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Dc - Remastered Edition


I realized, that getting my mother out of this life might be a little bit harder than I had originally anticipated.

"Harder! Harder!"

I pinched my nose and resisted the urge to sigh, as a literal motherfucker held her against the bathroom wall. My mother was an actual nympho – and she enjoyed having wild, vivid and rampart sex. She enjoyed her sensuality. She enjoyed stripping. This of course meant, that even I if I did eventually make a million dollars and moved us into the finest areas of Gotham City, she probably would come back here out of nostalgia.

Still, the goal was the same. Make money first, and then, try to find a way to… curb, her slightly crazed tendencies.

"UGH! You're done already? What the fucking hell was that?"

"Damn it woman! That was the third round this night!"

Some words and tirades followed, and of course, once more, the man stormed out, hastily adjusting his belt and pants, his eyes flicking over to me for half a second. My eyes strayed over to the top of his head, where the relevant information about him was.

Mr. Kingsley, Police Officer, Level 14.

Well, who was I to judge – Police Officers also needed some stress relief, especially in a city like Gotham. His eyes immediately turned away, and he continued his march, grumbling underneath his breath about one thing or the other about 'insatiable women'.

"Alright Zacky-boo, time to head home."

A hand gently landed on my shoulder, as my mother came out of the restroom. A lit cigarette in one hand, blonde hair tied into a girl-next-door ponytail, which of course made the stripperific outfit she wore all the more sensual.

"Did you 'member to wash your hands?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, Zacky, I did."

"With soap?"

"The bathroom's all out of soap."

"There are three new soap dispensers."

"They must be busted," she said before stopping, "And how'd you know that?"

I shrugged. "I look, and I see things."

She gave me a flat look. "Cheeky."

"Hands. Wash."

She threw the said appendages in the air. "Fine! Fine! Christ! Who's supposed to be the child in this relationship anyway?"

She turned back inside, and I resisted the urge to sigh. Instead, I allowed my hand to flash out to the small pocket in her skirt, subvocalizing Inventory, as she continued without notice.

From using dexterous speed of fingers to take an item out of your mother's pocket, your Dexterity has gone up by 1!

From deftly pilfering the pocket of an unsuspecting target, the skill, "Pickpocket" has been created!

Pickpocket (Active) Lv. 1

(Imagination Skill)

Hijack an object and place it directly into your inventory, absolving you of any physical evidence of the theft – become the ultimate Pickpocket Legend!

Grants a 10% Speed Boost per Level

Grants a 10% Efficiency Rate per Level

Grants Dexterity Stat Increase Every Ten Levels

[Note: This is an Imagination Skill, meaning, the levels can be tremendously boosted, or even maxed at once, depending on how imaginative you are with the usage. Imagination Skills can be upgraded or used in nearly all situations.)

My first skill, I noted, with some small amount of amusement. Still, the Gamer abilities I had were more or less a means to an end, the end which was of course, taking care of the troublesome woman that I could finally hear using the dryer.

Strange, she was the same age as me when I had died – twenty-one. Old enough to no longer be considered a teenager, but young enough to not be fully considered an adult. In a weird sense though, I felt as though she was younger than me, even though she was supposed to be my primary caretaker.

"There – all squeaky clean Mr. Germophobe Junior. Happy?"

I nodded.

"Now, let's –" she paused. Tapping her back pocket and slowly developing an increasing frown.

"Something wrong?"

She frowned. "I can't find my cigarettes."

I shrugged, deliberately averting my gaze. "Maybe you're all out?"

"No way – it was a fresh pack!" she growled "It must have fallen when I was –"

"Being screwed against a wall?"


"Sorry. I meant, being fucked against a wall."

I received a 'love tap' on my forehead for the cheek, wincing at the –4HP notification that came with it.

"You're not supposed to know those words until you're at least twelve – or fourteen at best."

It was extremely hard to stop myself from the incredulous look I gave her.

"Use." She amended. "You're not supposed to use those words until then."

"You use it all the time."

"Only for business." She paused. "And pleasure." She frowned. "Or when I'm pissed. Or happy. Or excited. Or – okay, yeah, I use it pretty much all the time." She gave a sheepish smile. "But! I'm an adult! I'm allowed to use those words. Good little children aren't supposed to know those words."

"I'll keep it in mind when good little children are around."

She rolled her eyes, again. "Cheeky."

"I get it from my mom."

