Here it is... Again. The Rewrite of Gemstone. The original Gemstone has been removed and I will slowly but surely update this one. Yes Rising Sun isn't completed but it's nearing the final chapters so I wanted to give you guys this little chapter so you know I'm actually working on it. If your new to me and this work I have a prequel story that ties into this. I wouldn't call it necessary to read to enjoy this story but some plot points and character development is in The Rising Sun so I would personally recommend it. As for the other chapters those are still in work so I ask for your patience once more. I'm not sure what else to put here other than I hope you get some enjoyment out of this story and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

A Certain Unexplainable Gemstone

So what exactly is a Gemstone? To most who know of their existence, they are defined as two things. To the Science Side they are defined as people who are born with esper powers and not through artificial means such as the Power Curriculum Program developed by Academy City. Academy City has a theory to explain the existence of Gemstones; if a certain phenomenon has been caused artificially, then, as long as the same circumstances in the experiment are recreated in the natural world due to some factor or another, the same phenomenon will occur with no help from humans. While to the Magic Side Gemstones are merely people born with talent that they envied and gave birth to magic. Two very different and conflicting powers within this world yet somehow share this unique connection to Gemstones. But… What are Gemstones?

Within the walls of A Certain High School, three male students were expressively arguing about a truly strange subject.

"What the hell do you mean Kami-yan? How can you not see we've been denied the sweet sight that is women in bloomers!" the one speaking in a fake kansai accent was Aogami Pierce, one of the Delta trio, sporting his usual school attire of a blue jacket with the school insignia. Beside his signature blue hair and pierced ears, there was nothing outstanding about the class representative's appearance.

"And how can you say it doesn't matter if it's your childhood friend or sister wearing bloomers either! Obviously the little sister wins every time Kami-yan!" The next one to speak seemed to have a thing for sisters was Tsuchimikado Motoharu, also known as the Siscon Sergeant of the Delta trio. He could always been seen wearing shades even indoors and paired with his blonde hair made him appear to be a high school delinquent.

"Stop spouting nonsense you idiots! Bloomers or shorts, none of that matters you perverted idiots!" the one talking with a bit of common sense was Kamijou Touma, the bane of all men due to his esper ability, the Kami-yan Disease. Once a person of the opposite gender comes in contact with Kamijou Touma, they are unknowingly added to his 'harem'. Currently there is no weakness or counter to the Kami-yan disease. Maybe it will even transgress beyond gender and age? But due to the System Scan not being able to pick up the ability, he is mistakenly labeled as a Level 0.(This is not his true ability.)

Between the useless banter of the three, fists and kicks were aimed at each other. The rest of the class ignored them as if it was commonplace, however their shenanigans would soon come to an abrupt end.

The door to the class slid open, revealing a busty teen with long black hair. Fukiyose Seiri, the Iron Wall girl, the only girl on campus who remains immune to the Kami-yan Disease. "Kamijou Touma! What the hell are you doing?"

"Eh?" the fighting stopped as Fukiyose stepped in the classroom glaring at the Delta trio. "Why am I the only one she called out?" Kamijou stated as he stared blankly at Fukiyose, sweat pouring from his face. "Tsuchimikado and Aogami started this stupid conversation about bloomers!"

"But Kami-yan," Aogami replied with Tsuchimikado's foot on his face, "You're the one who said shorts or bloomers don't matter. Doesn't that mean you're always looking at the girls with perverted thoughts?"

A dark and malicious aura appeared around Fukiyose, "Kamijou Touma!"

Kamijou waved his hands in front of him for a futile defense, "Wait wait, Fukiyose! I didn't mean it like that! Please put down those fist of yours and-" his argument was cut short as a left hook cleanly hit Kamijou in his stomach. But he wasn't going down alone. Aogami was brought down with a professional high kick to the face and Tsuchimikado was sent flying by an uppercut. Within seconds, Fukiyose cemented her position in the class as an undefeatable force. This was a common occurrence in Tsukuyomi Komoe's classroom.

Among the onlookers was Kazeyare Kouta, a classmate of Kamijou Touma. His eyes furrowed at the destruction, heightening his natural glare. He sighed to himself as the Delta trio's antics came to a brutal end. While he didn't particularly mind their disorderly conduct as it was a form of entertainment to the class, he questioned why anyone would openly talk about such subjects knowing they would incur the wrath of Fukiyose.

