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Travelling with Vados through space, Champa held onto her shoulder with both hands while trying to scratch his ear with a foot. Their destination was a frequent stop in Universe Seven to settle a traditional bout with a certain relative.

"How much longer?" He asked Vados, annoyed by the inability to scratch his itch.

"We're almost there, Champa-sama," Vados told the miserable destroyer. They were traveling between universes, with the distance between them nothing to scoff at. To travel between them takes power and significant patience, the latter the God of Destruction did not possess.

Champa continued to struggle with scratching while Vados directed them towards their destination. "Hurry up!" Champa ordered.

Vados sighed at the god's impatience, pondering on whether to ignore his whining or drop him for her amusement. While she contemplated on the topic, Champa started to complain more and more to his angel, impelling Vados to ignore him along the way while fueling her urge to drop her God of Destruction and watch him suffer. It continued on for some time until their destination was in sight.

"We have arrived Champa-sama," Vados sighed as she slowed their speed.

"Yes!" Champa cried as he jumped off Vados, not noticing they were still in the air. He fell to the surface of Beerus' planet with a yelp, crashing headfirst into the dirt while Vados remained floating in the air

"Champa-sama, please stop trying to stupify yourself at every possible occasion," She gently scolded as she slowly descended next to Champa.

"Vados, why didn't you tell me we were in the air?" Champa demanded.

Vados sighed as she responded. "I should not have to tell you when we were still hovering above the ground," she responded.

"Hmph, how should I know?" He mumbled in anger.

"Champa-sama, you merely have to look down to tell," Vados replied with a dejected sigh.

They've arrived here on the premise of challenging Champa's Twin Brother, Beerus, again through the contest of cuisine. He desired to establish his superiority as a fact through this battle.

They were within the forest of the planet, walking through the thickets and foliage of ferns and bushes, until they arrived at a clearing and saw Beerus' home, a large tree structure, from the cliffside.

"Hmm, we could've landed closer. And perhaps arrived in a more elegant and dignified fashion," Vados said as she stood beside Champa's side.

"Hey, if you're a big star like me, you have to make a big entrance. Something with a little panache," Champa chuckled as he smiled a big toothy grin.

After saying this, he saw a series of clustering sheening dust falling to the ground before exploding in the distance at the front of Beerus' spiral tree, followed by erupting series of black smoke. The sight made Champa giggle haughtily as he raising his hand in a thumbs-up aimed at Beerus' home.

"Oh look, we got him all flustered!" Champa exclaimed before rotating his thumbs-up into a thumbs-down.

"Well, Beerus. You can just keep quaking in your boots until I arrive," Champa swore before unleashing a prideful, condescending laugh akin to that of a generic villain's.

"Champa-sama. You're getting too fat," Vados states her opinion upon seeing a sweat-drenched Champa sitting down on a tree root, breathing heavily for his life.

"Oh be quiet, Vados!" Champa retorted before he got up and continued walking.

"Come now. Pick up the pace or we'll never get there," Vados stated as they continued walking with Champa getting sweatier and sweatier by the second.

By the time they reached Beerus' front door, Champa sat down on his knees as he audibly guzzled a large purple cup more than half his size containing a certain drink, until it was no more.

"Champa-sama, sugary drinks like those should be enjoyed in moderation," Vados scolded as Champa swung his head towards her.

"We just walked like a gazillion mile! That means I burned more calories than I drank!"

Hearing this, Vados shifted her scepter until the orb was placed before her eyes, as the orb glowed a turquoise blue for a few moments.

"No. For it to be zero, you'd actually have to skip dinner and also tomorrow's breakfast," Vados refuted as if she read Champa's calorie level through her mystical scepter.

"Kh… well, it is all fine as I am all good! Let's go for a flashy knock on the door,"

Done with his meal, Champa rose to his feet as he prepared his energy blast until the grand doors burst open as a log flew out of the entrance. In response, Champa arched back limbo style just to see the log flying past his field of vision up close, the event sparking a series of events until he was introduced to the wonders of cup ramen.

Beerus and Champa stood at a table, ready to present their foods. Beerus held a small cup in his hands, apparently the best food he could find in his universe.

Champa bent forward looking at them with curiosity as hot water steamed from the strings of flour.

"Perhaps we have to eat it after adding the sand of the hourglass? Hahahahahaha! That sure is a first!" Champa laughed after mocking the Cup Ramen.

