"Dragon talking"

'Dragon thinking'

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Chapter 6 Feelings Grow The Greybeards and The curse

"Alduin POV"

'So he killed Mirmulnir' I thought as I was watching the fight from a nearby mountaintop. 'It also seems that he has awakened his dragon blood This is going to more difficult than I previously believed' I thought as I started to fly off back Skuldafn.

On arrival I am greeted by my second in command Odahviing "My Thuri what have you found on your expedition" he asked as I was landing. "The Dovakhiin is a extremely dangerous opponent I believe that I will need to intervene directly when the time comes to face him in battle for now I will continue to follow him and look for a moment of weakness to finish him and keep this problem from growing". I explained to Odahviing his shock showing when I said that I would need to intervene directly.

"But Thuri are you sure this Dovakhiin is that powerful no mortal can match our strength or our wisdom" Odahviing asked shocked. "I am sure Odahviing do not question my judgment on this matter he may be powerful but he will still fall like all others that have stood before me" I respond exerting some of my power angry that he would dare to question my judgment.

"My apologies my Thuri I didn't mean to question you" Odahviing stated bowing submissively. "Make sure that you do not I will retire to my personal chambers make sure that I am not disturbed" I say heading deeper into Skuldafn. "It will be done my Thuri" Odahviing says as he fly's of to his own abode and to warn the other dragons that I have resurrected to not disturb me.

Laying down on the on the cool stone of my chambers I ponder on how the he defeated Mirmulnir and while Mirmulnir was a newborn and weak compared to others his age for a mortal to kill a dragon at all is still a very impressive feat. And the way he defeated him was like he was showing of to a potential mate trapping him making him submit and displaying his power at the same time, and finally finishing it when he had fully submitted. For a human it may seem like a normal battle but for a dragon it was a display of power, and for a potential mate it was as romantic as a candle lit dinner at a Jarl's hall. As I was thinking over the battle that same feeling from when I first meet him started to reappear.

'No I must stop thinking like this' I mentally shout suppressing that feeling again but the more I suppressed the stronger it returned. I have seen some of my fellow dragon become a mate to a mortal Paarthurnax being one of them. Most go insane with grief once the quick lived mortals die the dragon simply shuts down the only one to overcome this was Paarthurnax who went into deep meditation and begin to teach the voice in his grief.

'I will not become sniveling mess I am the daughter of Akatosh and Mara I will not be taken down by a simple instinct' I internally yell as I finally get my instincts under control and suppress that feeling. The feeling being gone has left me exhausted though.

'I need to rest tomorrow I will continue to follow him and look for weaknesses to finally end him' I think as my eyes slowly start to close and I slip into the relax of a deep sleeep.

"Suleykarliz POV"

While walking back to Whiterun I felt like I was Walking in Sovngarde finding out that I was Dragonborn was an enlightening experience that and from a small test found that my Magicka reserves that where already massive had grown even deeper but it also seemed denser. Apparently the control I had over my Magicka was completely shot and needed to be retrained a simple Icy spear spell that was supposed to be the size of a football the standard size of one it instead came out the size of my arm almost twice to three times larger than standard.

'Wonderful hundreds of hours of training down the drain' I thought as I was entering the city gates. All of a sudden this loud thundering booming call that left a ringing in my ears was suddenly shouted.

"DOV-A-KHIIN" The voice was saying although it didn't sound like a dragon more like a chorus of men shouting. 'What was that I though while holding my ears as a futile attempt to stop the ringing in my ears. Quickly heading to the Jarls palace upon climbing the stars inside the hall I was greeted by the Steward Proventus.

"Good your hear the Jarl has been waiting for you" he said stepping aside and motioning me to approach the Jarl. Following his motion and approaching the Jarl he began to address me.

"So what happened at the watchtower was the dragon there" He asked hurriedly trying to figure out what had transpired.

"The watchtower was destroyed but the dragon was slain with only a few guardsman injured" as I explained His expression changed from pondering to to happiness to a slight joyful expression around the time that I explained that only a couple guardsman where injured.

'The sign of a good ruler he cares about his men and people' I thought as he continued to question. "I knew I could count on you and Irileth but there must have been more than that" he asked.