She pinched my cheeks. "Too cheeky. It's both adorable and annoying at the same time."

I pulled away from her pinch, before huffing and making a show of storming off forward. "I'm not adorable! I'm a man! A man! If I wasn't reincarnated into this body, I'd be trying to hit on you right now!"

Of course, she laughed. "Sure thing kiddo. I understand it's natural to want to be with your super mom – but don't you start with that reincarnation story again."

My mother, she wasn't dumb. She knew, even though she never mentioned it, that I was smart and astute for my age, far more than I had any right to be. Most one year olds were out there babbling and failing to learn how to form coherent words and sentences, and I was capable of holding my own in an intellectual debate with someone twenty times my own age. She'd mused about it once, lamenting and wondering how lucky, or unlucky she was to have such a 'gifted' child – and I had told her straight to her face that I was reincarnated. Of course, she laughed and ruffled my hair for it – thinking it another 'cute' quirk.

To an extent, I was somewhat glad that she didn't believe me. Yet, at the same time, I wanted to help her – to tell her that she could be much more, but she would not listen to advice from a 'child'.

"Come on Zacky, let's head to a burger joint – unless, you think that we shouldn't eat the meat, cause the cow is your best friend reincarnated." She snickered, and I resisted the urge to sigh, while at the same time savoring a small amount of relief.

At the very least, she had forgotten all about her cigarettes for the day. And though, as it was, I could not undo any lung damage she had most likely accumulated beforehand, I could mitigate any future damage by making sure she never bought another pack of cigarettes in her life.

It was a relatively small change – a very minor one – but it was these minor changes that made all the difference.

7:41 AM

It was Sunday morning, a day and time in which my mother didn't have to go to 'work'.

I rolled my eyes at the sight of the woman who had cuddled up beside me in nothing but her lingerie, her blonde hair in a scattered mess, and a small amount of drool seeping out from the side of her mouth. She was anything but a graceful sleeper.

Sighing, I made to roll out, only for her hand to wrap around me even more fiercely, and push me closer to her. I couldn't easily get flustered, thank GM for that, and I was fortunate enough to not have developed sex organs that would correlate with my brain, as such, I found the close embrace more annoying than anything else.

A little bit of slight work on my end, and I wrestled free from her slumbering grasp, hearing her let out a half-addled groan of disappointment.

From sneaking out of your mother's grasp, your Dexterity has gone up by 1!

My left eye twitched slightly at the notification, before I shook my head and then turned my gaze back to our lovely… 'house'. The apartment, if it could even be comfortably called that, was not all too bad, aside from the moldy walls and slightly leaky ceilings which had not yet been fixed, and the fact that there were public transport buses that were larger than the small cubicle of a room – but, it wasn't all too bad.

There was only one bedroom, the one which my mother and I shared, there was the bathroom and toilet, again, only one, and then there was the living room/kitchen/dining room, in which everything else happened. I took a cursory glance around the bedroom, rubbing my nose in irritation as I begin the task of picking up her strewn clothes and arranging her boots and other accessories into the closet for her.

From properly arranging clothes and other household items, the skill, "Housekeeping" has been created!

Housekeeping (Passive) Lv. 1

Grants a 10% Speed Boost per Level to the completion of cleaning and chores

Grants a 10% Efficiency Rate per Level to the completion of cleaning and chores

Grants Dexterity Stat Increase Every Ten Levels

Unlocked "Household Weaponry Martial Arts!"

Unlocked "Improvised Weaponry Martial Arts!"

Apparently, swing my mother's D-cup bra around my hands like they were nunchucks and I was Bruce Lee, counted as improvised weaponry.

Seems legit.

I ensured that I had completed the menial task of cleaning, before I turned my attention immediately towards the kitchen.

Opening the fridge made me to grimace slightly at the near-empty nature of it, with just a few eggs, a half carton of milk and a few can of beers being inside it. I turned my direction up, to one of the higher drawers, and frowned in annoyance when I realized I couldn't reach it. I tried a simple hop, and then, once more, I hopped.

From utilizing a hidden skill in your abilities, the skill "Double Jump" has been created!

Double Jump (Active) Lv. 1

Outwitting the Mario Brothers has never been easier, with the nifty ability to jump once more, whilst you are already airborne, by creating small, invisible pockets of air underneath your feet for further ascension!

Grants doubled jump height every twenty levels.