Kazeyare himself preferred not to be in such situations, so he was glad when the transfer student, Himegami Aisa, turn out to be a normal and quiet girl. "So Himegami, heading to the library again?" Despite the manga clichés of transfer students bringing a storm of trouble with them and an outrageous personality to boot, Himegami quickly fell into the background due to her quiet personality and ordinary appearance. With her black hair in a hime cut and small frame she was easily described as 'someone who would look perfect in a shrine maiden outfit', Himegami rarely spoke up and was usually seen reading books about appearances and how to become popular.

"Actually I'm planning to head to the manga shop. There's an interesting manga they have on sale." Himegami replied as she packed up her materials.

"Hmmm, I see." Please don't tell me 'It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!' That'd be too sad! Kazeyare was struggling to hold in his laugh.

"Its called It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular. You should look at it too. It's pretty good." Himegami stated with the same monotonous voice.

At this point all emotion was drained from Kazeyare and a blank expression wore on his face. "Sorry."

"Hm?" Himegami tilted her head in confusion. "Sorry for what?"

"Nothing. I just realized I'm a horrible person." He internally scolded himself for laughing at Himegami's choice of literature despite himself not standing out much.

He packed his books and materials and stood up to leave but a loud sigh from Kamijou Touma caught his attention. While under normal circumstances, the blonde would've carried on with his life and not get involved with Kamijou, but today when he glanced at all the missed assignments scattered across his desk, he saw a comrade. For one reason or another, both had been missing out on school and gradually had their school work piled up. By no means was Kazeyare in such a huge deficit like Kamijou, but he could definitely relate. Even beginning to tackle that large pile of work would intimidate even the mightiest of workaholics.

He ruffled his dark blonde hair a bit before walking over to Kamijou's seat. "Hey Kamijou-san." The spiky haired boy lifted his head from his desk to meet Kazyare's gaze. "It seems I'm not the only one falling behind on school work. How bout we dig ourselves out of this hole together?" he offered.

Kamijou at first responded with a quizzical stare. "Huh?" he was caught off guard by the boy's generous offer. A smile of gratitude appeared and he stood up in excitement, "Really!?" Kazeyare nervously nodded his head, slightly taken aback by Kamijou's excited response. "This is great! This is really great! I've been so sidetracked by my misfortune that not being able to graduate has become a serious threat to me. And even if I went straight home to work on it, I'd doubt my roommates would let me study in peace." He muttered the last part with a defeated expression. "Seriously! Thank you very much A-!" Kamijou stopped mid sentence and realized something very important.

What's this kids name? Did I even know it before? Have we ever even spoken before this? Maybe I should've taken the time to actually remember our class roster!

While Kamijou desperately tried to hide his mistake, Kazeyare Kouta quickly caught on. "Kamijou-san… You don't remember my name? Do you?" While he certainly wasn't mad nor could he blame Kamijou for forgetting, there was a certain sense of defeat for acknowledging his insignificant status in the classroom. Compared to the rest of his classmates of Year 1 Class 7, hell even their teacher held a certain unique character trait.

Kamijou shamefully looked away, "No. I'm sorry."

"No no. It's fine. I don't really stand out much so it's only fair you don't remember me. And if I do stand out, its due to misunderstandings… But let me reintroduce myself; Kazeyare Kouta."

As the two began making plans for future study sessions, a tune ripped straight out of a super sentai show echoed in the class.

"Ah, Sorry Kamijou. I have to take this." He pulled out his phone and began chatting with whoever was on the line.

Kamijou Touma, however, was distracted by something else entirely. A super sentai theme as a ringtone? He was by no means judging the boy, after all Kamijou himself usually defaulted to the normal ringtone with his own phone(Whenever it wasn't broken). But the combination of Kazeyare's thuggish appearance along with the sentai theme was jarring to say the least.

"Okay. I'll be there. Oh? You're going to call Gunha? Cool. No. I won't be late! Later." Kazeyare hung up the phone and released a long exasperated sigh he seemed to be holding since he answered. "'Kouta do this, Kouta do that. Kouta don't mess up. Where are you Kouta?' Seriously what are you, my mother?" He muttered before turning to face Kamijou. "Sorry about that, its work related but we should be fine. You ready to go?"

