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A dark shadow was currently enveloping the Metropolis of Science, with only a handful of people holding back the looming disaster. Could these people be called heroes? Could anyone be a hero? Could someone of normal stature be called a hero? Would they stand tall regardless of the obstacles before them, or would they buckle and crumble due to the large weight placed on them by the label hero? Time has proven that a multitude of heroes exist, even those with zero potential, those who once walked a bloody path to achieve their own selfish goals, and those who are unable to idly sit by while someone in front of them is pointlessly suffering. So, what kind of heroes are stepping forth to stop this disaster from swallowing all into a sea of despair? Can they even be considered heroes?


The battlefield had changed.

The school building shook violently when the masked man was launched several times the speed of sound through it, causing a quarter of the school building to collapse, that included a portion of a hallway on the 3rd floor that was occupied by Aogami Pierce, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Fukiyose Seiri and 4 strangely dressed intruders. The hallway collapsed with a crashing roar, dividing Tsuchimikado and the large man from the others.

"Oi oi oi! What the hell is going on outside? You guys trying to take down the whole building?" Aogami yelled accusingly to the intruders.

The taller one of the intruders remained silent before releasing light sigh, "Yasu, Kuro, take care of this mess here."

"Right! I was planning on shutting up this stupid bastard up anyway!" Yasu exclaimed excitedly.

"Bu-but that was Master who just-"

"I know."Gin retained hsi monotonous tone. "Kain, head to the roof and set up Dead's Domain. I also sense that Irwin died." he gave another sigh, "I'm going to assist Master. It appears that we may have underestimated this City's ability to retaliate." he turned to face the broken window which he entered through, protracted his wings, and swiftly exited the building without a sound.

"Geez, I thought this would be an easy mission, but Irwin just died if my hearing isn't failing me, and now we have some strange power pushing back Master." The old hunching man shook his head. "Well I got a job to do. You two can handle this brat, right?"

Yasu threw the old man an aggravated glare, "Tch! Don't look down on us old man! I'm not as weak as Irwin. I don't even see the point of using that spell here for these shi-" Aogami quickly closed the distance between them and punched his face, sending him flying through the building walls and landing in the school tennis court.

"Don't ignore people when they ask you a question! It's rude!" Aogami proclaimed. He looked down at his feet to see an unconscious Fukiyose. I got to move this fight away from her. That tall one giving the orders already left, along with the girl. Hopefully Kaze-Kun and Tsuchimikado are alright.

The old man threw a taunting glance outside at his comrade who was on the ground writhing in pain as he held his face. "Oh, no need for the spell huh? At this rate, you won't last long." A wide grin spread on his wrinkled face. He extended his wings out and stepped on the windowsill, "I'm off! try not to die before I setup the spell." With that he took off, disappearing from sight.

"Damn you!" Yasu roared as his face was slowly healing itself. He wiped the blood off his face and gritted his teeth, "I'm definitely going to rip you to shreds!"

"Oh? You have quite the healing ability! I'm pretty sure I broke every bone in your face with that punch. I was quite worried that I accidentally killed you." Aogami said sarcastically.

"Don't look down on us vampires."Kuro spoke up. "Our bodies automatically refine our mana to give us immortality and in battles, a healing ability that few have matched."

Aogami looked at him questionably, "Vampires huh? I don't really understand that. But I do understand one thing." He cracked his knuckles and a malicious grin slid on his face, "I don't have to hold back since you can't die right?"

Tsuchimikado Motoharu

Tsuchimikado grabbed onto one of the window ledges with his left hand as the floor crumbled beneath him and the hallway collapsed, dividing him from the others. What the hell was that? Is Aogami alright? His second question was answered as he heard Aogami yelling angrily at the vampires. If he's okay then Fukiyose's alright too. He looked down about fifteen feet to see a large man who was a couple of sizes to big for his attire digging himself out of the rubble, tossing large pieces of cement away with no trouble at all. Man! I got really lucky I was kicked by that skinny one instead of fat bastard over there. He looked under his green Hawaiian shirt to see a large foot sized bruise on his side. He watched as the large vampire continued to dig itself out of the rubble, deciding his next move while also listening to the conversation between the vampires and Aogami before he heard another crash, followed by silence. Though he didn't hear much, he heard enough.

'Our bodies automatically refine our mana to give us immortality and in battles, a healing ability that few have matched' huh? That really is a troublesome ability. But…

A thought came to his mind. Or one might call it a gamble.