Note: Your Dexterity relates to the jump speed, angle, and height.

So, by the time I maxed out the skill, I would be able to jump five times higher than the average human being? Well, that was nifty. Still, my temporary goal of reaching the high cabinets was completed, with me opening it, double jumping again, and then latching on to it, as I pulled myself up to see what was inside.

A half empty box of Corn cereal and a near empty-tin of instant oatmeal. Simply fantastic.

Sighing regardless, I grabbed the two items and placed it on the kitchen counter. The total sum of the items in front of me, six eggs, half a carton of milk, half a box of corn cereal, and almost empty tin of oatmeal, brought my mind back to the issue at hand, the issue of getting enough money to stop my mother's… "business."

The burning anger I had felt had eventually cooled down, and with that cooled anger, returned my ability to reason – my ability to think clearly and objectively.

Becoming a Legend was an interesting prospect, a prospect which I had realized was counterintuitive to my goals of making my mother happy and safe. Superheroes or supervillains had a history of loved ones being held hostage (Lois Lane), or murdered (Jason Todd), or mutilated (James/Barbara Gordon), or worse – and that was the last thing I wanted for my mother.

No – being a superhero or a supervillain would get her killed, one way or another.

I was not willing to take that risk.

Instead, I would focus purely on getting rich, rich enough to live a life that would make it seem as though the Kardashians were starving street performers in Syria.

Of course, as geared up as I was, I realized that I actually had no idea as to how to go about legitimately getting large sums of money, in legal ways. I didn't want to suddenly become a criminal, even a minor one, because I didn't want to end up running into the God-in-bat-suit that was known as the Dark Knight, and have me on record forever. As a one-year old child, I'd obviously get some leniency, but this was entirely dependent on the severity of the crimes I'd have committed in order to gain money.

My body entered auto-pilot as I climbed unto a stool and began preparing the corn cereal for myself, and the oatmeal for my mother.

From lighting the fire to cracking an egg, the skill, "Homestyle Cooking" has been created!

Homestyle Cooking (Passive) Lv. 1

Grants a 10% Speed Boost per Level to the creation of food and drinks

Grants a 10% Taste Quality per Level to the creation of food and drinks

Grants Charisma Stat Increase Every Ten Levels

Developing Food Quality rapidly increases affection and reputation with all characters

Another passive skill and drawn my attention, and this, combined with the memory of the housekeeping skill, gave me an idea to seek some form of employment as a cleaner or cook. Of course, I realized that this would never work because no one would want to hire a one year old to do anything like that in this country. Almost made me miss the backwards third-world country that was my home in my past life. "Street-Hawkers" they'd call them, underage children selling candy and fruits on roads and highways.

Shaking my head to stir away the old thoughts, I realized that my only viable non-illegal option, was to use my Gamer's Ability, and rely on drops from fighting monsters or enemies. A few hours of grinding and slaying monsters should help me rack up several thousands of dollars.

Except, I was in the body of a one year old.

I could walk and run, and I could even manage some few dance moves, but anything more complicated and requiring more finesse than that, I was not ready for. Which meant, as I was, the only thing I could possibly beat or kill, was other one-year old infants, or maybe a few three and four year olds as well. And obviously, that was not a viable way to make money.

The eggs sizzled idly in the pan, as the realization that completing the quest in the one week I had previously claimed – was… impossible.

Even the criminal means were somewhat impossible to properly attain – picking pockets would never make me a millionaire, I could not rob a bank or even a candy shop without the person I was robbing laughing their ass off at best, or asking me where my mommy is at worst. Let's not even discuss anything more complicated like fraud, money laundering, extortion or betting. Who in their right minds would let a one-year old kid close to anything of that nature?

The only possible avenue I could think of was shoplifting – that is, stealing items using my inventory, because they would never be able to realize that I was actually stealing anything, when it was stored in my own personal dimension. Except, that plan also had hiccups, in the fact that my face would be on camera, and there was no way I could 'hide' the theft of an item on camera.

Unless of course, I disabled all the cameras before hand – which came with its own set of problems.

Still, four years was a lot of time in which a lot could happen.

Such as stat increases, which, not that I thought about it, I had almost forgotten about.


