(Kagome stands next to and looks at the Sacred tree and a vison of Inuyasha bound to it) (Kagome, Lincoln Loud and Sarah Whitney go through a portal like the Bone Eater's Well as an image Sacred Jewel appeared)

Mamorubeki mono nante

Nayamu mademonaku hitotsu shikanakatta

(Under a clear sky at a meadow near Horseland, Inuyasha, Sarah Whitney, the Loud Sisters, Team Horseland, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara are seen happy seeing Kagome, Lincoln, Sabrina and Juniper Lee running towards them with Ray-Ray Lee, Monroe and Laila)

Sakebi koe no kodama

(Shippo lands in front of Lola, Lana and Kirara happily)

Munashiku hibiita fukai mori no oku ni [1]

(Yugo the Eliatrope and the Brotherhood of Tofu, The B.F.F.L. and their Ancients, The Rainbooms, W.I.T.C.H., Clyde McBride, Kohaku, Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago, Koga and Sesshomaru appear in different places and images one by one) (Inuyasha moves with his demon vortex wielding Dragon Scaled Tessaiga)

(Two of each of the Demon Sorcerers and their Demon Relics' images appeared then Drago appeared) (Then Kagome faces the right wondering)

Namida o koraerareta riyuu wa

(Inuyasha, Lincoln, Juniper and Yugo with Will Vandom and Sunset Shimmer are all standing on a rocky cliff with an image of Inu no Taisho's grave in the sky)

Kasaneta yubi no nukumori no sei

(Inuyasha is in a cave alone holding a sphere soul with Kikyo's image behind him) (Demons and monsters pop up everywhere in the shadows)

Kimi ga inai mirai

(Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Lincoln use the Energy Dom the Loud Sisters jumped into battle with each of their respective weapons and Talismans)

Imi nado nai mirai

(Then Kagome and Sarah both shot a Sacred Arrow) (Then Byakuya makes a quick facial appearance)

Nido to hanashitari wa shinai kara

(Sesshomaru, Jaken and Rin, while the Brotherhood of Tofu and Sari Sumdak and her Autobot friends, The Rainbooms, Juniper Lee & Team Te Xuan Ze, W.I.T.C.H. each walk forward in different images) (Then Sesshomaru jumps and uses Bakusaiga) (Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Lincoln, Sarah and Shippo appeared in a slide image)

Kimi to nozomu sekai

(A shadow of Drago's large form is seen facing Inuyasha holding Tessaiga, along with Lincoln and Yugo)

Mita koto nai sekai

(Tessaiga's blade turns black and then Inuyasha uses the Meido Zangetsuha)

Jikuu o koete haruka tabisuru bokura

(Inuyasha hand move forward as Kagome hand grabbed it, while Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's hand and Yugo and Amalia's hand did the same) (Then the Sacred Tree and Inu no Taisho's grave appeared)

(Jaken, Blunk, Az the Tofu Bird, Monroe, Napoleon the cat and Spike the dog try to sneak up on Shippo as they play "Red light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3")

On a nice peaceful morning at a cliff at Royal Woods park, Sesshomaru was staring at the view silently while Jaken and Rin were in a patch of flowers. "There" Rin spoke putting a flower on Jaken's head. "Uh! Cut it out, will you?" Jaken asked annoyed as they and Sesshomaru noticed Totosai and Yan Lin appeared. "Been a long time, Sesshomaru" Yan Lin spoke. "What do you two want?" Sesshomaru asked. "Now, we see what's going on. My granddaughter has caught your concern, didn't she?" Yan Lin asked. "Your granddaughter is not the consideration I need to cut you both with my bare claws" Sesshomaru threatened. "There will be no need for that. Besides, myself and Yan Lin had to come here to find you. It was Tenseiga that had the Heart of Kandrakar and the Rainbooms' geodes summon us here" Totosai mentioned. "The Heart of Kandrakar and the Rainbooms' geodes summoned you two?" Sesshomaru asked. "Don't you play dumb with us. We can tell that The Heart of Kandrakar and the geodes have been having Tenseiga acting strange the last few days" Yan Lin explained. "Yes, and while that happened, The Heart if Kandrakar and the Equestria geodes have been telling Yan Lin's granddaughter and her friends along with Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the Rainbooms about what your heart once lacked" Totosai added. "What do mean those The Heart of Kandrakar and the geodes from Equestria were telling those two groups of teenage girls what his heart once lacked?" Jaken asked. "Yes, Lord Sesshomaru is brave, he's kind…" Rin said. "He was never kind to me though" Jaken sulked. "Do not cry, Master Jaken" Rin cheered up. "Don't forget that The Heart of Kandrakar which Hay Lin and her friends use to transform as guardians and the seven Equestria magic geodes which are around each of the Rainbooms' necks are connected to Tenseiga since they were made from your father's fangs mixed with magic that connect to the Kandrakar and its broken veil or originated from the magical land of Equestria" Yan Lin said. "And now it's time to take Tenseiga to Kandrakar and then Camp Everfree, so we can have it fulfill the Heart of Kandrakar and the Rainbooms' geodes desire towards it" Totosai added. 'The Heart of Kandrakar and the Rainbooms' geodes' desire for Tenseiga?' Sesshomaru asked in thought.

