Chapter 1: Meeting the Wonder

Note: Diana's outfit is the one from the Justice League series.

Batman teleported onto the Watchtower and then he saw Jonn' Jonzz waiting for him.

"Where's Batgirl and Robin?" Jonn' asked.

"Batgirl has to rest for a gymnastics meet this afternoon and Robin needed to get his homework done," Batman explained. He walked off of the teleportation pad. "So where's this new teammate I'm suppose to meet?"

"She's right here," a voice said. Out of the shadows stepped a woman. She had long raven hair, baby blue eyes and tan skin. 'She is beautiful,' Batman thought then he raises his eyebrows at himself. 'Did I just think that?'

"Batman," Jonn' began. "Meet…"

"Wonder Woman," Batman finished. "I seen you in action, you're good."

"Thank you," Wonder Woman responded. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Have you settled in?" Batman asked.

"Yes, I have," Wonder Woman answered.

"I'll be seeing around then," Batman said as he fired up the teleporter.

"You're leaving?" Jonn' asked.

"I've got a meeting to get back in Gotham," Batman explained. He turned to look at Wonder Woman. "I'll be seeing around, Princess."

"How did you…" Wonder Woman began.

"The tiara," Batman said. He then went back onto the teleporter pad and then vanished.

"Well that was briefer than with the others," Wonder Woman noticed.

"Give him time," Jonn' told her. "He'll open up soon enough."

"How do you know?" Wonder Woman asked.

"He did with the others," Jonn' responded. "And he will for you."

Some where on Earth

"Have you found it?" a man asked.

"Yes, I have," a woman responded. "Why must we destroy it? He could who you've been looking for."

"He could be," the man admitted. "But he's a greater threat than he will be an ally. Therefore he must die."