As a spy for a multitude of societies, including the English Anglican Church, he had knowledge of Science, Magic, and some forbidden hand-to-hand combat techniques. With his skills, knowledge, and experience Tsuchimikado had survived many battlefields, be it on the bodies of friend and foe alike. That hawaiian shirt magician usually avoided direct confrontation, preferring to trick and outwit his opponent than to face them head on.

He smiled to himself, formulating a 'plan' and aimed at the unsuspecting vampire, "Hey big man!" The man turned around and looked at Tsuchimikado who shot twice into the man, perfectly eliminating his eyesight.

"GAHHHHHHHH! MY EYES! MY FUCKING EYES!" the hulking man screamed in agony, finally pulling himself out of the debris and holding his face as he blindly writhed around, crashing into one of the walls.

Tsuchimikado took this chance to let go of the ledge he was holding on, rolling as he hit the ground to lessen the impact, and dashed further into the crumbling building.

He continued running down the halls before he reached a part with a set of double doors that led to the Cafeteria. Bingo. Once again Tsuchimikado hatched a plan to destroy the seemingly invincible enemy.

The large vampire finally recovered his eyesight and was angrily searching for Tsuchimikado for 5 minutes, smashing the crumbling walls with his fist as he followed his scent to the cafeteria. "Where the hell are you, you sneaky bastard?" his roar echoed throughout the school. "When I find you I'm going to slowly drink all of your blood till there's nothing left except a dried up mummy!" He hastily opened the double doors only to be greeted by a falling bucket filled with boiling water.

"GAAHHHHHHHH!" again the large man held his face in agony as his skin was burning off, yet still healing at the same time. "You think this is going to be enough to stop me?"

Tsuchimikado stepped from behind the kitchen with a large knife in his left hand, smiling at his agonizing opponent, "No no. Of course not! I just needed enough time to arrange the room. Granted, I'm only taking a gamble that this will work." Tsuchimikado replied casually.

"Wh-what the hell do you mean by that?" he asked as he slowly opened his burnt eyelids. a few moments later he felt a burning sensation all throughout his body and fell to the floor as if in deep pain. Steam was emitting from his body as his blood seem to boil inside his body. "What the hell is this?" He screamed in pain.

Tsuchimikado raised an eyebrow and gave him a questionable look, "Can't you tell just by looking? Don't just ignore someone's hard work! It took a lot of effort to set this up."

"What?" Borus struggled to lift his head from the floor and looked around the cafeteria. The tables were set in a strange way would seem awkward in a place of eating. They were 2 row of tables, two tables in each row, one table on each side of the cafeteria, leading up to the kitchen which was set up in an even more unusual way. Some of the utensils were place leaning on each other, and others were placed directly parallel of one another. The most unusual thing was at the center were some large metal baking pans were hastily placed together in a very distinct fashion. Borus came to a surprising conclusion.

"H-how did you know? Don't tell me you just guessed!" He yelled angrily as he tried to lift himself up from the floor.

"Of course not!" Tsuchimikado happily replied, "We had a walking church seal Deep Blood, so I figured the next best thing would work on vampires! Though I still doubted it would actually be as effective as this, even in a partly demolished building, as long as the requirements for a church are here, it still carries the same effect!" Plus I don't have to use my magic, so that's a big bonus!

Though Borus' healing was still in effect, it was being counteracted by the negative effects of the 'church' but he still smiled, "So, as long as I destroy one of the requirements, this 'church' will no longer have any power right?" He was now on both his feet facing the large altar.

"!?" . Borus rushed toward the kitchen at an impressive pace. Tsuchimikado aimed his gun and fired once, barely missing the large man by a few millimeters. He crashed into the altar, destroying everything in his path, Tsuchimikado dodging at the last second and quickly got up to his feet.

A triumphant grin appeared on Borus' face, throwing his fist above his head in a celebratory fashion. "Its over! Your 'church' is no more! Now It's time to di-" he was cruelly shot in the head, interrupting his victory, his large body slowly falling to the ground.

"Dumb-ass." Tsuchimikado coldly said as he leaned against the wall and slid to the ground. "If your still conscious in there, you're probably wondering, 'why isn't my healing ability working' right?"