As he continued his rant, Whis looked at the sand within the hourglass, smiling upon seeing it run out.

"Now, go ahead," Whis informed that they could eat the ramen now.

"Yosh!" Goku and Vegeta, armored in bulky training gear, then started eating the ramen, with Goku 'mmmm'ing with the approval of the taste. Watching Goku eating the cup ramen with delight, Champa and Vados tried it as well with the fork, lifting the noodles to their mouths… only to be shocked by the taste.

Unable to handle the taste, Champa and Vados continued slurping the cup ramen with vigor, Champa practically drank the noodles into his stomach as he engorged on the meal. After finishing the noodles in a matter of seconds, he then proceeded to drink the soup with vigor gulping it down into his gullet like a sinkhole.

"Puhah!" Champa cried with joy as he laughed jovially, enjoying the taste of cup ramen.

"How's the taste?" Beerus asked as Champa opened his eyes in shock, realizing that he just ate his enemy's food, and enjoyed it merrily to his leisure.

"Grr…" Masking his heart, Champa slammed the cup ramen down on the oval table.

"It could be better," Champa lied with a straight face. With his elbow on the tables, Beerus laid his chin on his knuckles as he smirked at Champa.

"You say that, but you even finished the soup,"


Champa could not help but admit the taste. He could not believe that by just adding hot water it would taste so good.

"What sort of food is this!?" Champs wondered. He must have this again!

"...cup ramen," Beers introduced, looking smug at his success.

"Cup ramen? ...Where did you find it?" Champa asked. The sixth universe and the seventh universe were completely identical when they were created. If this planet had gone through the same evolutionary cycle, he'd have cup ramen too.

"...on a planet called Earth," the seventh universe's destroyer said.

"That's not all. Earth is full of countless more delicacies,"

"Vados! There must be an earth in my Sixth universe! Look for it!" Champa ordered, getting more excited by the second. If there's an Earth in Universe Seven, then there must be an Earth in Universe Six.

"Yes, at once," Vados nodded, lifting her staff to search for the planet.

"No no. A bit lower of that place, Big Sis. Oh, yes. There at the bottom of the galaxy. Just around the corner. Yes, right there. The third planet of this solar system," Whis assisted his sister in finding the planet called Earth.

After a few moments…

"This is it," Vados said as a projection of a blue earth emerged from her scepter. However, the landmass of that world was… much different than the continents Goku was familiar with in his Earth. With the major difference being that there is only one continent in that world, a supercontinent in a shape that Goku never saw.

"Ehh, that earth looks so different…" Goku commented as he looked at Earth of Universe Six with curiosity.

"Woo hoo! Vados! Check if our earth has more delicious food!" Pointing his finger a the projection, Champa ordered Vados. Vados looked at the orb of her scepter, closing one her left eye to peer into the glowing glass. As she peered into the Earth's history, she widened her eyes as if she found something awe-struck, but then relaxed her eyes a few seconds later as she continued gazing into the scepter's orb.

"Hmmmm, this earth does indeed possess considerably delicious cuisine, Champa-sama," Vados confirmed.

"Yes! We must go there at once!" Champa said impatiently.

"Champa-sama, we can make a detour on our way back, but we are here for your brother today. If would be rude to leave so soon," Vados disagreed.

"Yes, yes of course," Champa agreed reluctantly.

"Hmph. Just leave already, Champa. I already find your presence in my home stuffy with your fat body already," Beerus followed up, angering his twin brother in a frenzy.

"Shut up, you skinny bastard!"

"Hm?!" Hearing his insult, Beerus straightened his back and glared narrowly at Champa with a vengeance. Champa returned his glare with equal intensity, as he leaped off his seat and stood on the table while his brother copied his actions.

"We are both twins and God of Destruction…" Beerus began.

"So why is it that we don't get along?" Champa followed up.

They both walked to the center of the stone table, stopping when they were face to face. While the two glare each other down, the room rumbled, shaken as if struck by an earthquake as dust and pebbles started levitating in the air. And before Goku and Vegeta could follow, Beerus and Champa started exchanging their fists in intense combat. Goku and Vegeta watched the two brothers fight with wonder, never before seen such a battle of this magnitude. However, Vegeta noticed that the ground underneath the two fighting brothers was glowing magenta, before expanding like a plague as the ring left the ground colorless and grey as if it deprived it of life and left a dying husk.

