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(Switched P.O.V.)

In the darkness of space, a single bolt of fire cut through like a knife, passing countless stars and planets along the way. It bobbed in an irregular zig-zag, occasionally dipping through the atmosphere of a planet it deemed was interesting. More often than not, that same bolt would burn back through the atmosphere like it did before and continue along its path. Bitterly, the bolt entered a new quadrant, checking out planets that were barren and didn't seem even remotely capable of supporting life; more often than not, its path never changed, and it didn't even visit these floating rocks.

"They take me for a fool," clicked the Pyronite. They - she, actually - began a careful circle of the blue planet known as Earth. From the peak of her blazing trail, the reddish, molten rock broke through, establishing a tight, angular featured face. Eyes narrowed as she began her approach. No doubt would the Plumbers be alerted to her arrival, however she hoped they wouldn't feel the need to track her down. She was only here to search, to prove her fellow species wrong.

She was a mother, or an alien woman that hoped to become one. Only problem was her fascination in power. It was vain, it was undoubtedly foolish, but she wanted the strongest child. In a way, the Pyronite wanted to flaunt them around proudly, to brag and prove that this desire wasn't pointless. There was no Pyronite on Pyros that could please her mentally - none of them were strong enough - or even tolerate this obsession, really. So she set out to explore the cosmos and find a source of fire power, one that she could claim as her child.

Really, she wanted to brag about the feats of a child that was hers. She was like a really hyped up, 23 year-old human mother.

T'Iciri arrived at Earth in the bleak of night, streaking like a comet across the navy sky. The air here was exactly as everyone said; cool, gentle, and worth the few extra breaths it took to get used to it. A city was awake beneath her, though just barely hanging on. There were a few lights that blinked out and never came back on, so she assumed that the inhabitants were going to bed. Her trail was becoming far too noticeable by this point, and T'Iciri made a split minute decision to land.

That is, until she noticed a hot, bright burst off to the east. No doubt was it fire, but what had caused such a quick flare? It didn't seem like anything had caught on fire, so its source must've been well-controlled. Her hopes shot up just like the flames on her shoulders. The red, rocky form of her body emerged from the fire as she settled herself into a new game plan. She came close, closing in on the source before dropping to the solid ground. Quite frankly the gravity was different than it was on Pyros, however it wasn't unpleasant once you got used to it.

Dousing her flame as carefully as she could, T'Iciri crept closer, ducking behind a cement brick wall once she arrived at the battle scene. And quite a scene it was; an opened space with the occasional, painted white lines and sleek metal vehicles. A light stood tall in the corner, but it was by no means what truly illuminated the fight.

There were five of them, four beings of which she had initially suspected to be human. Well, they looked human, but only briefly. The biggest of the four had broad shoulders and hair as dark as the night itself - male, definitely. He brought himself down in a hunch, gripping the black ground beneath him like it was made of cloth rather than something rough and hard. The material then seemed to transfer like water in a stream, flowing up his body and covering every bit of him until he stood tall. An asphalt sentry, really.

The one beside him was slender, with flowing red hair and a grace that could be described as elegantly calculated - female, for sure. She didn't change her form like her companion did, however she no longer seemed particularly human either. Pink energy covered both of her delicate hands and undoubtedly turned them into weapons; this human was strong.

Then, beside her yet a few steps forward, was a human whose formed changed before the Pyronite's very eyes. A flash of green temporarily blinded her while the other beings there, aside from the one they were all facing, were unbothered in the moment. And when it finally settled, a surge of excitement at the new being almost gave her position away. The human that once stood there - male, she already knew - was replaced by a much taller alien. Its body resembled a Pyronite, though it was made of life rather than heat. Be that as it may, there was still a fire she could feel coming from him. He brought his arms back, stuck his chest forward, and shouted with a nasally voice; "Swampfire!"

Up in front, perhaps only a step more forward than the alien behind, was the last human. Female, it seemed, yet a little unreadable. T'Iciri cocked her head to the side as she watched the girl - smaller than the others and not prominently female like the redhead (her clothing was much too simple, her hair wasn't as long, and she didn't have the same grace) - curious as to why she took the lead.

Their enemy was massive in comparison to all of them. Skin stark white, face a royal purple and eyes red slits. Its voice gurgled out a growl, though despite its size and intimidating aura, it was a little concerned. With the numbers? Surely not; T'Iciri knew what the alien opponent was, and numbers never seemed to bother the Highbreed race.

In that brief moment of hesitation, the humans moved; the redheaded energy user took the air by crossing over energy steps she herself generated, the asphalt covered male changed his simple hands into heavy hammers before charging straight in the front, the green alien took a wide step to the right and the blonde human girl did a fast roll to the left at the same time, rolling rather than stepping to cover the same amount of distance as her comrade. Very little seemed to be spoken among the group, so T'Iciri figured that this battle was nothing new.

Well, surely not, because the energy user aimed for the Highbreeds face with energy bolts that were quick and precise. When he swung a large hand at her, that grace appeared in action, as she sprung back in a flip to avoid, the energy step shattering. A new one appeared beneath her and caught her landing, then she continued the barrage.
The bigger male struck heavy but slow blows when he could, blocking when he couldn't, and even being forced back multiple, multiple times. He didn't give up.
Then came the heat.

From the palms of the plant-like alien - Swampfire - came jets of flame that slammed into the Highbreed. Being the creature of a cooler climate, he hissed sharply, raising an arm to defend against the heat. Then, from the small girl, came such a massive burst of fire that T'Iciri hadn't been expecting. From her positon, the Pyronite couldn't see any exit point for the flames to escape or any real contact with the girl's skin. Swampfire's had been a hot, slightly waving jet; this human girl's came as ocean waves, the tongues of fire lapping against the unyielding Highbreed.

T'Iciri couldn't... She couldn't remember what happened after that. All that filled her elated mind was her glee and satisfaction. Yes, Swampfire had been strong with his fire, but it wasn't what he was designed for. If nothing else, there was still something that the human that made up this Swampfire had to learn. But the human girl had fire that seemed to leak from her core. Like, it was what she was, just contained in a fleshy case instead. T'Iciri found the source of her bragging, a child she could no doubt take in.

The thought made her excited.