"The answer is right under you if you could look, but in your position, I doubt that's possible so I'll explain it to you. Underneath that fat, cold body of your is a simple magic circle,which prevents the refining of mana." True to his statement, there was a large magic circle carved into the tile floor of the kitchen. Tsuchimikado sighed as he continued to explain, "Normally they are easy to detect as they must be carved in the area instead of using rune cards or chalk, so using one in combat is out of the question." This was a person who saw many battlefields and survived all of them with a multitude of skills, that included deception, "You really think one person can hastily set up an effective church so quickly?" That included trickery, "What was actually burning you from the inside was that boiling Holy water. Of course it was burning you from the inside with all your screaming and yelling, water easily getting into your lungs and body, but you never put two and two together." This was how Tsuchimikado Motoharu operated. "Now you're wondering, 'how did you know I was going to attack the altar?' That easy. It was the most noticeable thing in the room. A huge target for a large man like you." This was the Backstabbing Blade at its finest. Due to the inability to refine his mana, Borus' body slowly started to turn to ash.

"Fallere825. Remember that on your way to hell." A hero who walked the bloody path, protecting the peace he had gain through the shadows.

Kazeyare Kouta

The final blow stopped just millimeters from Kazeyare's face, the vampire coldly staring into his eyes. The silence was interrupted by a large crashing sound resounding throughout the school, shaking the foundation, yet neither of them move. Finally the vampire limply lowered her hand to her waist and closed her eyes as if deep in thought.

What the hell is going on? Why did she stop? Was it the crash that distracted her? Though Kazeyare was spared, he still felt his life was in danger and was only granted these seconds of life because she allowed it. However he knew it couldn't last for long.

"...No..." a small word was quietly uttered from the vampires mouth.

"What?" Was the only thing that came to his mind at the time.

Her voice slowly getting louder, "No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she held her head as if in pain before turning to face the wall and punching it with her small fist, leaving a small fist sized hole. "Why...?" she turned to look at Kazeyare, tears forming at the edges of her eyes, "Why do you have to be so boring?"

All the tension and fear that built up in Kazeyare immediately departed from his body. "Eh?"

"I thought all of Academy City was filled with strong and interesting people, but you, your just an idiot. A weak, cool looking boy." Alex's motivation reached an all time low as she fell on her back, looking at the ceiling with disinterest. "In a shōnen Ai manga, you would definitely be 'bottom'."

What the hell? How am I suppose to react to this? She's upset cause I'm disappointing! Part of me is happy that I'm alive, yet another part of me wants to say that she can't put unreasonable expectations on someone you just met! Kazeyare mentally blocked out the last part with all his might.

He quickly recomposed himself and stood up, still carrying the unconscious Himegami in his arms. Well, now's probably the only chance I'll be able to get out of here. "Well if you don't mind, I'll be on my way."

"No." Alex replied with a bored tone. "I still technically have to retrieve Deep Blood and it would be a pain if I have to go find you. I'll just wait till everything is settled outside, then get her and leave." she rolled onto her stomach and pulled out rectangular device out of her pocket and turned it on. "If I knew I was going to be stuck with babysitting duty, I would have brought Binary Pot* instead of BlazBlue*."

Alex continued playing her game, completely ignoring Kazeyare, who was dumbfounded by the events that occurred. What the hell is with her? Is she only interested in fighting? Maybe I can wait this out until someone comes and rescues me. His thoughts were stopped by slight movement in his arms, Himegami still unconscious. No, I can't do that. I don't know the situation outside, the other two vampires could be outside right now, but who are they fighting? Or was that Ayumi? With what I know about the situation, I have two options. Either we can stay here and wait for the results of the other fights, or try to escape and get to District 2, neither of which have a very high success probability. So, "Hey, I have a great way to alleviate your boredom and you can still complete your mission." But if I can get to District 2 and contact Anti-Skill, we can turn this fight around.

Alex immediately got up to her feet and turned to face Kazeyare, "REALLY?" the blinding hope in her eyes gave him confidence that his plan might work.

"Of course! All with a simple game of tag!" Kazeyare said in a matter-of-fact way. With my ability, this might actually work!

Alex deflated as he said this, "...What are you? Ten?"

