Better not to Know

Vampire Knight

By: Hino Matsuri

Better not to Know

By: Kawaihana

One of the vampires caught me. Automatically I shouted for help, I called my Brother out of fear.

Chapter 2

Present and Riffle

Yoichi POV

Four days ago I sent a letter to Yuri, it should have reached her two days ago. The letter contains that I'm going home in the afternoon right on her birthday. But actually, I lied. Although in my letter I said I would be home by noon, I would actually be home early. I want to make a surprise for my dear sister.

I have prepared a neatly wrapped present. It contained a mystery novel that she loved very much. Yuri loves to read, especially mystery or horror books. I do not understand why she likes books like that. Perhaps because of my job is still associated with those two things that have made me become accustomed.

I continued down the path to the house, and now it was visible even though it was still some distance away from the house I missed. As I was glad that I was soon to arrive, I suddenly felt the most despicable existence. The dark creatures that I hunt ... Level E. The existence of the Level E comes from the forest near my house, and I can feel that they are not just two or three. At least ten or so. why is there Level E as much as this in here. Suddenly I remember Yuri, I'm afraid if something bad happens to my sister. With that thought, I speed up my footsteps into running.

When I got home, I immediately searched for Yuri, but she was nowhere to be found. But since there's nothing strange inside or outside the house, that means nothing bad happens here. In fact, it's too neat. She must have tidied up the house to welcome me home. She could not have gone far. The only place I could think of was the little forest behind the house. Although called a small forest, but the forest is quite large. I and Yuri often enter the forest since childhood.

I intend to find my Sister in the forest. I just entered the forest, the existence of the creatures is getting stronger. I kept going in while I was getting ready if there was a sudden attack by holding my gun which is my main weapon for hunting Level E. Suddenly I felt one of them behind me. I quickly turned around and shot the vampires that make him turn into dust, leaving clothes with holes.

But it was not only one Level E who ambushed me. There are two more readies to pounce. I managed to kill one of them and it turned to ashes. but the other managed to hurt my left arm with his sharp nails before I made him ashes like his two friends. The wound I got was not deep, but the slightest wound that bleeds is a bad thing if you're in the same place with the vampire.

I went back looking for my sister until I heard the sound of screaming. The voice I know very well, the voice is asking for help and yelled for 'brother'. The voice came from the direction heading out of the forest, toward the house. I immediately turned and ran to follow the sound source, and sure enough, I could see Yuri trying to escape from the clasp of Level E who was now holding and pulling her hand, trying to get closer to my Sister to bite her. Immediately I aimed my rifle at the vampire closest to Yuri and shot him. Like the three previous vampires, Level E was immediately becoming ashes. There are six more Level E's that were ready to pounce on Yuri, and now they turn to me, with their sharp nails and sharp fangs ready to attack. Not forgetting blood red eyes that indicate bloodthirst.

I was ready to shoot again. The next two bodies change into ashes. After seeing three of his friends turning to Ash, four remaining Level E stand still and didn't move, but I did not lose my guard. From between the four vampires, I can see Yuri who is now sitting quivering. I can see tears in her eyes were tear and her hands were clenched in the chest. There was a bruise on his right arm because of former vampire grip which has now been reduced to ashes.

Suddenly, the figure of three people who had come out of nowhere jumped behind Yuri. Spontaneously I aimed my rifle, but suddenly the four vampires who had been stand still are now moving again, attacking and blocking me. Two of them ambushed and held my hand, one hit by my shot and turned into ashes, and the other holding my other hand, wounding it and causing me to drop my rifle. But guns are not my only weapon. in the jacket I wore, there were four anti-vampire knives I could use.

I tried to grab one of the knives by causing my injury to multiply by trying hard to revolt from this damned vampire's stranglehold. I immediately cut with the knife at anyone Level E was holding me, trying to bite and suck my blood. One of them hit my knife in the upper arm. Because this knife is an anti-vampire weapon, it must be much more painful than the usual knife cut. One of the vampires released me so my body became more freely and I immediately attacked another vampire, I hurt him so I could get away. I took one more knife so that now both my hands are holding a knife. I put a knife right at the heart of one vampire and for another, I cut his neck until those two have now become ashes. Not forgetting I slashed one more vampire with two knives at once until he became ashes, like his friends. Now I focus immediately towards my sister who now seems to faint from shock and... One of the three vampires who landed behind Yuri now held her so that she looked as if she was standing. At that moment I realized one thing. The three vampires who were near Yuri were not Level E.


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