"Well it turns out that I am the Dragonborn after the dragon died I absorbed its powers like from the legends of old" I explain.

"So its true the Greybeards were really summoning you" he said amazed. "The Greybeards were they the men yelling loud enough for all of Tamriel to hear them" I asked.

"Yes they are masters in the way of the voice. They live in seclusion on The Throat of the World in High Hrothgar" he explained to me. "They want to train you in the voice it gives you the ability to learn a shout witch puts your vital essence into the world with a force behind it. The Dragonborn is said to be born with a strong connection to the voice"He explained.

"Then I will leave immediately better to have the training now with the dragons returning a new weapon to fight them with would be favorable" I say as I'm leaving. "Wait!" I hear Balgruuf shout as I am leaving. "For your service to Whiterun and her people I know proclaim you thane of Whiterun" He announces this shocks me as being a thane is a high honor for anyone to receive.

"Thank you my Jarl" I say as I continue to leave and begin my journey to High Hrothgar. On my Journey I made many stops do deal with the occasional bandit or wolf and to resupply from traveling merchant or city's. I also retrained my control on my magicka regaining a decent level control over the the half week journey But as I was About halfway from Ivarstead from Riften my last stop at a major city I heard the heavy beat of wings.

"Dovakhiin" I heard a yell from a clearly draconic voice. Quickly rolling out of the way as a stream of ice that almost equaled my own formed on the ground. Charging up my magic I turned to the sky and saw a massive bronze dragon looking at me. Readying my icy spear and firing off a couple of Icy spears that horribly missed as I dodged another stream of ice.

"My Name is Rahgotbormah and you will pay for killing my son" He yelled at me as he hovered in front of me and fired a massive ball of ice at me. Quickly rolling out of the way I continued to fire off icy spears and watched them make small scuff marks in the dragons thick scales. Rahgotbormah almost looked amused at my attempts to harm him.

"You can never hope to hurt me with ice I am the strongest ice dragon know to exist" He exclaimed arrogantly. "We'll see about that" I yelled as I started to charge up a freeze spell planning to take him down and trap him just like his son.

Concentrating and freezing the water around the dragons wings forced it to the ground. Finally getting somewhere I fully encased the dragon in ice.

"It seems you will meet the same fate as your son dragon" I said charging up a giant icy spear hoping it would be enough to penetrate the thick scales. but suddenly the dragon roared and broke free of my ice encasing it and in the processed smashed the side off its head into me. Flying off into a nearby tree I quickly prepared and used a grand healing spell while the dragon was scrapping the ice from my ice armor spell of of its eye and face with its claws. Deciding that I would need one of my more stronger spells I decided to power up a Blizzard spell but instead of letting it surround me and explode I condensed it to a single point in my hand.

The spell was called was freezing gale by concentrating all of the power of the blizzard spell into a single point made that all the explosive power and cold was concentrated into a small blast made it freeze anything it touched. Firing it off at the dragon just as it finished with the ice on its face it turned my way just in time for it to get right in line of the attack hitting it in the right shoulder. The icy storm that it caused completely surrounded the dragon its yells of pain and anger echoing through the forest.

When the storm cleared the dragon had shallow cuts all along its scales with some going deep enough to draw blood but the real damage was at the right shoulder where it hit the shoulder was completely blown apart and the wing was hanging on by threads. Sweating from using such a powerful attack combined with the constant training and traveling I was nearly out of strength.

"You damn human how dare you penetrate my scales, and my wing I will never be able to fly again I will kill you for this insult" he said as he charged up a massive stream of ice. Trying to doge but my fatigue was taking its tole on my movement and my arm got caught in the spray of frost encasing it in a thick layer of ice. Loosing the use my arm meant that I could no longer dual cast my spell leaving me at even more of a disadvantage. Charging up the last of my magicka I fired off the largest icy spear i could manage and shot it in a last ditch attempt to not be killed by this dragon.

It hit the dragon in the chest and went through one of the deeper cuts in its scales hitting it and destroying several internal organs. The dragon coughed up blood as it looked at me with malice and hate in its eyes.

