One of my favourite reveals because it's just so sweet. Well, after a slight bit of angst first.~

Fall Damage

Summary: With seconds left of his transformation, an akuma flings Cat Noir across the city. Too bad a cat doesn't always land on its feet.

"Ugh," groaned Cat Noir as he hit the side of a building. The akuma had flung him halfway across Paris before the building brought him to a sudden stop. His transformation faded away before he fell the few metres to the ground. Oh, yeah, and his time had been running out too. Great…

"Ah!" he cried out, falling through some bushes and hitting the ground now devoid of his miraculous suit. The pain that had been mild hitting the building, suddenly quadrupled as he hit the ground. Everything hurt. He tried to roll over to be more comfortable, but the pain that flared up quickly shut down that idea. He could have sworn he felt something wet near his face too.

"Cat Noir!" called a voice. They sounded familiar but he couldn't quite place it. He heard nearby footsteps and the same voice letting out a gasp. "Adrien…"

He couldn't do more than let out a groan. He wanted to look up at the voice but everything seemed to be fading into the darkness. Maybe if he just closed his eyes for a moment everything would be better.

"No! Adrien! No sleeping!" someone shouted, shaking his shoulder.

He grunted, wincing at the fresh pain but couldn't fight the drowsiness overcoming his mind. Just five minutes…

Marinette had been walking home from spending the afternoon at the Trocadero with her sketchbook and was completely oblivious to the akuma attack when her superhero partner suddenly sailed over her head. She'd seen him hit a building and then lost sight of him as he fell. Nobody else seemed to have paid much attention to the hero, but after having been Ladybug for so long, she'd learnt to be a bit more observant of the world around her, at least when it came to flying objects, the ground still seemed to give her trouble.

Before she could even think about it, she was running towards him, calling out his name. She'd make sure he was alright and find out what was going on before finding herself a place to transform.

She expected him to come leaping out the bushes in front of the building proclaiming that he was alright with a flirty look and a pun, but he didn't. Something wasn't right. Cat Noir always bounced back after a hit. She'd watched him smack into plenty of things before, buildings, street lights, cars, the ground. He looked a bit hurt but had never been seriously injured. Their suits protected them from the bulk of the damage. Why hadn't it this time?

Then as she stepped around the bushes she realised why with a gasp. "Adrien…"

The blond boy crumpled up on the ground merely groaned at the sound of his name. The sight of him with scratches across his arms and face worried her but not as much as the small pool of blood near his head. She swallowed, getting closer, borderline panicking as she tried to put the pieces together, knowing yet not quite believing.

She could see his eyes closing and knew from her minimal first aid training that people with head wounds shouldn't sleep.

"No! Adrien! No sleeping!" she yelled, frantically shaking his shoulder to keep him awake. She could see the losing battle in his eyes. "Adrien!" she yelled again, only to watch his eyes closed and his body relax into unconsciousness.

"Tikki!" she hissed, rolling the boy over and taking off her jacket to press it against Adrien's head wound.

The red kwami flew out of her purse, looking down at the boy with worry.

"Tikki, what do I do? I can't leave him like this! But- I- I don't…"

"Oh hey. It's you…" groaned a new voice. The pair glanced towards another kwami crawling up Adrien's stomach. He glanced at his boy's face, his own green eyes filled with concern. "You'll help him, right?"

Marinette glanced at Tikki for guidance. She didn't know what to do. She was in over her head. Tikki saw this, the young girl seeming so much younger as she desperately pleaded for a solution.

"Marinette, you're going to need to transform," her voice took on a firmness not often heard from the kwami. "You can take him to Master Fu's. He'll take care of Adrien while you take care of the akuma. It was an akuma, right Plagg?" When he nodded, she continued. "You can tell us about it on the way. Once you've taken care of the akuma, your miraculous ladybug will fix everything. He should be fine. You just have to do it quickly."

The girl glanced down at her crush, the blood from his head wound still seeping into her jacket. "And without Cat Noir…"

Saying the words aloud seemed to have finalised them in her head. Adrien was Cat Noir. Her crazy goofy pun-loving partner was her crush, the absolute love of her life. And Adrien, Cat Noir, her friend and partner, was bleeding out in front of her. He needed her help, and she wasn't going to let him down.

A look of determination crossed her face. "Tikki, spots on!"

There were no fancy moves, no extravagant poses, and no smiles to be had as the magic washed over her.

