"Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger, can aid take your order?" Ed from Good Burger stated.

"Yeah, let me get two Good Burgers." ordered Chris McLean, the host of Total Drama, alongside his assistant Chef Hatchet, who stood next to him, not speaking.

"Whoa!" Ed gasped. "I've seen you before!"

"Of course you have." Chris chuckled, aware that he was a famous host of a popular reality show.

"Yeah dude! I've seen you before, like one minute ago when you walked in!" Ed stated.

Chris frowned. "Wait, what? Don't you know who I am?"

"Uhh...no?" Ed paused.

"Chris McLean, Total Drama Island? Hello?"

"Total Drama Island?" Ed thought for a second. "Never heard of it, dude."

"Seriously? You've never seen Total Drama? It's only like, the most popular reality show, ever!" Chris got annoyed by Ed's hilarious stupidity.

"Um...no dude. I've never seen you before in my life." Ed shrugged, before Don, the host of The Ridonculous Race, walked in.

"Hey! I know you! You're that host of that reality show, the Ridonculous Race!" Ed greeted him, much to Chris' shock and annoyance.

"Yes, that's me." Don admitted.

"Seriously?" Chris fumed. "You know him but not me? I hosted Total Drama for like, five seasons! And that guy only got one season!"

"Uhhh...no?" Ed told Chris, who growled in annoyance.

"Look, can I just have my food?" Chris remarked.

"Sure thing, dude!" Ed pulled out two good burgers, but he gave them to Don instead, being the idiotic cashier he was. "No charge, dude!"

"Umm, thanks!" Don shrugged, walking out as Chris screamed in annoyance, not being used to the lack of attention as he took out his anger on Chef Hatchet, the two of them getting into a scrap fight as Ed just stood and watched.