Vampire Knight

By: Hino Matsuri

Better not to Know

By: Kawaihana

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Finally, my consciousness has reached its limit. Now I can't feel or hear anything.

Chapter 5

Order and Master


"Stop Akira! Master ordered us to bring them both alive so don't you break his neck!". I said while continuing to hold this unconscious human girl. Akira strangled the hunter's neck until the hunter fainted. Even though I know Akira won't seriously kill her here and now, I still say those words.

Akira replied while laughing. "Haha ... calm down ... Take it easy Jun! Of course, I won't kill him. If I do that, maybe our master will hang me as a display in the backyard like that time. The last time I experienced it I was hanged all night ". I could only sigh and shake my head to hear those words. Akira is rarely serious and often acts stupid. Just half a year ago Master tied him up and hung him in the backyard because he destroyed the kitchen in the mansion. I did not want to know what he wanted to cook that day ... and that was not the first time he had been punished.

"Jun, you don't have to think too much about that fool. Maybe he likes to be punished" this time my other friend Sora who's talking, but Akira ignores him. "Sora, Akira, our work here is over. We must bring these two humans to Master. He must have been waiting". I say that because our job here is finished. "Ok" "Alright" Akira and Sora answered almost simultaneously.

(Time Skip…..)

Finally, we arrived at our master's mansion. A magnificent mansion located hidden in the middle of a pine forest. As soon as we entered the main door, I saw the man brought by Akira moving his hand and it seemed that Akira was also aware of it. Apparently who will wake up first is the older brother. We immediately headed to the room where our Master used to be to report on the success of our assignments and also bring these two humans that he wants.

As soon as we arrived at the door of the room where our master was, Sora knocked on the door for us because I and Akira were each carrying one human. Once there was an answer that let us in, Sora opened the door and the three of us entered inside. In the room, there was a figure of a man sitting behind a dark brown table. if calculated by the age of a human, he looks like he was in his early 30s. But of course, his real age is far from that. He has the highest social strata among the other vampire levels. A pure-blooded vampire who is highly respected.

"Master, we bring children of the Shirayuki according to your order". In response to my words, Master moved from his chair and approached us. "Good work. You have never disappointed me. At least not in the tasks that I gave." Master praised us ... even though it seems not wholehearted. "Jun, just put the girl on the couch. Then for this vampire hunter ..."

Before his words were finished, the older brother that was brought by Akira struggled to jump away from Akira. His body still looked rather limp and he had not carried any weapons. Sora had already confirmed that all the weapons he was carrying were no longer on him. Realizing that all of his weapons were no longer there, he continued to be alert.

Yoichi POV

When I began to wake up, I realized that I was being carried by someone. When all my consciousness began to come back, I remember that in the fight against the three vampires I lost and one of them strangle me until I was unconscious. I realized that I was in a room with 4 vampires. Automatically my hand touched the knife I used to carry, but I didn't feel it. All the weapons I brought were no longer with me. Even the small poison needles that I hid in the folds of my trousers were also gone. They really disarmed all my weapons. Even so, I still put on standby position. I don't have any weapons anymore, but I still have both my arms and legs.

~ Clap..clap..clap ~ There was a clapping sound coming from a vampire that I had never seen. The vampire has long gray hair with a white tip, he smiles with a smile that makes me sick. From his aura, there is no doubt that he is a level A vampire. "Vampire hunters from the Shirayuki family are indeed great. Even if you're in a disadvantage, you can still be calm " while saying, the vampire walked over to me and the two vampires in front of me gave way to him. Wait a minute!? Two!? Didn't there have been 4 vampires !? My eyes circled around the room and finally, I found the other vampire. The vampire was carrying Yuri who was still unconscious and placed her on a sofa.

Seeing what he did to my sister pisses me off. I move as fast as possible with my body that hasn't really recovered trying to approach my sister. "Sora!" There was the sound of the long-haired vampire mentioning a name, and at that moment I felt a continuous pain like being slashed. Something I can't see hurts my body. Apparently, Sora is the name of a vampire who can control the wind. With the wind being controlled by him, my body was slashed by dozens of sharp razors. My blood even reached Yuri. I fell down because of this pain.

"Sora, you're a little overrated" Level A's vampire said with a smile like he wasn't serious about his words, and the vampire named Sora asked for forgiveness while bowing. Level A's vampire continues his words "Well, at least you didn't kill him. If a vampire hunter like him dies quickly, it won't be exciting" he said while looking at me and putting on a smirk. "What do you want? Why did you bring me and my sister here?" I said with a cynical and hateful look. "Why? Of course to bring you together with your parents. Don't you miss your father and mother?" His words made me angry, and with all the strength that I had, I tried to stand up and look at him "Stop this crap! My parents are gone. I won't let you poison my mind with this nonsense!" I shouted out my words angrily.

"I'm not saying nonsense. Your parents Hisui Shirayuki and Tsukito Shirayuki are in this mansion. I'm not lying. I brought them here. After I made them become my puppets ". The vampire said by adding a sly grin at the end of his sentence. Even though he didn't explain it but I knew what the 'puppets' meant. That damn vampire has changed my parents into vampires.


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