Time passed and the fighting stopped. As the queen lay on her deathbed she called to her son.

"My son a truce has been formed. In hopes that the lost child of both families may be found." She paused for a moment then continued, "Your brother married. This in-law of yours is fair and good. This is the boy's mother. I have never met her but I was told her name was Savitri. Find your nephew. No, your son." Her final parting words. Allowed her to close her eyes passing at that moment from the illness she had received.

The son of the queen lowered his head in sadness as the new title of Count was a heavy burden to bear. With two questions that still pledged the new Counts mind. Members of his clan and Federation members from his days as a starship captain were instructed to find the young lord and bring him home. Any remaining went with the Count to bury his now deiced mother. As he assisted in the burial process he could only think of one thing now. Having disgraced the other two previous questions from his mind. The memory that made him into the warrior he was today. Training countless hours with his mother and nephew…

He dashed forward at his nephew with his sparing weapons in hand. As his nephew did a spin doge to avoid his uncle's swing. The metal training bars collided with one another. As the young boy swung his in retaliation of his uncle. The two bars parted from one another and the uncle found an opening. Pushing the metal bar into the boy's side. Sending his nephew crashing to the ground. The boy looked up at his uncle with a smile on his face. Holding out his hand in a gesture of good faith. The uncle assisted his partner to his feet.

"You'll never be hardened warriors by showing compassion to the enemy." Said the mother as she straightened herself out from the wall she leaned against. "Forget your Federation heritage and embrace the new one." She instructed the two younger males in the room.

The Countess walked over to the nearby cabinet of the training room. Opening it she retrieved a sparing weapon just like the ones her family members held now. Walking she stopped when she was now standing in-between the two boys. She struck her son hard were the chest guard was located. Sending him staggering backward. The mother then sent her son to the ground by making the metal bar strike him in the face. She shifted her feet hearing the footsteps of her grandson behind her. The sound of cleaning was heard as the two bars made contact.

"I wish to embrace both cultures equally grandmother. Compassion and strength will make our family more honorable to the other clans."

At the last few words, he glanced down uncle on the ground who was slowly rising to his feet. The next thing he knew the countess swept her weapon under his feet. He hit the floor with the grandson having the bar at his neck. Upon looking up the queen's face was filled with anger.

"No, only power, strength, and control will bring honor to our clan." She replied shaking her head in disappointment. "How dare you mention compassion. So immature so selfish." With these words. The grandmother raised the metal bar a crossed her shoulder and the grandson's world went black.

At this, she was struck to the floor from behind by her son. Having been distracted by her grandson's words. She looked up at her son standing now noticing he was not letting his guard down. The countess's face was still full of hate.

"Do you agree with your nephew?" She asked her only son in a disappointed tone. As she rose to her feet training bar in hand. The countess's son didn't reply only took another swipe at his mother with the weapon. Who responded by blocking his blow. She ducked quickly catching her son off-guard striking him in the stomach with the end of the bar.

He held his stomach in pain. As the mother used the end of the training bar to propel herself. Now landing behind her son before he could react she raised her foot kicking him to the floor. With a foot to his back. As he hit the floor face first she using the heel of her boot to step on the armor plate of his shoulder. Turning him over on to his back so he now looked directly at her. Not taking her boot off of his shoulder she looked down at his shocked face. Then looked away from him at her grandson unconscious on the ground. For a moment the prince noticed that his mothers face looked sad if only from a glance. She turned back to her son still unable to move looked in her direction of were his nephew lay.

The two just stayed frozen in their current positions still looking at their youngest member. Could balance be the key to everything? While his mother valued strength and power. The former Federation starship captain valued finding diplomatic solutions to peace. How right was his mother? How right was he? Both valued entirely different things. Was his nephew truly in the right to bring both cultures together? If he did so at some point in time. He would be the very first person to do so making history. The two conscious warriors knew that wasn't going to happen. The son knew his mother wouldn't allow it.

She had been forcing her beliefs onto her son and grandson since they arrived at the planet. Learning how the politics of this planet work. How to forage armor within there family as well as the importance of how the said armor was passed down from older family members to their descends. Remade and reshaped to fit their respective build. Studying what it meant to inherit the title of Count or Countess and provide for there clan. Finally, the boys were to study on combat prowess and how to use it. The Count shook his head in thought. As this memory faded from the Counts mind only to be replaced by one other such memory. The memory of the day his nephew ran away.