggled to pull the bus back. "Can't hang on much longer!" Captain Black struggled when the bus is getting pulled back and Inuyasha saw it was Sesshomaru, W.I.T.C.H. and the Rainbooms. "The Rainbooms told me you could use a hand, Inuyasha. Turns out they were right." Sesshomaru spoke. "Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha identified when Lolirock (Lyna and Carissa) and Amaru came and pulled also. "Hey Inuyasha! Heard you got into a shindig." Iris spoke. "You wouldn't thing we sit this out, would you?" Aurianna asked. "It's Lolirock!" Shippo said when Koga, Sari Sumdac & the Autobots came also. "You could also use some robotic help." Optimus Prime said. "Oh yeah. Let's do this!" Sari called out. "Hey Inuyasha! Heard you and Kagome need help big time, pup!" Koga greeted. "The Autobots! Koga!" Inuyasha noticed when Kohaku, Rin & Jaken came on A-Un. "Sister!" Kohaku called out. "Kohaku!" Sango gasped as they pull also. "And us!" Ronnie Anne spoke levitating while carrying Clyde. "Ronnie Anne, you're here and you mastered mage magic!" Kagome shouted. "Clyde, you two?!" Miroku asked. "Yep. But where's Lincoln?" Clyde asked. "Long story. His plans in motion and he'll be back with Katana. I hope soon." Will answered when they all got pulled the bus back successfully while the passangers got out safely including the driver being Valmont. "Valmont?" Miroku identified when Valmont left without saying while hiding himself. "Thank goodness." Rarity sighed. "That sure was a close call." Applejack said when Matt, Caleb, Blunk & Mr. Huggles came also. "Hey guys, check this out. Looks like Drago is planning on a little ball game." Matt said looking at the clouds above the Baseball stadium. "In that case, he's gonna have to beat the home team!" Inuyasha decided.

Back at Section 13, the Ice Crew continues to destroy everything within while Krampus got free. "Girls! Girls!" Krampus called out when he found the Loud sisters collecting the Twelve Talismans. "Girls, what are you doing?" Krampus asked. "Nabbing the Talismans so we can kick the Ice jerk's butts." Lana answered when the place began to collasp. "We gotta leave! Now!" Lori alerted as they were about to leave when the Ice Crew was in their path. "You ain't going no where!" StrikeMaster Ice opposed when he made the seiling fall when Krampus prevented it from hiting the Loud sisters. "Krampus!" Luan responded. "Peace out." StrikeMaster Ice said when the Ice Crew burrowed to escape. "Louds, leave here!" Krampus ordered as the Loud sisters began running. "Lynn, do you have the Ox?" Lisa asked. "Right here!" Lynn answered. "Girls, do as I say! Leave here now!" Krampus told when the seiling continued falling on him. "No! Krampus!" The Loud sisters cried out as they used the Rabbit Talisman to escape quickly before they saw Section 13 collaspe completely. "Krampus." Leni spoke sadly. "He's gone dude." Luna said placing her hand on Leni's shoudler. "He was a good Yang of Christmas. Sigh." Lucy sighed as they prayed for Krampus.

Back at Inuyasha and Kagome's house, Myoga and Totosai pushed off their spell. Ugh! The spell will not work!" Totosai groaned with the Dark Hand listening. "So, the Earth is doom?" Chow asked. "Aw. But I like it here. My mom lives close." Ratso mentioned. "We must get reenforcements if we want to succeed!" Myoga exclaimed.

Moments later near the Sky Pillar, a flying dragon-shaped shadow began to fly towards a fold which Lincoln opened. "Okay. With this we can get back to Royal Woods faster." Lincoln spoke when he and Katana noticed the Team Rocket trio in their Meowth shaped ballon behind them. "Team Rocket Why are they here?" Katana asked. "Duh! We're gonna help you!" James spoke. "And that means following your back to Royal Woods whether you like it or not." Jessie added. "You see if Drago cracks open the world like an egg, there will be no place with nothing lefy to steal from and stuff." Meowth explained. "Wobbuffet!" Wobbuffet said. "Okay. This fold will get us there faster. Hang on!" Lincoln told when the shadow grabbed the balloon with its tail and went through the fold before it closed.

