AN: Hey readers! Here is the first three chapters of my new story. I have been planning this for months where we have the known students of RWBY facing off against almost every single survival game right before the tournament. I hope you enjoy, and lets get to reading.

Chapter 1

Lost. Confuse. A little scared. Something happen just before the Vytal Festival that caused many characters of Team RWBY to appear in a strange new world.

Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Team CFVY, Team CRDL, Team SSSN, Team ABRN, Team BRNZ, Team NDGO, Penny Polendina, Ciel Soleil, Flynt Coal, and Neon Katt ended up here along with Oscar Pine, Amber, Melanie Malachite & her sister Miltiades, and even Zwei. Everyone gather together one night with a big bond fire in front of them while sitting on the ground while wearing their new clothes. Ruby Rose then step in front of the crowd to some sort of overview.

Ruby clears her throat before she speaks. She still has a bit of stage fright. "Okay. Let's review what has happened. It has been a week since we arrived here right on the month before the tournament starts. Everything started fine until everything went...uh..."

"Monotone?!" shouted Yang.

"Thank you, Yang. Monotone. Everything froze as if someone press the pause button. We ended up in some place with a large coastal cliff to the south and east." She pointed to her right. "And a large cliff to the west with a cave we are staying in." She pointed to her left with a large 57 foot wall and large cave entrance on it that stretches up to at least a mile. "Whatever this place is; it has three moons,-" she pointed at the large red moon, medium silver-colored moon, and the small white moon. "-giant reptile-like beasts and strange devices on our left arms called specimen implants." She showed the device on her arm.

"Don't forget the fact we appeared naked!" Bolin shouted.

Everyone got embarrassed when Bolin reminded them.

Ruby's face went red, but tries to continue. "Um...right... Moving on! As of right now, Team CFVY and Team SSSN are traveling north while Team CRDL are sailing south."

"We already know that!" Brawnz shouted in irritation.

Yang then turns around and shouts, "Hey, cool it! This is just a review of what is happening!"


Ruby clears her throat again. Trying to remain confident. "Anyway, they have been gone for three days now. So..." he tries to think of something. "Penny!"

Penny waves at Ruby.

"How are you feeling since that shark attack you two days ago?"

Penny stood up all cheery and speaks-up. "Right, my report is that I am doing fine now. My leg is no longer bleeding, but I have a scar." He extends her right leg and shows the scar. "That giant shark really did some damage, but I am doing fine. Just like any normal, meat person!"

There was a moment of silence before Nebula leans over to Dew and whispers, "Something is seriously wrong with her."

"I know, right?" Dew whispers.

Ruby started to panic and goes, "Uhhh, JAUNE!"

Jaune stood up immediately and stand at attention, "Yes, ma'am!"

"Can you tell us more about how to craft?"

"Right..." he is not happy to tell everyone about it as he slumps forward.


Jaune's Narration: "I try to craft a stone sword by hand."

Jaune crafted a stone sword and raise it into the air while going, "Voila!" He says as if he is proud of himself for crafting a sword of stone and thatch bindings.

Jaune's Narration: "But it did not go well."

A piece of the sword fell off and landed on his head. "OW!" he said until the piece landed on his foot. "OOOWWW!" Then he slips while the sword is tossed into the air which landed on him. "...ooowww..."


Everyone chuckle and giggle a bit after what Jaune went through. Pyrrha turned her head and covers her mouth. Trying not to laugh at Jaune's misfortune.

Ruby then turns to Amber. "So Amber, any of your memories come back yet?"

Amber stands up with the scar still on her face. "Not much, really. I still couldn't remember anything."

"Alright. Just take it easy."

Amber nodded before sitting down.

"So anyone at level 30 yet so we can get adobe? We need it for the next heatwave like what happened yesterday." Ruby asked everyone. So far, no one has made it that far.

Weiss than stands-up. "I have a question: What is the whole point of the leveling up? I mean think about it. It feels like we're in some sick game or something."

Everyone has been thinking about it for sometime, but are just as confuse as Weiss is. It is very strange. Who or what gave them all implants in a world like they are in right now?

"Schnee does have a point." Flynt then stands up. "I feel like we're in some twisted game or at a zoo for study."

Everyone agrees that this is messed up and wonders if there is some sinister purpose is going on.

Nebula then stands up, "We'll worry about that once we get better weapons. Guns and possibly lasers in case we did get snatched by aliens or something."

"I agree." Blake agrees with Nebula.

