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Kazeyare Kouta had many things on his mind on the way to his dorm. Himegami Asia and Kamijou Touma are Gemstones? He hoped this new information would help in his research, but there was something that kept bugging him about this information. It's impossible for Kamijou to be a Gemstone. He's a level 0! So why did she tell me to ask him about it? He pondered this all the way home but came up with no solid theories as to why she would refer him to the 'weakest esper' of Academy City. He decided to wait until tomorrow to get some answers and opened the door to his room.

"I'm home." the blonde boy said unenthusiastically as he expected a certain hot-blooded youth to greet him with some form of shenanigans. He looked around the large living room surprised to not see any of its occupants. "Great, he's still not home." he said sarcastically as he closed the door and exited the dorms. He stopped under a lit lamp post just outside his dorms, pulled out his phone and flipped it open to call Sogiita Gunha, who was listed as 'Guts' in his contacts. Well guess I better do my full-time job as a babysitter.

The phone rang for a few seconds before it was picked up by Sogiita, "Hey Kouta! What's up?" he answered cheerfully.

"Where are you?"

"Kamijou's dorm room!"

Isn't he a popular person today? "Why?"

"I'm helping a little vampire girl look for a Deep Blue person!" he spouted the nonsensical reply without any hesitation.

However Kazeyare Kouta was a professional when dealing with Sogiita Gunha and showed no signs of shock or aggravation. "Oh really now?" he decided to play along for now. "So, who's this Deep Blue person? What do they look like?"

He heard some scuffling and yelling from the other side of the call before he finally received a response. "Oh Sorry! I'm not suppose to tell you about the vampire or Deep Blood. Call you later Kouta!" he hung up after that.

"Huh, Wait! Why are you looking for Deep Blood?" he ignored the comment about vampires and regarded it as nonsense, but knew he heard that he was helping someone look for Deep Blood.

With this, a question formed in his head.

How did Shokuhou get the information on Himegami in the first place? It was certainly something he had asked the level 5 yet she expertly dodged it. Even if Shokuhou Misaki had access to the Bank, it did not reveal Gemstone status. But if she could get it, then it would be a good assumption that the information isn't as safely guarded as Academy City would like it to be.

Before he could call Gunha again, his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps approaching his position.

"You said something interesting just now boy. Something about Deep Blood?" he looked in the direction the sound was coming from to see a tall lanky man dressed in a stitched together red suit with black leather gloves. He wore black slacks with multiple rips in them and carried a black fedora in his left hand. "It just so happens to be that I am also looking for something called Deep Blood. You wouldn't mind educating this ignorant man on the whereabouts, would you?" he spoke quite politely but his words felt like ice on his skin as he looked at Kazeyare with crimson eyes.

Kazeyare didn't move, as his instincts told him this man was dangerous and was involved with whoever Gunha was helping. He had no real way of getting out of this since his ability was useless in combat situations, so he wanted to avoid that route if at all possible. "Yes. You happen to be in luck!" he faked a smile as he discreetly typed a message on his phone before quickly putting it away. "I recently acquired some information on Deep Blood, but unfortunately, I don't have it on me! I left it at my school!" he hoped he would take the bait.

The man looked at him for a bit before kindly smiling, "Fine, I'll follow you to your school. Even if this is a trap, you have no way of stopping me from acquiring Deep Blood."

Kazeyare defiantly smiled back. "Don't worry! I don't have any plans to stop you." he turned around and walked the same route as he would normally do every school morning followed by the strange man. My plan is just to delay you even just a bit until the cavalry arrives. I hope you get it soon, Ayumi.


Inside the small room which is normally occupied by normal students was an array of unique characters to say the least. All of these strange characters took over the kotatsu leaving Kamijou Touma to serve tea to his uninvited guest. "So, let's try that again, without the haughty attitude. Who are you?" he directed the question at the small girl in the Gothic Lolita dress comfortably relaxing under the warm table.

"Lillian Emery, vampire. Nice to meet you."she said sleepily with her head rested on the table as she lost all sense of urgency she had before.

Kamijou served the tea to his guests and Index, "Do you know anything about vampires, Index?" as the girl who perfectly remembered the 103,000 Grimoires, there was almost nothing she didn't know when it came to the affairs of magic.

"There's mention and details of them in many mythologies and religion. One claims they are the cursed descendants of Cain, others claim they have a strong link to the undead. Honestly when you say vampire that encompasses so many things. It's such a vague title that I can't give you an accurate description without contradicting another theory."

"Hm? But they're all still weak to sunlight and wooden stakes right?" Sogiita questioned.