Back in Royal Woods, Inuyasha's group, Captain Black and their allies all enter the Baseball field where they saw Drago eating a stage light. "Ugh! That is so revolting!" Cornelia observed in disgust. "I agree! Chew with your mouth closed at least!" Rarity agreed. "You guys see if you can handle Drago, we'll help evacuate the citizens! Autobots, Transform and Rollout!" Optimus Prime ordered as the Autobots left to evacuate Royal Woods. "Inuyasha! You're just in time to watch me rip your planet wide open!" Drago planned while Inuyasha made Tessaiga turn into Diamond Tessaiga. "You'll have to get past us, first!" Clyde opposed when Ronnie Anne levitated him with her magic. "You stay in dongout, Clyde." Ronnie Anne told setting him down in the dongout. "What? Oh come on!" Clyde complained as Inuyasha's group (Captain Black included), the Rainbooms, W.I.T.C.H., Lolirock, Koga & Sesshomaru's group all charge towards Drago when the Ice Crew came up and block them. "The Ice Crew. They changed a lot!" Sango noticed. "He must've giving them the Earth, Wind & Thunder Chi." Taranee observed. "Yo, time to play ball!" StrikeMaster Ice said. "Couldn't agree more! Let's do this!" Inuyasha declared.

Back at Section 13 now in ruins, Myoga, Totosai & the Dark Hand arrived. "Oh no! Section 13 is now all but rubble!" Myoga observed. "Ah bummer." Finn said. "Eh. I never like the place." Chow added. "They had good donuts." Ratso said. "Stop! You want a paycheck? Then start digging!" Totosai told as they began to dig through the rubble.

Back at the Baseball stadium, W.I.T.C.H, Matt, Huggles (as Sheigon & Core) & Caleb were fighting StrikeMaster Ice, Lolirock and Kohaku were fighting DJ Fist and the Rainbooms were helping Captain Black & Koga fight MC Cobra. Yo mamas, can't touch this!" MC Cobra said blowing Captain Black & the Rainbooms back while Inuyasha's group, Ronnie Anne & Sesshomaru fight off Drago. "Hiraikotsu!" Sango shouted hitting Drago with her Hiraikotsu along with Miroku's Sacred Sutras. "Fox Fire!" Shippo shouted shooting Fox Fire at Drago. "Take this Drago!" Kagome called out shooting a Sacred Arrow at him. "Take this! ADAMANT BARRAGE!" Inuyasha shouted using the Adamant Barrage. "Bakusaiga!" Sesshomaru shouted unleashing Bakusaiga's power as both attacks hit Drago before he comes out barely scratched. "Damn it! It didn't work!" Inuyasha growled when Drago casted the same spell to make a crack in the field which released ghostly dragons. "We'll take the demons on the left! You guys get the ones from the right!" Inuyasha told when a large fold open when a Thunderbolt, Water Gun & Flamethrower came out of it. "Where did that come from?" Talia asked. "That would be us!" Lincoln answered as he, his Pokémon Katana along with the Team Rocket Trio came. "Lincoln!" Sunset Shimmer called out. "You came back! Just in time!" Iris said. "I told you he would! And there's Katana!" Will commented. "Of course. And we brought a little help." Katana said as they were riding a Mega Rayquaza. "Woah! That's what I call fighting fire with fire." Irma commented. "It is a Rayquaza! And it Mega Evolved!" Twilight Sparkle, Taranee & Talia identified in unison when a fold opened behind them as the rest of the Super Hero Girls, B.F.F.L. & the Lords of Nature came from it. "Hey Katana, you're starting the party without us?" Wonder Woman asked. "Cause I'm ready and itching for a fight." Supergirl said. "Let's beat magic out of these creepers!" Harley Queen declared. "As am I." Poison Ivy agreed. "Pow! Battle on!" Batgirl catchprased. "Yeah honey!" Bumblebee added. "Then let's kick it up a notch. It's Hero Time!" Rainbow Dash declared as the Rainbooms tranformed into their Friendship Power forms. "For the Power of the Light!" The Lords of Nature shouted. "Elemental power of Water!" Toby started. "Endless flow of the Air!" Jessica picked off. "Elemental force of the Stone!" Nick added. "Eternal power of the Forest!" Lucas finished as they completely transformed. "Hey Lincoln, that had to be one of the best and longest plans you ever had." Carissa complimented. "Thanks. You here that, Drago? I planned the whole thing! I knew what you and the Ice Crew would do since the call you gave me!" Lincoln revealed as he, his Pokémon (with Firestorm, Alueue & Gojira Mega Evolved), Katana along with the Team Rocket Trio and their Pokémon were joining the fight. "Hey Lincoln, don't start without us!" Lynn said as the Loud Sisters arrived also in their Full House Gang costumes. "Yeah dude. 'Cause th Full House Gang is in the house." Luna agreed. "Guys? What are you doing here?" Lincoln asked. "Don't worry Lincoln. I got the Dog Talisman for Immortality. And we got enough to go around." Lori said handing the Talismans. "Lynn gets Ox Strength, Lucy get Invisible Snake, Lana & Lola get Monkey & Tiger, Luan gets Levitating Rooster, Luna gets Pig with Heat Beam Eyes, Leni gets Healing Horse, I get Rat, Captain Black gets Dragon Combustion & Speedy Rabbit for Miroku!" Lisa told as they each person mention began using the Talismans while Lisa used the Rat on a Super Moose plush equiped with an eco-friendly jet pack. "Antler Action!" Super Moose catchphrased. "Hey! What about me?!" Clyde asked in complaint as Inuyasha's group and their allies continued the fight against Drago's army.

