There is only one thing certain in life. Who-ever you are, where-ever you're from. Regardless of your race, or sexuality, or wealth. We all share the same certainty. And that is that life, our lives will end. Whether you save lives or take them, we all end up the same. Dead. And that is why Cameron Ann Morgan found it so difficult to be optimistic about her own life.

Sure, her own life wasn't awful. But it wasn't exactly… inspiring. Her life was planned, her path was set. she was to follow her mother into a world of healing that she wasn't sure she was best suited for. To live her days helping the people as poor as she was. Until she died surrounded by children who would follow the same again. This isn't a life Cammie wanted but the alternative was brutal.

Cammie resided in district 12, home of the miners. And as a citizen of district 12 every year from the ages of 12 to 18 Cammie was automatically entered into 'The Hunger Games' a battle between 24 children from the 12 districts of Gallagher that created 1 victor and 23 coffins every year. For 4 years Cammie had avoided that glory, watching others, some she knew, one she loved, destroyed by the games.

Cammie knew that death was certain, she knew it was an inevitability. And although she knew the life she would eventually lead would be dull, and poverty fuelled. She prayed that her own death would not be in that arena.


This is a Hunger games Gallagher Girls cross over. I started working on this 3 years ago and began posting it prematurely. Now that I feel it is ready it is back. Of course as a writer I hope you like this story. But every person has a different percpective which I respect so incase you didn't enjoy this thank you for taking the time to read. This will be my one and only authors note so Thank You and I hope you will enjoy this story as much as I did writing it.

Rosalee Blythe x