Author's Note: So I've returned to Fanfiction. For the past few months I have been working on original fiction. Sometimes I switch my focus and for now, it seems like I'm back to working on fanfics, so cheers!

I wrote this chapter a year ago. At the time I thought it wasn't very good, but a year later I think it has some sort of charm to it.

Miku's four friends may seem like a pretty hopeless group right now, but they become a lot better during the course of this story. The point of this story is to see their character development. They go from pessimistic and cynical to upbeat and shining like stars. Exactly how this happens, I won't spoil!

For those who have watched the Love Live! series, the story is kinda obviously inspired by it. However, this will hopefully not be a complete copy. It will be heavily emotionally focused with Miku and her friends becoming closer throughout the series.

Now, are you ready?

"Hi, my name is Miku Hatsune! I go to Rainy Day high school, and I love it here! I have four really, really good friends and we make great memories every day!"

"I'm optimistic, people say. But I'm a little bit naive. Please go easy on me!"

"I love to sing and dance, and make the best of every day! Hooray! Let's make today great too!"

"I love my school life!"

"Wait a minute, my friend Haku wants to say something! Yes Haku, what is it?"

Haku looked into the camera, with a look on her face that would ruin anyone's day just by seeing it. She looked that unhappy.

"Miku, the school... it's closing down!"


Miku froze so hard, that she almost shattered to pieces.


(Theme song plays)

In Rainy Day high school, there was a dusty old faded classroom with no windows, dim lights, and muddy footprints everywhere. It was an awful sight. It was about time for this horrible old school to just go.

In the classroom, there was Miku Hatsune, still in shock.

"Oh guys! It's terrible! Haku told me this morning... our wonderful, precious school is closing down!" Miku cried.

Nobody gave any reaction.

Haku sighed forlornly and buried her head in her arms on the table. The girl was always sad, for seemingly no reason at all.

Neru was on her phone, doing who-knows-what. Probably trolling. She was looking down, a pissed-off expression on her face. She wasn't paying attention to Miku.

Dell was casually smoking a cigarette. In the classroom. He breathed out nonchalantly, a puff of smoke forming in the air next to him.

Akaito yawned loudly and groaned. He was so tired. The only reason he even came to school every day was because he couldn't afford to fail the classes.

These four were Miku's friends.

Being Miku, she must've saw some good in them. The question is, exactly what?

Haku was gloomy, Neru was hot-headed, Dell was cold, and Akaito was stern. They were a mess.

"I can't stand the thought of the school closing..." Miku went on and on. "To think that we're going to have to be split apart... my heart can't take it!"

Miku went around and began to sadly hug all of her friends. They all groaned.

"You know what I think?" Dell spoke up. "It's time for this school to go."

"Just the atmosphere in here is depressing." Akaito added.

"Face it Miku. We're better off somewhere else." Said Neru.

"But guys..." Miku pouted.

Suddenly a spotlight shone on Miku.

"She's gonna give a speech..." Dell groaned.

"This place... it's more than special. You know why? Because it's filled with our memories... Because it's where I met all of you! Because of this school, I got to know you guys... Haku, Neru, Dell, Akaito... you're all I could ever ask for, and I wanna keep going to school with you guys forever and ever! I don't want our days in this school to end... I don't want our memories to be forgotten. You hear me?"

Haku suddenly started sniffling.

"That was a beautiful speech..." She sobbed. "But what are we gonna do to save the school?"

"I'll think of something!" Miku cheered. She got out of her seat. "There's always a way. I'm going to make a miracle happen."

"It would be a miracle if you'd be quiet." Neru said.

That day, in music class, Miku suddenly had an idea.

"THAT'S IT!" A firework went off in her head. A big, sparkly firework.

Miku tap-danced in her seat for the rest of the day. She couldn't wait to tell her amazing, wonderful idea to her friends! They all had to be together when Miku broke the news, so she waited after school until they could form their group.

"Okay, this is it." Miku said. "I just had... the most fun, terrific, totally amazing idea in history! Are you ready for it! Drumroll, please!"

There was no response.

"Okay! We are all going to become... school idols!"

"What!?" Everyone said in unison. This time, there was a reaction.

"What do you mean... by school idols?" Haku asked.

"Well, we'll make songs and become famous in the school! We'll be the awesomest group ever! We'll all dance and sing, and wear fabulous clothes! Everyone will love us! We'll be incredible! More people will become attracted to this place, and we'll save the school!"