A moment later at the ruins of Section 13, the Dark Hand continued the digging until they found Krampus under the rubble. "Krampus?!" Myoga & Totosai teared in shock when Krampus woke up. "What happened? Myoga? Totosai?" Krampus asked. "We are very pleased you're not a pancake my friend." Myoga sighed in relief. "Where are Lincoln's sisters?" Totosai asked. "They had the Talismans. I told them to run." Krampus explained as he was helped up. "No time for chit-chat! Keep digging!" Myoga told as they went back to digging. "If Krampus is not our reenforcements…?" Finn asked. "Then who is?" Chow finished.

Back at the battle in the Baseball field, Inuyasha's group and their allies began to turn the tables. "Hey Lynn, may I have a Talisman too?" Clyde asked. "Sure. Knock you out." Lynn agreed giving Clyde the Sheep Talisman. "Hang on, Lincoln! I'm coming for you!" Clyde said in astral form being unseen or unheard from Lincoln who along with his Pokémon take down more ghostly dragons. "Lynn, I don't think Lincoln can see me!" Clyde complained while Ronnie Anne helped Lincoln while Inuyasha, Kagome & Sesshomaru fight Drago after dealing with some ghostly dragons themselves after Mega Rayquaza hit him with Dragon Ascent. "Drago this stops now! You've seen what those Demon Chi can do, yet you still use them for power. Especially combining them, showing your carelessness to those around you!" Kagome said in anger while Tessaiga became Black Tessaiga. "Right! You've been only choosing to having your families' demon hearts over a human heart which my father had! Ever since you combined the Demon Chi, you've been using all the power to hurt others, even my friends and our families! Well, now your days of hurting our familes & friends are over you miserable bastrad! MEIDO ZANGETSUHA!" Inuyasha shouted unleashing blade forms of the Meido Zangetsuha on the ghostly dragons. "Woah! Guess we now know what you meant by the technique evolved, Lincoln." Ronnie Anne observed. "Told ya." Lincoln said "If that's the best you can do Inuyasha…" Drago started unleashing Thunder to damage the stadium and summoned demon snakes. "The future belongs to me!" Drago finished. "I think not boy!" A familiar voice opposed as they and even Drago saw in was Shendu in his true form. "First you must pay for your treachery!" Shendu finished occomponied by Myoga, Totosai, Krampus & the Dark Hand. "Dad?" Drago asked. "Yo, that thing's Drago's pop?" StrikeMaster Ice asked when Shendu began fighting Drago. "Demon must defeat Demon!" Krampus observed. "Krampus! You're okay!" Lana said as the Loud sisters hugged Krampus. "Charging rhino flatens giraffe! Stubborn mule kick! Komodo Dragon paralyzes goat!" Hak Foo shouted fighting ghostly dragons as well. "Maybe we'll sit this one out." Finn decided seeing Inuyasha unleashed the Meido Zangetsuha while Lincoln's Dom magic along with his Pokémon take out more ghostly dragons and demon snakes. "Looks like Loud and Inuyasha got it covered." Chow excused. "You think we can go get a hotdog?" Ratso asked as he, Finn & Chow snuck away.