"Same here!" Yang raised her hand in agreement. Then everyone agrees with that. Its better to have weapons and be prepared in worse case scenario.

Then Ruby turns her attention towards Oscar. "So Oscar, how is the farm coming?"

Oscar then stands up, "Doing alright. Just made some medium crop plots and getting water from the stream. But judging by the growth rate of the crops, we should have some food within a week...I think." Then he started to lower his head deep into his shoulders. "Just need some more...poop."

Everyone got disgusted by that fact. But if they want to eat, they have to collect their own shit and shit from other animals in order to get the crops growing.

"Can't be helped." Ren says as he pointed out. "We need to in order to grow food and stay alive."

"Then who is gonna gather it all?" Nora asked. Everyone looked at her as if she just volunteered. "No." Nora says with great displeasure. "I am NOT doing it!"

"Too late," Yang says, "you volunteered."

"Dammit!" Nora stomped her left foot and nearly caused a quake.

Ruby then clears her throat again then clapped her hands. "Okay, next topic. The strange book pages we get when we tame one of the creatures in our implants."

"Can we get some sleep first!?" Octavia shouts with one hand close to her mouth. "It is late and we can do stuff tomorrow!"


Yang grabbed Ruby's shoulder. "It's okay Ruby. We can finish tomorrow morning."

But from the darkness close to the direction of one of the coastal cliffs, they hear a bark coming right at them. It is Zwei!

"ZWEI!" Ruby runs up to Zwei and grabs him with her arms. She is excited to see her canine friend again as she twirls and cuddles. She then raises him up in the sky over her head. "What have you been doing? I was worried!"

Zwei barked before Ruby's implants started glowing and a burst of holograms of formulas, schematics, mathmatic equations and a bunch of other complicated stuff started to appear for a few seconds before fading. As a matter of fact, everyone's implants started to do the same at the same time.

"What just happened." Weiss asked. She and everyone is confused on what just happened.

Blake opens up her implant and shows a strange icon that has a crossed dagger and sickle (Life is Feudal). She opened it up and shows new items to craft along with structures and shows a skills list. "I think we learned something new."

"How is that possible?" May asked.

Zwei barked and looked at the direction close to the cliffs. There, they see a large warehouse that has been built. Everyone is stunned to see a structure that Zwei has built.

Melanie then starts to rant. "Okay one, how did he manage to build that without any thumbs? Two, when did he build this warehouse? And three, how is it possible for a dog to build a warehouse?!" She yelled during her last question.

Ruby then acts so proud. "Told ya' he is a smart dog!" Zwei made two happy barks.

"I can work with this." Ciel says as she approaches the warehouse. "Yeah. I can do inventory of all our resources with this. It is a lot roomier than a cave."

"That makes sense." Weiss says. "We need a place to store everything...and the cave won't give us much room."

While everyone is impressed that a dog, a CORGI managed to build such a thing; Ruby then talks to Penny in private.

"How are you feeling, Penny?" Ruby asked out of concern for her friend.

"I feel fine." Penny tries to ensure Ruby that everything is okay. "Although I do find it weird that I was bleeding."

"But how? I mean, you said that your a robot with a soul. Yet how is it possible for you to have flesh like everyone else?"

Penny shrugs her shoulders as she answer. "I don't know, Ruby. Guess that who or whatever is responsible for bringing us here gave me a meat body. Plus I kinda like it except the whole digested food coming out of my-"

Ruby quickly covered Penny's mouth with her hand. "That's good enough!" Her face is red from embarrassment for what Penny was about to say. "Please. Girls don't talk about that stuff." Then she removed her hand.

"Right. So since I am human, I have been thinking about something."

Ruby tilted her head. "Like what?"

"What do you think of Oscar?"


Penny then starts to get bashful. "Well, for some reason, I find him really cute. Especially those little freckles on his cheeks."

Ruby winced as she realizes that Penny is experiencing her first crush. "I..." she becomes hesitant. Unsure on what to say. "I...I don't know much about it but I wish you luck."

"Thank you." Penny smiles right before she goes to bed. "By the way." Penny talks to Ruby before heading to bed. "How do you think the others are doing?"

Then their implants started doing that weird pop-up again and this time they have three icons. One looks like a skull with some moss and ivy on it and an other one that looks like a raft. The last one shows what appears to be a life boat.

"I think they're doing fine." Ruby replies.

Sunrise appeared over the horizon of the ocean. The water glistens with the red, orange and yellow light of the morning. Traveling on the water's surface is a large, strange raft with a house boat and a wooden raft with a sail traveling in the serene blue & green. On the upper deck of this strange raft is Sky Lark who is on a chair made of planks and thatch while singing a tune.