Later that afternoon, Lincoln was on his way home from school while being picked up by Kagome. "Thanks again for picking me up, Kagome" Lincoln thanked. "You're welcome" Kagome accepted. "Well, this Friday is the next test I'm taking" Lincoln mentioned. "Okay, have you been studying a lot?" Kagome asked nervously. "Yeah, whenever I have a test coming up I always study, even when I'm on a mission with you guys. Why? Is something bothering you?" Lincoln asked. "Oh nothing. I'm just glad you always study hard" Kagome answered. 'Oh, thank goodness. At least Lincoln does better at even studying than I did when I was three years younger' Kagome remembered in thought as they were back at the Loud House. "Say, Kagome, since you're here anyway, you think you can help me with my notes, please?" Lincoln asked. "Oh, sure I would love to" Kagome accepted as hours passed with Lincoln done studying his notes one more time while Kagome went to sleep. "And all done. I also gotta thank Twilight and Taranee for the help they gave me an hour ago. Now I have to deal with my window before Kagome gets cold" Lincoln said as he noticed Inuyasha at his window. "Never mind. Hi Inuyasha" Lincoln greeted. "Hey, what's up? Kagome, what are you doing? You're gonna catch a cold" Inuyasha spoke as Kagome suddenly woke up. "Inuyasha? Wait, Lincoln were you…?" Kagome started. "Studying? Yes. And I even called Twilight Sparkle and Taranee to help me an hour ago and they did. All in all, my studying was perfect" Lincoln explained. "What?! How long have I been asleep? Lincoln finished already?!" Kagome asked in panic. "Uh, yes I did. Besides, I'm fine right now" Lincoln told. 'Oh great. Just when Lincoln asked me for help, I fell asleep' Kagome said in thought.

Later that night, Lincoln and Inuyasha's group were on their way to Inuyasha and Kagome's house. "Are you sure we should be taking Lincoln to your house on a school night?" Sango asked. "You could have let him stay at home to finish his studies" Miroku added. "Don't worry, Lincoln already finished. It's not like I could be much help anyway" Kagome sighed. "Come on Kagome. You could've been great help" Lincoln said. "She probably would have helped you out if Inuyasha hadn't been such a nosy pest" Shippo accused as they arrived at Inuyasha and Kagome's house. "Hey, do you feel that?" Shippo asked as a flame hit Shippo on the head. "Shippo!" Kagome responded as Shippo was knocked out. "What do you think did that?" Lincoln asked. "Look there, on the front porch. I think I just saw somebody" Sango said as they saw a woman with red hair. "Oh good, you have arrived. Please, my apologies for coming here without permission but I must at least stay for the night before going back to Heatherfield" The woman begged. "We must let her stay" Miroku insisted. "What?!" Sango asked in both jealousy and surprise. Because she is lost or something?" Kagome asked. "I'm pretty sure that's not it" Inuyasha doubted.

Moments later in Inuyasha and Kagome's house, Lincoln and Inuyasha's group. "Thanks again for letting me stay at least for a while" The woman thanked. "Well, the pleasure is ours" Miroku accepted when Sango pulled his ear. "I'm sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Cassidy. And you must be Lincoln Loud and Inuyasha's group" Cassidy introduced. "Yes, we are. But how do you know about us?" Lincoln asked. "You see, before Irma Lair, I was a Guardian of Water" Cassidy explained. "A Guardian of Water before Irma?" Miroku asked. "I never knew about her before" Sango said. "Hey where's Shippo?" Kagome asked with Shippo not around.

