New story to celebrate the start of the anime, enjoy! I've wanted to do a Yuragi Inn Futa story for a while and now it's time!

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"HYAA!" a girl ran up and punched a ghostly man in the face, forcing the spirit out of his body.

She was young, in her teens with long black hair that she had tied into a ponytail that tickled at her waist and some of her bangs covered her left eye, her had an average body, C-cup breasts, wide hips and a pain of slender legs. There was a slight tone to her body and her skin was a light olive, she looked to have some European blood in her. She was wearing a pair of black bellbottom jeans and a simple off green shirt, on top of which was a faux leather jacket. Her ears were pierced and the right ear had two studs in the arches and two in the lobes but the left only had the piercings in the lobe.

"Another one taken care of." She smirked in a boyish tone.

"Who are you?" an old woman asked.

"I'm Kari Fumito the psychic!" she smirked clenching a fist "And I'm looking for a place with cheap rent and a ton of cute girls!"

Oh yes…she also a total lesbian Futanari.

Kari's POV

One of the old folks I saved took me to a nearby hot spring hotel where they said I could stay for cheap since it was haunted, so as long as I took care of the ghost I was set.

Staying at a hot spring…I bet I'll see so many babes, hope they've got great racks!

Apparently the ghost haunting this place was that of some murdered student from years back.

"What a reliable girl." The old man who led me to the inn said "IF you can exorcise that ghost like you said you're welcome to stay here for free as long as you want."

"Seriously?!" I gasped "You're awesome old dude! I won't have to sleep on park benches anymore!"

"How does a girl like you end up impoverished?" he asked.

"I've never known much about my parents." I sighed "Dad was Japanese but Mom was Italian I think, I'm not sure I only know she'd from Europe. I grew up in an orphanage and ever since I was a kid I seem to be easily possessed, it causes a lot of trouble for people, I got possessed by a sucky stock broker once and lost on my money on the Hang Seng Index. So after losing all I had except the shirt on my back I put myself into psychic training and became the most awesome destroyer of evil spirts!"

"Okay…" he sighed "Well you still have to pay until you remove that ghost."

"Oh right." I laughed.

I was let inside and since no one was around I went to hit up the hot spring, I like to bath alone given my extra attachments down below so it was nice to have it all to myself.

"I haven't seen a bath like this in months." I sighed and hummed as I sank into the refreshing water.

I closed my eyes and leaned back, the very ends of some of my hair just clipping the water and getting wet.

"This place seems great, it's got plumping, AC and a hot spring all for a 1000 yen a month!" I nearly screamed in excitement before catching myself "Still I'm here for a job, I wonder how cranky that ghost will be…Doesn't matter I'll use this Fist of Iron to take it out and live here for free!"


"Hmm." I peaked my left eye out from under my bangs.

I heard that…but there shouldn't be any one else around…I hadn't expected it to appear so soon.

I slowly turned my head to look out at the water. There was a girl floating in mid hair, parts of her body almost wisp like. She looked to be around my age, long flowing silver white hair, large breasts and a beautiful body, she was a ghost for sure, but I had never seen a spirit so beautiful before.

S-She's naked!

"So nice!" She sighed slipping her spectral body into the water as well.

"GAH!" I jumped up and covered my crotch.

"Huh what's wrong?" the ghost girl looked around in a panic "Wait can you…see me?!"

"Y-Yes." I said in a rare moment of nervousness.

"I…" she suddenly looked down to see what I was trying to hide "You're…a boy?"

"No I'm a girl?"

"But you…no…no…" she made the buckets in the spring rise up "NO!"

She pelted me hard, knocking me out.

This job's gonna be…pretty tough…I can't like…actually punch a girl that cute, if she was an uggo maybe but…ugh my head.


"Huh…" I slowly came around.

"Ah you're awake!" a girl smiled at me.

She was young, or at least young looking like middle school young. She was dressed like an inn keeper from Japan and had short brown hair, a cute little thing and I was laying in her lap.

