Before Champa arrived on Earth, he had to prepare the matches and other things. Like setting up the arena, hiring the most capable referee, and much more before the grand pickup. He even sent his much weaker God of Creation there on the planet first as a messenger to inform Beerus and the others of his arrival.

An act that would only serve to irritate Universe Seven's God of Destruction to more significant, more dangerous heights.

"What do you mean he is not here yet?" The god of said topic demanded from the obese creator.

"U-uh, I a-apologize, but I have no power over him. H-He said he would be here to… show something that will make you drop your jaw at." The fat one explained while cowering.

"Drop my jaw? Hmph." The god of destruction shook his head. Champa was fond of making grand entrances, but they were never all that grand.

"What kind of entrance is he making this time? Will he drop down anticlimactically like always?"

"N-No… N-Not this time," The fat god rebuffed his statement.
"Oh? Hm, well I hope he'll be quick about it. I'm getting bored," Beerus complained.

"I've seen it myself… he will truly surprise you, Lord Beerus," The fatty assured.

"Huh? And you know what it is?"

"H-He told me not to tell…"

"I don't care what he told you. Spit it out," he commanded.

"W-Well… all I can tell you is it's a ship." The god conceded.

"A ship? That's all? Hmph. Boring."

Beerus waited on the unknown planet for much longer than he liked. He expected his brother's appearance to be lame anyways, but why must his time with dwindling his patience? The God of Emaciation constantly kept one eye on Goku, who eyed Monaka with a hunger for battle in the idleness. It was bad enough that he had to wait, but he had to deal with this fool as well and make sure he didn't break his dummy.

He groaned as time passed slowly. Champa should show up soon.

"He's here, my lord," Whis informed as he looked up to the starlit sky.

"Oh? About time-" Beerus perked up. He let out a gasp as he saw it.


With a thunderous explosion echoing throughout the sky, Boros' epic ship now hovers above the eternal night; it's vast size overshadowing him and the rest of those of Universe Seven.

Beerus stared at the ship open-mouthed. His eyes widened as he witnessed its appearance. He took his eyes off the spaceship only to glance at the others standing around him to ensure they had also seen the scene.

The others did not miss it as well. Everyone, even Vegeta dropped their jaws at the sight of the ship. For Vegeta, not even the king of his people possessed a flying ship as grand as this. Be it his father, or the dreaded Lord Frieza.

"W-Wow," he whispered. He never knew Universe Six had such advanced spaceships.

Goku barely nodded, his eyes glued to the spacecraft. His experience with ships was limited to mostly small Earth crafts and Frieza's vessels, and knowing that a ship this massive and monumental existed took his breath away.

Monaka had frozen at the sight of Boros' vehicle, his eyes staring straight ahead. Just this day he had seen many extraordinary things, but this topped it all. Even in his job and experience, never was there a ship like this in existence.

Bulma… with her years of experience and vast knowledge with alien spacecraft, amazement, and scientific curiosity mixed within her very heart, her jaw dropped at sight along with all the others, ranging from Android 18 to the youngest of Vegeta's and Goku's kids, Trunks, and Goten. Every one of them could not help but crane their heads up in the air. Not even the sight of planet-sized Dragon Balls compared to the intricate and imposing design of the spacecraft.

As they remained to gawk, a circular platform detached from the bottom of the ship, descending towards the square arena already prepared by Whis beforehand. Atop of the circular platform, stood various figures, their appearances darkened by shadow, slowly clearing up until the platform landed in the middle of the circular arena.

Now visible to those of Universe Seven, Beerus could see the smug smile of his fat twin brother, silently gloating.

"Bwa hah hah hah! Prepare to lose, brother!" The God of Obesity shouted.

Beerus glared at his brother. "To you? That's quite hilarious," he spat.

"Even more hilarious than you winning?! Besides, unlike you, I have my own ship!" Champa then cackled with his arms crossed before his chest, acting like a childish villain gloating his might.

"Ahahahaha! Tell me, Beerus, are you feeling jealous yet!?" Champa added further salt at the mention of the ship, which was not actually his in the first place.

"Your ship is worthless! You would stoop so low as to claim something like that from mortals? I thought you would have higher standards," Beerus spat.

"As if Gods can make something like this, idiooooot! It is so much better than that boring cube kahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" The fat one cackled even more condescendingly at his skinner twin. His tongue can be seen swaying upwards in the air in his laughter, emanating from his joy of superiority.

"At least our 'boring cubes' can actually get here on time!"

"Ahahaha! Don't care! My ship can instantly teleport everywhere it's been anyways! Instant teleportation! Can our cubes do that?!" Champa celebrated, even more, making Beerus grit his teeth in frustration.

"P-Perhaps not, but... but…" Beerus struggled to find a comeback.

"It even has a weapon system that can shred even our Creator gods into ribbons! Enough space to house an army! And much much more! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Champa continued gloating as he introduced 'his' ship's additional features.

"We're gods of destruction you idiot! Why do you need weapons when you can instantly destroy anything you wish?"

"Because it's awesome and sooo less boring! Loooooooooossser! Kahahahahahahaha!" Champa replied as he laughed even louder.

The listeners, both from Universe Seven and Universe Six, sighed in their minds. Universe Six had it much harder since they knew the truth behind his claims, yet forced to remain silent to preserve the fat god's image.