Moments later, Shippo was waking up from being unconscious. "Ah, little Shippo. It's nice to meet you in person" Nerissa spoke as Shippo noticed. "Ah, Nerissa! Leave me alone!" Shippo panicked. "Now, now, do not panic. Let me explain" Nerissa said. "Why should I?" Shippo asked. "Have you ever heard of the Fox Demon exam?" Nerissa asked. "Yes, and I passed years ago back in the Feudal Era" Shippo remembered. "But how about I show you a way to improve yourself?" Nerissa asked. "What are you talking about?" Shippo asked. "I'll just show you instead of telling" Nerissa said as she flew over Inuyasha and Kagome's house. "Oh no, Nerissa's flying over Inuyasha and Kagome's house" Shippo observed as he ran after Nerissa. 'I can't let my friends get hurt by whatever Nerissa's planning' Shippo said in thought when Inuyasha stepped on him and grabbed his tail. "Hey Shippo, where'd you think you're going?" Inuyasha asked. "Let me go! I don't have time to talk right now!" Shippo demanded. "Watch your tone, you stupid little…" Inuyasha said. "Shut up!" Shippo interrupted having Inuyasha attacked by his giant spinning top. "Ahh!" Inuyasha groaned in pain. "Now where'd Nerissa go ?" Shippo asked when a ticket. "Huh, I'm at rank 25? Just like last time" Shippo read when Nerissa approached him. "Yes, dear Shippo. And you got a high score just for beating up Inuyasha" Nerissa said. "So, you'll give me more high ranks if I beat up Inuyasha?" Shippo asked. "Of course, I get to watch Inuyasha get pranked and you get high test rank scores. You scratch my back and I scratch yours" Nerissa promised. "Great. This will show the pride of a Fox Demon" Shippo asked. "That's more like it" Nerissa mentioned.

Later that night, Lincoln and Inuyasha's group were trying to relax with Cassidy. "So, Cassidy, will you be okay?" Kagome asked. "Yes, I will. Thank you for letting me stay for a while" Cassidy thanked. "I wonder what's holding up Lincoln and Shippo?" Kagome asked. "You think they're okay?" Sango asked. "Don't worry, Lincoln's strong enough to protect them both" Inuyasha spoke. "Are you sure?" Kagome asked. "Yeah, Lincoln was going to get some fresh air while Shippo's lurking around" Inuyasha answered. "You got that right, Inuyasha and I got some back-up" Shippo said in an echo. "What are you talking about?" Inuyasha asked. "Let's just say that thanks to the word "Quintessence", I'll have no trouble using you as a stepping stone" Shippo planned with a laugh. "Got ya" Inuyasha shouted when he fell for Shippo's tricks. "Sorry, too slow!" Shippo said magically making a statue land on Inuyasha. "Yes, I did it!" Shippo cheered as he saw a new card. "Twenty-third rank" Shippo read as Nerissa appeared. "Great start, Shippo. You got a well-prepared pair of tricks up your sleeve" Nerissa complimented as Inuyasha bashed Shippo's head. "What did you do that for?!" Shippo asked. "Just returning the favor!" Inuyasha answered. "Okay, that's enough. Sit Boy!" Kagome commanded as the beads made Inuyasha slammed into the floor. "What's wrong with you? Shippo's just a kid" Kagome said. "My, my, you're a sight to laugh at" Nerissa said disappearing with Shippo. "Nerissa, you sneak" Inuyasha growled while moments later, Miroku was bewitched by Nerissa disguised as a woman. "Very nice" Miroku said in entertainment as Sango threw a smoke bomb which made Nerissa change back. "No need to be annoyed" Nerissa said as she teleported. "Nerissa bewitched you?" Sango asked pulling Miroku's ear. "Please, let me explain" Miroku said while explaining. "Nerissa made up her own Fox Demon exam?" Kagome and Sango asked. "You see, Nerissa's role in the past was quite unforgiving" Miroku said when Sango hit him with her Hiraikotsu. "Which is why you had her change into a woman an entertain you?!" Sango asked angrily. "I'm just testing her actions" Miroku answered with Inuyasha out cold. "He's out cold, Nerissa. I'm ready" Shippo said to Nerissa. "Perfect, my dear fox. Quintessence" Nerissa agreed. "Ready and…" Shippo counted as he made Fox demon tools land on and zapped Inuyasha. "I'm gonna tear 'em to shreds!" Inuyasha swore in anger.