Name: Isaac Zachariah Cabrera

HP: 100/100

MP: 100/100

Level: 1

Age: 1

Race: Human (Homo Magi)

Occupation: Civilian Child

Title: N/A

Current Alias: N/A

Aliases: N/A

Affiliations: Cabrera Family, Gotham Nightlife Association

Base of Operations: Gotham City

Alignment: Neutral

Identity: Unknown

Citizenship: American

Education: N/A

EXP: 122/1000

Money: $0.93


Strength: 4

Vitality: 6

Dexterity: 9 (+20)

Charisma: 2

Intelligence: 4

Wisdom: 4

Luck: 7 (+50)







(Abject Poverty: Immensely Reduced Standards of living)

(Child of the Slums: –50% Reputation Gains with Rich or Wealthy Characters –25% Reputation Gains with Middle-Class Characters, +10% Reputation Gains with Poor Characters)

(Tragic Origin Story: +50 Luck, +50% Random Encounter Rate of the Heroes/Villains of the world)


(Mother's Flexibility: Adds +20 to Dexterity)

(Raised by Strippers: +35% Reputation Gains with Women, +60% Resistance to Seduction Tactics, +60% Boost to Dancing and Seduction Skills)

(Red Light Child: +65% Reputation Gains with Strippers, Prostitutes, Call Girls, Drug Dealers, Pimps, Bouncers, Thugs and the Criminal Underbelly)


Isaac "Zack" Cabrera, is the son of Eva Cabrera, a relatively young stripper and prostitute who was originally the part of the small mobster group, the Cabrera Family. After witnessing the death of all her extended and nuclear family members by the hands of Carmine Falcone, Eva dove into a life of hedonistic pleasure, eventually becoming a nymphomaniac and alcoholic, with no regard for her life or well-being, until the birth of her son – a reincarnated college student from a different dimension. Zack's goal is to ensure that he manages to put his mother's life back together, stop her from prostituting and stripping, get them out of the slums, and ultimately, have a better life.

That… was…

My mind had momentarily for a brief second blanked out at the information that was presented to me, as my gaze flickered over to the bedroom, where the silent snores of my mother could reach my ears. I hadn't known, or even realized, that she had been part of a crime family – a family which had been destroyed by Carmine Falcone.

She was the last member of her family – spared, or escaped from death.

There was no information about me, about who had put me into this world, or reincarnated me for whatever reason, and instead, I found myself not questioning or having a problem with that, but instead, a burning sense of anger and indignation swelled up within me again.

Carmine Falcone.

The Falcone Family. I knew from different iterations that this family was one of the major crime gangs in Gotham, and that the leader, was a nasty piece of work, who, despite the absence of any supernatural power or quirk of insanity, was one of Batman's constant foes.

There was a sensation drawing up in me, compelling me and telling me that I should take vengeance, vengeance for the grandfather and grandmother and uncle and cousins that I had never known, and would never know thanks to his machinations. Yet, ironically, if not for his actions, the odds were that I would have never even been born in the first place – as my mother's life would have continued as normal, and the odds of meeting whoever my father was, would have never occurred.

The kettle whistled. Steam rushed out of cooking implement, and it drew my attention back to breakfast I was making.

I didn't remember who I was, back in my old life. The memories were slipping, like smoke, or like trying to remember a particular dream that you just had. My original name, my parents or my siblings – if I had any – were all wispy in my memory. However, things, places, events, other information from video games and anime, it was there, forefront at my brain, accessible and fresh.

Maybe that was why I felt strongly for Eva – because I could not remember who my first mother was. I could not remember if I even had a first mother, or if she had not died when I was little or divorced. As far as I knew, my mother, here, was the only woman that I could and had ever called my mother.

Hence, those people that had died, where, in fact, my family.

And Carmine Falcone, had killed my family.

Revenge Mission Unlocked!

Blood is Thicker

Carmine Falcone and the Falcone Family completely wiped out most of your family. It is only fair that you return the favor.


Kill the Entire Falcone Family, down to every last henchman, every dog, every goldfish, and every unborn child.

Bonus Objectives:

Do Not Get Caught

Only Reveal Your Identity to Carmine Falcone in his last moments



Time Limit:

As long as the Falcone Family lives



Falcone Family Territory

Massively Increased Reputation in Gotham

Massively Increased Influence in Gotham

Massively Increased Reputation with Villains of Gotham

Massively Increased Reputation with the Gotham Underground

Massively Decreased Reputation with Heroes of Gotham

Massively Decreased Reputation with Gotham Police Force

Unlocks: Mafia Operations

Unlocks Achievement/Title: The Godfather


Possible Imprisonment





"Deep breaths. Deep breaths. No going all 'avenger' mode. You don't have red spinning eyes."