Vegeta was the first to notice and backed away, while Goku tried to follow his action as the glowing ring of death approaches. Just as when the two twins were about to raise their scuffle to the next level…

""That is enough!"" Whis and Vados shouted, thrusting their scepters in between their respective God of Destructions at the moment Beerus and Champa were about to high kick each other, each of their right legs held high.

The two then slowly placed their right legs down on the husked table and turned their backs to each other. Goku and Vegeta watched as the area around the twins turned were reduced to a petrified state, and as Goku touched the petrified floor with his toe, the entire affected area collapsed under their feet, dropping the two Saiyans to the floor below while leaving a grand hole in the room. The two Gods of Destruction and their Angels remained in the room, now levitating above their makeshift hole.

"Why'd you interrupt?" Beerus asked.

"It was rude," Champa followed.

"A God of Destruction should not fight another God of Destruction," Whis replied.

"Otherwise both the six and seventh universe will be destroyed," Vados followed.

Champa and Beerus grunted in reluctance, ceasing their brotherly bout for now but not without leaving bitter snags in their hearts for leaving this unsettled. Noticing this, Vados had an epiphany to settle their dispute… as well as sate her curiosity on a certain individual she discovered on Earth.

"Champa-sama, if you wish to settle your dispute with your brother, I may have a suggestion," Vados said as she levitated to Champa's ear, and whispered into his ear. One second later, Champa was annoyed. Two seconds later Champa listened closely. Three seconds later Champa grinned at the prospect of her suggestion, finding it ideal to his liking.

"Oh ho ho… That's a great idea!" Champa shouted as he looked at Beerus with a devious grin.

"Oi! Vados just gave me a great idea! Beerus! How about a match with me? Pitting our fighters from our separate universes against each other to see who is better?" Champa suggested as he snickered at the offer.

Beerus thought for a moment, glancing at his two best fighters. They were capable fighters and he couldn't see Champa training his own warriors. It could work and it could even be an easy win. But there was the fact that Champa had an Earth-like his which could have fighters like his.

"Hmmmm, a tempting idea…. But what do I get if I win?" Beerus asked, looking for a reason to participate that would sate more than his ego.

"That… Oi, Vados, what do we have that we can offer?" Champa asked Vados for her guidance.

"Well, Champa-sama, there is one you can wager…" Vados mused thoughtfully.

"Huh? What would that be?" Champa asked, trying to remember what he had.

"The items you've toiled so much to collect so far… but I highly advise against it. Their value is too great to gamble on a small bet," Vados gave her opinion, making Champa contemplate the matter deeply.

"Hmm, well, we wouldn't have to gamble them. We already know we will win," Champa remembered a warrior he had met once. His name was something like Baros. Baris? Boras? He couldn't remember now.

"Champa-sama, I regret to inform you that if you're thinking about Boros… he had been slain very recently," Vados replied.

"Bor… Oh yes! That's his na-Wait, what?!" Champa froze. Boros was the strongest warrior he had ever met. While he could not destroy planets as conveniently as most Ki users can, his biology and physical might placed him above the rest by a huge margin. How could he have been defeated?

"Yes, he tried to attack the planet we had spoke of recently and then perished," Vados explained.

"What?! Who could've killed him?! I mean… how?!" Champa screamed frantically, loud enough for Beerus and the two Saiyans to hear.

"Hmm, it appears that his killer was a human. I recently discovered him and Boros' death upon scrying Earth of its history by chance," Vados replied as Goku's excitement grew upon hearing that there was a capable fighter in Universe Six.

"So… Boros' title as the strongest of Universe Six was taken. Hmmm… shame on Boros… if only we can bring the dead back to… OH!"

"Oh?" Beerus' ears perked up at the exclamation.

"Vados, is there any way that those super balls can bring Boros back?" Champa exclaimed, forgetting that Beerus was still listening.

"There is no need, Champa-sama. The normal ones the Namekians have should work just as fine," Vados replied.

"Even better! We can bring our strongest fighter back without wasting our hard work!" Champa cheered.

"Huh? Superballs?" Beerus thought out loud.

"Oh…" Champa immediately froze upon hearing Beerus' voice.

"Wait, aren't those like our Dragon Balls, Vegeta?" Goku asked in a whisper.

