A/N: Panaratai and Koichiarator are the same fighter.

Just after Universes 2 and 6 were erased, the instant that the top of Sour's staff exploded, the glass cutting his face, himself struggling to come to terms with the loss of one of his daughters and noticing that there is no fighting going on in the Tournament Arena itself, Grand Priest held one hand out like a palm, horizontally in front of him, and chopped on his hand three times, signifying a time-out.

"Another time out? Are you kidding me?" Jiren asked, surprised by this action. Grand Priest turned to face Jiren, then said "There's a couple of things that need to be sorted out before we continue"

"Ah, OK" Jiren said. He then turned to face Toppo and Dyspo and said "Did you hear Grand Priest's voice? It sounded, shaky"

"He's just lost one of his daughters, he's probably called the time out so he can get a grip of himself" Toppo replied as he watched two of Zen-Oh's guards fly over to check on Sour.

"So, he isn't a complete sociopath" Goku said, as he watched Grand Priest taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

With both Zen-Oh's and Grand Priest, Grand Priest asked, his voice still somewhat shaky "Which one of you, erased, my daughter?" to which Future Zen-Oh slowly raised his hand. Groaning, Grand Priest said, "Of course it was the future one"

"Well, we do have an agreement that I can't erase your children Grand Priest" Present Zen-Oh said. Future Zen-Oh looked puzzlingly at Present Zen-Oh and said "Oh? When did this happen?"

"Recently actually, not long after my tantrum obliterated six universes, which included wiping out six of his children" Present Zen-Oh replied. Future Zen-Oh then replied "Oh, Future Grand Priest didn't make that deal with me"

"OK, Please, don't erase any more of my kids Future Zen-Oh? PLEASE?" Grand Priest asked. Future Zen-Oh replied with "OK, I saw your reaction to your daughter being erased, so I won't"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you" Grand Priest replied.

Meanwhile, almost everybody remaining (Except Cus, Piccolo, Sour, Whis and the guards), were watching Grand Priest.

"So, he does care, at least a little, about us" Mojito said as he rubbed his hand over Whis' back. Master Roshi replied with "He's been affected by Vados' erasing, just like Whis, Cus, Vegeta and Goku"

"Well, in addition, he did suspend the Tournament and allow Goku and Piccolo to get up on the stands without being counted as out to save Cus after her suicide attempt" Tien replied, though Kirllin added "Did any of you see the look on his face while Piccolo and Goku were trying to save her?"

"Yeah, I did, he looked like he was about to cry" Shin replied, surprising most of them.

Back with Sour, one of the guards had just patted the side of Sour's face with a cloth holding a strange green liquid, allowing them to heal very quickly.

"And now, I quickly need your staff" the other guard said. Sour replied with "Sure" and gave it to the guard. The guard then made it glow blue, and soon, a new orb appeared. The staff was then given back to Sour, who said "Thanks", before the two guards returned to Zen-Oh, leaving Sour to say "Heles".

"OK, now the tournament can resume" Grand Priest said once the guards had returned, having finally gotten a grip of himself, or at least, as best he could, and with three more chops on his hand, the time on the Tournament resumed.

As Vegeta stands around, a fighter approaches from behind. WHAM! Vegeta is shot across the arena by a barrage of punches. He hits the edge of the arena, almost goes over, but manages to grab the edge and climb back up.

"What the?" Vegeta asked. Goku called "Are you alright, Vegeta?" to which Vegeta replied with "I'm fine"

On the arena, Shin asked "What's going on?" to which Beerus replied with "Someone might be using an attack on them"

"Instant Transmission or Afterimage technique. Either way, not being able to see it at all?"

As Gohan got to a higher ledge to try and see what was going on, a fighter approaches, and WHAM! Gohan is shot across the arena by another barrage of punches. This time, however, he is caught by Vegeta.

"Thanks" Gohan said. Vegeta replied with "Whatever, I only saved you because we need the numbers when we face Universe 11"

"Is there another fighter that uses Time Skip like Hit out there?" Android 18 called. Suddenly, sensing the presence of the fighter that had attacked Vegeta and Gohan, 17 said "Sense that? Something's out there"

"Yeah" Goku said. Everybody was suddenly on guard, including the four remaining Universe 3 fighters, now hiding from Goku and Vegeta, Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren, and the remainder of Universe 7.

With Grand Priest and Both Zen-Oh's, both Zen-Oh's said "Huh?" before Present Zen-oh said "Everyone's stopped!"

"Yeah" Future Zen-Oh added.

Back on the arena, Paproni is suddenly kicked from behind, and is caught by Panaratai.

"Thanks, Panaratai" Paparoni said, and Panaratai whistled in acknowledgement.

