Alright. Here we go again. With another story, but let me explain. I was drawing Axel a few days ago and I thought to myself "What if Axel was the Xehanort vessel and Saix hung out with Roxas?" So I drew Axel with amber eyes.
Also if you have been reading other new stories. Fanficiton user Gay Jesus Probably wrote their own AU based off my idea. Their story is called Cold Flame.

So for this AU. Axel is the second in command. Saix isnt. But their personalities aren't switched or anything.
Saix is still quiet, distant and emotionless, but not coldhearted and rude.
Axel though is cynical, cocky, rude, coldhearted, etc. Like how he was in CoM but amplified much more.


On the eighth day since Roxas was brought into the Organization, he slowly awoke and made his way to the Grey Room. There in the front of the room stood Axel, with his spiky red hair, slightly pointed ears, purple tear marks on his cheeks, and cold amber eyes. He stood there, looking through some papers with a bored expression on his face.

As soon as Roxas entered the room Axel looked up and grinned, though the expression he gave off didn't come as friendly. The grin across his face felt more cynical and cold. "There you are Roxas. Finally, it's about time you got up. I was getting tired of waiting for you."

Axel walked over to Roxas, though Roxas didn't look up at Axel, he only started at the ground. Axel snapped his fingers in front of Roxas's face several, getting him to look up, "Hey zombie... pay attention. I am only going to say this once, so you better listen. I do not like repeating myself. I already have to repeat myself several times to Demyx about the quality of his mission reports. So I don't want you asking me to repeat anything. Got that?" Axel grumbled as he glared at Roxas.

Roxas didn't say a word, he only stared and blinked a few times.

Axel let out an exasperated sigh, "Look, this is how it works. I give you missions each day to do. And you better do them 'cause that is the whole point of this. These first few missions are just beginners ones. Easy stuff. You should hopefully be able to comprehend and do it all. Do you understand that?"

Once again Roxas just stood there and said nothing.

Axel sighed again as he rolled his eyes and he muttered something under his breath, far too quiet for Roxas to hear. After running his hand through his hair, he continued on, "So today on your first mission Saix will be joining you. Right Saix?" Axel said as he looked over to Saix, a man with long blue hair and teal eyes, and small silver piercings in his ears.

Saix was staring out the window at the World that Never Was, but upon Axel saying his name he looked over at him and walked over. "Yes, that is correct." He spoke in a quiet, and slightly emotionless voice.

"Good. You'll show him the ropes and all that stuff. Now that all that is settled. Come see me when you are ready to leave. Don't take too long," Axel said with harshness in his voice, as he looked back at Roxas. He then walked to the center area of the Grey Room.

"So, we will be working together for today," Saix said, but as expected Roxas just stood there and said nothing. "Still a zombish I see...Well when you are ready just let Axel know and we will be on our way."

Though Roxas didn't say anything he did slowly nod in response and then went to get ready.

After a few minutes Roxas walked over to Axel, who had his arms crossed and started to look impatient, "So you are ready then?"

"Okay…" Roxas said.

Saix made his way over to the two, Axel looked over and grinned that cynical grin again, "Have fun teaching the zombie. Don't let him screw it up or do anything stupid. I swear if he screws up a baby mission like this...ugh…"

"Of course, I will make sure he does everything properly," Saix replied as he turned to leave, but Roxas didn't move from where he was. He was staring at one of the other members, the only one in the room who had their hood up.

"Are you perhaps worried about our newest member? Number XIV, Xion." Saix asked as he looked over at Xion as well.

"Xion…" Roxas said.

"You've remembered her name. That's a good sign for you. Can you remember what my name is?" Saix asked, actually a small bit curious to see how much Roxas was able to remember at this point, compared to how he was on the very first day he arrived. When Roxas had first arrived Saix saw that Roxas seemed to be completely out of it, could hardly focus on anything and just seemed to space out. Now a week later Roxas still seemed a little spacey, but there seemed to be some progress.

"It's Saix…" Roxas said.

"And the name of our leader?"

"Xemnas," Roxas responded.