Moments later, Lincoln was walking to an opening to the moonlight. "I hope this works" Lincoln spoke as when he approached the moon enough, a light appeared brightly. "Great-Grandpa Toga, are you there?" Lincoln asked as the light dissipated, revealing the spirit of Inu no Taisho: Toga. "Yes, Lincoln Loud, I am here" Toga spoke. "Listen, this problem all started when Shippo was knocked out cold and while the rest of us were inside Inuyasha and Kagome's house. Next, when Shippo woke up and met up with Nerissa, Nerissa persuaded him into pranking Inuyasha" Lincoln explained. "And let me guess: When Shippo pranked Inuyasha, Inuyasha lost his temper?" Toga guessed. "How'd you know?" Lincoln asked. "I'm never surprised with my sons: Inuyasha and Sesshomaru getting annoyed, especially by Shippo's Fox Demon magic" Toga chuckled. "Well, to tell you the truth, I want to teach Shippo not to trust Nerissa, but I'm afraid I'll hurt him or that we won't forgive him, considering he's our friend" Lincoln feared in sadness. "Do not be afraid, Lincoln. You are much better at what's in your heart than Nerissa. So, when you face Shippo to make him realize Nerissa's trickery, remember to trust your heart and to remember to perform what the Rainbooms, their Equestria pony counterparts and I would call "The Magic of Friendship" and Shippo will be saved" Toga advised. "Okay, then I'll try. Thanks Great-Grandfather Toga" Lincoln thanked. "You are welcome" Toga accepted as his spirit magically vanished.

Back at Inuyasha and Kagome's house, Inuyasha's group was looking for Shippo. "Show yourself, Shippo" Inuyasha demanded when he saw some "monsters" which he bashed and made them disappear. "Poor things. Their transformations were good too" Kagome spoke. "Master monk!" A woman called out as Sango tricked her into eating dumplings which stun her into changing back into Nerissa and disappear. "Sango, do you really worry about me?" An altimeter of Miroku asked as he hugged Sango. "So cute" The altimeter said. "My good monk" Sango whispered as she noticed all the altimeter Miroku and destroyed them all in panic. "Nerissa sure knows how to find a weakness" Miroku observed. "Come on Shippo! You can't hide forever" Inuyasha said. "I don't need to hide from you. I just use my magic and Nerissa's Quintessence to crush you" Shippo planned. "Oh yeah? Give it your best shot" Inuyasha dared as Lincoln returned through a portal he made. "Uh, what's going on here?" Lincoln asked. "Hey Lincoln, pull this string and step back" Shippo instructed showing a string. "Uh, okay, I guess" Lincoln said pulling the string, which made Shippo's balloon form drop statues on Inuyasha. "It appears that Shippo surprised me for a Fox Demon" Nerissa witnessed. "Yes, Nerissa promoted me" Shippo cheered when Inuyasha kicked him. "Fox magic! SMASHING TOP!" Shippo shouted throwing his spinning top which Inuyasha sliced in half with Tessaiga along with the rest of Shippo's tools. "Why you…" Shippo said as he lost all his tools. 'Oh no, I'm all out of tools!' Shippo responded in thought. "What's wrong? Out of tricks?" Inuyasha asked as Lincoln hit Nerissa with his Energy Dom. "Shippo, what you just did crossed the line!" Lincoln snapped a bit. "I'm so sorry, Lincoln. I got so carried away, I risked my friendship with Inuyasha" Shippo apologized. "It's okay" Kagome said. "No, it's not and I'm so ashamed. I'll never look at you in the eye again" Shippo cried as he ran in "tears". "Inuyasha, I think you should make up with him" Lincoln suggested. "Oh man. Hey Shippo…" Inuyasha called out as he fell into a pit with statues landing on him. "Yes!" Shippo cheered getting promoted. "Very impressive and funny" Nerissa said as she teleported. "I'll be back guys" Shippo said as he flew off in his balloon form.

