A prompt in Wattpad from MagicGoldenFlower: Imagine Rapunzel and Eugene meeting for the first time in the gym and he's trying to impress her.

Time setting: Modern

Eugene was in Corona's local gym to work out. Sure, he was well built, bt he was here today to impress that one brunette that he'd laid his eyes on since last week.

She was beautiful. She had big, green eyes that were like emeralds and a choppy, yet cute brunette pixie cut. She looked adorable whenever she was panting after running on the treadmill.

Eugene watched her run and pick up her pace on the treadmill. That was when he got an idea to make her notice him.

He went to the treadmill beside her and started to run at a faser pace than she was. The brunette gave him a curious look. He just smirked and shrugged before running faster. She shrugged it off and continued with her own business.

After a few seconds, he couldn't help himself as he took a glance at her. She was making it hard to realize that he was still running on the treadmill. As a result to that, he fell off.

He heard a soft giggle. He rubbed his head before taking one last look at her.

He'll get her attention soon.

The next week, he saw her again and this time, she was lifting some light weights.

He had another idea that would sure get her attention this time.

He went to do some bench presses. As he was doing that, he saw the brunette walking up next to him to put back the light weights that she used. He almost lost his grip on the ones that he was holding.

"Well, you again." She smiled. He set the barbell down and walked up to her, but he tripped on a stray barbell.

"Oh, gosh. Are you okay?" She asked, exasperated. What was this guy's deal and why was he hurting himself?

"I'm fine." He managed to rasp out before standing up.

She looked at him one last time and nodded before she left him there.

That helped a bit, but it wasn't good enough.

The next week after that, he went in again. He walked towards the mats with confidence. He knew that this time, he'd get her full attention.

He certainly picked the mat nearest to her so that she could see what she was missing out on.

When he was doing his push ups, he took a moment to rest and see if she was looking at him.


He had to step up his game. And he knew just how to do it. He continued his push ups, adding a few moves which caused other gym-goers to look at him.

Suddenly, he lost his balance and his face met the mat.

"My nose," He groaned. He got up and sat on a bench and placed his hands on his forehead. Now he realized that the girl won't notice him anymore.

He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked beside he and saw the brunette.

"Hey. Are you alright?" She asked, concerned about this guy.

"Um... yeah. I'm okay." He replied, taking his towel and wiping his sweat on his forehead. She gave him a gentle smile.

"What were you doing? Why were you hurting yourself?" She asked. She had to know what was his deal.

"I... um... I just wanted to impress you." He confessed. She gave him a smirk.

"You know, you could just ask me out like a normal person." She said.

"I'll take note of that next time." He smiled. She held out her hand to him.

"I'm Rapunzel." She said. He shook her hand, feeling the softness of it.

"Eugene Fitzherbert." He replied. He gulped nervously.

When Rapunzel stood up to leave, he immediately grabbed her hand.

"Um... since we kinda know each other now, would you um... like to go out sometime?" He asked.

"I would love to." She smiled before she waved goodbye and left.

Eugene sat silently on the bench, astonished. He finally worked it all out.

So here's another one shot! Yay(?)Anyways, this prompt was written and published on Wattpad already but I still published it here, because why not?Anyways, I hope you guys like this one shot! If you guys have some prompts for these two sunshines, I would love to write it for you guys!That's all, I think.Later, Sunshines!