The Winds of Destiny

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Chapter 1: Flight of Shuttle ICARUS

The year was 197 A.C., (After Colony) one year after the Mariemaia Incident. Mariemaia Barton-Khushreanada, had finally recovered from her injuries and was adopted by Lady Une, the former OZ Space Force Commander, turned Leader of the Preventers, a top-secret organization formed by the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, to prevent conflicts from escalating.

Plus, Colony L3 X-18999 had been rebuilt at last. As such, the gundams and mobile suits were decommissioned. How and why all this happened is a different story.

Regardless, at this very moment, two important figures were approaching a mahogany office door, which was located near the end of the southern corridor.

The first person was a young seventeen-year old girl of Northern European descent, who appeared to be under five feet and three inches tall. Firm skin molded perfectly to her face, while her warm smile captured her unwavering faith to pacifism, but her eyes were a mournful nile-blue, which revealed years of emotional trauma from war, a sense of political charisma, and the determination of a warrior. She had a fairly athletic build, honey-blonde hair, which almost reached her waist, while having a fringe located on the front, and wore a long ice-blue evening gown made of velvet and silk, along with a pearl necklace, two long white satin gloves, a pair of sapphire earrings, a silver wristwatch, and a pair of dainty white pumps.

The second person was a five-foot-two, seventeen-year-old boy of Japanese descent, with a naturally athletic build, and slightly long, dark brown hair, where the bangs stuck out, covering his sharp Prussian-blue eyes. An emotionless expression crossed his facial features, yet one could notice the hidden warmth in his eyes, as they cautiously observed his surroundings for any potential threat. He was clad in a uniform, which consisted of a navy-blue wind breaker style gabardine jacket, lined with navy satin, yellow shoulder pads, a red and gold campaign ribbon with a center hexagonal design on the left side of his chest, along with decorative patches on the upper sleeves, uniform pants made of matching navy-blue gabardine, and black combat boots.

These individuals were the Vice Foreign Minister, Relena Darlian Peacecraft and former pilot of the gundam, Wing Zero, turned personal bodyguard of Relena, Heero Yuy, the "Perfect Soldier."

The two remained relatively silent as they wandered the seemingly endless corridor until they finally reached the door to Lady Une's office. Desperate to break the silence, Relena attempted to start a conversation.

"What do you think Lady Une intends to discuss?" she asked. Heero simply grunted in response.

Realizing the possibility that Heero was just as confused as she was at this moment, Relena silenced herself.

After five minutes, Lady Une finally permitted their entry. After greeting the two, Lady Une ordered them to sit down. Heero and Relena complied, while Lady Une began to explain the situation.

"The Mariemaia Incident has greatly increased tensions between the Earth Sphere Unified Nation and Colony L3 X-18999. To prevent the conflict from escalating, I have decided to send you on a diplomatic mission. In one week, Shuttle ICARUS will be deployed for your journey. Heero Yuy shall accompany you." She announced.

She then pressed a button on top of her walnut desk, thus activating a hidden augmented reality projector, which quickly displayed the holographic image of a blue shuttle covered in armor plating.

Something caught Heero's eye before he abruptly stood.

"With all due respect, Lady Une, I am confused as to why an experimental system would be installed into Relena's vessel, considering the potential danger." he questioned in his usual monotone voice, all while referring to a peculiar design located near the shuttle's turbines.

"Usually traveling to and from the space colonies would require a maximum time span of four days, which could leave Relena vulnerable to assassination attempts. To avoid this problem, fellow Preventer, Duo Maxwell, suggested installing the prototype hyper-drive, Silver-wind Mark I." she elaborated.

"Is the ship armed in any possible way?" Heero questioned, hoping the Preventers would make at least one smart decision.

"No. Shuttle ICARUS is a diplomatic vessel and must abide by Relena's own standards of pacifism to prevent accusations of hypocrisy. However, the shuttle has been equipped with enough armor to withstand rounds from an anti-aircraft assault."