"Hm? Ah. Yeah." Kamijou absentmindedly responded before grabbing his items and exiting the class alongside Kazeyare. As they headed out, Kazeyare began to wonder if that person would actually arrive to the designated location.

He will only be alone for a few hours… What's the worst he can get himself into?

When the final bell of school rang out, the doors to Senshi High School exploded open with a flood of students rushing out to embrace sweet freedom. Amongst the excited youths was a boy who was overflowing with guts and was known as the Strongest Gemstone and the 7th level 5 of Academy City. Though unlike the other Level 5s, the underlying nature of his power remained a mystery to all, even himself. He only received the title of Level 5 due to Academy City acknowledging his power. The title of the Seventh Level 5 was merely a placeholder, but that did not concern the boy at all. "Another day in the pursuit of guts!" he proclaimed to himself. As many students continued to run past the boy, his phone rang. He reached inside his white slacks and pulled out his phone with the kanji of 'King' in orange font emblazoned on the cover. "Hello?"

"Gunha." A feminine voice responded. "District 15. Cinema Stars at 6pm. Don't be late." She hung up leaving the 7th level 5 completely confused.

"That was... Ayumi right?" He scanned the crowd of youths looking for someone before quickly giving up. "Well, either way I got time before I have to be there." He began to do some quick stretches before making a pose as if to launch himself. When he did so, the lagging students began to scatter,leaving him a large area of space. "Guess I can do a quick patrol."

The next moment the boy had disappeared from the school grounds, leaving only dust and broken concrete in his wake. The boy had no particular destination or direction when he catapulted his body through the air. He simply thought that was the quickest way to go somewhere. After a few long seconds of soaring, he finally began his descent into the city, softly landing in a large vacant lot between two buildings. He carefully scanned the area, adjusting his bleached jacket that had somehow remained on his shoulders despite his recent flight. "Hmmmm. Where exactly am I?" He had landed in an unfamiliar place. The grey and towering buildings were not uncommon, even in the residential areas of Academy City but there were only a select areas that were still under construction. There was no clear landmark as far as the boy could tell and it seemed it was an abandoned lot. Looking around for an idea of his whereabouts, he noticed something small and white within the dark alleyway. As he approached ,the white figure began to take form of a small girl with long lavender hair. Her eyes were glazed over, and she appeared to be aimlessly roaming the city with no particular destination.

"Excuse me miss, I don't think you should be here. It's dangerous for a girl your age to be wandering alone in the city." The boy had brazenly approached the young girl, despite her bizarre image. The boy did take notice of her bare feet and her see through gown however he did not concern himself with such details. As a man of guts, her safety was his only current worry.

The girl herself, took a minute to recognize that he was addressing her. She stared at the Rising Sun symbol on his shirt before focusing on the boy's face. Who. Are… You?" she spoke slowly and robotically.

Not sure if the girl was afraid, the boy bent down to meet her at eye level and gently patted her head in assurance. "No one special. Just a boy overflowing with guts! Sogiita Gunha! Nice to meet you!"

The two teens met up at Joseph's restaurant, but before they could begin a serious issue had to be addressed. "Oi Kamijou-san! I know I agreed to help you catch up with your homework but what the hell is this!?" Kazeyare yelled at the boy while pointing at the absurd tower of paper. "Some of these are dated way back in September! It's December Kamijou-san! What have you been doing for the past 4 months?" Kouta's brown eyes threw a sharp glare toward Kamijou though it was blocked by the absurd paper stack.

Isn't it obvious? Like every normal high school boy I fight magicians on a weekly basis, uncover dark plots in Academy City, save thousands of clones from slaughter, fight other worldly beings from heaven, avoid getting killed by level 5s, and stop magic cabals from destroying the world! See normal stuff! Of course Kamijou did not say any of that, instead "Well due to Kamijou san's misfortune, I got wrapped up in unavoidable situations. Ha ha ha…." Kamijou tried his hardest to give it a light tone.

Kazeyare sighed in response "So someone was suffering in front of you and you jumped in not caring about the consequences or whether the person wanted your help or not?" for the most part he hit the bull's-eye. It was no mystery to the classmates of Kamijou Touma that in one way or another he somehow wrapped himself in trouble or mysteriously disappeared without so much as a word then magically come back. Not to mention the recent rumors of a boy with black spiky hair running around at night and having some form of relationship with multiple girls. While Kazeyare didn't take much stock in the rumors by themselves, they lined up a bit too well with Kamijou's repeated absences along with his tendency to sleep in Komoe-sensei's class.

