The Way I Loved You


Jess is standing in a powder blue dress, waiting behind the glass doors of her apartment entrance. Her eyes search the length of the road, looking for signs of Ryan's car. She knows he'll be on time, but she feels impatient anyway, not particularly excited about the new restaurant that he was so eager to try out. But he always did so much for her, and she feels guilty for not returning the favour. She supposes that this is the least she could do.

She unconsciously runs her hands over the skirt of her dress, trying to straighten the non-existent wrinkles. She is not particularly nervous; only trying her best not to let herself get into her own head. She has been doing that a lot lately, and that almost always results in her standing in front of his bedroom at two in the morning, wringing her hands nervously.

Truth was that Jess was happy with Ryan. Or was 'content' the right word? Ryan was everything a girl could want, with his perfect British accent and ridiculous gallantry. He was sensible, and so incredible in every she could possibly think of.

This is now a mantra that plays on a loop in the back of her mind. It is almost like she is doing her best to convince herself of his perfection, pretending that the other voice, whispering "too perfect", didn't exist.

Her colleagues were jealous of her relationship with him; they tell her the same almost everyday, ruing how lucky she was. Outside of school, her single friends are jealous of how perfect he was as well, and she's even had committed friends admit to her that Ryan was a "dreamboat".

He is more thoughtful than any of the men she's been with, and always said just what she needed to hear. He on the other hand, would always speak his mind, whether or not she wants to hear it. It makes her trust him more, despite everything, and she wishes it wasn't so. She knows that her thoughts were heading towards dangerous territory, but she can't help herself.

She is shaken out of her thoughts as she sees a familiar car pulls up in front of the entrance. She hurries out of the door, shivering slightly at the cold breeze. Ryan is already out of the car, smiling at her warmly as he holds the door open for her. She smiles gratefully at him as she slips into the car.

"You look beautiful tonight," he says, turning to look at her after he puts on his seat belt.

"Thank you, Ryan," she says, a small smile on her face, trying not to think about how no matter how many times he said it, it doesn't feel the way it did when he used to say those words.

Everything about the way she'd loved him was different.

A/N: Part 2 is ready. Will be up sooner than you think.

Also, let's assume that Nick and Kai aren't a thing in this fic. :)

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