Afterwards another story will be ended as well. I am busy during hold week this days. Also i am one of logan paul's biggest fan but i felt sorry for him after his dog or known as Kong the Savage passed away by those coyotes. Right now Logan is depress of losing his dog

Peace had spreaded towards the Empire under the rule of Najenda and Liver along with the revolutionary armies along with Avalon fixing the damaged. For sometime now everyone was happy with the rest,but also everyone is also sad because of the moments. Afterwards Najenda and Liver are already married ,they were also established and improve the Empire from Honest and the others along with Sussanno

Lubbock and Chelsea helped the revolutionary armies and most of all Lubbock's successful bookshop was spreaded among the entire world that make him and Chelsea famous even they were in a relationship.

Mine was trying to improve the other nations land to be opened for them,since she was born from the west. Mine suffered a hard childhood but still ,she has her cheerful attitude towards the others.

Bulat and Leone continue to helped the citizen also Bulat came back and served for the Empire once. honestly those two were in a relationship now that surprised everyone. They all think that Bulat was gay,but those were facts. They had a secret relationship all the time.

Wave and Kurome went back to Wave's village where they started the new life together. Akame told Tatsumi that if she and Kurome met again...Kurome would be smelling fish ,but otherwise it had to be done. While Wave still part of the Empire's Jaeger and Night Raid. Wave decided that he and Kurome would be needed a new life on his home village while working with the Empire.

Sheele on the other hand went with Regis to Lucis . Sheele told Akame that she fell in love with Regis and decided to accompany him to Lucis. With Akame's suggestion Akame told Sheele to use her real name because it suited her,yet she told her that Sheele is one of her most friends and bestfriend to her. Sheele joined with Regis towards Lucis and introduced to anyone. As they continue to date a hundred time. Regis proposed to Sheele and they got married even Sheele used her first name Aulea.

At Avalon

Akame and Tatsumi visited their old friends back on the Empire along with their daughter. There are times that Tatsumi and Akame caught Nightmares from their past,but eventually they find each other towards their stronger love.

Avalon helped the Empire along with the other kingdoms that was destroyed but also Tatsumi also continue being the Dark Hunter of the other worlds,so was Akame who supported her husband decisions. Afterwards during her examinations of Akame. Akame wrote some stories and got passed on Doctors license with the help of Tatsumi.

Akame was outside the house with their daughter in her lap. She was playing with her book which made her smile. Afterwards Tatsumi came behind them,yet he joined his family. He looked at his daughter who gave him a bright smile.

"You saved us all my child."Tatsumi announce as Akame smiled

"You know everyone knows about these parts of demons here but don't worry my child. Your daddy and i will do everything to protect you. All of us."Akame said as she smiled at her husband ,as their child was playing the book.

"We love you so much and your mother and i will protect you no matter what."Tatsumi replied as they both kissed as they watch the beautiful scenery on the beautiful forest and mountains until the wind blew towards them. Tatsumi and Akame smiled at they felt her presence nearbly.

The war was over but life isn't. There are still out there ready to wreck havoc again but Tatsumi knew that his Dark Hunter is not done yet..but also in a new beginning at all cost.

Sneak Peek

Year 2019

The car continue to drove towards the road path. 4 persons were inside the car until they stopped on the dark cliff near the edge of the hiding place covered in opened the door of the car and looked on the bright sky.

''This is it? This place seems quiet every night.''Ignis told them as he stared at the long distance road

''Only known that part.''Noctis replied as he waited while tapping morse code on his fingers.

"Did we had a flat tire again?"Prompto asked as he scratch his head

"I don't think so. Prompto. Besides we are already here."Ignis replied as he was fixing his eyeglass

''Are you sure this is the place? Seem distances to me.''Prompto pointed

"Well we did reach the long road now."Gladious said with his arms cossed

"We are already here."Noctis said as they waited for answers as he looked on the stars yet the star turns red making him smile.

Until a red portal arrived causing them to stepped back except Noctis who recognize the portal all along. The fog disappeared yet the three persons looked at Noctis who began to smile.

"Welcome back Juvy...or should i say Dark Huntress."said Noctis as Juvy turned around seeing her friends.

"I am back now Noctis."said Juvy still on Dark Huntress form.

Thats the ending of Dark Hunter. Devils Hunter. The sequel of its next stories is Dark Huntress:Beginning to the end. Their daughter life. After all i still have stories