Kazeyare continued with slight irritation in his voice "Of course you did! That's why you're so popular with the girls! Seriously I don't mind that side of you but try not to anger Fukiyose right when you return! When you didn't return with snacks during the Ichcihanaransai, Fukiyose went on a rampage on how irresponsible you are and decided to 're-educate' you. Then Aogami went to get snacks and got detained by Judgment! I had to go bail him out! When we finally got back with the snacks all the preparations were done and we were 'greeted by Fukiyose's punishment! So, Kamijou Touma, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Kamijou's hands and head were now resting on the table as if he were in a bowing position. "I deeply apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you!"

"Well whatever. If you feel guilty, that means you have some form of decency. Let's just get started on this homework!" Kazeyare Kouta said enthusiastically, attempting to psych himself up for what he thinks might be the worst thing he ever got himself into.

As the two high school students prepared to tackle the large tower of homework they heard something in the distance that they both didn't want to hear. "Amazing Punch!" While Kamijou flinched when he heard the shout, it was Kazeyare who displayed an overreaction. He had attempted to quickly stand up, colliding with the immobile table and slowly retracting back in pain.

"You okay?"

Holding back his tears, the blonde nodded in assurance. "Y-yeah. I'm fine." He glanced out the window, looking for any telling sign of a certain gutsy esper.

"That voice though…" Kamijou thought aloud, "Was probably Sogiita."

"Y-yeah." Kazeyare mustered out. What the hell are you doing Gunha!? Throwing that ridiculous attack around in the middle of the city!

"Wait…" Something Kamijou said finally registered in his head. "How do you know Gunha?"

"Hm? Sogiita? I met him during the Daihasei." he stated flatly.

"The Daihasei? If I recall that correctly, didn't you disappear multiple times? And get hospitalized along with Fukiyose and Himegami? What exact-!"

An echo of a far off 'Amazing Punch' interrupted Kazeyare's interrogation and a smoke plume appeared in the far off distance in the window of the restaurant.

Kazeyare's expression immediately soured and he began to pack his belongings, sliding out of the seat. "Sorry Kamijou-san. I'll be right back after I take care of something."

Kamijou was surprised by his jump to action and almost failed to respond appropriately. "Wait a minute! Don't tell me you actually plan on going there do you?" Kamijou Touma didn't know much about the boy. He considered him a regular classmate who occasionally attended Komoe's remedial classes, sat next to Himegami but was in general an all around good person despite his looks telling otherwise. He didn't know his level or if he even had an ability. Nevertheless, Kamijou was still concerned about his classmate recklessly running into something potentially dangerous.

"It's not like I want to go." Kazeyare quietly answered. "I would rather sit here, ignore whatever it is going on in the distance and happily enjoy a peaceful after school study session. But if that idiot is involved in any way, whatever chaos is going on over there will affect me. I wish I could ignore it! Oh how I wish I could just feign ignorance and continue on with my life but nooooooo! Ayumi has to have this super sixth sense so I have to rush there and play damage control otherwise I might be treated to another 'remedial' lesson! I'm not sure if I can handle another one! Dammit Gunha! You almost went a whole week without any incidents! Why?" Somewhere down the line Kouta had forgotten where he was and vented about a plethora of issues plaguing the boy. Luckily, the only one paying him any attention in the restaurant was Kamijou.

"You okay, Kazeyare-san?" Kamijou asked cautiously, unsure how the boy would react.

Kamijou's words broke Kazeyare out of his daze and looked around, realizing he had said all of that aloud. With his cheeks turning a tomato red, he replied with a bit more sense, "Yeah. I just… I gotta go." He departed before Kamijou could even say anything, running full speed out the doors with his face still a red tone.

"No, no miss; you need more guts to use this technique. Let me show you again." Sogiita Gunha calmly explained as he proceeded to put his left foot forward, pulled back his right arm, and in an incredibly ridiculous motion punched the air while yelling "Amazing Punch!" the air around his arm swirled into a vortex and was pushed forward at impossible speeds. He turned and smiled to his onlooker who was studying the scene in front of her. "Do you get it now miss?"

Though her unkempt hair occasionally blocked her vision, her eyes remained fixed on the boys visage with high interest. "I understand." She then proceeded to perfectly imitate the rising sun boy, even shouting amazing punch at the exact same time he did. Yet when she did it nothing happened.