"They sound like those Dragon Balls… what else can bring the dead back to life?" Vegeta affirmed as there is no other sets of orbs he encountered capable of such a feat.

Beerus' head snapped to look at the two Saiyans. "Do you two know of these super dragon balls?" He asked, remembering what Champa had called them.

"Ghhh!" Champa uttered upon hearing Beerus correctly guessing the items in the discussion.

"Well, we have Dragon Balls but I've never heard of the super dragon ball. Could they be the same thing?" Goku suggested.

"Hmm, perhaps. If that is so, why would Vados comment on Namekian Dragon Balls as if they were separate?" Beerus thought.

"None of your business! We… we were talking about the ones the Namekian has, yes! Nothing more!" Champa outcried in defense. Upon seeing Champa sweat like a guilt-infected pig, Beerus' eyes glinted with fueled suspicion.

"Is that so? Why are you sweating?" Beerus accused.

"It is because I ate too much!"

"Champa. What are you hiding? Whis!" Beerus asserted the topic further.

"Yes, Beerus-sama?" Whis responded.

"Uncover what Champa is hiding in that fat head of his!" Beerus ordered, pointing his plump finger at his fat twin brother.

"Beerus-sama, while I can do as you will, I cannot touch a God of Destruction under another angel's guidance. However… Big Sis, what will it take to convince you to reveal what Champa-sama is hiding?" Whis asked his sister.

"Hmm," Vados thought for a moment before smiling.

"Some extra cups ramen to take with us would be nice," Vados suggested.

"Do it and I will give you enough to last months," Beerus chipped in.

"Hmmmmm, I can ask you this, but you will have to convince Champa-sama," Vados stated, allowing Champa to sigh in relief.

Hearing their conversation, Goku whispered to Vegeta on the matter.

"Hey, Vegeta. I kinda want them to host a tournament. You have any ideas to get them to host one?" Goku requested Vegeta. Goku had never fought fighters from another universe before, and the prospect of there being capable fighters that might be stronger than him excites his Saiyan instincts.

"Hmmm… well, we can use the Dragon Balls to ask…" Vegeta suggested. When in doubt, use the Dragon Balls as a way out… they won't use the Dragon Balls for anything else anyways.

"Use the Dragon Balls?" Goku wondered what Vegeta wanted to do.

"The dragon balls could tell us what the Super Dragon Balls are anyways. It can grant any wish, right?" Vegeta elaborated.

"Wouldn't that take a while?" Goku asked.

"Yeah, but… it is better than nothing," Vegeta shrugged.

"I guess," Goku sighed, "we'll have to get back to Earth though,"

"You don't have to. Just make it seem as if we have them already," Vegeta suggested. Goku looked at him confused for a moment.

"…we lie to Champa and make it seem that we have the upper hand. That way…"

"Ohhhh!" Goku now Understood what he meant.

Finishing their conversation, Goku took a deep breath and shouted to Beerus.

"Hey! Beerus-sama!"

Hearing this, Beerus looked down at Goku still standing in the hole in the ground.

"We can use the Dragon Balls to ask for the Super Dragon Balls! We don't need to ask Champa about that!" Goku shouted as though they have the dragon balls already.

"Oh? You have the Dragon Balls?" Beerus wondered.

"Yeah, they're back on Earth!" Goku lied.

Beerus smiled and turned to his brother. "You don't have to tell us about those Super Dragon Balls," he said.

"You don't want to know any more?" Champa wondered, hoping Beerus had suddenly lost interest in the magical orbs.

"I would like to know more about them, but not from you," Beerus said mysteriously.

"Hah! Then you won't know anything, I'm the only one in this Universe that has seen them," Champa bragged.

"Oh? I thought you didn't have them. I thought they were just the Namekian balls," Beerus caught Champa's mistake.

"I-I never said that-" Champa started to deny before Vados cut him off.

"You did say that you saw them, Champa-sama," she said to the god.

"Why didn't you stop me before I told them?" Champa blamed.

"It was your decision, I had no right to stop you," Vados explained.

Champa just growled and glared at Beerus. "Fine. I do have the Super Dragon Balls in my possession but they aren't any different from the Namekian ones," Champa sighed.

"Ohh?" Beerus let out a Cheshire smile upon seeing Champa's submission.

