Ghoststriker looked from Riku back to the miniature Pegasus pony before them. The pony before the two gave a low bow. "Your majesty I am honored to finally meet you." She said looking up at Ghoststriker with a smile. "If you'll fallow me, my mistress, Savitri waits for you with her son." As the pony turned to go Ghoststriker spoke.

"Hold on you two know each other?" He stood still looking from Riku back to the pony. His face filled with utter disbelief.

"It's best if everything is explained when we reach the lake." The pony said looking over her shoulder. "Come on it's not too far off." She said with a confident look in her eyes. No one said a word in the time it took them to reach their destination. The end of what felt like a very long walk opened up to that of a clearing. A large lake surrounded by the most beautiful flowers Riku had ever seen. As the pony gave a wave of her wing for the two to stay put. She began to glide over to the other side of the lake with a flap of her wings.

Riku noticed that Ghoststriker's face was an expression of joy. This was no doubt the happiest Riku had seen the Count since he had first arrived in this world. Riku didn't see it at first having been too distracted by the pony's unspoken instructions and seeing Ghoststriker's face light up. Now he saw the two humans the pony was speaking with. One was a regal looking woman dressed in mage attire. The other with his helmet resting in his lap was dressed in the traditional armor of this world. With the colors that indicated he was from Ghoststriker's clan. The boy looked to be about Riku's age. Sitting next to his mother was Sunflare Riku recognized.

He now watched as mother and son rise to there feet. The pony cocked her head in the direction of where Riku and Ghoststriker stood. The two began to move at the same time the three on the other side did. When the groups reached halfway at the edge of the lake. No words were spoken in a long salience that fell over the forest. Everyone looked at one another just studying each other. Waiting and seeing who was going to make the first move. The pony looked as nervous as Riku felt. As if she had brought the wrong family member to her mistress. He only hoped there would not yet be another confrontation. Suddenly Sunflare allowed himself to collapse into Ghoststriker's arms.

"You came for us. For mother and I." His words were muffled as he pressed his face into his uncle's armor. Only doing ever so lightly. The two pulled away from the embrace. The two pulled away from the embrace. Each pulling out their treasured necklace that they had received from Dreadhunter. As Ghoststriker and Sunflare let the necklaces fall on the chest plate of their armor. He gave a nod to Riku as a greeting then said. "Riku, Ghoststriker this is my mother Savitri The Queen of Heaven." Sunflare had spoken in such a calm manner. That a chill went down Riku's spine.

He stood there for a long moment as the realization hit him for the second time that day. He was now standing in front of the worlds…no, the galaxy's most powerful family. Xehanort would be more than pleased to know that Sunflare would make a powerful ally. Judging by the fact that he had assisted Ghoststriker in finding the information. Well, there was no doubt he had already put two and two together. Sunflare was halve human and halve god. A demigod if you will. Even if he wasn't part god. Sunflare was still halve dragon. Savitri was born a dragon no matter what form she took or even the number of times she split her soul. Riku had to keep reminding himself of this very fact. Not the human that he now stood in front of.

"Is grandmother here too or back at home waiting for us?" Sunflare asked suddenly braking Riku's train of thought. He was looking around questionably at the group. As if his grandmother might pop up at any moment from amidst the crowd. Ghoststriker laid a hand on his nephew's shoulder. Sunflare stopped looking around and focused his attention on his uncle. His face was one of sadness now.

"I think that the three of us should speak privately. Just your mother, you and I." Ghoststriker finished. Small flames shot into the air. Riku's eyes widened in amazement. These flames were courtesy of The Queen of Heaven herself. These flames formed into words.

"keep a lookout both of you," Savitri said. "There's someone or something here that wishes to disturbed this land." She directed to Riku and the pony.

"Yes, your highness." Responded Riku and the pony with a low bow.

Turning to head in the opposite direction that Ghoststriker's family was going towards. The pony began to look around carefully at there current surroundings. "The question now is could this disturbance be caused by evil emitting from men's hearts through another war on this planet?" She asked.

"I don't think so. I've got an idea of what the Queen might mean though." Riku said keeping focused on the lookout for the lake. "heartless." Riku said not looking at the pony.

"Heartless?" The pony questioned with a tilt of her head.

"Let's just say you'll know them when you see them." Riku said looking at her with a knowing expression. The next few hours were spent observing the other side of the lake. This was where Sunflare and his family were discussing matters. He couldn't hear what they were saying. He was able to catch Sunflare waving his arms around frantically. An angry expression covered his face. His mother was looking at Ghoststriker with a worried expression however. The leader of the clan stood up tall and was speaking now. Sunflare had stopped panicking now and his mother's worried look was now one of tall, strong, and confidence. Sunflare seemed to get the message as he too imitated this same pose. The three continued to talk amongst themselves. That's when the pony spoke up.

"Do you hear that?" The pony's ears perked straight up. Riku tilted his head shifting his helmet from one arm to the other. He heard nothing and Riku shook his head. "This way?" Without another word Riku followed her. Running into the forest. The pony stopped for a moment listing for the direction of the sound. Riku put his helmet on and summoned his Keyblade at the ready. When they had started moving again. The two headed from tree to tree keeping their distances and eyes peeled for what might be out there. Now was the time that Riku heard it. He caught the sound of it and the noise was coming from all directions. It was the sound of a soft jiggling like that of bells.

When they had approached what must've been the center of the woods. As these trees were larger than the rest at the start to the end of the forest. Riku paused for a moment closing his eyes to focus. The sound was very close now. He opened his eyes have felt a tap on his shoulder. It was the pony and when he faced her. She said nothing but pointed with a hoof to a nearby tree. They quietly crept up behind it. Riku now saw what were six Red Nocturne heartless. They hovered about a single large tree. Before summing fire to set it ablaze.