"You're weak old man! Conquest is a job for a fiery young dragon!" Drago disrespected trying to pin down Shendu. "You are an impunent child!" Shendu argued. "Shendu's getting his butt whooped!" Luan observed in worry. "Wait! The Talismans!" Lori quickly remembered as the Loud sisters left while Krampus began fighting demon snakes alongside Myoga & Totosai. "Totosai, Lincoln had you release Shendu?! How? Why?" Miroku asked. "The lad knew we always have a trick up our sleeves." Totosai answered while Shendu continues to fight Drago. "Throw you Talismans to Shendu! Repeat! Throw your Talismans to Shendu!" Lori instructed over the microphone as the Loud sisters, Miroku, Captain Black, Clyde and the upgraded Super Moose threw their talismans. "Moose muscle!" Super Moose shouted one more time before becoming motionless again while the Twelve Talismans aligned and magically went into Shendu's body. "I am complete!" Shendu announced breathing fire while shoot heat beam eyes at Drago. "This must have been Lincoln's plan all along. If we cannot remove the Demon Chi from Drago, maybe we can still remove Drago from the Earth." Miroku figured out while Shendu & Drago continue to clash. "A reversal spell." Myoga hinted. "More like a big reversal spell! Good idea! That's what Lincoln was hoping for!" Totosai corrected when he, Myoga & Krampus each held an octopus tentacle. "Take this one, Miroku. I've been saving it." Krampus said giving on to Miroku. "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao! Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao! Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao!" They all chanted as the reversal spell made the gap suck up and remove Drago's army of ghostly dragons & demon snakes and remove the Earth, Wind & Thunder Demon Chi from the Ice Crew, turning them back to human. "This is whack yo!" StrikeMaster Ice responded trying with them trying to find cover while Inuyasha's group & Lincoln's Pokémon held tight. "Everyone, hang on tightly!" Inuyasha ordered as their allies did so while Drago gets pulled into the crack. "Father! Help me!" Drago begged. "You diserve such a fate for your disloyalty!" Shendu said. "I'm sorry father! Please!" Drago apologized when Inuyasha was about to approach when Lincoln stopped him. "Inuyasha wait. It's alright!" Kagome said. "Sometimes the greatest victory is the battle not fought! Like Great-Grandfather Toga said." Lincoln added. "Let's stand back, Inuyasha." Sesshomaru suggested as they continued to watch. "This is my domain! Remember your place!" Shendu accepted about to help Drago. "Yes father. Psyche!" Drago tricked trying to throw Shendu into the crack. "Nooooooo!" Shendu cried hanging on by pulling Drago. "Aaaaah! Nooooooo!" Drago cried also as they both fell in. "Yo Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao! Yo Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao! Yo Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao!" Miroku, Myoga, Totosai & Krampus chanted as the crack is sealed up and sky was clear & normal again. "Yes!" Lincoln shouted hugging Inuyasha, Kagome, his sisters & Pokémon as everyone cheered or sighed with relief while Finn, Chow & Ratso came back with stadium food. "Aw. We missed the end." Ratso spoke while the Ice Crew tried to sneak away. "Going somewhere?" Batgirl asked. "Hand up where we can see 'em!" Bumblebee ordered while the Autobots came back.