"Now that I think about it… I wonder if I can wish for all of Earth's delicious food and recipes into my Earth? How about that, Beerus?" Champa said aloud almost as if threatening Beerus.

"Huh? The Namekian balls couldn't even do that," Goku noticed/

"These ones can. The Namekian Dragon Balls are based on the Super Dragon Balls, and they are HUUUGGGE compared to the Namekians'," Champa declared.

"Huh, they can't be that good compared to the Namekians'," Beerus accused.

"Hehehe, they are. Unlike the Namekian Dragon Balls, they can literally grant ANY wish without limits. I've spent a long time collecting them and gathered six of them so far. Which means that if you win this tournament between our universes, you can have the last one!" Champa declared.

"Champa-sama!" Vados cried out in protest against his decision.

"Be quiet! They already know this much so screw it!" Champa rebuked as he turned his head back to Beerus.

"So… what will it be, Beerus? Or are you too scared to see that Universe Six have better warriors than your Universe?" Champa dared his brother with an even more taunting Cheshire Grin.

"No! Our fighters are much stronger than whoever you can bribe into fighting for you!" Beerus denied.

"Then you accept?" Champa asked with impudence.

"Hmmm, very well. I accept," Beerus agreed, swearing his that he will make Champa eat his arrogance soon with tournament even if it is the last thing he'll do.

Two Gods of Destruction then went off to prepare their respective fighters to pit against each other in a contest of superiority over the other. While this went on, on a certain Earth in Universe Six, the world's strongest Hero was busy crapping in the bathroom reading manga unaware of Champa's plan to recruit him.

Champa and Vados arrived on Namek during the night… which was still day in Champa's eyes. Night does not exist in Namekian culture, so instead, they arrived at the Namekians' daily sleeping period. All of the Namekians were asleep, allowing the two to pass through unbothered. They were searching for the Namekian Dragon Balls, but having no luck. They had been looking for where these balls were kept but had no idea where to start. It was Vados who suggested they ask a Namekian for help in this quest.

The two came upon a small house in a residential area, though it rested atop of a lonely hill standing above the largest village on Namek, a white dome of slightly complex design. Champa stepped up to the door and knocked. They heard a crash inside the house a few moments before the door opened, revealing a large, overweight Namekian.

"Hello there, we do hope that we are not bothering you," Vados greeted.

The giant Namekian, possessing a skin of a darker green and wearing a white gown over his body, sat on a throne of stone and silver, unmoving. His drooping eyes were open, yet bore a tone of exhaustion weighing down on him, as he was reaching the end of his long lifespan.

"...for what do I owe the honor to have the esteemed God of Destruction here on our planet?" The Namekian inquired as he stared at Champa's plump figure, wary of the God's every move in fear of his people's safety.

"Oh ho, that's a good response. Vados," Champa ordered as his teacher nodded.

"Greetings, Grand Elder Saige. Since you know who we are, we can skip the pleasantries and get to point. We are here to request the use of your Dragon Balls for a simple wish. Do not worry, you and your people will be properly compensated for their use if you allow us," Vados politely asked.

"Of course, but might I ask why you wish to use our Dragon Balls?" He asked.

Champa curved his lips into a Cheshire smile upon hearing that.

"Oh. So you dare question the God of Destruction's intentions?" Champa accused as he saw a large trickle of sweat pour down from the Grand Elder's forehead.

"I… I do not mean to offend. I believe you know that Dragon Ball's ability to grant any wishes. I was only curious what wish would an esteemed God of Destruction have to make use of our people's most prized treasure," The Grand Elder Saige responded with decorative words.

"Oh ho. Hmmm, alright! I just need your Dragon Balls to bring someone back from the dead! Is that enough for you, Grand Elder?" Champa decided to sate the old one's curiosity as he said it, which was nothing more than a leader's fear for his people's safety.

"...may I ask the name of this… individual?"

"Boros," Champa revealed smugly without any hesitation.

Hearing the name, Saige widened his slanted eyes.

"Boros… isn't he the strongest warrior ever known?" Boros' infamy reached even the outermost corners of the galaxy. Almost no one in this universe did not know his name and infamy, his kill count on Ki Warriors over millions.

"Hehehe, I just need him for something. So, you gonna give us your dragon balls, big guy?" Champa ceased the conversation, blockading Saige from asking further questions.