"Your thinking of the modern vampire which has deep European roots. Most of those are founded from the myths of Dracula as a loose basis. But even that has some varied and obscure origins. Some could be tied to snakes or the Earth element. There are even legends of those who don't have a corporeal form."

At this point Lillian raised her head pridefully, "Of course! Our elders did a great job hiding the history and movements of vampires! We specialize in memory and transformation magic to keep hidden. Despite our bad reputation, most of us live in solitude and peace. We don't even need to drink blood for subsistence!" a look of realization appeared on her face. "That's right! I need to find Deep Blood quickly!" she got up and ran toward the door but was halted by Kamijou who stepped on her mantle, causing her to jerk back and fall on her rear.

"Wait a minute. You know what Deep Blood is, right? Why would a vampire actively seek something that can kill them?" he recalled back to when he went to the Misawa Cram School to rescue Himegami Aisa when she told him about vampires and her power. She told him how her whole village was transformed to vampires and she unwillingly killed them all with her power. He definitely did not want that tragedy to repeat itself. "How did you know Deep Blood was here in the first place? It was sealed by the church."

Lillian got up as he removed his foot from her mantle, "I didn't know Deep Blood would still be here. I only knew that it disappeared in this area so I was hoping for some leads." She glanced around the room nervously. "T-to be honest, I hope I don't find Deep Blood. I'm just trying to stop my brother from finding it first."

"Your brother?" Sogiita asked.

The little vampire squeezed her mantle. "Yes. He's planning something with Deep Blood but it dangerous! Even if it's sealed it doesn't guarantee they won't be susceptible to its effects. I don't… I don't…" She couldn't find the strength inside her to speak those words but the reason was clear to all in that room.

"Your brother is seriously lacking some guts! Making his cute little sister worry like this!" Sogiita was the first to break the heavy atmosphere. He planted a fist into his open palm. "While I'm at a loss about the whole vampire and Deep thing, it all comes down to finding your brother and inserting some guts into him, right?"


"What he means is we'll help you. I actually know where Deep Blood is." Kamijou translated for the level 5.

"Really!?" the vampire excitedly jumped out of the kotatsu ready to accept help but suddenly retracted her energy. "Ah. Sorry. I shouldn't involve humans in this matter. If you could just tell me where. That would be enough."

I shouldn't have talked about all of that! I shouldn't involve these normal humans into a vampire dispute!



The unified response came from both Kamijou and Sogiita.

"While I do admire your guts, little miss, traveling to a strange place by yourself to stop your brother, your asking me to ignore a girl in distress. My guts won't allow me to do such a thing!" Sogiita responded with a selfish wish to help the girl, regardless of her feelings toward it.

"Deep Blood. Himegami Asia, is a friend of mine. So if he's after her I'm already involved, aren't I?" by using that flimsy excuse, Kamijou inserted himself into the situation to help that desperate little girl.

Despite their words and protest, she hesitated to rely on the two boys.

"It's alright." Sogiita spoke calmly and softly for the first time. He knelt down to the girl to show her his face brimming with confidence. "We're not going to do something as telling you to leave it all to us. Were just going to be there to support you along the way. After all," He gently patted the girl on the head, acknowledging the tears swelling in her eyes. "You're the one who wants to save your brother the most, right?"

She looked at his blue eyes and saw something she was unknowingly looking for throughout her journey, hope. Hope that someone would reach out and help her fulfill her simple and selfish wish. She slowly nodded her head and wiped away the tears from her face. "Yes!" Her words were all that were needed for the two to act.

Kamijou stood up and walked to the door, "Don't worry! I know exactly where she is! So let's-"His reply was interrupted by the loud ringing phone which sounded like it belong to the opening of a Saturday morning kid's t.v. show.

Sogiita reached in his pocket and pulled out the ringing phone and answered it, "Hey Kouta, What's up?"

"Where are you?" the voice on the line sounded slightly irritated.

"Kamijou's dorm room!" he replied.


Though just recently introduced to magic and vampires, none of it seem to have affected Gunha in any way. Was it his obliviousness or his opened-mindedness, Kamijou did not know, but he hoped that Sogiita realized talk of magic and vampires is not a subject you can openly reveal unless you needed to. "I'm helping a little vampire girl look for a Deep Blue person!" Kamijou grabbed Gunha's arm that had the phone and covered his mouth.

"What are you doing you idiot?" he heard some talking on the phone but he ignored it to look at the bigger issue. "You can't just tell people about magic and vampires like that! It's a secret!"

The oblivious esper then received a light kick to the shin from a small Gothic Lolita girl. "And we're looking for Deep Blood, not Deep Blue!"

