Vampire Knight

By: Hino Matsuri

Better not to Know

By: Kawaihana

No matter what he said was true or a lie, but my patience was gone and by holding each knife in my hands I lunged forward toward my sister and the three vampires while being careful not to hurt my sister.

Chapter 4

Power and Defeat

Yoichi POV

I keep grasping the knives I hold and keep crashing the vampire who was holding my sister. Besides that, I have to be careful not to hurt Yuri, that vampire movement that was so nimble. While the two D-level vampires are just watching not doing anything a little way behind the D-level vampire I'm fighting against. It seems they are ordered not to interfere.

"Is that it? I hear you're one of the most powerful vampire hunters among the others. but this is all you have huh". The vampire said while continuing to avoid my blade attack with a grin. I thought there was something strange about him. There can not be a C-level vampire like he can move that fast. Any moment, at least he should have been hit by some scratches even if not fatal.

We both stopped for a few seconds. I take a deep breath and collect my already drained energy, while the vampire does not look tired at all. My sister was still unconscious in the hands of the vampire. In less than 5 seconds we stopped from our speed race, the vampire suddenly changed his grin into a laugh. "HaHaHa ... it seems pretty cruel too if I keep playing with you. In your mind you must have thought, why is none of your slashed that hit me even once? Why does my speed exceed the speed of other C-level vampires? Isn't it?" he said in a tone that disgusted me, but that's exactly what I was thinking. There is something different from him.

Suddenly, along with the vampire grin widened, his aura pressure changes, it becomes stronger. The aura that coming out of him is not the aura of a level C vampire anymore, this ... this aura of a level B vampire. 'How can!? I'm sure that the aura I felt from him was the aura of the level C. How can it suddenly change like this' I thought, staring startled at his aura level change.

"You look very surprised. Of course, I can not blame you. You've been thinking that I'm a C-level vampire, right?" he said with a sly grin. Holding the forgotten wound on my arm that now getting more blood from moving too much, I looked at the three vampires with hate and anger. But I can not deny that I am really confused right now. I still can not understand how can he faking his aura like that. Now, without a doubt, the vampire that holding my sister is a B-level vampire, not a C-level vampire.

I put my confusion aside and said "How is that possible? I'm sure you were a C-level vampire just now. why now is your aura now turned into a noble vampire level? "I say, trying to keep calm. "You certainly know that a Level B vampire has a unique ability right? This is my ability. I can easily change or remove my vampire's aura. Not only that. I can also change and remove another vampire's aura, like my two comrades ". After he finished speaking, the two vampires who had been standing behind him were now moving forward. And as they both approached, I can feel that their aura changed. Neither of them is level C vampire. They also now have a noble vampire aura.

Now I face three enemies I don't normally face alone. Three level B vampires were not enemies who could be defeated by myself. Especially with my situation that is now getting tired. when I was still thinking, suddenly I felt a pain in my left cheek. I touched my aching cheek and found blood on my hand coming from my cheek. Even though I don't feel anyone approaching or even hurt me, so how can I get this wound !?

I realized that one of the vampires in front of me was raising a hand, and there was something in his palm, like a spinning wind. "so, he can control the wind" I said quietly but surely they could hear it. The wound on my cheek must have been caused by the wind that he controlled.

I had not enough time to strengthen my defense, and now suddenly someone kicked me from behind until my body fell and rolled hard enough on the ground until the two knives I held released somewhere. I didn't feel anything approaching me, or maybe more precisely I couldn't feel the aura. That one vampire must have erased the vampire aura of one of his friends. I can see that vampires who hold Yuri and vampires who use the wind do not move from their respective positions, meaning the vampire who attacked me this time is the other vampire.

I tried to get up, but a pair of hands with a strong grip had already pulled me up first by strangling my neck. I kept trying to release the hands of the vampire who was now strangling me, make me hard to breathe. From the sidelines of my consciousness, I glanced at Yuri who was still unconscious in the hands of the vampire who continued to put on a smile of grin that I hated. I really wanted to approach my sister and take her away from the cursed vampire's hand. But my consciousness is disappearing. Will I die here? Am I not able to save Yuri?

Finally, my consciousness has reached its limit. Now I can't feel or hear anything.


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