"Hmmm… Only if you assure me that you will not use Boros for ill purposes," Saige said.

"Hahaha, as if. I need him for something infinitely more important than that!" Champa refuted his claim. Saige narrowed his eyes at the plump God of Destruction before him… before sighing defeatedly with a hint of mental exhaustion.

"Very well. You may use the Dragon Balls. Each of them is guarded by a village chief, I included. Thus, I will inform my aide and gather the Dragon Balls for your use," Saige conceded to Champa's whim.

"Good, ensure that they are here soon. This is urgent, we have many other fighters to recruit," Champa ordered.

Standing on a small turquoise landmass surrounded by water, Champa looked down to where 7 Dragon Balls were gathered at his feet. He looked over to Vados, expecting her to begin the ceremony.

"Vados, what are we supposed to do with these?" Champa finally asked, tired of waiting.

"We must summon the dragon using the ancient phrase," she explained.

"And what's that supposed to be?" The god asked.

"Hmmm…" Vados then looked at the blue orb of her scepter…

"Ohh, you simply have to speak in the Namekian tongue and then call forth the dragon," Vados said.

"Speak in the Namekian tongue? How am I supposed to know how to do that?" Champa demanded.

"You don't. I do," Vados said as she smiled, reminding Champa that she possesses the knowledge of all languages known in this universe.

"Of course you do. Now would you just get on with it? We have to recruit five fighters in total!" Champa reminded.

"I will, Champa-sama,"

After that, she then spoke in the Namekian language, which sounds like one long sentence of gibberish in Champa's ears.

The next second, a mighty dragon came forth, one with two arms and legs, a western quadrupedal dragon in green, with red eyes and without any horns on its head.

"[I am the eternal dragon. Speak thine wish and I will grant it to the best of my… oh, Champa-sama?!]"

"Eh? Did the dragon just say my name, Vados?" Champa asked.

"Yes, it seems so," Vados confirmed.

"Ehhh… ah well. Just tell him to bring back Boros here and let us be on our way," Champa dismissed.

Vados spoke another sentence in the Namekian tongue and the dragon responded.

"[Ahhh… y-your wish is granted, great ones…]" The dragon shuddered as he granted his wish.

Appearing from the air, a humanoid shape radiated itself into existence, taking shape into a humanoid life form. What stood was a very tall, cyclops-like alien with light pink, spiky hair with bangs that frame his face, sharp teeth and elven ears adorned with multiple earrings. The man had one large monocular eye and light blue skin with dark blue crack-shaped markings adorning over all of his body.

His eye was closed, almost as if he was placed into a deep slumber for a long time until today. Within the next second, the man took a breath, and his eye flicked open like that of a predator's smelling its meal for the first time.

"I… Live?" The man, once known as the most powerful fighter in this universe, had retur to the land of the living.

"Welcome back, Boros," Vados politely greeted.

Boros opened and closed his hands before stretching his legs, getting the feel of his mortal body. He did not notice how much he missed the feeling of life. After absorbing himself back into his back, he then turned his head to the divine duo standing before him.

"Ahhh, I see. So the Great Lord Champa decided to bring me back from the dead… I never thought I would see the day that a God of Destruction took notice of me," Boros said as he cracked his neck, to help circulate his blood flow.

"...for what purpose does the God of Destruction need of me to call me from the dead?" Boros said, unsurprised that the God of Destruction went to great lengths to revive him from the dead, nor does he care about the method for now.

"Hehehe, so you get the point. You owe your life now because of me. Remember that," Champa lorded over the revived alien.

"...very well. I will heed your requests and whims until my debt is paid. For what service you possess that merits my presence?" Boros requested again.

"Hee Hee. I need you to participate in a tournament against Universe Seven,"

"..," Boros tilted his head in genuine confusion at Champa's choice of words.

"Ah, that's right. Vados, tell him!"

"Very well, Champa-sama. You see, simply put, it is a universe adjacent and very similar to this universe, like its twin brother if you want to see it that way. That Universe is managed by Champa's brother, and-"

"You wish for me and the other fighters recruited to bring you victory… I understand," Boros understood her point.

"Indeed. So, do you accept?" Vados asked the alien as Boros immediately replied.

"I am in your service… under some conditions," Boros stated.

Champa frowned a little when he said 'conditions'.