Now Ladybug, she picked up Adrien with ease, keeping her jacket between his head and her body to help stem the blood loss.

"Don't you dare die on me, Adrien," she muttered as she took out her yoyo

An elderly Chinese gentleman sipped tea in his studio. Beside him sat his kwami with a small thimble also filled with tea. They had heard of the akuma attack but trusted the superheroes would deal with the threat. They always did.

"Master Fu!" The shout interrupted their calm afternoon.

Man and kwami glanced at each other, both wondering about the urgency in the voice. The elderly gentleman set down his tea so that he could rise when his door burst off the hinges. He startled at the appearance of Ladybug as she came out of a kick and rushed into the room.

"Master Fu, I need your help!" she yelled.

He noticed the boy in her arms, a frown crossing his features. Recognising the blond young man, his eyes widened and he withheld a gasp. The boy appeared in bad shape. He'd bled all over a grey jacket and Ladybug herself. The rest of his skin was also covered in numerous scrapes and bruises starting to turn a bluish purple. His heart twisted seeing him in such shape.

"Of course, bring him here." He gestured to the mat in front of him before stepping away to retrieve his first aid kit. She did as ordered and Master Fu asked, "What happened?"

"I- I don't- he- Cat…" Ladybug stammered, watching the blond take shallow uneven breaths.

A black cat kwami appeared, tired but amazingly not whining for cheese. Instead he explained things more clearly than the young heroine. "The kid was fighting Hawk Moth's latest akuma. He'd already used his cataclysm and was trying to hold out as long as possible since Ladybug hadn't arrived yet." He didn't notice the dark haired girl flinch, but Master Fu did, filing it away for later. "He didn't have much time left when he was booted into the air. He hit the side of a building before de-transforming. Kid was injured in the fall."

"I see," muttered the old man as he tended to the boy, "And Ladybug?"

"I- I saw him fly over and went to check. I found him like this," her voice cracking with unshed tears.

"It isn't your fault," Master Fu said gently. He looked up to offer her a comforting smile. "He is lucky you were the one to find him."

She nodded wordlessly, the look of horror never leaving her eyes.

"Wayzz, Plagg, keep an eye on him. Ladybug, come." He stood. "You will need an ally if he is to be healed, the sooner the better."

She followed as he made his way over to the old gramophone. "And my cure will fix him? Fix everything?"

"Yes," he said, taking out the ancient Chinese box and opening it. "He shall be restored to health. Now choose a miraculous and quickly be on your way. We do not wish to prolong his suffering any further."

"Yes, Master Fu." She grabbed the fox miraculous. She'd likely have to field Alya's questions but they would work well as a team and she needed that right now. "Thank you."

"There is no need for thanks, but you are most welcome," he replied with a smile. "Now go. Be on your way."

Ladybug nodded and scurried off through the window, leaving Master Fu and the kwamis to tend to Adrien. The old man put away the miraculous box and hurried back to the injured boy. Plagg looked at him, his gaze troubled. It wasn't often he saw the little being of destruction so upset. He truly did care for his chosen.

Setting about to ease the boy's pain he reassured the kwami, "Ladybug will restore him to us. Do not worry yourself, Plagg. Perhaps it would help if you were to eat something. I have some cheese in the kitchen."

Plagg grunted, glancing down at Adrien before flying off. He soon came back with a piece of cheese and sat by the boy's head, the cheese only receiving a few nibbles.

Master Fu hoped Ladybug wrapped up the fight quickly. For all their sakes.

Twenty minutes later a swarm of ladybugs flew through the room. They circled Adrien, his wounds closing up and the blood disappearing. The two kwamis hovered close by with anxious anticipation. Master Fu himself leaned closer, hoping, praying that the boy would wake up fully restored to himself.

A minute seemed to tick by, and while Adrien's breathing stabilised, he still didn't wake.

Plagg flew over his holder's face. "Come on, kid. Don't do this to me."

"Master, the boy is to be alright, isn't he?" asked a worried Wayzz.

"I am certain he will come to in a moment. His injuries have been healed but it will take a little for his mind to catch up to his body," the old man reassured him.

They waited in silence for a little longer, Plagg growing more antsy by the second. Then, a groan from the boy. He lifted a hand to his head and started to sit up.

"You may want to remain as you are," Master Fu rested a hand on his shoulder forcing him back down. "Your body and mind has undergone some trauma. Rest and collect your senses."