"Great job, boys. I'm proud of you both." Kagome said to Inuyasha and Lincoln. "As am I with you Miroku. You did the spell perfectly as always." Sango agreed hugging Miroku while he hands back the tenticle. "Keep it my friend. It's yours." Myoga suggested. "Indeed. You diserve it, young monk." Totosai agreed. "It's a graduation present. You are officially a Good Chi wizard." Krampus finished. "Yes. You did it Miroku!" Shippo cheered. "That was some good planing and strategic thinking, kiddo. We could use an agent like you in Section 13." Captain Black requested. "That would be awesome. But I'd like tobe more than one thing, like a Pokémon trainer. Right guys?" Lincoln asked. "Pikachu!" Pikachu squeaked as his other Pokémon agreed. "What do you think, ladies?" Kagome asked Sunset Shimmer & Will. "Yeah. I'd like to know your answer." Inuyasha nodded. "We'll talk about that later." Sunset Shimmer decided. "Yeah. Much later." Will agreed. "Yes! Wait, that probably means no! Come on Sunset Shimmer, Will!" Lincoln begged as everyone laughed while Mega Rayquaza flew back to the Sky Pillar in Hoenn.

Moments later in the Demon Netherworld, Drago was arguing with Shendu. "The Earth was within my grasps! You never let me have what I want!" Drago complained. "I told you not to play with your father's world!" Shendu argued. "Why not?! You weren't using it! You're always too busy fighting Dog Demons, Half-Demons, mortals & wizards!" Drago argued as they'll probably argue for an eternity.

"Well, that's pretty how the battle ended. So, anyway we one. We showed even the mayor evidence and the Pokémon tournament will be put on hiatus while undamaged which makes no sense, but we all diserve a break. Namely Drago, Shendu, the 7 other Demon Sorcerers & Nerissa. Maybe after a long time, Inuyasha's group and the rest of the Loud family would make peace with what they've done. Meanwhile, three other badies are back where they belong. After that battle, our allies would like to team up like this more often. It was kinda a new start for everybody afterwards. Plus, Lincoln spending time with family, friends & Pokémon while everything gets rebuilt and restored after he takes a well earned sleep. But that didn't stop him from having fun with all of use while preparing himself and his Pokémon for the upcoming tournament." Will narated. "Pikachu and I will be ready for the tournament. Right buddy?" Lincoln asked. "Pikachu!" Pikachu squeaked in agreement. "Let's enjoy ourselves while we're at it." Lincoln suggested. "Yep. Everything is back to normal." Will finished while later that night the Rainbooms & Lolirock performed together for "The Power of One" by Donna Summer & "When You Believe" by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey.

Tooi michi no saki de anata
no koto wo zutto omou
Kinou no youni kanjiru
deai wasure wa shinai

Tooi michi no saki ni
anata ga ireba mitsumeaeru
Kawara-nu ai mamo-ru sou
eien ni wasure wa

Oh sabishisa de toki
ga naga-rena-kunat-temo
Oh dono michi mo anata
he to tsuzuiteru kara

Kanashimi wa sugu ni
suteru no koko ni wa
Namidairo no kimi utsuranai kedo

Ima wo ikiru watashi no
sugata dake todoite hoshii

Furikaereba kitto
futari no hohaba
toonoku kara
Musubiatta unmei yo
ima wa toki wa shinai

Tooi michi no saki de anata
no koto wo zutto omou
Anata to futari uso no
nai sekai kizukeru kitto