In the Universe 3 stands, Ea breathes out, thankful that Paparoni wasn't knocked off.

Back on the arena, Gohan said "It's no use, I can't sense any energy" to which Goku replied, "It's hiding its energy by supressing it"

"Something funny's going on" Android 18 said. At this, the fighter charged in from behind and started kicking Android 18 around.

In the stands, Krillin yelled "Android 18! NO! What's going on?" and at this, Quitela snickers, giving Beerus an angry retort.

"Hey! What's so funny?" he asked, before realising "It's Universe 4's doing"

"The conspiracy Universe, of course it's them" Master Roshi said. Beerus added "This is Quitela we're talking about. He must be up to something again. What cheap trick is it this time?"

"What do you think, Master Roshi?" Tien asked. Master Roshi replied with "Can't see it, can't see its attacks, can't see anything, it must be invisible"

"Invisible?" Krillin, Shin, Beerus and Tien asked, to which Beerus asked "Such an old trick currently?" to which Quitela replied with "Good guess"

"Wait! It's really an invisible person?" Beerus asked.

Back on the arena, Android 18 is punched and kicked all the way to the edge of the arena, forcing Android 17 to catch her and throw up an Android Shield to stop them getting knocked off.

"Guys, you're fighting an invisible person" Krillin called from the stands. Android 17 replied with "I figured that"

Back in the stands, Tein said "If they can't see it, nobody can attack or defend properly" to which Beerus added "An invisible person. That's a tricky enemy"

On the arena, 17 suddenly felt it. The energy signature of the invisible enemy. Charging a powerful energy blast, he shot at the creature, Gamisaras the cicada's outline was briefly revealed as the blast caught his side.

In the stands, Beerus called "YES! NICE ONE!" and Quitela began to freak out. Tien, however, said "We still don't have very many options". Master Roshi then thought of something, something they'd done back in the Dragonball days.

"Speaking of an invisible person, Hey! Gohan! cover it with something. Use blood from your nose!"

Back on the arena, Gohan said "You say that, but" and then he thought of something, and started firing energy blasts all over the place.

Back in the stands, Quitela said "Everything you do is futile. You can't see Gamisaras, you can't hit him. You'll use up your spirit and stamina and in the end, you'll all be defeated. That is the plan"

Suddenly, Gamisaras' outline is exposed.

"THERE!" Gohan shouted. At this, Android 17 charged in and delivered a heavy punch to Gamisaras, sending him flying.

"DAMNIT!" Gamisaras said as he got up and charged at Android 17, only to cop a big kick to the face that knocked him straight off the arena.

With Grand Priest and both Zen-Oh's, Grand Priest said "Universe 4's Gamisaras has dropped out"

Back on the stands, Gamisaras said "Sorry Quitela" Beerus meanwhile took a shot at Quitela, and said "See that, Quitela? Your schemes won't work on Universe 7" Quitela harrumphed, but then nefariously thought to himself "We're just getting started"

With Universe 7, Krillin said "Great work Gohan, Android 17" while Shin added "Keep it up". Quitela then added "Well, it's too early to celebrate yet"

Back on the arena, the other Cicada brother, Damon, goes on the attack, and starts beating on Frieza, sending him flying across the arena and necessitating Goku to catch him.

"Thanks, I guess" Frieza said. Next second, Android 17 is sent flying across the arena by Damon, having to be caught by Android 18.

"Thanks" Android 17 said. Android 18 replied with "No problem, now we're even".

In the stands, Krillin and Beerus both asked "There's another invisible fighter?"

Back on the arena, Paparoni and Panaratai are targeted. However, Panaratai quickly throws a shield up to stop them being moved. Damon quickly gives up, then moves on.

Damon the tries to attack Gohan, but this time Gohan avoids it. Smiling, he said "This one can't hide its energy, so it's invisibility is useless" and he goes to attack.

In the stands, Quitela pretends to freak out, saying "Oh no! They know everything! It's all over! W-W-W-We'll be erased"

However, back in the arena, this time it doesn't work, and Gohan is hit again, having to grab the edge of the ledge and pull himself up to avoid being knocked off.

"That was weird. Hang on, where I got hit was much smaller than the other one. Maybe it isn't invisible, maybe there's something else going on" Gohan said.

Back in the stands, Quitela confirms it by saying "Just kidding" before realising that Gohan had figured out that the Damon wasn't invisible, "Uh oh, he didn't fall for it. Damon, just knock them all off already" he said.

Back on the arena, Goku is hit a hundred times by Gamos, but manages to use Instant Transmission to get away, also finding Androids 17 and 18 in the process. Gohan called out "It's not invisible, there has to be more to this" and at this, Android 17 notices something.

