Trying to return

(Takes place after Finding Nemo: Angela's Story)

(Angela's P.O.V)

"Bye Mom, bye Dad, have fun at the party!" I called as my parents drove off in their car. It was late August and my parents were going to a party for a co-worker who got a promotion. I had other plans. I've seen Finding Dory a lot already and believed it was about time I tried got back.

Since it wasn't on Dvd yet, I just turned on the tv and put in the Finding Nemo Dvd. I had my headband and necklace in and gripped my crowbar tightly.

"Please work. Please work." I muttered and the movie started, I couldn't wait and rushed up to the tv. I face planted right on the screen.

"Ow! What the?" I rubbed my head and tried again. Same result.

"Do I need to wait for the Finding Dory Dvd?" I thought to myself. I got up again and sat down on the chair. Might as well enjoy the movie.

Well I finished the movie and nothing happened. I was considering that I couldn't go back. I sighed to myself and trudged upstairs. I flopped in my bed and grabbed my teddy bear, Philip.

"Am I crazy? Was it all a dream?" I asked him and he only stared at me. Not that I expected any reply. I put him back down and laid there for a few minutes. I know my experience was unbelievable and maybe a bit crazy, but it was fun! I really wanted to go back.

The only question was how? I mean how often does someone get transported to a movie? Tips wasn't somethings could look up on the internet. I'd be surprised if I could.

"Well, schools starting again...I guess I just can't go back yet...maybe later, but not now..." I said to myself. It may just be time for me to focus more on school and swimming. Maybe even think about college. My phone buzzed and I answered it.


"Hey, guess who?" A voice chirped.

"Hi Ella." I laughed glad to hear a friend's voice.

"Okay so I was thinking about having a party to celebrate the passing season. Jenna's coming back tomorrow so you in?" She asked. I remembered Jenna was visiting her grandparents with her dad and siblings.

"Sounds good, I'm sure my parents will agree to it too." I answered. It would be nice to hand out before homework swamped us.

"Yay! Great see you soon...what?...oh right. Gotta go, my Uncle wants me to take out the trash." Ella said.

"Okay bye. Talk to you later." I said and we each hung up. I laid back down and fiddled with my necklace.

This was a new story for me.


(Third Person)

In a bedroom Angela's Nana, Lauren, is cleaning up. She puts a few blankets on the bed when she hears something. Turing, Lauren gasps as she sees that the mirror is rippling. Something it hasn't done in years. She smiled and takes out a compact mirror that is blue and has a pearl in the middle.

"It is almost your time, Angela."

Authors Note:

Yeah, yeah it was short, but longer ones to come! Promise. This was just to get some of my fans attention. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. The next one will take place back under the sea (pun intended). Please R and R and don't be shy to ask something you are confused about and I'll do my best to answer it in a chap!