"No way." Neru said.

Dell cringed at the thought.

Akaito began to walk away.

Miku snatched his arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" She said. "I promise, this will be a wonderful idea! We'll become an even closer group of friends. We'll find out things about ourselves we never knew." Miku squeaked.

"Miku, that's impossible." Akaito said. "We're just a bunch of high school students. Let's face it. Does anyone here have any sort of talent?"

Miku became silent.

"...No..." Miku said, feeling defeated.

"We're not going to become school idols." Akaito said. "What you think will be easy and fun will be tons of hard work. It's impossible. Plus we'll make total fools out of ourselves."

"Well..." Miku's spirit fired up. "If it's hard work, than I'll do it." She said.

"If it's impossible, than I'll make it possible. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to devote my life to this."

Everything became silent.

"Guys, I really, really want to do this." Miku said. "Not just to save the school... but to make more memories with my friends. Even if I do make a fool out of myself, we'll fall together. What matters is that we put in an effort."

"Miku..." Haku began to sympathize.

"Miku, I... I may not have any talent, and I'll probably fall flat on my face. But I want to help in any way that I can." Haku muttered.

"Haku!" Miku cheered. Her eyes started glowing.

"Count me OUT." Neru said.

"Me too." Dell said.

"Me three." Akaito said.

"Guys, come back!" Miku reached her hand out. They were all walking away.

Only Miku and Haku stayed.

"Oh, we'll show them!" Miku said. "Haku, let's start our training right now. Once they see how good we are, they'll be inspired to join us!"

It had been Haku's secret dream since childhood.

Ever since she saw idols on TV dancing and shining like stars, Haku wanted to be like them too. Idols inspired Haku and gave her hope. They spread happiness wherever they went...

However, the dream soon proved to be impossible. Haku was the opposite of shining. She was a dull, gloomy girl who spread nothing but negativity. Haku knew she could never become an idol.

Still, Haku kept the dream in her heart. Maybe now was the time for Haku to bring her dream back to life...

"Miku, I don't know about this. I'm really not good at dancing... or singing." Haku said modestly. She still didn't want to tell Miku about her dream. It was too embarrassing.

"You never know what you can do until you try, Haku." Miku said. "So, what song do you like?"

"Um... Woe and Misery by Eternal Melancholy. The Despair remix in particular."

Miku started at Haku.

"Um... how about something a little more... upbeat?"

"Um, then..." Haku thought about her favorite idol song that she kept secret for so long...

"Rocket Crayon by Parfait?"

Miku's eyes lit up!

"Ooh! I love that song! I didn't know you liked it too, Haku!"

Haku began to blush a little bit.

After deciding what kind of moves to incorporate, Miku turned on the song, and they stood back...

"Alright... 3... 2... 1... Spin!"

They spun together, a little off-time, but still stylishly.

"That was great, Haku!" Miku said. "Now, side to side! Wait... or were we supposed to go up and down first...?"

After a few more minutes of practicing, Miku was on her butt, breathing heavily.

"Oh Haku... this is harder than I thought... Maybe Akaito is right."

"Miku, no..." Haku was huffing and puffing as well. "We... can't lose hope... Let's get back up, and try again..."

"Haku..." Miku looked at her fondly. "Okay, we'll do it!"

Eventually, they became better at dancing.

"Okay good." Miku said. "Now, singing! Idols are supposed to sing too."

"Miku, I... can't sing at all." Haku said.

"Well... remember how you said you couldn't dance? Now look at you!"

"Miku, we're still amateurs..." Haku said.

"So? We put our hearts into it. That's what matters." Miku said.

Haku nodded.

Miku began to sing a few lines. She was an okay singer, just a small bit-off key.

"Now you try." Miku said.

Haku began to sing softly under her breath.

"Hm... Louder!" Miku said.

Haku sang just a touch louder. It was still breathy and low.

"Use your full voice, Haku! Don't hold back!" Miku said.

Haku tried one more time. This time her voice cracked. Haku burst into tears.

"Miku, see? I can't do it." She cried. "I can never be an idol like in my dreams..."

"Wait... you dreamed of being an idol?" Miku asked. This was a revelation to her.

Haku had accidentally spilled her secret, but at this point she didn't care.

She sadly nodded.

"Haku... if you wanna be one that bad, then I know you can do it."

Haku was still crying.

"Wait, I have an idea!" Miku said. "How about you sing while alone? I step out the room, and you sing, okay?"