"So that's it" he said. He then jumped to a nearby rock, and said "Oi, come and get me!" before closing his eyes, and entering a braced position.

Back in the stands, Tien asked "He provoked the enemy then closed his eyes?" to which Master Roshi added "Just what is he thinking?"

Back in the arena, Android 17 is getting hit by Ganos' attacks, but, being braced, Android 17 isn't moved one bit. In addition, his hypothesis is proven correct when he shoots a blast and it barely missed Damon.

Back on the stands, everyone is shocked, with Krillin asking "What?"

Back on the arena, Android 17 said "You guys think too much about sensing energy. This thing isn't invisible. Nobody's been able to hit it, because it's a tiny bug person" and just as he said that, he hits Damon with an energy blast, leaving him smoking.

"So that's what it is, a tiny bug person" Goku said.

In the stands, Master Roshi commented "It was so small their attacks didn't hit it" Whis then commented, having finally pulled himself together, "Everyone presumed that it must have been another invisible person", and Shin added "And they were led astray by its energy and unexpected actual size. Isn't that right?"

Quitela, meanwhile, snorted, very annoyed, then yelled "HEY, DAMON! DON'T YOU DARE FALL OFF! YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO, RIGHT?"

Back on the arena, Goku attempted to grab Damon, but Damon fled, and said "Figuring out my identity means nothing!" and he charged at Android 17, who used energy blasts and defensive techniques to counter him.

Back in the stands, Tien said "Hitting an enemy too small to see is nearly impossible", while Master Roshi added "They don't want to accidentally crush and kill it, either"

Back in the arena, Damon taunted "Get me if you can!" before dodging another blast from Android 17. Damon managed to avoid Android 17's blasts and knocked him back. Goku tried to shoot at Damon, but missed.

"It's no good, I can't hit it. Even we can sense it, if it's that small and quick there's nothing we can do" Goku said.

"It doesn't seem to have wings. It always jumps to attack" Android 17 said. Goku then added "Yeah, there were no wings". Then Android 17 got an idea.

"If we can kill its mobility by preventing it from jumping and then targeting it, we might be able to deal with it"

"Oh, then we just need to do this" Goku said and at this point he punches the ground, causing a shockwave of dust and rocks to fly across the arena, knocking Damon up off the ground. Android 17 then shot a blast at him, hitting him and sending him backwards. Once again, they did this, and on the third go, Damon was shot well backwards, and with a small shield-like move catching him, 17 drop-punted Damon off the arena.

As Damon returned to the arena, he said "I'm sorry Quitela", but Quitela was livid, and said "IF SORRY WASN'T ENOUGH, OUR UNIVERSE WOULDN'T BE ERASED!" and Quitela began to try and stomp Damon.

With Grand Priest and both Zen-Oh's, Future Zen-Oh said "Damon dropped out. They're all black", to which Present Zen-Oh added "All black. Universe 4's gone".


But at that moment, everybody except Cognac, along with the entire Universe 4, was erased, with Grand Priest adding "Universe 4 has been erased"

"Finally, that backstabbing bastard Quitela's gone. Had his plan to sabotage other Universes been found out before the Tournament of Power, I would have been erased along with him and the entirety of Universe 4. He won't be coming back, I cannot risk getting erased, especially since Vados is going through that. In fact, I'm not going to be the attendant of whoever replaces Quitela as the God of Destruction of Universe 4. Though the Universe itself will come back, it's not fair on the fighters and the inhabitants of the Universe that they stay erased because of their backstabbing God of Destruction" Cognac said, shocking Grand Priest.

"HE WHAT?" Grand Priest asked. Cognac replied with "He tried to sabotage the Tournament for Universes 7 and 9, behind my back of course, that's why he's not coming back. Is that possible? Can I bring back Universe 4 without the God of Destruction and the Supreme Kai, but with everyone else? I'm sure Mojito would like to know too"

"Yes, like my brother said, it's not fair on the members of the Universe that they stay erased because the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction of our Universes were fuckwits. I'd probably do that myself, find a new Angel to attend to Universe 9, and remain on standby just in case" Mojito said, looking over at Cus, who was still bawling her eyes out into Piccolo's shirt.

"We'll see what we can do about that" Grand Priest said, looking away immediately, knowing that seeing his baby girl like that made it very hard for him to keep his composure.

The narrator then finished with "An invisible bug person and a tiny bug person. Universe 7's warriors defeated enemies they couldn't see. As a result, Universe 4 was erased. The only remaining Universes are Universes 3,7 and 11. Which Universe will be the surviving Universe? The Tournament of Power grows more intense. The time until the Tournament ends is 9 minutes"