"...name them,"

"My conditions are simple. First, you shall recruit a man named Saitama into this tournament, and second, provide me a ship for interstellar travel once the tournament ends,"

Champa went 'huh' upon hearing a name he never heard of before.

"Oh, you want to reunite with your killer?" Vados asked, her tone without surprise sounded as if she expected this. Champa's ears twitched upon hearing 'your killer'.

"Huh… eh!? Of course! The one who killed you! Who is he? How strong is he?!" Champa asked shouting, wanting to know the newest strongest being in this universe.

Staring at Champa with an aloof gaze, Boros casually responded.

"A man I met on a distant world, a ball of water and dirt. We only met, exchanged names, and fought to the death… with him emerging as the sole victor. Now that I live, I must seek him out again," Boros replied as Champa responded with another question.

"Which planet was it on?!" He demanded wanting to know this fighter. Boros was strong enough if the legends of his feats were true, so if he found another one even stronger than him than his victory over Beerus will be absolute.

"It is Earth, Champa-sama," Vados replied behind Champa.

"Earth, that planet with the cup ramen?" Champa remembered.

"Is that what the planet is called? Hmph… I must go visit it again," Boros half-demanded half-requested, his tone still laced with arrogance despite his death.

"Vados, how far away is this planet?" Champa asked.

"Very far, Champa sama. It is at the edges of the Universe, far far away from Galactic Patrol Territory. For Boros, it took twenty years even for his ship to arrive there," Vados stated as Boros 'hooooh'ed.

"I am not surprised that you knew…" Boros did not bother to ask questions on Vados' unnaturally accurate knowledge of his history. There are many things science and magic cannot explain regarding the Gods… so Boros did not bother to waste his time with doing so.

"How could someone so strong live on the boonies?" Champa wondered.

"Champa-sama. It is where he was born. It is also how no one knew of him for so long despite his immense power," Vados stated.

"But if the race that populates that planet is strong how come the Galactic Patrol never took notice?"

"Hohoho, you are mistaken, Champa-sama. The humans there are not strong," Vados stated.

"Eh? Explain!"

"Champa-sama. Strength is not bound to any species. Only to the individual. The man there is far beyond what his species is capable of by a huge margin, and much much more,"

"Hmm, this is interesting. If there is a warrior stronger than Boros out there then I must meet him!" Chama said.

As they chattered, the dragon still stayed silent until now, speaking up to remind them of his presence.

"[Uh.. Um… C-Champa-sama… you still have two more wishes left… U-Uh, do you still want them?]" The dragon asked nervously.

"Oh, you're still there… almost forgot about you. Champa-sama, do you have any more wishes?" Vados asked her student.

"Eh? Wait, I have more wishes?"

"Yes, two more exactly," Vados agreed.

"Oh! Wait, wait, let me think…" Champa rubbed his chin in thought. Two more wishes… he could do so much with just those wishes.

Vados stood patiently at his side, awaiting his command.

"Hmmmm… food? No no… oh, wait. Boros, you said you want a ship, right?" Champa asked remembering Boros' request.

"Indeed, Lord Champa,"

"Then I wish for the finest and fastest spaceship in the universe!" Champa declared making up his mind. First, he needs to gift Boros his request. He has another wish, so he could use that for himself later on.

Vados nodded and turned to the dragon and spoke once again in the Namekian tongue. The dragon listened patiently before responding.

"[Very well. Your wish will be granted.]" The dragon stated as its red eyes glowed for a moment.

"[It has been done.]" The dragon stated as Champa looked around, not seeing a spaceship anywhere.

"I don't see it… am I being scammed?" Champa asked as Vados tapped Champa's shoulder.


"Champa-sama," Vados pointed up to the sky.

Following her direction, Champa craned his neck to see…

"..," He remained speechless, his jaw dropped at the sight of the spaceship in the sky. It was….

"HUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEE!" Champa cried out at the mighty spaceship in the sky.

"Hoh. It looks just like my old warship…" Boros commented in surprise as he also looked up at the massive ship. It was so big and grand it overshadowed everything in the horizon of this small planet, able to be mistaken as a planet-sized spaceship.

"That's like your old warship? How did you get a thing that size?!" Champa exclaimed.

"A feat such as this is of no difficulty when you are the most powerful known being next to a deity," Boros said.

"Then why can't I get one of those?!" Champa complained.