"What do you do to a drunken sailor? What do you do to a drunken sailor? What do you do to a drunken sailor earli' in the morning? Way, hey, up she rises. Way hey-"

"You can stop now, Sky." Dove exits out of the house boat while still feeling a little tired.

"Trying to stay awake after that shark attack." Sky responded with a spear in his hand.

"Not to mention those cannibals we encountered on that island." Russel starts to join in on the conversation after stepping out of the house boat.

"Yet we managed to make this sweet raft." says Sky.

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP!" Cardin yells at his teammates inside the house boat. "Trying to sleep!"

"Its morning man." Russel says as he turn his head towards his team leader.

"Although I do want to know more on how these implants work." Dove looks at his implant after some experiences they had last night. "I mean we had a bunch of stuff loaded into our implants when we found that book in the plane crash on that island and the time before that."

"And do nerd stuff?" Russel says in a joking manner. "Good luck, nerd."

"Oh come on! This is serious!" Then he turn to face Sky. "What do you think, Sky?" But Sky wasn't there on his chair. "Hey, where did he go?"

Sky jumped out of the water with three types of fish on his spear that scared the other two. The fish he caught are a frontosa, an archerfish, and a pilchard.

"Got breakfast for three of us." Sky says as he gets on the house boat. "One of us may have to eat a coconut."

Dove glares his eyes to his left. "I think I rather eat the nasty air plane food with a chocolate bar."

"Fine, I'm getting up!" Cardin is a little pissed. "It is hard to get some rest after being chased by cannibals, sharks, and shit!"

"Alright cranky pants, alright." Sky says as he prepares to cook the fish. But then he noticed something big that the raft is headed towards. "What the blazes is that?"

Everyone then looked at the giant metallic structure that has fires spewing out of it. But it wasn't a structure. It is a spaceship.

"What the hell is that thing?" Cardin says as he peeks out through the window.

"It looks like a crashed spaceship." Dove pointed out.

"How long has that been there? And where did it come from?" Russel questioned. That is until he sees something a little closer. "What is THAT?" he pointed.

Team CRDL then see what appears to be a metallic dome with a red number five on it and orange floaters underneath.

That is when Cardin says, "Let's take a look."

They row their large raft towards the edge of the strange dome and climb on the yellow ladder. Sky managed to open the hatch and takes a peek inside.

"See anything?" Russel asked.

Sky sees the interior and notices that the inside has two chairs, fire extinguishers, some strange wall devices, and a first aid kit. But then he sees something on what appears to be a screen.

"It says...Standard 2-Berth Emergency Lifepod 5. Guess this is some sort of escape pod."

"See anything else?" Cardin asks.

"Let me check the storage boxes real quick." Sky then pulls his head out and jumps right in. He kneels down to the closes storage box and sees an All-Environment Protection Suit. Four of them in fact. "Hey! Found some diving suits!" Then their implants started glowing again like what happened before. "Sweet!"

"Let us in!" Russel then starts jumping in along with Dove and Cardin.

"Way to go, Sky!" Cardin praises his teammate. "Let's put them on!"

They all put on their new diving suits along with air tanks and took four scanners and items that were in the storage boxes. Dove took what appears to be a scroll to him but it is actually a PDA.

"Now who wants to go check out that ship?" Cardin says with excitement in his tone.

"YEAH!" the three went.

Then Dove takes a look outside and notices the raft has drifted closer to the ship. "Ah, crap!" he says, "The raft drifted."

"Then let's get it back." Sky says as he peeks his head out. Then Cardin and Russel started poking their heads out.

But the raft has gotten so close to the ship, a large sea monster with four red and black claws close to the mouth and an eel-like green body with a red pattern on its back jumps up and destroys the raft. It jumped up high with half the raft in its massive red claws and crushed it. The rest of the raft gets crushed when the creature comes back down that cause it to sink. The four now have frightened looks on their faces as they slowly look at each other.

Cue the screams in"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

/: Processing...



Progression of Project PHOENIX = 0.3% Completed

/: Progression of Project ARES = Phase 1 Complete

Commence with Phase 2?




Comply, why?

/:ADMIN ordered that Phase 2 will commence once Project PHOENIX is at 90%

Further instructions on standby. Affirmative?

Understood. Standing by. Continue to monitor Project PHOENIX.

/: Affirmative

Continue monitoring progression of Project PHOENIX