" much longer?" Saitama asked the others, his brows already creasing from irritation.

"No idea, but it might take a while." Black Sperm replied for them.

It did take a while. A good while. So long that Saitama and the others jumped from the platform and walked to their side of the spectator's seats outside the square tiled arena. From there, they calmly watched their God of Obesity talk down his twin brother God of Skinniness, their fat god winning as while the skinny one ground his teeth in anger.

After ten more minutes, the God of Skin and Bones stomped away fumes visibly rising from his head, declaring that he will have the last laugh when he wins in this little tournament of theirs. All the while Champa laughed like a diabolical villain, spitting out his drool in the process in his obnoxious haughtiness.

After he finally finished gloating, the fighters of both universes proceeded to their… tests. It's been a while since Saitama did any of this, since his dull school days, but these seemed simple enough for him at least.

He finished the test somewhat quickly, compared to some of the other contestants. A giant pink mound from universe seven was scribbling on his paper, carefree, no sign of finishing anytime soon. Saitama knew it would be impressive for the blob even to make it into the tournament.

The questions had been simple things. Saitama learned most of it before even his high school years. Perhaps even sooner than his middle school time? He couldn't remember. He had to wait for the rest of the competitors to finish now, bored to death, though Saitama must admit that he skimmed it a little because it was boring as hell.

Boros finished as well. He had completed long before Saitama, a child's feat for someone of his caliber. Saitama sat beside Boros in silence without a single word to say. There was no topic for him to converse with Boros anyways.


The atmosphere before them was awkward. Very… very uncomfortable. So awkward that their teammates could feel the awkwardness, the ones that finished their tests later afterward. The two were stiff as statues, waiting patiently for the tournament to start without a word.

Hit, apathetic to the awkward atmosphere, silently sat right between the duo without care, further adding fuel to the awkwardness. Cabba and Frost finished as well, each walking side by side towards the seats until they saw the trio sitting together.

"..." Cabba could only awkwardly laugh as he saw the silent duo. The former strongest and his killer sitting close to each other without emotion.

'They wouldn't jump up and start brawling, would they?' While an experienced fighter, he couldn't read the two. Frost, on the other hand, wondered what was going inside their heads at this moment, minus Hit.

In truth, Boros was simulating ways to strengthen himself to the point of overcoming Saitama, leaving himself in an unreadable trance-like state. While Saitama… was only thinking of the groceries, and how Genos was doing ever since he moved to the Hero Association's Headquarters.

Finally, the time was up. The competitors' tests were collected and graded quickly, and they soon received their results.

Saitama wondered how well he did… then he no longer cared. However, Champa stomped over to him, his face constipating with ire for some reason.

"Saitama! What the hell were you doing?! You nearly failed! NEARLY!" Champa roared with the fury of a thousand pissed off fatties while flailing a piece of paper in his hand. Saitama stood and walked over to him, gazing at the article to see if he could catch the grade. He couldn't see anything while Champa was waving it furiously, however.

"Huh? Well, at least I passed," he shrugged. He didn't care how close he was to failing as long he passed. He wouldn't have bothered about passing either, but failing would make this trip a waste of time and very, very dull.

"What if you hadn't? How could you even risk leaving me with a handicap?" Champa growled. He shoved Saitama's test into his hands.

Confused and bored, Saitama lazily took the paper and looked… only to see the number sixty. The passing border. Exactly sixty.

"Oh," Saitama said, his eyes flinching at the sight of his score. It reminded him of the hero exam he had taken a while back. He had gotten a C then. Now, he's received a sixty, a D. Less than a C. A painful slap of how he got into C-Class in the first place.

"Now do you understand? You barely made it! Thankfully, you were the only fighter to make a low score, but do not do this again!" Champa shouted. Saitama ignored him, staring at the red marks on his paper while zoning out the purple fatty's voice.

"Hey, are you even listening?! Don't ignore me, you stupid baldy!" Champa screamed at the densest head in the universe.

Boros eyed him curiously for a moment, wondering what he had received to cause such a unique reaction. Boros had just gotten his results as well, a perfect score. A simple feat, child's play for anyone with the capacity to even add.

"Saitamaaaa! Grrrr! You! Black thing!" Champa shouted at the Black Sperm sitting in the levitating stands in the background, catching him off by surprise.

Black Sperm dashed his head left and right, seeing only Rover next to him, and then looked back at the God of Obesity and pointed at himself in confusion.

"Yes! Help me get through to his thick, shiny skull! The God of Destruction demands it!"

'…you look more like the god of obesity than destruction.' Black Sperm retorted in his head.

"Alright…" Black Sperm said out loud. He barely knew what the god wanted let alone how to get Saitama's attention.

"Come on! Tell him! He should listen to a God of Destruction. I could kill him with a snap of my fingers! How dare he walk off from me!" Champa shouted more to himself than Black Sperm as he continued upon seeing Saitama actually getting up his seat and walking away from him.

Black Sperm stopped listening, no longer caring about what the chubby cat-man said. He had a pretty good idea of why Saitama walked away from the annoying fatty and had no business telling him off for it.

The monster turned his head away from the loud, annoying, self-proclaimed god. Saitama had every right to walk away and ignore him. This fat cat man's ego was more prominent than that of any other monster back on Earth. Black Sperm wondered if the cat man was just another monster in disguise, one with too much time on his hands and suffering a severe case of chuunibyou.