Haku nodded. Once she calmed down, Miku left the room.

When Haku was sure Miku couldn't hear, she began to sing a few lines. This time a clear voice drifted out of her and filled the room.

"I... I did it." Haku couldn't contain her joy.

The next day at school, Haku and Miku were overjoyed.

"Haku did it! She sang clearly! I didn't really hear it, but I bet it sounded great!" Miku said.

Haku blushed.

"Really..." Neru said, somewhat sarcastically. Akaito said nothing.

"So..." Dell said. "Good, I guess. But if we're really going to be serious about this, we need original songs."

"I know." Miku said.

"Well, who do you think is going to write and compose the songs? You can't have one appear out of thin air. Therefore, we can't do this." Dell said.

"...Oh yeah." Miku said. "Well... I think Haku should write the songs then!"

Haku jumped up in surprise.

"Haku's a good writer! Remember the poems Haku used to write?" Miku cheered.

"They're probably all about depression." Neru remarked.

"Well, even if we can write lyrics, who's going to compose the music?" Dell asked.

"Hm... How about you compose them, Dell?" Haku suggested.

"Are... Are you out of your mind?" Dell responded.

"But I always see you on your computer, trying to compose stuff." Haku said.

"Well, I'm not going to do it." Dell said.

"Why not?" Miku asked.

"Because this is a waste of time." He said.

"But..." Haku began to look sad. "Dell... this is my dream."

"Since when?" Dell asked.

"Well, since forever." Haku said. "I've wanted to be an idol, but I never thought it was possible. Then this opportunity came and well... I'm closer to be an idol than I have ever been before!"

Dell looked at Haku and huffed.

"Alright. Just for you then. I'll try." He said.

"Yay!" Miku cheered.

"No promise that it will be good though. After all, we are all amateurs." Dell said.

"So, you're going to join us?" Miku said.

"Nah. I think it'll be best if it's just you two." Dell said. "I'll just... be your composer or something. Don't expect me to get up on that stage and sing."

Dell shuddered at the thought of him, singing.


"Hm..." Miku said. "I would've liked it if it were all five of us, but I guess this will have to do! Come on Haku!"

That night, Haku poured out all her feelings into a song.

She thought about her dream. For the first time in her life, she wrote something positive. Haku wrote about the stars in the sky, and a dream to embrace it all... Yes... Haku wrote about how together with friends, a dream doesn't seem that far away.

Haku knew that Dell slept after school until 12 AM, and then stayed up until morning.

So while Dell was sleeping, Haku put her lyrics on top of his computer along with a note to make it into a song.

Then Haku went to sleep.

Dell woke up from a horrible dream. He was twirling and singing on a big stage in front of people cheering his name. Yikes!

He decided to push the dream out of his head. The worst part was, it felt good while he was dreaming. But now that he was awake, it was so embarrassing!

The first thing he always did when he got up was go to his computer, where he found Haku's lyrics.

"Yup... these are my sister's lyrics alright." Dell said, "But they seem different this time. She seems... happy. This song is... happy."

Dell felt something from the lyrics... a sense that his sister was trying really hard. A sense that his sister had hope in her heart. It made him want to try even harder to compose a song...

"Haku..." He thought, "You've been trying your best all this time, haven't you?"

"If I can make my sister happy... I'll do it."

Haku woke up to the sound of something hitting the wall. It came from her brother's room. When she went inside, she saw that Dell was throwing things at the wall in rage.

"Dell..." Haku sank back and spoke timidly. "What's... the matter?"

"I... I'm frustrated okay?" Dell said, seething with anger. "Your... your stupid song, it isn't going well composing it. It sounds like crap."

"I'm sure it doesn't sound like crap..." Haku squeaked.

"Listen to it yourself."

Dell tossed Haku a pair of headphones and pressed play on his computer.

Haku put the headphones on her head. She didn't know what to expect, but she heard... something nice-sounding. It was a nice melody! It wasn't like anything she heard before. Haku couldn't believe that her ill-tempered brother composed such a nice melody.

Then the vocals kicked in.

"Um, Dell?" Haku asked. "Who's the person singing?" Haku asked.

"Me." Dell said. "Sorry it's not good. The song needed some vocals. I had to give you an example of the vocal melody-"

"Dell, that's you singing!?" Dell was interrupted by Haku's voice, louder than he had ever heard it go. She seemed shocked.

Dell suddenly blushed, just like his sister always did. Their rosy cheeks ran in the family.