The following morning, Shippo changed back when Nerissa found him. "So, Nerissa, what is my next step?" Shippo asked. "Just one last recourse. I need to have face Inuyasha" Nerissa said. "What? Why would you want me to do that?" Shippo asked. "You see, I just want to see if his Tessaiga is a match for my Quintessence" Nerissa explained. "How are you gonna do that?" Shippo asked while Lincoln, Inuyasha and Kagome search for him. "Shippo? Where are you?" Kagome asked when they saw a sign. "Enough messing around! WIND SCAR!" Inuyasha shouted as the Wind Scar moves towards Shippo's sign. "Quintessence!" Nerissa shouted as her Quintessence clashed with the Wind Scar. "You don't think I know where you're hiding?!" Inuyasha asked as he was stopped by Lincoln. "Wait Inuyasha, it could probably be a trap!" Lincoln warned. "Lincoln, do you mean Nerissa?" Kagome asked as they noticed Shippo appearing with Nerissa. "Hey Inuyasha, how does it feel to have a guardian who can match your powers?" Shippo asked. "Shippo, you spoiled brat" Inuyasha growled. "Allow me to do the response" Nerissa said. "Kagome, you should take cover" Inuyasha warned as Kagome moved out of the way. "Quintessence!" Nerissa shouted as her lightning seemed to hit Inuyasha. "Nerissa, I thought you want to test Inuyasha, not kill him" Shippo responded. "Sorry Shippo, but I didn't make that promise" Nerissa spoke up. "What?" Shippo asked in shock. "And since now I can match Inuyasha, I have no need for you anymore" Nerissa added. "No need for me? I thought you were helping me become better Fox demon" Shippo remembered. "Actually, I was using you to help me prove I'm still strong enough to take down W.I.T.C.H and to see if your human friend: Lincoln Loud can survive my wrath" Nerissa revealed. 'Argh! She tricked me!' Shippo growled in thought when suddenly, they noticed a portal which Lincoln came out of. "Hold on Shippo!" Lincoln shouted as he shot Energy Dom that pushed Nerissa back. "Impossible. How can you be that strong?" Nerissa asked. "I've practiced since last fall. And I'm gonna make sure you see how strong even one child like me can stop what you cause!" Lincoln promised as he suddenly made his Dom energy form a blade in his hand. "And let's just say I learned from many others since then, like how to fight for something you refused to go by and ignore. It's called the Magic of Friendship!" Lincoln told as Shippo got a grip. "I never thought I'd hit a Guardian or ex-Guardian pf Kandrakar, but I changed my mind! I will avenge Inuyasha's pathetic and pointless death…" Shippo vowed when he got stepped on by Inuyasha.

(The Power of One by Donna Summer plays in the background)

"Moron. Who died a completely pointless death?" Inuyasha asked. "Inuyasha, you're okay" Shippo happily responded. 'But how? How did you survive?!" Nerissa asked. "Heh, two things. 1. I'm a lot stronger than you think and 2. Lincoln used his Dom and his own portal to get rid of your pathetic attack. Maybe, you should try again, Nerissa" Inuyasha dared. "Very well. Quintessence!" Nerissa shouted shooting her lightning which Inuyasha's Tessaiga easily blocked. "I don't know how much Guardian of Kandrakar you still have but it's useless if you don't stop using it carelessly" Inuyasha said as Lincoln used another portal he made. "Let me try something, Inuyasha. Here goes nothing" Lincoln said as the energy blade in his hand shot Energy Dom that knocked Nerissa to her knees. "Guys, that's enough. I think she's already down. At least I hope" Shippo said when Nerissa grabbed him. "Now boys, you give up now or the young fox suffers" Nerissa threatened. "So, you once again showed your true colors!" Inuyasha said as he punched Nerissa which released Shippo. "I can't believe you were able to attack me" Nerissa said with disbelief. "Who are you kidding Nerissa, you think I wouldn't know or wouldn't tell Lincoln? I can smell the ex-Guardian stink and the Quintessence all over you!" Inuyasha mentioned. 'Nerissa's ex-Guardian and Quintessence. I'm so stupid. I thought it was the smell of Yan Lin who was once a friend of Nerissa, but it was really her I was smelling' Shippo realized in embarrassment when Rainbow Dash and Applejack came by. "Hey guys. Miroku called us and we thought you use some help" Rainbow Dash spoke as she and Applejack noticed Shippo in sorrow. "Are you okay there, sugar cube?" Applejack asked kneeling to him. "So, Shippo, what should I do with Nerissa?" Inuyasha asked. "I don't even care anymore" Shippo groaned. "You won't defeat, you foolish Half-Demon, even when you have the Tessaiga, you won't…!" Nerissa started when Lincoln interrupted her with his Energy blade. "Won't what? Interrupt your talking?" Lincoln asked. "Just remember, I deal with you next time and W.I.T.C.H." Nerissa swore as she left through a veil.