Kill everyone? That was – well, that was a bit too much. There were probably some henchmen who were in it because they had no choice, or some innocent women who were coerced into his syndicate – I couldn't just slaughter all of them like I was Sasuke-fucking-Uchiha on a revenge spree. Besides, this wasn't my fight – Batman would eventually bring Falcone to justice, sooner or later.

You have declined the Revenge Mission.

Note: Due to the extended time limit on the mission, the mission has been stored in the Codex Library, and you may choose to accept it at a later time.

I highly, sincerely doubted it – but still, I suppose having the option was good… just in case. Ignoring that rather grim mission, I turned my attention back on to something else which had drawn my curiosity.

Race: Homo Magi

Alright, so I hadn't imagined that. Homo Magi… something tells me this has to do with magic. Still, just to be sure, I attempted to push the words and see if I got a reaction.

Codex Information Insufficient!

Well that didn't work.

Tutorial – Codex Library

Collect Books, Scrolls, Parchments, Statues, Totems, and other various items in order to further increase the amount of information available in the Codex Library. Additionally, certain courses or subjects in colleges or High Schools respectively, can aid in rapidly increasing the amount of information available in the Codex Library.

Also, speaking with relevant characters and attaining new information from them can also update the Codex Library, and grant you access to new powers, abilities, special gifts and talents.

Please note, that once you have read a book, watched a scene, witnessed or participated in an event, it can be accessed and revisited at any time via the codex library, stored for as long as possible via virtual medium.

Ignoring the ridiculous potential possessed by the ultimate cheating tool in my possession, I rubbed the sides of my head and pinched my nose out of habit. It was a habit that I had whenever I found myself entirely too surprised or overwhelmed by something. Of course, my mind was clear and wasn't overwhelmed by any of this in the slightest, but none of these things particularly helped me in becoming the world's first, self-made, one-year old millionaire.

And of course, my attention was focused on the "Foil" which was –

(Tragic Origin Story: +50 Luck, +50% Random Encounter Rate of the Heroes/Villains of the world)


My life wasn't that tragic, was it?

Sure I was poor, and my mother was a stripper and hooker, I had no father, I didn't have any friends or acquaintances my age, and I hadn't yet attended school because my mother was scared that child services, however shitty they were in Gotham, would take me away once they realized my horrible living conditions –

But, I usually spend my time in an adult strip club and I've seen more live strip shows, sex and blowjobs than most men would ever get to in their lives, the women gave me sweets and treats, and sometimes Aunt Purity and a bunch of them would give me lessons on how to 'please' women, teaching me awesome tongue and fingering tricks and letting me practice on them. How was that tragi–


Well… fuck.

For realizing the true nature of the strippers' "lessons" you have gained +2 Wisdom!

I felt like slapping myself. Of course, in hindsight, 'teaching you how to please women' sounded like a perfectly logical excuse to let a kid give you cunnilingus and finger you – but they were good lessons about knowing key sensitive spots in the female anatomy. Of course, I was not a child, I was a twenty-one year old man in a child's body – so it didn't really count –

Did it?

Probably yes, according to my gamer system.


"Eat your fucking heart out Bruce Wayne." I growled underneath my breath, "You'd have died at six fucking months old if you were to have lived as me."

From successfully completing a dish, Homestyle Cooking has gone up by 1!

The smell of perfectly fried eggs, and the aroma of oatmeal wafted around the house, and I immediately took a tray, before placing the two bowls on the tray and entering into the bedroom.

She'd wake up sometime past noon, eventually, considering the all-nighters she had, and the possibility that she might have also had sex which could have possibly tired her out even more.

I covered the bowls, before I returned into the kitchen and turned my attention back to the box of cereal.

"Gamer's Body should help me out here…"

I placed it in a manner that would make it look like I had eaten out of it, so my mom wouldn't be worried when she eventually woke up and felt bad that I did the cooking and didn't eat anything.

I technically didn't need to eat, as long as I slept, I would always wake up at full energy. Of course, she didn't know that. Too bad she didn't have a camera recording the place, otherwise I'd never get away with it.


I grimaced at the sound of heavy pounding coming from the door.

"Oi! Eva! Come out here right fucking now before I bust this door down!"