Shut up! Don't complain when you were just crying about being bored! Kazeyare forced a smile, "Yea, you're right. Normally a game of tag is simple, and for someone like you, boring. But in Academy City, things are bound to be interesting." she slightly perked up, showing some interest. "Think about it. Academy City is huge, You'll never know who you'll find on the streets at night. Sure, you have to find me, but that doesn't stop you from fighting some of the residents here right?" I'm taking a big gamble with this, normally the only people out here around this time are Anti-Skill and some Judgment patrols. Anyone else is either Skill-out or espers looking for a fight. But, "But, I have one condition. You can't kill anyone you run into."

She crossed her arms and remained silent for a while before finally, "Okay I'll play, but why would I follow your condition? I have no reason to listen to what rules you place."

For an instance, one could see a malicious smile creep onto Kazeyare's face, "Ah! Your right, but if you don't agree I won't play. We can sit here for the rest of the night." You showed your one weakness vampire! You can't stand being bored!

She showed slight irritation by his confidence, "That's fine! I still have my game, remember!"

"But the light was red right?" A look of realization appeared on her face. Just one more push! "C'mon! accept the game's one condition and you can go wild against some of the strongest people in the world!"

A long silence occurred between them as Alex weighed her options. "Fine! I'll play! I can't let this once in a lifetime chance go now! Besides, if he ask what took me so long, I can say I got held up by the cool looking boy who's actually really weak and Deep Blood escaped to the city!" She nodded to herself as she prepared an excuse.

Great! She took the bait! "The time limit is three hours. We get a thirty minute head start. Do you agree with these terms?"

"Hm? Yeah sure!" She was already prepared to fight as she stretched out her limbs. "So what do I get when I win?"

? I never really thought about it. I'm just using this as a ruse to get to Anti-Skill headquarters, We will make it there on foot in less than 30 minutes, so there no way we're going to lose. Kazeyare put on a confident smile, "If you win, you get me. I'll do whatever you want. Is that good enough for you?"

A small amount of red liquid dripped from Alex's nose as she gave him a thumbs up, "No problem!"

A Pervert has appeared. He ignored her strange reaction and continued, "If I win, you will stop your pursuit of Deep Blood. Okay?"

"That's fine! We will start at," she pulled out a pocket watch and flipped it open, "it's five till midnight now so midnight." she closed it and placed it back in her pocket. "You can start running now. Five minutes won't make much of a difference."

Thank you for being so overconfident!

Kazeyare turned to leave but, "Oh! I forgot to mention! Be careful out there! By now there are probably a lot of ghouls out and about. Don't want you dying before I find you." He had no idea what that meant, but he knew it was bad news. And so the battle of Deep Blood continued as it expanded to the dark corners of Academy City.

Sogiita Gunha and Party

The school campus was in ruins. The fields and trees were on fire, a large crater that destroyed part of the school entrance stairs, and most of all, the school itself. Practically 1/4 of the school building was destroyed due to mere entrance of a Level 5 to the battlefield.

"W-what is this?" standing next to the level 5 was a normal high school boy staring at the destruction of his school.

"Hmmm?" Ayumi looked at the dumbfounded boy with a bored expression, "Can't you tell? Its a fight."

"That's not what I'm talk-" he angrily yelled before he noticed Ayumi hands covered in bruises. "Oi, are you alright?"

She looked down at her hand, "Oh, these? Don't worry. These are self-inflicted."

"Why?" His face was filled with concern.

"Hard Taping. Its used when wearing power suits and give them their mobility. I'm using it to directly enhance my body physical abilities. But since there are no safety devices, it causes a huge strain on the body. I probably broke some bones and pulled some muscles but I'm alive." she paused for a second. "There was a person who used this method to fight high level espers, and was able to minimize the strain on his body, but he was a different kind of monster." She laid on her back and stretched out her arms. "I won't be able to move for a while. Think you can handle the rest, Gunha?"

A large grin spread on his face, "Of course! But first," he crossed his arms and lowered his body, "Gale..." the wind gathered and swirled around his body like a tornado, "FORCE!" He swiftly opened his arms and the gathered wind exploded, blowing out all the fires in the area, along with some debris. Thankfully, due to Imagine Breaker, His companions were safe.

"Oh, so that's Imagine Breaker." Ayumi muttered to herself.

"Oi! Warn us when you're about to do something like that!" Kamijou yelled angrily.

"Don't worry! Anyone can withstand that attack with enough guts!" A beam of red light appeared from the school building and headed for Sogiita Gunha, who replied by 'catching' the beam in his hand, not even moving from his spot. The 'beam' in his hand soon dissipated. "Wow! You must have some guts to shoot lasers."