"Yes, Haku... It's me." Dell tried his best to stay composed.

"Wha... y-you're so good!" Haku said again. "Dell, I never knew you could sing like that..."

"Like what?" Dell grew a bit flustered.

"Like... that!" Haku said.

Dell wanted to disappear.

Haku downloaded the song to her MP3 player when Dell wasn't looking. She couldn't wait to show Miku and the others.

"Ah, Miku!" Haku waved.

"Good morning, Haku! You seem rather chipper today." Miku said.

"Miku, guess what! We have a song now, and it sounds great!" Haku raved.

"Dell actually did it? Yay!" Miku cheered and hugged Haku.

"Listen to it!" Haku put the earbuds in Miku's ears.

"It's beautiful!" Miku said. "...Huh?"

Haku began to giggle. She knew exactly why Miku paused for a bit.

"Who's the singer?" Miku asked.

"You're not going to believe this!" Haku said, "It's..."

Haku stopped cold in her tracks. A menacing Dell was behind them. He looked furious.

"Haku! When did you... Why did you... How could you..." He stammered loudly before giving up and sinking to shame.

"...I didn't want for your talents to go unnoticed." Haku squeaked.

Dell began to blush again.

"I'm... confused. What's going on?" Miku said.

"How do you not get what's going on?" Dell yelled. "You must be slow. I was yelling at Haku, because she was going to tell you that it was me who was singing!"

Dell suddenly put both his hands over his mouth, realizing he had spilled everything. Shame. Such shame.

Miku's mouth fell open.

"NO WAY." She said. Miku spontaneously hugged Dell, who struggled so hard that they both fell over.

"Amazing!" Miku said.

By this time, Neru and Akaito were arriving in the group as well.

"Give up yet?" Akaito asked.

"Heck no!" Miku responded. "In fact, we're doing great! We have lyrics, a song, now we just need dance steps and costumes."

Neru and Akaito looked at each other, genuinely shocked.

"I'll do the choreography." Miku said. "This just leaves you two in charge of costumes."

"Miku..." Neru said.

Miku was ready for something sour to come from Neru's mouth, but instead...

"Miku, I'm... shocked. You're so serious about this. So... I'm sorry for saying this will be impossible." Neru said.

"Miku, I've thought about this too." Akaito said. "And I thought, well... what do I have to lose? If it's going to make you happy, then I'm in."

Miku's eyes lit up.

"Oh, thank you both so much!" She hugged them.

Miku had first period with Neru.

"So, Neru. How about you draw up a few outfits designs for our group?"

Neru blushed.

"Well... I kind of already got a head start on defining them. If that's okay." She said.

"Fantastic! Let's see it!"

Neru held up drawings of that looked like they belonged in a superhero show.

"Isn't it great?" She said.

Miku decided to be honest.

"Well, it's interesting, but..."

"Hold on, I also have backups." Neru said. "Now how about these babies?"

Neru presented her drawings of military uniforms.

"Camouflage is really in right now, right?"

Miku didn't know what to say. Neru could read the disappointment on her face.

"Alright. I saved the best for last anyway!" Neru said. "We'll all wear potato sacks!"

Potato sacks?

Miku tried her hardest not to cringe.

"Um... It's unique." Miku said, in disapproval.

"Aww..." Neru said. "I guess my ideas aren't good after all."

"Um... Don't worry..." Miku said, "We'll think of something!"

"Well, I have one more set of costumes." Neru said. "But I don't think they're very good."

Miku faked a smile.

"Worth a try." She said.

Neru ashamedly held up a drawing.

Miku's eyes grew wide the moment she saw them. They were sparkling, stylish garments, perfect for an idol! There was a variation of an outfit for males, as well as one for females.

"Neru, those are wonderful! That's what we'll wear!" Miku chirped.

"Um... really? I thought that these were my worst ones!" Neru laughed.

"Thanks, Neru!" Miku said. "Let's see... Oh! Akaito knows how to sew! Let's have him MAKE the outfits!"

"You sure he'll say yes?" Neru asked.

"Miku, I can't do something like that." Akaito said.

"But... you're the only one of us who knows how to sew." Miku said. "You've gotta help us."

"I took one semester of sewing class." Akaito said.

"But... didn't you say that you had nothing to lose?"

"Hm, true." Akaito said. "Alright. I'll try. No guarantee that it will work, okay?"

"Yay!" Miku cheered.

After school, everyone went to the dance room, which was empty at the time. Miku was holding a meeting.