Before Saix could say something or ask another question Axel spoke up, "Yeah yeah, good for the zombie, he can remember names. But it's wasting time. You can go quiz him later. Get to the mission before any more time is wasted. I don't want to be waiting here all day" Axel didn't look at Roxas or Saix as he spoke, his eyes were looking down at the remaining papers in his hands.

Saix stared at Axel for a moment before looking down at the ground, closing his eyes, and letting out a sigh, "Very well. Let's go Roxas." Saix opened a Corridor of Darkness and entered into it, with Roxas following right behind. Saix didn't once look back at Axel, who had actually looked up to watch them leave.

They soon exited out into Twilight Town, in the Underground Passage. Saix looked around the area before looking at Roxas, "So your missions. Each mission you are given a task to do, and you are to do the task given completely. Each mission will have a different task for you to do, but we are starting off easy here."

Roxas didn't speak again, he just looked down at the ground.

Saix let out a small sigh, "I guess talking still isn't quite there for you yet. Let's just get this started then. Come on, follow me" Saix said as he began to walk towards a staircase. Roxas followed quietly behind.

"When on a mission, you cannot just breeze through it. You must be aware of your surroundings." Saix explained.

"What… What do you mean?" Roxas managed to ask.

"You must take time to look around and see what there is. Examine things carefully. Don't go over looking at anything. You never know if what you are looking for is right under you. Do you understand what I mean?" Saix asked.

Roxas nodded, "Yeah… I think so."

"Very good. Now there is a treasure chest in this Underground area. The point of today's mission is for you to search around and find the chest." Saix instructed.

"That's...All I have to do?" Roxas asked, looking a little unsure.

Saix nodded, "Yes. This is just a mission to help you get used to working out in the field. So something simple like finding a chest is what you are going to do."

Roxas started to look around the Underground Passage, with Saix following right behind him. After exploring around a little, Roxas came across a chest near one of the exits.

"Is this the chest?" Roxas asked as he looked at it.

Saix nodded, "Yes."

Roxas just remained silent as he stared down at the chest. There was a minute of silence before Saix spoke up, "Is there something you are waiting for?"

"The mission was to find the chest. Aren't I done?" Roxas asked.

Saix closed his eyes and shook his head, "There is more to a treasure chest than just looking at it. Chests usually have various items inside them, so it is worth taking a look inside it."

"So I should open it then?" Roxas asked.

"Yes. That would be correct."

Roxas then processed to open the chest and take out the contents that were inside it.

"Alright. Now that you've done that we can now RTC." Saix as he turned to leave.

"RTC?" Roxas questioned.

"It stands for Return To Castle," Saix explained. "Now let's head back to the dark corridor. Show me that you remember the way."

The two walked back to where the dark corridor was, when they got there Saix gave a small bit of applause. "Good. So now that you have finished your first mission, do you think you can get the hang of this?"

"Uh-huh…" Roxas muttered quietly. It almost seemed he had said something else, but Saix couldn't hear it.

"What was that? Did you say something else?" Saix asked.

"I…" Roxas said as he started down at the ground, before looking directly at Saix, "I could have done that blindfolded." Roxas said with a small bit of confidence in his voice.

Saix stared at Roxas with surprised eyes. He didn't expect such a remark from Roxas, at least not when he had been so spacey during the rest of the mission. For a new Nobody the kid seemed to hold a lot of promise for the Organization.

"Well now that the mission is over, and you have done a good job, for your first mission, you deserve a reward of sorts. I suppose…" Saix said but trailed off at the end. He now looked off towards a wall, his eyes lost deep in thought.

"Don't we have to get back and RTC?" Roxas asked looking back at the portal.

"Not right away," Saix responded, looking back at Roxas. "Axel… He knows that I sometimes take a little bit before heading back…" Saix paused for a moment before he continued. Come, follow me." Saix said as he started walking towards a staircase out of the Underground Passage. Roxas followed quietly behind, not knowing exactly where Saix was going.

Soon they were out in the main part of Twilight Town. Saix stopped by one of the shops and bar two bars of ice cream. Once Saix had them he started walking to the clock tower. "This way." Saix said as he opened a portal in front of them. They entered and exited out onto the top area of the clock tower.