Amidst the rubble of the school was a tall figure with an extended arm. "What the hell are you?" the masked man walked out of the destruction, with only a small crack in the center of his mask, "If It wasn't for my healing ability, I'd probably be unconscious right now. And you somehow countered my Magic? How did you do that?"

"With Guts!" Gunha proudly proclaimed.

The masked man expressed his irritation within his voice. "Don't spout nonsense boy. You can't possibly believe you did all that with guts alone?"

"Anything is possible with enough guts!"

"Tch!" he clicked his tongue, displeased with the answer he was given, "Well no matter, I've won this fight. Look above you."

Gunha, Touma, and Lillian all looked above them to see a curious sight. A large tower of red light was extending from the school roof to the sky. Around the light was a Magic circle with the outermost circle resembling a snake biting its tail.

Kamijou remembered something similar to this. During his trip to see his family, an angel had descended from heaven and created a large complex spell across the sky. Though not as large as that, it still chilled him to his core. "What...Is that?"

"Dead's Domain." A new voice met their ears as a tall man who wore a horrid red suit descended from the sky and landed next to the masked man. "A spell that manipulates the Ley lines and uses the Power Of The World to supply us with mana rather than wait for our natural stores to recharge."

Gunha tilted his head in confusion, "What does that mean?"

"It means you've lost. No matter how strong you are, you won't be able to stand against the power that is unlimited. We will continue to rise from death until you have no fight in you. Then you will die."

Sogiita Gunha, a Gemstone.

Kamijou Touma, Imagine Breaker.

The two each wield a strange power that they themselves don't truly understand how it works. They face an equally strange opponent. Vampires, who up until recently have been thought of as nothing more than fairy tail monsters, are now threatening the peace they treasure so much. These unexplainable powers will clash inside the Epicenter of Scientific advancement. What will be the outcome?


A cane wielding boy was finally heading home after his little 'adventure' with the #2. He was currently reorganizing his 'shit list' in his head. Damn that fucking second rate! Making me run all around Academy City! And WORST too! When I get my hands on her... An evil aura was emanating from the albino boy. So much that not even the most densest of idiots would approach him. And yet.

He heard loud footsteps coming from the alleyway just a few meters ahead of him. He stopped and analyzed the situation. Who's out here this late at night? Anti-Skill? Judgement? Or maybe Skill-Out. He brought his free hand up to his collar, preparing to unleash the powers that made him #1 in Academy City. The footsteps steadily got closer to the street, but they seemed off. As if the person was struggling to keep their balance. The person finally appeared and fell flat on their face. Or maybe it's just some drunk bastard trying to get home. The albino sighed to himself, lightly relaxing, but he still had his hand to his collar.

Something doesn't seem right. To be more precise, something didn't look right. The person looked pale, almost to the point of a dead body. And the movements were unnatural, as if playing a new game and trying to figure out the controls. That's a Sakugawa Middle school uniform isn't it? The boy finally picked himself up from the ground, but his arms were limply swinging at his side. He raised his head and what Accelerator confirmed his suspicions. His eyes are rolled back!

The boy lunged at the #1 with incredible speed, but was knocked back by the power called Accelerator. He flew back into a wall, the sound of breaking bones and concrete resonated in the quiet December night. At first glance, It seemed that Accelerator mercilessly killed the boy, but in fact he held back. He used his power to crush the boy just enough so he wouldn't die. That was the #1 monster of Academy City. He pressed the button on his collar and continued his walk. I don't like this. The Darkness of Academy City has been more active lately. Is this another one of their experiments? He thought he ended the conflict with the boy, however.

CRACK! A sickening noise resounded as the boy got up again, despite having a majority of his bones broken.

Accelerator looked at him with a sickening grin on his face. "Ah? You sure you want to go for round two kid?" The boy gave no response as he tried to regain his posture. Accelerator again summoned his powers as #1 and stepped forward but stopped his advancement. "What the hell is this? All the fucktards are gathering here?" He looked around and saw multiple people, ranging from students to teachers to scientist, all with the same pale skin and rolled back eyes. The unnatural way of walking which would bring chills down most people's spine. But Accelerator didn't even flinch. He took it all in, his sadistic smile splitting his face. "That's fine! Whether it's one or one-thousand, I'll crush every single one of you without a single thought!"