Hello Reader! I am back with new ideas; finals were killer, and suffering a concussion definitely didn't help in getting myself to the computer. I also have PCS, so my memory is fuzzy, and while I have great ideas to continue my lovely crossover of Inuyasha/King Arthur(seriously, I love that story, I'm just waiting for my next 'spark' so to speak), I've also had some really weird dreams that might make for new interesting stories like this one. Hopefully you agree, sorry for the delay!


One of the strongest and most powerful things in life is love. It is an emotion based on the trust between two beings and, if nurtured, can be one of the most beautiful flowers to ever bloom. Yet, if one side grows too much and is left unchecked, it can turn one rabid…primitive…possessive… leading to disillusioned acts of monstrosity.


I met Haruhi when we were both in our first year of middle school, with 'met' possibly being too strong of a word. See, I went to school in America, and since I was one of those rare students interested in learning Japanese, my teacher sought out the possibility of a pen pal. Of course, as you can guess, Haruhi was my equivalent, as she was interested in strengthening her English and her teachers were very supportive. It started with emails and such, until finally we were in our last year of middle school, where we 'somehow' both coincidentally received a webcam from both of our families (Ranka and my mother were actually quite a pair after sharing fashion advice via our postscripts until they actually shared emails). From then on we could see face to face, which was rather nice when the Wi-Fi actually worked and we were able to plan reasonable hours. But it was also this year that things turned sour…

Not between us of course, but rather my 'best guy friend.' See, I was not allowed to have a boyfriend until high school, thus I had my best guy friend. He was sweet, and we both enjoyed many things like paintball and pranks, but it started to get weird. I have a sketchbook for tattoo ideas from The Joker and Alice in Wonderland, as well as other designs like those you would imagine on elves and mermaids of the old folk tales, vines and runes and such, and he always found those designs very interesting. He became infatuated with these ideas, asking when I might get one, if we wanted to match and such, which seemed a little confusing. He hated the idea of ink on your skin; hell, he would freak when I let my friends draw on me at swim meets and school. As he became more possessive and involved, I grew scared. I continued to talk to Haruhi, and even Ranka when they were both home, and we agreed I should try and nicely break it off.

I simply texted, "I am not allowed to date until high school, and I feel that we should take a step back to breathe and fully experience our last months as middle schoolers before hitting the big leagues. Do you mind?"…

From here my life was a blur. It started with him threatening suicide, then I became paranoid. I had told his mother since I was worried, and she said he was getting help, so why was I still seeing him around; we didn't even go to the same school?!

Then it happened. My parents were in a car crash. My brother and I were alone.

I came home from school to find my brother and nanny dead. It looked like my 4th grade brother was stabbed multiple times, and that Jess was strangled, the bag still on her head. I tried to run for our gun safe, but I was grabbed and slammed in the ground. Dazed, I only heard chuckling as I felt myself being dragged to his car and hogtied in the back.

The entirety of the 20 hours I spent with him was filled with twisted love in the form of torture and sexual abuse. He carved my favorite designs into my skin with a pocket knife, leaving me with delicate vines along my cheekbones and around my neck. He made angry tribal runes along my limbs as I struggled. And on my back, I was given wings like that of a fallen angel. His fallen angel. Funny, how I would have been given a Cheshire Grin if the police hadn't arrived before he could make me scream to tear open the cuts.

In 24 hours I had lost my immediate family. Distant relations I didn't know only wanted to take me in for the possibility of my mom's doctoral fortune and the possibility of the prodigal daughter, yet I was somehow able to get permission to live with Ranka and Haruhi. At some point, my parents were able to declare Ranka as the next legal guardian since we hadn't seen my godparents in forever, and they trusted him more than my greedy relatives. Months later, by the beginning of high school, once my wounds were healed, and my psychiatrist ready to release me, I could go to Japan. Somehow, I passed a scholarship test as well, leaving me in a good position to attend high school alongside my only source of happiness and hope: Haruhi.

Though I am arriving a little later in the school year due to complications (ahem: assholes that make up the whole immigration process, as well as having to coordinate the selling of my family home and such), I am scared and excited for this new chapter of life. Thank goodness, I am an optimist, otherwise I might have been unable to look to the future; hopefully it doesn't disappoint.