chpt 2: rorn comes to resicue

rorun looksd at ergon

"we need to kill galbtix" he said

"yes" said ergin

there wa s a big batylw in front of them

murrag looked at ergon on thorm his big drgon

"i am your borther your dad is morzan" he told ergon

"noooooooooooooooooooo" screames ergon

they fight each other. it is a very hard fight

finaly ergon is defeated

"you will die now brother" he tells eragon

suddenly rorun comes to tbe rescue

he pulls out a shot gun and shoots murtag

"nothing personnel" says roarn

"ahhhhhh" murtag yells.

"thank you for the resuce" says eragon

"np" says roron.

suddenly a dragon egg teleports into the room

it starts to crack

"holy shit" says roarn

"holy shit" says ergon

"holy shit" says murtag and then he dies.

rorun toches the egg and becomes are rider

magically it grows as big as saphira

roran emulates an :ok_hand: with his fingera

-one month later-

eragn wakes up aftwr the ageti bloren. arya is sitting next to him.

"i am an elf will you fuck me now?" he asks

"arya says yes

she looks at his huge 36 inch pebis haging in front of her

she shits dkwn on it and mvoes faster and faster

the benis is so long it comes outnof her moith

eragon is lucky

-2 days later-

tht was good" arya says

"yes" says eragon

izadi walks in

"holy shit" she says

arya screams

eragon gets mad rhat islandi scard arya and kills her

arya says thank you

"i hated my mother"

"i love you says ergaon"

"i love you says ary"

Thanks for reading. More to come. I actually do have a plot (Not really).