A lone figure had drapped his jacket. He was walking on the cold mountain. The wind was stronger until it fell of his hood revealing to be Tatsumi.

He watched his village killed by Imperial Guards.

He remember when he was going to visit his friends until his parents stopped him from going. Tatsumi wondered what gotten them. Tatsumi's parents gave him a hunting knife and sword.

But somehow he ran after his father told him that Imperial Guards had burned and killed the other villagers. Soldiers had barged Tatsumi's house.

Tatsumi's mother and father were killed while trying to save him.

Tatsumi saw soldiers grabbing their sword even Tatsumi tried to grabbed his sword.

The guard swung their swords at him.

Tatsumi fought them back,until one imperial guard jumped behind him.

He gasped as he closed his eyes.


Tatsumi opened his eyes and gasped. He saw a figure probably a female who was wearing black armour yet her sword was protected him.

The female's face was covered in half length mask. Tatsumi gasped as the woman looked at him and gasped.

"Tatsumi get out of here now?!."the figure growled

"But?"Tatsumi yelped


Tatsumi ran towards the door and ran and ran until he reach on the cave. He saw the entire village was covered in smoak.

Tatsumi ran never setting foot back. He continue to hide until he arrived on the cave.

"Why did i survived? Why did they killed them?"Tatsumi wondered as he kneeled down.

He wondered.

He cried as his parents,friends were killed along with the villagers. Tatsumi know how to fight.

His father taught him some swordmaship,archery and hand to hand combat.

Somehow he missed his parents.

Days had passed.

Tatsumi trained himself. Somehow he begin to journey to avenge his village. He survived on his own. But somehow he was attacksd by Danger beast.

Tatsumi swung his sword and slashed them.

He didn't know where to go but he was going to the empire and avenge his own village.

While walking on the forest. He saw demons again.

"Why can't demons stopped killing humans?"Tatsumi muttered

He swung his blade and hit them with his bow and arrow. He hit the demons and slashed them. He was exhausted of the fight until he heard a clapping sound. He turned around seeing a person.

"I am impressed of your fighting skills."the man replied

"Who are you?"Tatsumi raised his sword.

"I am not an enemy young man. I am a friend."

"A friend of mine or an enemy of mine?"Tatsumi asked.

"Ah i noticed that face as well but would you please calm down."the person told him.

"okay"Tatsumi sighed.

" what are you here young man?"The person asked

"I was walking when i was attacked by danger beast. They seem harder to die."Tatsumi mentioned.

"That's because they not just danger were also called themselves demons."said the person.

"Demons?"Tatsumi was confused.

"Yes demons who escaped from hell. They were a demons who were good but some of are good,some of them are bad."

"Who are you?"Tatsumi asked

"My name is Lucifer. I am devil."

"Akuma?"Tatsumi asked

"Indeed i am."said Lucifer.

"Then what are you doing here?"Tatsumi asked

"I was exploring lately but i noticed that you fought with a lot of demons. I am impressed of who you are."Lucifer said

"Then what do you want from me?"Tatsumi asked

"Young man. I saw you had a huge anger on the capital lately but i was offering you a deal."

"What kind of deal.?"

"Let me explain to you first young man. Father had sent me here to look for a can possessed the blade of heaven and hell. The blade was called tetsusaiga.A sword that can burned whoever who touches it. And i can turned you into vigilant."said Lucifer

"What is the return?"Tatsumi asked

"By turning you into a devil like me? I can train you ...different kinds of training and know a lot of histories. They were a lot of worlds that can be hear. I know you want to avenge your parents and i can helped you with that."Lucifer replied

"Why me?."Tatsumi pointed

"I saw you had great potential within you ,young man. Even i can turned you into a devil like me. They were possible risk that you can morph into like this. If it is okay for you. Besides some of the other assassins went into revolutionary army. I can turned you into one of my assassins,however you can become something else."said Lucifer.

Lucifer looked at Tatsumi who was thinking until he looked at him.

"Fine i,ll accept your offer. But first can i asked?"Tatsumi asked

" What is it?"Lucifer asked

"who was the lady who protected me earlier back on the village?"Tatsumi asked

"I can't tell you that. Not this time."said Lucifer.

"Alright fine. I accept your offer."said Tatsumi.

"very well. Now take my hand if you wanted to."

Tatsumi looked on the hand.

Lucifer smiled until they were disappeared into the grounds. Back on Tatsumi's village.

The masked person looked on the dead soldiers on the ground.

She looked on the sky.

"Be careful...Tatsumi"

The masked person opened the portal and disappeared into thin air. Leaving the village into smoke. Before she disappeared.

She attacked a woman who had blue hair and blue eyes with her sword causing the woman to felt the deadly marked on her back.