Roxas looked out at the magnificent sunset before them with wide eyes. Saix sat down in the middle and let his feet hang over the edge. Roxas slowly soon came to sit down, just a few feet away from Saix. He didn't want to sit too close since Saix always seemed to have an emotionless and distant expression.

Saix slowly handed out one of the ice cream bars over to Roxas, "Here. You deserve a reward for your effort for today."

Roxas took the ice cream and stared down at it. Saix on the other hand looked off at the sunset as he took a bite of the ice cream. He had that disant, lost, look in his eyes again. There was a long silence between the two. Saix wasn't the most talkative member, since he always seemed rather distant, but Roxas just was spacey. Saix figued eventually Roxas would become more conscious and start talking more, but he decided to take this time to try and talk to him some more, since it was better than completely silence.

"You should eat your ice cream before it melts," He said. "Do you remember the name of it?"

"Umm…" Roxas said as he continued stare down at his ice cream.

Saix sighed, he knew that Roxas was spacey, but it seemed he couldn't remember anything from his first day. So Saix knew he couldn't be too hard on Roxas for not remembering something. "The ice cream is called sea-salt ice cream."

Roxas nodded as he slowly took a bite of the ice cream, "It's salty….but sweet too," Roxas muttered.

"On your first day you said those exact words. But I can assume that you do not remember already saying that."

"I did? No… I don't remember..."

"It has been about a week since you have joined us. Can you not remember anything before this day?"

Roxas just started off at sunset and didn't say another word.

"That doesn't matter though. Today is your first official day of being apart of the Organization." Saix stated as he took another bite of his ice cream.

"Yeah?" Roxas asked before taking a bite of his own ice cream.

Saix nodded slowly, "Yes. You have now started doing workout in the field, and you will be doing more from now on. You are one of us now."

"I guess it's a start…" Roxas said with a slight shrug.

After they had finished up their ice cream they finally headed back to the main portal and went back to the Castle that Never Was. Back at the castle Axel was there waiting for them in the Grey Room.

"Ah about time you guys got back. So I hope that everything went well?" Axel asked as he crossed his arms and had that grin across his face again.

Saix nodded, "Yes. Everything went fine. Roxas did his mission properly."

"That's good to hear. I expect a full report on it though by this evening Saix. I don't expect zombie boy there to start writing them," Axel said as he gestured to Roxas, "So I'll give him a pass this time. But that means you gotta make sure you include as much as you can on what he did."

Saix nodded, "Of course."

With that Roxas was told to head back to his room for the rest of the day while Saix went to his rooms to go write out a proper mission report. Once he had done so he walked back to the Grey Room and handed over his report to Axel.

Axel gave it a quick scan with his amber eyes and grinned, "Very detailed like always." He chuckled a little as he clapped a hand onto Saix's shoulder. "So the little zombie wasn't too boring for you?"

Saix shook his head, "No. He just needs some more time to adjust it seems."

"Well he better. I expect him to start writing his own mission reports soon. If he can't even comprehend that, ugh… I don't even want to think about having to deal with that," Axel groaned. "But I hope at least he will be able to write proper reports, not like the stuff Demyx writes."

"You will just have to wait and see how he does," Saix said.

"Yeah yeah. But now I gotta go file all this work. Fun stuff…" Axel said with heavy sarcasm. With that he left the Grey Room, without a single goodbye or anything. Leaving Saix alone in the room, alone in his thoughts, something Saix had gotten used to over the years.

Roxas Diary Entry : Day 8

Saix and I went to Twilight Town today. He taught me a lot.
Before we RTC'd (Returned To the Castle) we swung by the clock tower and had
some sea-salt ice cream. He said it was a reward for my effort for today.
I don't know what to write in this thing!

Secret Report: Saix

In about a week we have gotten two new members. First No. XIII Roxas and then seven days later No. XIV Xion arrives. Today Axel assigned me on a mission to help Roxas and help guide him along. I didn't really have a choice in the matter, but he isn't bad, he still is a little spaced out though. At least he shows signs of improvement.

Yeah I felt like including the reports/diary stuff.
I probably won't do it every chapter, but only do the ones that have importance.
So yeah here is yet another story to add to my list. I am trying my best to work on my stories and stuff but my Spring Semester has started so I have less time to write. I will try when I can though.
Thanks for reading :D