A/N: This fic will be a series of one/two-shot historicals about previous miraculous holders. I've only watched season 1, so this-all will probably not be canon-compliant with stuff y'all know from season 2, if they give us any backstory there. I don't have a specific update schedule but I have a few chapters in mind, and when I have one written it'll go up pretty promptly (I don't spend long writing or hold onto stuff for long). I'm starting by uploading the first arc so you get that full story as well as Marinette's prologue. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think of each historical interlude if it grabs you!

"It's not just her, Marinette", the sweet red kwami piped from her spot on the desk.

The half-Chinese girl rubbed her eyes in frustration. "How can you say that? There's nobody else who acts like Chloe!"

"Not in your class, but your class isn't the world. Chloe seems unbelievable, I know, but there've been people just like her all through time." Tikki sighed. "That's not what I meant though. You can't become like that – or stay like that – without other people who prop you up, who keep it easy for you to be that way, maybe even want you to stay that way because it makes them feel safer than if you changed. If you want to change Chloe, all the people who depend on her have to change too. And some of them won't want to."

Marinette nodded, thinking it through. Asking Chloe to be nicer to people? Not something she was optimistic about, but as class rep she could bring a bit of weight to what she said. If she had to ask Mayor Bourgeois to stop backing Chloe up on her every whim? She'd be lucky to even get him to listen until the end of the sentence.

"It makes so much sense when you say it like that, Tikki – but I would never have thought of it." She smiled at the kwami and reached out to stroke her head. "How did you get so wise?"

Tikki laughed, a high piping sound of delight. "If you lived as long as I have, and worked with so many people throughout time, you'd know just as much as I do". She flew up to Marinette's cheek and rubbed against it. "Some of it is just making mistake after mistake".

"Then I should be as wise as you before I've even left school!" Marinette grumbled in frustration. "Mistakes are my thing", she groaned. "Sometimes I wonder how I could get chosen to be the symbol of good luck. Bad luck would have been a better fit!"

"Oh, Marinette!" her kwami soothed. "Good luck and bad luck aren't so separate from each other. You learn from your mistakes really well, and each one of them brings you an opportunity to be better." She giggled. "So if you keep making mistakes at the rate you are now, you'll be as wise as me before the end of the year!" She dodged the screwed up ball of notepaper Marinette threw at her, still giggling.

"Seriously though, Tikki", Marinette said, looking back at the paper in front of her. "Were there any times when somebody taught you?"

The little kwami slowed, and looked up at the window, out to the stars. "There were. If you like, I could tell you a story of one of them."

"Please?" Marinette hopped onto her couch, and held up the plate of cookies she'd put there earlier.

"Well, seeing as we're talking about good luck and bad luck being not so different, perhaps I should tell you a story from Ancient Egypt." Tikki zoomed over, snuggled up and began.