While Heero was slightly relieved, he still feared that if Relena did not allow any weapons, the entire crew would be left defenseless in the event of an assassination attempt. Unfortunately, there was nothing Heero could do, as the decision was final.

"The shuttle is scheduled to depart at eleven-hundred hours, Monday morning. Since the other gundam pilots are currently occupied, I have hired two elite pilots to accompany you on this journey. In the meantime, I suggest that both of you get some rest." she concluded.

Heero and Relena complied and left the office, returning to their respective apartments.

Six days later, Heero and Relena arrived at the spaceport and were ready to meet their crew. Relena was clad in ceremonial garb, representing her fallen country, the Sanc Kingdom, the embroidery of which held golden thread dazzling on the pure white cloth. The shuttle was already prepared for takeoff and the supplies had been loaded.

Unlike most people, Heero was quite unenthusiastic about the journey. Within the past week, he was quite unsuccessful in convincing Relena to allow weaponry, thus increasing the risk of their mission.

As they approached the concrete hanger, Heero noticed two young adults standing next to Lady Une near the entrance. One of them was a twenty-nine-year old woman, who appeared to be six feet tall, with curly brown hair, and brown eyes, while the second person was a thirty-four-year old, six-foot-seven, man with dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. Heero and Relena stopped in front of Lady Une, who explained the situation to them.

"The launch sequence will start in thirty minutes. I will be putting your comrades in charge of supervision, to ensure that all goes according to the schedule. As such, I would like to introduce you to the crew of Shuttle ICARUS, Sergeant Ellen Weaver and Colonel Lee Austin. These two are among the most skilled pilots trained by the Alliance themselves. Each pilot has been equipped with custom paralyzer pistols, designed by Dr. J himself, at Vice Foreign Minister Darlian's request."

Upon hearing this, a brief smirk became visible on Heero's face, as he became mildly impressed with Relena for taking his advice to a certain degree. However, this left as quickly as it appeared when Heero suddenly felt Colonel Austin's eyes burning into the back of his head. From that point on, Heero knew that working alongside these people was going to be more difficult than he originally thought.

At this point, the shuttle had already reached the outer atmosphere and Colonel Austin was ready to activate the Silver-wind Mark I hyper-drive. However, Heero was still concerned. No matter how hard Heero tried to conceal his emotions, he still feared for Relena's safety.

Knowing this, Heero decided to bring his own supply of weapons, which were carefully stored in a rucksack within his quarters on the shuttle. Having Relena's new shuttle equipped with an untested hyper-drive merely increased his concern. Thus, Heero attempted to warn Colonel Austin.

"Austin, I do not believe activating the hyper-drive would be the smartest idea."

Unfortunately, Austin was too confident.

"Listen up, kid. First off, its Colonel Austin to you. Secondly, if you honestly believe that I would trust a gundam pilot in protecting the Vice Foreign Minister, then you are severely mistaken. I have worked for the alliance for thirteen years. Every badge on this uniform, I earned. As opposed to you; a mere child whose position was handed to him. Either way, I don't trust terrorists. Hell, I never trusted Khushreanada to begin with. If I were in charge of the Preventers, every last one of you would have been stripped of your rank and sentenced to death for every crime you committed. Besides, the hyper-drive was tested in the simulators multiple times. What's the worst that could happen?"

Heero could feel his hands clenching into fists and his eyes burned with anger. Desperate to control himself, Heero left the bridge. He knew very well that arguing with Colonel Austin was pointless. Usually, Heero would never back down from a fight, but he knew that Colonel Austin was not entirely wrong.

Heero could still hear the terrified screams of all the people he killed throughout his young life. Whenever he closed his eyes, such memories would continuously haunt him, forcing him to gaze upon their corpses, which littered the streets, while his own clothing would be stained in warm blood. As the hyper-drive was finally activated, Heero retreated to his quarters. This would be a long trip.

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