"You never asked, Champa-sama," Vados replied with a tone of sadistic enjoyment.

"You mean I could get one of these whenever I wanted? And you never told me?!"

"You do not need one when I can transport you wherever you need to go,"

Champa's eye twitched at Vados' informative tone.

"But this ship looks much more threatening! It's only fair that a God of Destruction like me would have a great ship like this!"

"Boros' ship is highly customized and forged from technologies not found conventionally Champa-sama. It would probably take you years to obtain a ship on a similar scale,"

Champa drooped his shoulders at the revelation. If he had known a ship like this existed, he would pour all his effort and resources into making one of his own.

"[D-Do you happen to have a final wish for me to grant, great Champa-Sama?]"

"Champa-sama, you have another wish. What do you want?" Vados translated as Champa sighed.

"Hmm… wait, I have an idea! If the dragon could make Boros a ship it can make me one too, right?" Champa came to a great conclusion. He could wish for anything but… what better thing he could have other than a ship like Boros'? The ways he could gloat over Beerus with the ship, he drooled at the possibilities.

Vados smiled slightly before turning to the dragon and speaking a long sentence in Namekian tongue.

"[A-Ah… is that really what you wish for?]"

"[Yes, great dragon. Please, grant my wish.]" Vados replied in Namekian tongue with a smile.

"[Very well then… your wish is granted,]" the dragon replied, eyes glowing for a final time.

"[If that is all then I will take my leave.]"

Vados nodded her head, giving the dragon permission to returned to the dragon balls. After the dragon vanished in a flash of golden light, the seven orange orbs floated into the sky slowly before shooting off in different directions.

"Is it done?" Champa asked, his eyes betraying his excitement.

"Indeed, Champa-sama. It lies behind you," Vados said as she pointed at the land on the other side of the body of water.

Champa turned, eager to see his ship. He laid eyes upon the giant mass and his face fell.

"What is this?!" He demanded, glaring at Vados.

"I simply wished a ship that reflects you in every way, Champa-sama… and this ship reflects your very being in every way," Vados stated with a giggle.

Boros, who remained silent after all of their chatter, looked at the ship on the ground… and quirked his only eye in surprise.

"...It is… indeed, unique," Boros tried to gently console the poor Champa.

Regarding the design, the ship was… round. Obese. The design and shape was round, obese. It was not complicated in design like Boros' ship. It was simple, large, smooth surfaced, and…. much much smaller than the Boros' ship. The size of the ship was so small it could only fit around five to six people at best.

Champa could only drop his jaw at the ship's design… utterly, and abjectly speechless.

"Vados… what did you do?!" Champa shouted, glaring at Vados and leaning so close that spittle flew on her face.

"Hmm…" Vados summoned a white handkerchief out of thin air and gently wiped the spittle off her face.

"I simply gave you something that reflects you. If you want a specific design, you will need to be awfully specific…" Vados explained with an innocent tone. So innocent it was almost as if she was not to blame.

"What…. Damn it!"

Champa, however, had forgotten that the dragon could actually give what he wanted… as it gave Boros the ship in the most awesome design imaginable. He did not figure out that all Vados had to do was to say 'give Champa a ship that reflects him magnificently' or something like that… so he was played hard. Simple as that. Vados was smiling a dark sinister pleasure within her very heart upon seeing Champa's suffering.

"Can't you change this thing?" He begged, hoping that there was a possible way for Vados to redesign this… monstrosity.

"Unfortunately, no. The Namekian Dragon Balls need to be recharged for quite a while, and it will take approximately two hundred and seventy tics and some tacs to completely recharge," Vados replied.

"What?! Are you serious!?" Champa cannot stand to live with this abomination that was supposed to be his 'reflection' for around three months.

"You could use the Super Dragon Balls to change the design, Champa-sama, however, you see fit. Just be sure to be specific next time," Vados gently warned.

The prospect of using the Super Dragon Balls gave Champa pause… only to make him frown in the end. To think he would use the power of the all powerful Super Dragon Balls will for the sake of remaking his ship. It displeased him to no end.

"We'll see," Champa said, not wanting to let Vados have the pleasure of seeing him mad again.

Sick of looking at his supposed 'reflection', he turned his eyes to the sky, right at Boros' ship, which was probably the largest ship in the Universe.

"Say, Boros… do you know how to fly that?" Champa asked.