"All of you. I want all of you to be part of the final project. We're all going to perform on the stage, within a month."

Dell, Neru, and Akaito looked at each other.

"But I'm not idol material." Dell said.

Haku dug frantically for her MP3 player and played the song Dell composed.

"But you can sing like that." She said.

Neru and Akaito were thrown back.

"Well... I'm still not going to do it." Dell said.

"Could it be that you have stage fright, Dell?" Haku asked. "I have it too. But don't worry, we'll be together!"

"It's not that." Dell said. "I would just rather not take part in such... inane foolishness."

"My dream is foolish?" Haku looked into Dell's eyes. "My dream... is it really just foolish...?"

Haku began to break down again.

"Look what you did, Dell. You made Haku cry." Neru said.

Nobody could believe it. Neru was standing up for Haku's dream.

"Haku dreams of all of us rising up together. I can tell she doesn't want to do it alone. She wants to do it with her three friends and her brother. Look at me. I'm going through with it! So you better go through with it too, okay?"

"Neru..." Miku smiled at her.

"Hm? Hmph." Neru blushed.

"Fine." Dell said. "I'll... do it."

"I'll do it too." Akaito said.

"Hooray!" Miku did a celebration dance.

"Neru, thank you..." Haku looked at the blonde fondly.

"Don't mention it." Neru gave Haku a small smile.

"Alright! So tomorrow, we'll all meet here again to practice singing and dancing!" Miku said.

"Okay, I'm going to admit it." Dell said to Haku, once they were home. "I have what you would call stage fright... I only agreed to do this because it makes you happy but... I don't know how to get on that stage and sing and dance! I'd rather die!"

"I have stage fright too." Haku said. "Just pretend the audience is made of little kittens!"

Dell, becoming stressed out just thinking about it, took out his lighter and a cigarette.

"No, don't do that!" Haku yelled.

"Why not?" Dell asked.

"You... You'll ruin your singing voice if you keep smoking." Haku said. "Plus, I've always wanted you to stop anyway. It isn't good for you..."

Dell looked that Haku and felt a pang of regret.

"Haku, even if I wanted to stop, I can't. I'm addicted. You know what that means, don't you?"

"Yes..." Haku said. "But there's things out there that can help get rid of your addiction."

"I'll.. I'll look into them soon." Dell said. He promptly began to smoke the cigarette. As he breathed out the smoke, he genuinely wished it could be his last time touching a cigarette.

Akaito was in his home with the drawings Neru did of the outfits. He felt embarrassed imagining himself wearing one, but decided to go through with it anyway. They were complicated. He wasn't sure exactly how to do the ruffles, so he looked up tutorials online...

"Maybe I'll get a tailor to help me?" He thought. Akaito remembered that his brother Kaito liked to make his own clothes.

While sewing by hand and using the sewing machine, Akaito pricked his finger quite a few times. It hurt, but then he thought of how his friends would feel if he quit...

"I have to keep doing this."

This time, Akaito was determined.

The next day...

"I managed to do a small portion of our costumes, with my brother's help." Akaito said.

"Me, I sort of... remastered that song I made for us." Dell said. "It will sound better now."

"I was practicing singing alone in my room!" Haku said. "I think I've gotten better!"

"Cool! All of you are doing great!" Miku said. "Neru and I were coming up with dance moves!"

"But I feel like we're still missing something." Haku said.

"Guys." Akaito came to a realization. "Does our group... have a name?" He asked.

Everyone looked at each other.

"Um... Not really." Miku said.

"What are we going to do?" Haku asked. "Our personalities are all different."

"Well... I'm sure we'll come up with a name that will fit all of us..." Miku said. "How about Polka Dot Lollipop?"

Akaito tried not to burst out in laughter.

"I'd say our group name is... The Dreary Dreamers." Haku said.

"I have a great name!" Neru said, "How about Electric Trollz, with a Z at the end?"

"How about something like Corrupted Interface?" Dell suggested.

"I'd like something modest yet sophisticated. CRIMSON, in all caps, perhaps?" Akaito stared.

Everyone suddenly began to argue.

"Wait, I know!" Miku suddenly shouted above the others. "How about something with a bit of each of us?"

"What kind of name is going to capture all our personalities?" Dell said.

"I'll look through the entire dictionary if I have to." Miku said.

"Please don't..." Haku said. "I have a book I keep... I fill it with words that I like. Maybe I'll find something there."