Pirate Raid

The ship's alarm blared intensely, which instantly woke the admiral and caused him to spring off his bed and quickly get dressed. He was still half asleep and in a slight daze, unsure of what was going on. Was there a rebel attack? Did something explode? Was there a serious malfunction? When he jogged out of his quarters, he immediately noticed a group of stormtroopers sprinting to what sounded like blaster fire. GY-6548 was among them. Borcin ran to the control deck nearly as fast as when he was a stormtrooper, which was not too long ago. Once he arrived, Lieutenant Quandar caught sight of him and immediately ran to him.

"We're being raided by pirates Admiral! And not just any pirates, it's the Blackskull Fleet! They're hitting us with modified Y, B, and X-wings!" Quandar urgently told Borcin with obvious worry.

While trying to process everything, Borcin noticed that they did not have any accompanying ships aiding them in the fight against the pirates. "A distress signal should have been sent once the first blaster shot hit, why aren't there any reinforcements?"

"They hit us with powerful transmission jackers right after they uncloaked their ships. We're on our own." the distressed lieutenant replied.

"Hold on; stay right there." Borcin rushed to the pilots and commanded them to go anywhere but their current location using Hyperspace.

"W-we would if we could…but these bastards have hit us so hard that doing so would tear the ship apart, sir."

The admiral was about to yell at the pilot to do so regardless, but realized that he was correct in his statement. The ship was not indestructible and did have its flaws. After hearing that disappointing response, Borcin ran to the left hangar to confirm or deny his suspicions of an undergoing firefight on board, again leaving Quandar behind. Ultimately, to his surprise, there was, and it was a large one. A few TIE fighters were burning, but most seemed to be out in flight fighting the pirates due to the sheer amount of empty space in the hangar. Borcin watched in shock and awe as the stormtroopers under his command fought off the raiding pirates. Among the pirates were many modified Separatist droids, some with heavy weaponry. GY-6548 could be seen in the distance shouting at his comrades to push forward, as well as seeking out hostiles and getting clean headshot after clean headshot without a single miss.

Borcin hurried back to the control deck, increasingly becoming angrier at the particular situation. He also felt regret about taking a nap, more so without telling anyone. Once he got back, he immediately went to the lieutenant and began to demand an explanation. "Lieutenant, tell me exactly what happened" he said as he looked into Quandar's worried eyes.

"I stayed here as you ordered, but then I started to worry when you didn't come back after a while. As I began to search for you, something hit the ship, something big." She began to struggle with speaking, putting visible effort into suppressing her emotions. "We couldn't see anything—I mean, we even scanned our entire perimeter! Then, out of nowhere, they appeared. They hit us with several transmission jackers to prevent us from calling reinforcements, and now they're mauling us with bombs, fighters, and bots, along with their crew members boarding our own damn ship!"

Borcin listened closely to every word she said. He had to quickly formulate a plan of escape, or else they would just become space junk. After thinking of every possible option, he realized there was only one: the Prototype-4 Star Destroyer Teleportation Module. He never trusted it, as it was a prototype, but seeing that there was no other option, he decided it was the best bet. With a boost of adrenaline, Borcin ran to the control panel to press the bottom himself, disregarding the pilots. However, before he could press the large pale-blue button, he heard one of them scream a word that made his heart skip a beat, "EMP!"

A purple and red light flashed outside of the window, followed by a loud booming sound, and then a quake inside the ship, with everyone temporarily blinded due to the flash. Borcin lost his balance and fell on his side, slightly hitting his head. "It must have been a Plasma-Charged EMP" thought the admiral as he rose up and regained balance. Once he got a hold of himself, he heavily dozed off and everything started to become silent. There was so much chaos occurring in such a seemingly fast pace that the confused admiral lost his train of thought for a slight moment. After having a quick flashback from his childhood, he got himself back together, ordered all TIE fighters back to the hangar, turned toward the still flashing button, and slammed it down with such force that it nearly broke.

A dark-purple glow engulfed the entire ship as sparks of electricity began to seep inside, causing everyone to step back from all electrical equipment in the room. After what seemed like half a second, a slight screeching noise was heard as the glow got increasingly brighter, then there was a quick pop, accompanied by a power surge, and then the purple glow disappeared instantaneously. They were now situated in an unknown solar system with very odd looking planets.

Not one personnel member said a word. Everyone simply looked at each other, completely stunned at everything that just happened. Suddenly, someone broke the silence with a quavering voice.

"Um, Admiral, what coordinates did you put in?"

Borcin went pale as he felt his heart drop to his stomach. He never typed in any coordinates; absolutely none. He just pressed the button out of desperation to get away from the pirate raid. "Coordinates? I thought it was automatically set for Xaka, if the need to go there arose" Borcin untruthfully replied.

"Oh…uh…n-no sir, it doesn't have default coordinates already set. I'm surprised it even worked, because the lead engineers told us it wouldn't work unless coordinates were put in" the voice replied back.

Borcin turned around to face the small crowd, who were in a visible state of worry. He began to tell them that everything was going to be fine and to not worry, even though he was worried sick himself. He then went to the control panel and attempted to send a distress signal, but the touchscreen panel displayed the message: [Error–Out Of Range!]. This was an odd occurrence, as the transmission range for distress signals stretched from both ends of the galaxy. That's when it hit him.

They were no longer in their own galaxy.