Back again. The fic this is inspired by is "Constipation" on AO3 Zootopia, btw.

arya woke

"hello ergon" she said

erGon woke to

"ily arya he said"

suddenly a bridht light appeares

*booom* (the light did that,not ergon or ary (lol that would be funny)

a huge ship shaped like a swerd apiurd

it had a red engine that succed air in and then powred propelrs on tbe back (like that thor the dark world ship)

out stepped a dark elv

"hello, you will all die!1" he beelowed in a depp voce.

aya concentrated scrucnifns eyebrows

suddenly islmzadi apeared in a boof.

"oh no its a dark elf!" isnland yelled.

"we must kill him"

rhe dark elf laghted at htem.

"i have more power, i was born from chaos" he siad.

opening his hand, he blasted them all and they almost died

the dark efl teleprted away

2 hours later

ergaon and arya and isnland woke

"we must find hom and catch him" ary said

"yes" said ergaon

"no" said isnland

ergaon glard islandi.

"i am arys husband and i decde to let hr be feee to do what she wants," ergaon shadowly said, " unlike yku who dosnt lst her do anything"

islansin stared at him

"fin" she said and they all left to chase the dark elf.

to be continud

See! I told you this does really have a plot.