"Like I said, you need more guts! Great execution though! You keep this up and you'll be overflowing with guts in no time!" The headband boy smiled at the girl. Though in reality it was impossible for the girl to reproduce the same effects as Sogiita Gunha, he encouraged her with the full belief she could achieve an 'Amazing Punch'!

Within a short span of time, the two nomads of Academy City had come to form a strange bond. The ever curious girl bombarded Gunha with questions to which he boastfully replied with an 'I don't know!' or an outrageous and impossible explanation on things such as how gravity works or why his hair was black. Unfortunately, he was only able to give a coherent explanation as to why his jacket never falls of his shoulders.

"Oh? Why my jacket never falls off? That's an easy one! You see I-"

"There you are, Number 7." a low and cold voice cut off his explanation. Off in the dark corners of the streets, a tall teen crept out of the darkness. "The seventh level 5, Sogiita Gunha. I'm taking that title from you, as well as pay you back for what you did to me in the Learning Core.

Standing a toppling 7 feet, the teen could only be described as overwhelmingly intimidating. His taut white shirt had traces of red stains that he clearly didn't try to wash out with a black leather jacket over it. Gunha narrowed his eyes at the intruder, perhaps sizing up his opponent. "That face…" the Level 5 muttered aloud.

Hearing this, the intruder responded with a sinister grin. "Good, good. So you do remember me."

"Hm? Ah no. I just thought your face look familiar. I have no idea who you are." Gunha replied casually.

The man nearly tripped upon hearing that, "Of course you wouldn't Number Seven. You were too busy recklessly throwing out attacks and hindering my crusade to save Fremea!"

Sogiita Gunha, however, remained completely lost as to what the man was talking about. "Fremea? Who's that?"

"But the worst offense of all… Is what you did to my hair."

"Hair?" Gunha looked at the man curiously, "But you're bald." Sure enough, there wasn't a single speck of hair atop the man's head, and light reflected off its shiny surface. Baldy was visibly hurt by Gunha's observation, though it was the little girl who drove in the last nail.

Her eyes remained fixed on his head, curious as to why his appearance was unique to others she met. "Bald?"

"Oh? Is this your first time seeing a bald person? Not surprising as Academy City is mostly composed of students so it's pretty rare here. But usually it's always an old person who's bald."

The boy stared at the man for a few seconds. "Wow sir! You look really young despite your age!"

"I'm still in High School you idiot! You're the one who did this to me!"

"Sorry." Gunha waved his hand dismissively. "You must have me mistaken for someone else. I've never cut hair in my life."

"No!" Baldy shouted out in frustration. "Just listen! In the Learning Core I was out fighting other espers to protect Fremea! Then you showed up and started punching out the fires. What you didn't realize was that some embers scattered and landed in my hair. You get it now Number Seven? Because of the reckless misuse of your powers, I have to go about the remainder of my high school life a shadow of my former self!"

Then in an unexpected move, Gunha asked a logical question. "Didn't you notice your hair on fire?"

Baldy flinched back at the question, "Well no. Not exactly. See I'm a thermokinesis and-"

"Doesn't that mean you can control your temperature? Couldn't you extinguish the fire yourself?"

"No. Well I can but…" The revenge seeking esper was desperately trying to word the situation correctly without sounding like an idiot. "I can control the temperature around me but that also makes me numb to things like close fires or freezing temperatures. As long as I regulate the air around me to a comfortable degree. I don't have to worry about burns. Of course, I didn't realize it doesn't apply to my hair until I was too late."

"Hmmmm. I see. I see." Gunha sagely nodded his head in agreement. "So in other words, you were being stupid."

Baldy's left hand lit up in flames. "I don't want to be called an idiot by the likes of youuuuuuuuu!" He threw the manifested ball of flames toward the Number Seven, who showed no inclination of dodging. In fact, Sogiita Gunha moved his body directly in the path of the flame and then extinguished it with a simple punch.

"Oi." Sogiita's expression remained calm but there was a stern undertone within his voice. "I don't mind a gutsy attack like that but…. You should at least wait until Little Miss here has moved somewhere safe."