"Aal hi neh fraan faad ahrk vos hin zok mul suleyk kos hin zoklot faazhus" The dragon roared at me with its dying breath. I then started to absorb its soul but something was happening it felt different it felt like my blood was turning to ice and that I was freezing from the inside out I looked at my hands as my skin slightly tanned from the long journey turn pale with a slight blueish tint so light you would miss it if you weren't almost next to me. After my skin the ground I was sitting on turned to ice the grass frozen in place and the dirt completely solid. My clothes also became very cold with a slight dusting of frost on them. When I finally finished absorbing the dragons soul it all made sense his last fords popping into my head with stunning clarity.

'May you never feel warmth and let your strongest power be your greatest misery' I repeated in my head. Standing up and walking to the skeleton of the dragon hearing a crunch under my feet I looked down under my feet and saw that the ground I had walked on had been Frozen. turning back to the skeleton and grasping one of the ribs I watched as the bone was quickly freezing removing my hand the spread of the ice stopped. The bone was left half way covered in ice and where my hand had initially been the bone was actually ice.

After this development I spent hours grasping different things even setting parts of my skin on fire with a flames spell trying to not freeze something and to even feel some semblance of heat but to no avail the fire was quickly extinguished and everything I touched froze except for water and food seems like the curse wanted me to at least live to suffer through this torment. The worst thing happened when I had managed to grasp a bear as it tried to attack me with a simple touch it froze the bear solid killing it almost instantly.

Deciding that the graybeards might know a way to remove this curse because I was cursed in the voice I decided to move quickly to High Hrothgar. Horrified by what would happen if I ever touched an actual human I decided to avoid Ivarstead and go around it to the 10,000 steps of the throat of the world. Walking up the 10,000 steps was a breeze it was completely abandoned and because of this curse all I felt was cold so the frigid temperatures around me didn't bother me in the slightest. When High Hrothgar came into view it was a welcome site pushing open the large iron doors I stepped into the dark castle. Walking down the initial stairs to an open area I was greeted by a man in old ceremonial robes that were a dark grey with designs of dragons in them.

"So a Dragonborn appears, at this moment in the turning day of the age" The old man says "Yes" I replied "I am answering your summons"

"Then we will see if you truly have the gift" He says "Show us Dragonborn let us have a taste of your voice" He says

'I guess he wants me to use my thuum' I think as I feel the familiar power burning up through my throat. "FUS" I shout aiming at the wall nest to the old man the force that came was much stronger than last time strong enough to crack the stone wall that I shouted at.

"It seems you do have the gift and an extremely powerful one at that " He says "So Dragonborn it is you welcome to High Hrothgar my name is Master Arngeir"

"I am answering your summons master as I have stated before" I said "We are honored to welcome a Dragonborn to High Hrothgar we will do our best to teach you how to use your gift in fulfillment of your destiny" He said.

"What exactly is my destiny?" I ask curious if they know something I don't, "That is for you to discover we can show you the way but not your destination" Arngeir said.

"Then I am ready to learn" I say as I want to learn to become the strongest Dragonborn I can be. The graybeards then began to put me through many trails testing my determination, Strength and wisdom. When it was over I had learned about The voice in more ways than I could possibly imagine as I trained I fully regained control of my magic which had spiked up again after absorbing my second dragon soul. I also learned two new words of power Wuld and Ro a second word to my shout of force and one that lets me travel short distances near instantly. I has also learned how to meditate on the words of power and what it truly means to meditate on them simply meditating on the word makes it become part of your being making any shout its involved in become stronger. For example I meditated on Fus or force therefore all attacks I use have more force behind them making them stronger I have asked for a dictionary pf the dragon language so I can keep meditating on the words of power even if I don't know them. Asking about my curse it is a dragons blood curse only the dragon or someone with family relations to the dragon can reverse the curse. Telling them the name of the dragon who cursed me only led to more bad news. The two dragons I killed where the last of that line meaning the only ones who could reverse the curse was Alduin the world eater, or the god Akatosh the father of dragons.

The entire time of the trails and training took around a month and a half, when asking for even more in depth training the graybeards had a trial for me to complete I had to claim and return to them the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. They told me to finish any unfinished business before my return as the training would talk many months to complete. I told them to expect me back in a year. Setting off with a new resource and power under my belt I set of for Windhelm as I had friends who needed me and a war to win for the people of Skyrim.

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