Written for Multifandom Drabble Exchange 2017.

1. Éomund's Daughter

Éowyn ran outside when she heard the hoofbeats. "Father!"

Éomund bent to pick her up without slowing, and she was lifted onto the stallion's broad back, wrapped in a fold of her father's cloak with its familiar scent of sweat and horses.

"Éowyn-daughter. All's well at home?"

"Yes," Éowyn said eagerly. "Did you kill many Orcs?"

Éomund laughed. "We did, and with small loss."

Arrived at the stables, Éomund pulled off his crested helm and handed it to Éowyn. "Take this inside while I tend Anmod." The helm was heavy in her arms, but she would not let it fall.

2. Dark Briars

Your father defied an evil witch, and now the witch's curse has fallen upon you: you were pricked by a dart and fell into a sleep like death.

It is not a restful sleep; you dream of fire, your father's voice raised in anger, your people dying in battle. You cannot move to help them; the witch's spell holds you fast, twining around you like black thorny briars.

You dream of a golden-haired woman, laughing in defiance, who cuts through the briars with her sword and sets you free. And you long to awaken, so you can see her again.

3. The White Tree

"Tell me of the White Tree," Éowyn says. She knows it is the emblem of Gondor, but that alone does not explain the joy and reverence in Faramir's face when he kneels beside the young sapling planted by Aragorn.

Faramir speaks eagerly of Tol Eressëa and Númenor, Isildur and his wife. This is no dry book-history to him; he tells it like one of her people's songs, handed down in living speech and memory. When he finishes, he bows his head and says, "I wish that Boromir—"

Éowyn takes his hand, and sees his face light up for her alone.

Notes on drabble 2: Featuring Faramir as the Sleeping Beauty who falls into a cursed sleep because of the witch(-king) . . .