(Background song ends)

"Uh, did when miss somethin', you guys?" Applejack asked. "We'll explain later. Right now, I'm tired" Lincoln said as his energy blade disappeared. "Woah, Lincoln that was cool. I mean not as cool as my super speed or Applejack's super strength" Rainbow Dash bragged. "I've never seen Lincoln use his powers like that before" Kagome said. "That's because Lincoln must have learned to make a weapon like that from Yugo the Eliatrope" Inuyasha informed. "I'm sorry Inuyasha, it was all my fault" Shippo apologized. "Don't worry about it Shippo. Really, it's not a big deal, okay?" Inuyasha accepted when he suddenly bashed Shippo's head. "Your actions and your words seem to be having a bit of a disagreement" Kagome responded. "You think Shippo's gonna be okay?" Rainbow Dash asked. "I don't know but judgin' by the head bashin', I think Shippo learned his lesson" Applejack answered. "I'm just glad it's over and thank goodness it's a weekend" Lincoln yawned. 'Lincoln learning to use his powers from Yugo and myself while his chances of having the ability to use "The Magic of Friendship" seems limitless and I had no idea until today. Looks like I'm going to need to learn more about it' Inuyasha concerned in thought staring a Lincoln.

Later, Sesshomaru was with Totosai and Yan Lin in Kandrakar. "Now draw your sword" Totosai instructed when Sesshomaru drew Tenseiga when a Mogriff appeared. "Ah! A demon!" Jaken cried. "No, it's just a Mogriff" Yan Lin identified. "Now let's see if it came back, Sesshomaru. If the Heart of Kandrakar and the Equestria Geodes know that my granddaughter and her friends and the Rainbooms truly start to accept you, they should have Tenseiga guide you" Yan Lin said as Sesshomaru swung Tenseiga and created a purple slash. "Master Jaken, look!" Rin pointed as she and Jaken all noticed the small cut of the Meido Zangetsuha. "He has opened a path to the underworld" Totosai observed as the Mogriff was sliced apart and killed. "Grandma, what just happened?" Hay Lin asked. "That Hay Lin is something that took the Mogriff's body to the Underworld" Yan Lin answered. "Okay, time out. Isn't that a specific name for Hell?" Irma asked. "Irma!" Taranee glared. "I'm just asking" Irma said. "Tenseiga got back the technique that cuts through the Underworld" Sesshomaru spoke. "That's because Tenseiga is a sword that can connect this world to the Underworld. That is why the master of Tenseiga can see creatures from the Underworld, furthermore has the power to bring back those to the world of the living by killing those very creatures" Yan Lin informed. "Woah, he can do that?" Rin asked. 'If only you knew' Jaken said in thought. "Instead of doing battle by wounding his opponent, the master of Tenseiga cuts through a path to the Underworld and sends his enemies there for eternity. That is how it is used. And the name of that technique is Meido Zangetsuha" Totosai identified. 'He got it back thanks to the Geodes and the Heart of Kandrakar. I'm impressed. Spiteful brat though he may be, but Tenseiga has spoken if it knows W.I.T.C.H. and the Rainbooms who wield the Equestria Geodes and the Heart of Kandrakar, whether they like it or not' Totosai said in thought as Sesshomaru thinks about the Rainbooms and W.I.T.C.H. "I'll be ready for battle. I now hold Tenseiga as W.I.T.C.H. and the Rainbooms now each have something that has a connection to it" Sesshomaru determined as he sees the connection the Rainbooms' geodes and the Heart of Kandrakar have with Tenseiga.

I'll take you to the higher stage
Now you got blazin'

Namida wo kakushita tsuyogari na kimi no egao
kata wo daku koto sae sunao ni wa dekinakute
Yoake no mukou ni donna mirai ga atte mo
shinjiru koto de shika kaerarenai

Miushinatte ita kokoro no KAKERA
Futari de sagashi ateta shunkan kitto

oikakete kiri hiraita ano sora de
Seeking my way
Hitosuji no hikari ni naru with you