Adrien peeked open his eyes, blinking against the light. "Master Fu? What happened?"

"You just about killed yourself is what happened," growled Plagg. "Don't you dare go do that go me again!"

He smiled fondly up at the kwami. "Sorry, Plagg. But it's nice to know that you care."

"Hmph," Plagg grunted, grabbing his uneaten cheese and chewing loudly.

Adrien gave him a last fond grin before slowly sitting up and drawing his attention to the elderly gentleman beside him. "Master Fu, what am I doing here?"

He answered with a question. "What do you remember?"

"Well, I was fighting an akuma," the blond model explained. "Ladybug hadn't arrived yet so I was doing my best to keep it away from civilians. I used my cataclysm. I remember being kicked away and sailing through the air. I think I hit something. It gets kind of fuzzy after that. I don't know how I got here."

Master Fu nodded, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Polite, as always, Adrien didn't interrupt his thoughts, instead choosing to glance around the room. He'd never been there before. It must have be where the miraculous guardian lived. It wasn't particularly large but it was nice. The decor reminded him of the elderly man's heritage and he wondered if he'd be willing to step in for his regular Chinese tutor more often. He found he liked the old guardian, and since he was the one to give him the miraculous, Adrien didn't need to act like his absolutely perfect self.

He was lost in his musings when the door flung open, though with considerably less force than earlier, remaining on its hinges this time. The girl behind it however, looked no less flustered.

"Master Fu?! Is-" she cut off upon seeing the blond awake and staring at her in shock.

"Ah, Miss Marinette. I am glad to see you have returned from your errand," greeted Master Fu with a smile. "As you can see, Adrien is quite alright now."

Adrien would have very much disagreed with that last statement. His heart pounded in his ears as he realised Plagg and Master Fu's kwami still sat out in the open. Maybe they could pass them off as odd little pets. But if she knew he was there…

"Come join us," the old man invited her in with a wave. "I was just about to tell Adrien how you found him."

Wordlessly, but no less wide eyed, Marinette moved to join them. Meanwhile Adrien shot a panicked look at Master Fu, flicking his head slightly towards the kwamis. The old man merely smiled back at him, not in the least bit concerned.

Seeming to recover a little bit, Marinette gave him a relieved smile, the usual pink dusting her cheeks. "You had me worried."

"Um, haha, yeah…" Adrien rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Sorry about that. You see I-"

"Um, you don't have to come up with a story, Adrien," she stared at the floor, fiddling with her purse strap. "I saw what happened…"

"Oh…" He hung his head. "I'm sorry for giving you this burden."

"Kid's lucky it was only you," grumbled Plagg, finishing off his cheese with a large gulp and proceeding to lick his paws clean. "Just think of what might have happened if it had been that Ladyblogger and her camera."

Adrien shuddered. His secret identity would have been splashed all over the internet. He didn't think Alya would necessarily do so on purpose, but she did have a habit of streaming live during an akuma attack. He didn't want to think about how his father might react to him being Cat Noir.

"We are indeed fortunate," agreed Master Fu. He started to rise. "I will go make some tea. I'm sure there is much you two wish to talk about."

Marinette's eyes widened and she sputtered out a string of words, her voice getting higher with each one, "Us- you- talk- I- alone."

The old man chuckled softly. "While I would have advised avoiding this scenario until later, I believe it might be best if you cleared the air now."

With that, he toddled off to make tea, leaving the teens to themselves. Wayzz gave each of them an unreadable look before flying after his master. Plagg was the only one who remained behind, but he didn't seem too fussed. He stretched out on the floor in front of them. He appeared nonchalant, but Adrien knew he was ready to watch the world burn. Specifically Adrien's.

They sat for a while in silence, Adrien glancing every now and then at the girl beside him. She seemed nervous, well, more nervous than usual, biting her lip and wringing her hands.

Wanting to ease her nerves, he spoke first. "I'm sorry. I've put you in a lot of danger. But I promise that I'll protect you, Marinette. There's no way I'd let anything happen to you because of me. I'm sorry for scaring you like that too. I don't want to imagine what I must have looked like after that fall." He sighed. "This isn't exactly how I envisioned anyone finding out. I'd always figured Ladybug and I would share our identities together when she was ready. Then maybe, after we defeated Hawk Moth, of course, I'd get to tell some of my friends…"

He looked up and to his surprise, Marinette looked like she was holding in laughter.

"What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?" He rubbed at his cheek.