I immediately moved over to the door, utilizing Double Jump to aid me reach the bolts and click them open. I had barely finished before the door swung open, and I was greeted with the sight of a boar of a man.


Mr. Gabe

Lv. 7

The man's eyes shot into the room, his mouth opening, until he could find no one at eye level, and then his face twisted into confusion, before his eyes eventually strayed downwards.

"Oh, it's you – brat."

Part of me wondered if it was the "Red Light Child" boon that was responsible for how the man's face seemed to soften at me.

"Where's your mother boy?"

"Mommy's not in."

"Not in?"

"Not in." I repeated.

The man's gaze turned to me, looking slightly leery.

"You're three months overdue on your rent boy. You know what that means?"

I tilted my head innocently. "That I'll be sleeping in the gutters soon?"

To his credit, he only managed to look somewhat off put by the blunt truth.

"That isn't up to me boy. It's up to your mother to hand me my fucking goddamned cash."

I frowned. "How much does my mommy owe you?"

"This isn't the type of debt that you can pay off by washing my car or picking up after my dog –"

"How much?"

He stopped, rubbing his thick, alcohol stained beard with hand and his potbelly with another, as his gaze turned even more suspicious in my direction.

"Six hundred bucks."

Was that a lot of money? Was it a small amount? Was he pulling one over me? Hell, I didn't know. I wish I had been an American in my past life so I'd at least have a proper understanding of their prices and living standards, but I wasn't, so I'd have to take his word for it, until I knew better.

"I'll get it for you."

A thick, heavy snort was the response.

"Sure kid, and tomorrow, it'll rain diamonds."

He wasn't taking me seriously. Of course he wasn't. If I were the one in his shoes, I wouldn't take me seriously either. Hence I turned my gaze on the man, and focused.

From close and careful analysis and observation, a new skill has been created!

Gamer Vision [Active] Lv. 1

The Mystical Eyes of the Gamer, the ability to read the lives and contents of souls and objects at a single glance, gathering their deepest fears, strengths and weaknesses to use or abuse as you so desire, all as if reading it straight from a videogame screen.

More information about targets will be unlocked as the skill levels up.

All information witnessed with Gamer Vision is catalogued and stored in the Codex Library for later viewing.

I was expecting the 'Observe' skill, but I supposed this Gamer Vision was my variant. Rather than complaining about it, I instead turned my vision 'on' and cast my gaze unto the man in front of me.

Name: Gabriel Norris

Level: 7

Age: 31

Race: Human (Homo sapiens)

Occupation: Landlord/Retired Bouncer

Title: Landlord


Gabriel Norris, or just 'Gabe' as he has come to be known by several of his tenants and clients, is the thirty-one year old owner of the Blue Light Apartment Complex. He is a proud, hot-headed man who secretly dislikes Eva because he is attracted to her, and knows that he will never be able to sleep with her. Despite this, he has a soft-spot for children and people in unfortunate circumstances, and has a six year old daughter who was taken away by his ex-wife due to fear of his temper and alcoholism.

Well, that explained a lot.

And no, Gabe, you're not coming within six feet of my mother.

"I'll get the money for you by Friday. If not – I'll get something else for you."

He sneered. "And what exactly can a brat like you get someone like me?"

"Some alone time with your daughter."

It was a good thing that I could always go back and re-play this moment, when a man who appeared outwardly to be something else, changed and shifted, his eyes gaining clarity, his back standing straighter, and his nose flaring as his brows contorted.

"You – you –"

"You miss her, and you care for her." I said, doing my best to smile. "I know, getting her to you isn't money, and it won't pay our rent – but – I think seeing her again… it should be worth more than six hundred dollars."

I wasn't sure how long we stood there in silence. His gaze met mine. It strayed. Everywhere and anywhere but on me – it strayed. The sound of feet shuffling eventually echoed, as did the sound of delayed movement and breaths.


I nodded.


His large arm slammed the door shut.

And I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

Holy – had that actually worked?

From finding a suitable solution to a problem utilizing your abilities, your Charisma has gone up by 2!

Yes, yes it had.

I wasn't sure which would be an easier task – getting six hundred dollars before Friday, or looking for, and finding Gabe's daughter. Oh, and of course, you know, getting her to the guy without the wife ever being the wiser.

"You, and your big, dumb, mouth."

Well – looks like I was going to have to get money anyway, so –

"Shoplifting it is."