HARRY POTTER and Ginny Weasley 1997/1998: The Alternative Horcrux Search

To get the gist of where this story springs from, please read my 'Harry Potter and the Summer of 1997' first. It will help a great deal with this particular alternative narrative set along the 'Deathly Hallows' timeline. The original 'Deathly Hallows' timeline up to the point where Ron and Harry have their Horcrux argument in the tent exists as is written by the great JKR. My alternative story kicks in from then.

Chapter 1. The Argument and Desertion.

"Leave the necklace Ron, then fuck off back to mummy and let her feed you up." Screamed Harry.

Ron wrenched the chain from over his head and threw it onto a bed, then he looked at their other companion in anger: "What are you doing, Hermione?"

"What do you mean?" the young witch replied.

Ron scowled and demanded, "Are you staying or what?"

"I… 't know!" and the she pleaded to both of them, "Please, stop this. Ron, Harry, please don't make me choose!"

Ron shouted, "Choose now Hermione. I've had enough of this. I'm leaving."

Ron stormed out of the tent. Hermione desperately looked at Harry, tears in her eyes, then she lunged for the door after Ron, shouting to Harry:

"I'll bring him back Harry, I'll bring him back!"

She caught up with Ron on the edge of the clearing.

"Ron! Please! Don't go. We have to stay. We have to help Harry!"

As she grabbed Ron's arm he dissaparated, taking Hermione with him.

Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Harry heard the distinctive 'pop' of the apparition spell from the tent. When no one returned he knew that Hermione had made her decision. She had chosen Ron. His friends had had enough and deserted him. He was alone.

Despair came upon him then. He slumped down onto his bed, numb and not able to think for some minutes. He could only look around the tent at the emptiness, the quiet. Apart from the raindrops on the tent canvas there was not a sound.

As Harry's thoughts gradually came together, he realised that at least he would no longer be putting anyone else in danger; he had no one relying on him or he on them; he was free to carry out his search by his own means.

He needed to eat. And think. Making a small fire, he cooked the last of the fish and made a hot drink. He then made a quick audit of what he had still with him. The tent, Hermione's bag had been left behind so he had a changes of clothing and there was all sorts of other stuff in there that he was sure he could put to good use. Hermione always went well prepared.

Once he has seen to his immediate needs and assessed his predicament, it was well into the early hours. Sleep. He needed sleep. He waved his wand round the tent in the appropriate movement:"Reducto". The extra rooms set up by Hermione disappeared.

"I won't be needing those" he sighed. He thought of Ginny. Then he slept.