Hazel walked on the other side of the tank to see what was wrong with Hope. When Hope saw her, she immediately swam up to her making squeaking noises. It made Hazel laugh a little before she tried to see what is wrong with Hope.

"Is everything okay?",asked Hazel in a soft tone.

Hazel snorted as she looked over by Winter and Donny playing together. Then she. looked back at Hazel

"Your jealous right?",guessed Hazel.

Hope began to nod her then after she stopped she started looking down.

"Hey,hey it's okay. Donny will not replace you, you are Winter's new best friend.

"I promise we would never do that to you.",said Hazel softly.

Hope lifted her head, then looked at Donny and Winter before Hope started to swim towards Donny and Winter to join them. In their little play time with Hazel smiling in the background for a little while before walking off to go help with her dad with more of the sea animals that are in the aquarium.

The End