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Chapter 1 The prologue

Skyrim a harsh cold and unforgiving land where it is a struggle to survive from the brutal environment, to the bloody civil war that has already put brother against brother, though throughout all this hardship people still live and thrive in this unforgiving land.

In this land our hero was found no older than four dying from hunger and thirst in the snow just outside the city walls. His family farm had been raided by bandits he was barely able to escape with his life. He was found by the court wizard Wuunferth the Unliving who sensed a large amount of magicka in the small boy. Wuunferth adopted him and nursed him back to health and began to train him in destruction magic.

The small boy who Wuunferth named Suleykaarliz (powerful ice in dragon tongue) took to magic like a fish to water. He was excelled in his studies becoming a master of all magic trees by the age of fourteen. While he was studying magic he also worked on his body exercising and practicing hand to hand combat so if he ever ran out of Magicka he wouldn't be left defenseless. Suleykaarliz was very busy if he wasn't studying or exercising he was playing with his two best friends. Those two friends where Ulfric Stormcloak who was son of the Jarl and Galmar Stonefist who was the palace generals son, they brought happiness to the weary battle-hardened men of the Palace of Kings. But then it happened Wuunferth told Suleykaarliz that he taught him all that he could and that he was sending him to the magic college in Winterhold and after a few years then to the imperial city to study there. Suleykaarliz didn't want to leave his home, father and friends, but did as he was told and went to break the news to his friend. He left for Winterhold the next day it was a tearful goodbye but he promised to return stronger than ever.

Suleykaarliz studied at the college in Winterhold for two years before he went to the imperial city to study, during his time at the imperial city he innovated and created many new ice themed spells earning his nickname the Cryomancer. During his studying at the college he got word of a civil war that was happening in Skyrim, he heard that the leader of the rebellion was Ulfric Stormcloak, One of his friends. He immediately set off for home to help his friend, and to free skyrim.

While Suleykaarliz was crossing the border he had just set up camp in the mouth of a cave and was about to sleep when he heard commotion off in the distance he saw a detachment of Imperial soldiers fighting with a band of Stormcloaks. Not wanting to be involved in the war just yet he was heading back to camp when a sharp blow to the back of the head knocked him down, as his vision was fading to black he could see the sneering face of an Imperial captain.