Baldy was unfazed by the level 5's display of power. He had already experienced it firsthand before at the Learning Core. He had seen how Sogiita Gunha's fighting style and that's why he remained calm and most importantly, confident. During the conversations, he had discreetly made preparations to secure his victory against said level 5. "Well then, It should be no problem for the Number Seven to protect a single girl and fight, right?" The temperature around him began to drastically drop and he waved his arm at Sogiita in a throwing motion. While not a part of his initial plan, he thought it best to make use of the girl.

Sogiita immediately position his body in front of the small girl to block the near invisible attack. Ice. He had frozen the moisture in the air, creating thin ice needles to attack Sogiita.

Sogiita didn't flinch at the gesture, he stepped forward to begin his counterattack however he failed to notice something. "Huh!" In the next moment, his balance had been robbed. Ice? By the time he began to fix his posture, Baldy had already launched his first real attack. A large ice lance had pierced Sogiita's right arm. Gunha didn't reel back in pain. There was no time to. Another ice lance was making to his direction fast. Sogiita wasted no time and with his free left hand punched the concrete ground hard enough to uplift it and create a somewhat makeshift barrier.

Baldy let out a low whistle. "That's some stupid power you got there." Again this was within his expectations. He never thought for a second he could win in a straight up fight against a level 5, even if he was considered the 'weakest'. But he had watched him during the riots, his way of fighting and techniques he used. While he wasn't sure on what his power was, he recognized Sogiita was a primarily a melee guy with limited range attacks. Fighting in this alley limited his movements and only allowed one direction to attack from. As long as he could see it, he could prepare himself and block accordingly.

"Super…" His voice echoed in the alley. But it wasn't from behind the the barrier. No it was….

"No way…" High above the thermokinesis was Sogiita Gunha, healthy and preparing his signature attack.

"Amazing Punch!" Baldy tried to quickly put up an ice wall but it broke under the tremendous power and he flew back deeper into the alley. With a deafening BOOOM, Sogiita crashed into the ground, unharmed by the inhuman feats he accomplished. "Now that Little Miss is safe," He raised his fist to eye level. "I can insert some serious guts into you."

Though Baldy forced a calm expression, he was utterly astonished by the feats Sogiita performed. Yes he did expect a monster of unbelievable power but planning to face one and actually fighting one were two different scenarios. More than that he had hoped his initial attack had done more damage but Sogiita stood before him unharmed.

What the? How's his arm still okay? It definitely pierced him! Upon inspection of the level 5, there was no blood or wound to speak of, only a hole in his shirt where the ice spear connected. His mind placed the question in back of his mind, as he currently had to contend with a serious Sogiita Gunha. Baldy had still managed to maintain a measurable distance between them and prepared for another attack. He reached for the side of the building and grabbed the fire escape. He strategically began melting specific points on the rusted metal, slowly weakening its grip on the building before…


With a loud cracking sound, the fire escape became nothing more than a large structure of hot metal falling in the direction of the level 5.

It did not deter Sogiita's approach. He merely lowered his body, clenched his fist, and shouted, "Amazing Punch!" The strange power collided with the metal and sent it flying above the buildings and beyond sight.

Despite the display of sheer strength, Sogiita had been pierced by two ice spears. The first attack was a distraction, leaving him open to be struck straight through the chest. To Baldy, the victor had been decided with that attack.


"Are you prepared?" The level 5 spoke quite clearly, almost regarding the severe injury as nothing more than a nuisance. Then he did something that baffled the thermokinesis to no end. Sogiita pulled the ice lances from his crest and casually crushed them. "Amazing Punch!" the strange attack connected with Baldy, sending him flying into a garbage bin. "Those were some good moves Baldy. It's a shame you use them for useless things like titles and revenge. But with some guts, I'm sure you can overcome your shortcomings!" Sogiita Gunha declared. He had no malice or anger in his words. Things like random attacks were insignificant as long as he had guts!

Is what he thinks anyways.

The same could not be said for his opponent, who was dragging his beaten body out of the dented metal. He had not expected to be done in after taking two of his 'Amazing Punches' head on. With that short skirmish he concluded that the gap between them was far too vast to overcome, even with preparations and planning. He was a level 4 thermokinesis. Sogiita Gunha is the seventh level 5, the closest to level 4s so the gap shouldn't be this big. "How... " He pulled himself up from the ground, "Just what exactly is you power?" Maybe if he knew the answer to that, he could grasp victory from him another day.