Sogiita nodded his head in understanding and Kamijou released his hold from his arm and mouth. "Oh Sorry! I'm not suppose to tell you about the vampire or Deep Blood. Call you later Kouta!" he hung up his phone and gave a thumbs up to Kamijou. "It's all good! Secret is safe!"

"Not with you it's not!" Kamijou angrily retorted. He shook his head and look at Index, who was still sitting at the kotatsu. "Sorry Index, I'm heading out again."

"Just be safe Touma! I'm starting to think you like the hospital more than your own room." she replied

He smiled at her reply. "Yeah, I'll be careful." With that he turned to face the door and headed out into the night with Gunha and Lillian behind him. "Let's save that stupid brother of yours."


Kazeyare Kouta and his strangely dressed new acquaintance were now in front of their destination. "We're here. Information you're looking for is in my classroom."

The man looked at the building with disinterest, "I wasn't expecting the city which claims to have technology 30 years more advanced than the rest of the world to be so..." he paused to search for the right word, "mundane."

Obviously you don't live in Academy City! They continued walking up the stairs to the main entrance of A Certain High School. "Don't you think your too relaxed for this situation? Do you realize what the espers of Academy City could do to you?" he openly questioned the oblivious foreigner.

The man chuckled at his question, "I appreciate the sentiment, but it's not needed. After all,we are also monsters capable of fighting your precious espers."

We? "Oh? I Didn't know that there were any successful esper development programs outside of Academy City. Is that why you want Deep Blood? To further your program?"

Though Kazeyare couldn't see it, a large smile formed on the man's face. "Don't assume that science is the only way to attain power! We're something much more interesting than that!"

When they finally reached the top of the stairs a large fireball appeared in front and was accelerating toward them. As soon as Kazeyare saw the orange light, he immediately threw himself on the ground to avoid the blast. The large ball of flames engulfed the strange man. He screamed in pain as he stumbled backwards and fell down the flight of stairs he was climbing.

"Oh really? Something more interesting than an esper huh? That is intriguing indeed? Would you care to enlighten me on the matter?" Kazeyare looked up at the origin of the voice and the flames to see Kihara Ayumi with her hand extended in front of her and her eerily sadistic smile. "Though this wasn't what I expected, I'm really happy I found some new research material~!"

Kihara Ayumi, not only one of the greatest scientific mind of Nagatenjouki, but also a level 4 pyrokinesis. "Oi! Ayumi! You could've killed him! You could've killed me!" He yelled.

She looked at him quizzically, "So? I don't see a problem with those outcomes, especially the latter~."

Kazeyare sighed in defeat, "Be careful. Whether or not he's a esper, I've got bad vibes from him. I gotta go make sure one of my classmates is safe. Hopefully residence is stored in the information I got from Shokuhou-san." He ran into his school toward the library.

As he disappeared from Ayumi's sight, the strangely dressed man was slowly walking back up the stairs, showing no signs of burns or damage. "So it was a trap after all huh? It doesn't matter. All it does is add one more body to the list." He stopped at the top of the stairs to address Ayumi, "As you can see, I'm unaffected by your attacks. So give up now and save us all some time." His kind tone was contradictory to what he said.

She replied with a villainous smile, "That's fine if I can't burn you. It's more interesting this way." she took of her glasses to reveal her hazel eyes and the air around her started to shimmer "Can your bones break? Are your resistant to flesh eating bacteria? Can you bleed to death? Starvation? Dehydration? Lack of oxygen? High voltage? The human body is an incredibly frail thing, So I've educated myself on the many ways to kill somebody. I now know how much force is required to leave them in a state of limbo." she was shedding her kind and gentle persona for a more aggressive and sadistic one, "It's been a while since I've had new research material that can withstand my attacks. Now the question is, what will it take to break you?" With that the two monsters of Magic and Science clashed.

Kazeyare was running through the halls heading toward the library to use the computers. He needed to know where Himegami lived so he can move her safely until anti-skill can take care of the situation. He honestly wanted to call Anti-skill before but didn't want the strange man's accomplice to use Gunha against them. Kazeyare didn't see the whole picture of the situation and that's what worried him the most. Who was with Gunha and Kamijou? Where they in trouble? How many more were with the strange man? There were too many variables to make a decision for now. All he knew was there were at least two intruders in Academy City both looking for Deep Blood and that they didn't know her whereabouts. He was going to use that to his advantage. He turned a corner and ran into something which made a cute 'Kyaah' sound when they hit the ground. He opened his eyes and saw something that shocked him, Himegami? What are you doing here?"