Delightful giggles escaped her, though she tried to smother them with her hand. "No, no," she laughed. "It isn't that."

"Then what?" he pouted.

"It's just that…" smiling, she ducked her head. "You were the one who was severely injured not half an hour ago, and now you're worried about me. It's sweet. But you don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself."

"But Marinette, this is Hawk Moth we're talking about," he protested. "What if he found out you had a connection to me? You and your family could be in danger."

"Then we'll deal with it together, Kitty." She slipped her hand into his and gave it a squeeze.

He didn't seem to notice, too focused on fretting about what could happen. "Marinette, you don't understand. I can't see one of my friends in danger like this. If anything were to happen to you, I'd never forgive myself."

"I know you'd never let it," she grinned. "I trust you've always got my back. You've never let me down before."


"Adrien!" she cut him off, grabbing his face and looking into his eyes. "Kitty, I trust you with my life. I have since day one. I can take of myself, but I also know you've got my back. There's no one else I'd rather have by my side."

Adrien looked back at her in utter confusion. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, his brain trying to comprehend what she meant.

"Come on, Kitty, you're almost there," she encouraged.

"Kid! How do you still not get it?" griped Plagg, flying up into his vision beside Marinette. Adrien raised an eyebrow and Plagg threw his head back and groaned. Signing, the kwami waved at the girl, pointing out her dark hair and blue eyes. "Doesn't she remind you of someone? Someone who means a lot to you."

"Plagg, I don't…"

"It must be the fall, because I didn't think you could be that dense," grumbled the kwami.

"Oh, Plagg. Don't tease him like that," said a red kwami that appeared on Marinette's other side. She smiled sweetly at Adrien, "Perhaps I might provide a clue."

Adrien blinked, looking from the kwami to Marinette. His eyes widened as everything fell into place. The girl still holding his cheeks, grinned a little wider, knowing that he'd finally worked it out.

"Marinette?" He breathed. "You're Ladybug?"

She nodded.

A grin split his face. "You're Ladybug! Plagg, she's Ladybug!"

"Hooray, he finally gets it," deadpanned the black kwami.

Adrien laughed, excitedly grabbing the girl and swamping her a hug. She squeaked in surprise, but quickly settled into his arms, humming happily at the feeling.

"I can't believe it! My Lady has been by my side this whole time! This is the best thing ever!" He cheered, squeezing her tightly.

"Adrien… breathing…" Marinette gasped.

"Oh! Sorry!" He let up his grip, but didn't let her out of the hug. "I'm just so happy it's you."

She pushed away just enough to tilt her head up and look at him. She smiled. "Me too."

Tikki giggled at the pair, coming to hover beside her partner.

"How was he?" She asked softly.

"Bit disoriented after waking up, but otherwise alright," Plagg replied, still watching the scene in front of them. They'd sat back enough for Marinette to start animatedly telling him how she found him. One arm waved wildly through the air, the other's fingers entwined with the boy she loved.

"Good." She looked at Plagg, reaching out to rest a paw on his arm. "I know you did your best to protect him."

He nodded solemnly, not taking his gaze off the boy. Tikki knew that he was quite fond of his charge, as loath as he was to admit it. Losing him would have broken Plagg.

"They took it well," commented Wayzz as he flew over, breaking off their conversation.

Tikki smiled. "Yes. Once Marinette stopped being so nervous."

"They were made for each other," said Master Fu, having quietly joined the kwamis. He smiled at the teens. "I made a good choice with these two if I do say so myself."

Wayzz pouted. "I helped."

The elderly man chuckled. "Of course, Wayzz. I didn't mean to exclude you like that, old friend."

The turtle kwami brightened a little.

They watched on a little longer, Adrien and Marinette so wrapped up in one another that they didn't even notice the small crowd of onlookers. It took Master Fu stepping over with a chuckle to remind them that they weren't alone. He served them tea, and together, three holders and three kwamis, spent the rest of the afternoon together in cheerful merriment. The two teens barely spent a moment where they weren't touching somehow. They naturally sought out one another, finding a comfort in the other's presence. Master Fu knew they that they would be needing each other in the time ahead. Who knew what dangers would their future might hold? But he did know that as long as they were together, they could conquer anything.

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry to say that I don't know when the next story will be out. I'm working on stuff but haven't finished any of it yet. But there is stuff coming! The first part of a three part fic is done, but I'd like to have all three parts done before posting it. Thanks for reading!