"My power? Isn't it obvious?" Sogiita clenched his fist with conviction. "It's something everyone has. Something that doesn't concern itself with status or petty personal quarrels. It motivates and drives every person to be better! To be the best they can be! My power? It's…" he lowered his body and threw his fist above his head, "GUTS!" A colored explosion of red, blue and yellow occurred behind the level 5.

But his answer brought no solace to the defeated level 4.

"What the hell are you doing you guts maniac bastard!?" From the colored smoke emerged a blonde haired teen who wasted no time throwing a solid hit square in the back of Sogiita's head. "I trusted you to behave for a few hours unsupervised and this happens! What do you think Ayumi's going to do when she hears about this?"

Sogiita stared blankly at the angry teen for a few seconds. "Ah. Kouta! What are you doing here?"

"That's my line!" Kazeyare retorted. "You don't think anyone would notice explosions and fire in the middle of the city? Then there's the uplifted concrete and I'm pretty sure I saw something fly off into the distance…"

Sogiita casually brushed off his concerns. "Listen Kouta, When a gutless man threatens to attack a helpless girl, you have no choice but to act on guts!"

Kazeyare ignored his excuse and put the level 5 in a headlock. "That's what I'm saying! If you used a little less guts and a lot more logic, you could find a less destructive way or even avoid the fight outright!"

As he continued the meaningless gesture of choking Sogiita, another figure entered the alley. Sporting black spiky hair and carrying binders and folders filled with late homework, Kamijou carefully walked toward the group, avoiding anything he might deem a trip hazard. "If it's all over, don't you guys think we should leave before Anti-Skill or Judgment show up?"

Kazeyare released Sogiita from his lock. "Good point Kamijou. Nothing good ever comes from meeting them…" He appeared somewhat defeated when referring to Anti-Skill. "Wait… What are you doing here? And why did you bring all of that?"

"Ah. Well I was worried so I thought I'd come just in case. As for this well…" Kamijou averted eye contact. "I fear that due to this Kamijou-san's misfortune, leaving it unattended would lead to some terrible events."

During all the drabble and conversations, one certain character felt his presence fading into the background. The thermokinesis look onto the kids, completely disconnected from the fight he had earlier. Rather than why he attacked or questioning if he would strike again, they were more worried about Anti-Skill and homework? Sogiita Gunha ignoring him he could excuse, but the other two? Some no name espers on the verge of failing? His pride couldn't handle such a blow.

With a hefty grunt, he pulled himself up for one more desperate attack. "Don't you IGNORE ME!" He threw a large fireball at the teens, aimed directly at Sogiita.

The flames were easily swatted upward by the level 5 with a casual swing of his fist. Any attack he could muster did not reach that unexplainable monster. "I'll be back, Number Seven!" In a strange turn of events, he ran away into the shadows with only a broken pride and some bruises.

"Fine! I'll accept your challenge any time, Baldy!" Sogiita openly declared. He seemed happy about gaining a new challenger, however there was a person who opposed such a thing.

"No Gunha! You don't have to accept every challenge that comes your way! Do the reasonable thing like decline or run away! If you keep up fighting like this, I'll get in trouble!"

"Kouta," Sogiita said firmly, "A man must not run away from his problems! He must face them head on while his guts overflow!" A serious face came over Sogiita as he addressed his friend.

What's with the cliché shonen hero response? As Kazeyare was about to retort, he heard a scream from behind.

"Gaaaahhhhhhhh! MY HOMEWORK!" he turned around to see a large pile of papers scattered across the ground burning thanks to a certain bald man's last attack. Kamijou Touma could only look as his last chance to prevent being held back a year was now burning in front of him. One would think that something like this would cause some great despair, but not Kamijou Touma, who bared a murderous grin for the world to see before breaking into a maniacal laugh. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I knew something like this was bound to happen! So before I left school, I copied every single homework assignment and threw it in my locker! HA! Take that misfortune!" Kamijou couldn't help but feel as if he one-upped fate. As if all the years of misfortune led to this one moment of payback. Of course normally one wouldn't make copies of their homework sheets or have a backlog as large his, but hey, it's the little victories that shine in Kamijou Touma's world of misfortune. As he continued to celebrate his victory over fate, a small white liquid fell into the spiky hair of an unfortunate high schooler. Fate, apparently, doesn't like to be made a fool of. "SUCH MISFORTUNE!"