"Wait…oh right I moved into this super cool inn." I said collecting my bearings and sitting up.

"You are Fumito Kari, right?" she asked.

"How do you know my name?" I asked.

"I'm the hostess here, Nakai Chitose." She smiled introducing herself in the traditional Japanese way.

That's right that old man mentioned there was a hostess there…

"Yes I'm responsible for all the inhabitants here." She explained.

"Oh~ She's awake!" Another woman walked in.

Wow she's hot!

She was older, probably somewhere in her twenties, she had long pink hair, wore glasses and had a sweater, and what a sweater it was, it was a cream-colored sweater dress and it was holding in some serious sweater puppies, she was stacked!

With her were two girls, one was in a sweatshirt that had cat ears on the hood, she had short blue hair, a petite boy that was almost boyish. She had a cute look to her for sure, kinda reminded me of myself a bit.

There was one more girl, she had long purple hair tied into a ponytail with a ninja star like clip. She was busty, not as much as the pink haired woman but she was bigger tan me. She was wearing a purple sweater top to contain her bust and a short skirt with some really sexy stockings.

This is heaven and I never want to leave.

"Let's have a drink and get to know one another!" she cheered pulling out a sake bottle.

"Please say you live here?" I asked.

"That's right!" she hummed "Arahabaki Nonko!"

She squatted in front of me, the left side of her dress slipping down to show her sexy lacy black bra and a view up between her legs to see her panties.

I'm getting a boner for sure.

I adjusted my robe a bit to try and make sure it was tucked in. Before I had much more chance to react the purple haired chick threw a dagger at me.

"Uhh…" I gulped nervously.

"Fumito Kari." She said "Or Kari Fumito if you prefer, I saw that thing…if you dare do anything to disrupt the calm morality of this place I, Ameno Sagiri will cut it off."

"Yes Ma'am." I yelped.

"Aren't you being mean." Nonko pouted "And besides calling her out for having that thing, it's not very lady like."

"You're one to talk." Sagiri grumbled.

"Hmm." The last girl licked my cheek and made me gasp a bit, I had a little cut there but her lick made it sting less.

"What was that?" I blushed.

"Yaya wanted to help is all." She tucked her arms into her sweatshirt pouch.

"Anyway, what room are you in?" Sagiri asked.

"Uhh, I think they gave me the key for room four." I nodded.

"Four!" they all gasped.

"Is that a problem?" I sighed.

"Well seems we will be departing soon." Sagiri walked out.

"What a shame." Nonko sighed following her.

"Yaya want's a nap." The last one yawned.

"Okay that was weird." I raised an eyebrow.

I didn't really get it but I got dressed back in my usual jacket and pants before heading up to my room.

I don't get what that was all about…probably should have asked them about the ghost and figured out how they live safely here if there's a ghost about.

"OHH!" I awed at the spacious and sparkling room "A room of my own-huh?"

I looked up and there was a robe covered butt on the wall.

Uhh…that's not normal.

"HMPH!" I grabbed the legs and pulled.

"Hey stop that!" the girl kicked and yelled.

"It's you." I recognized the ghost girl from before when she was pulled out.

"I'm sorry, I was afraid I'd scare you so I hid!" she cried.

I let her go and the girl settled down.

"I should introduce myself." She kneeled down before looking up with a smile "I'm the ghost of Yuragi Inn, Yunohana Yuuna. I can't believe you can see me so clearly normally no one has the psychic abilities to see me clearly and I'm just a white shadow who ends up scaring people…AH that means you saw things in the hot spring…oh wait I saw you too so I guess we're even and both girls so it's fine, even if you had a penis…wait…"

"Let's just stop this flow of the conversation." I sighed "I'm a futanari okay."

"Oh…okay." She shrugged.

"You're not freaked out?" I asked.

"I'm a ghost silly, not much freaks me out." She laughed a bit "And so if you have it fine, you're you and that's fine."

She's…so nice. This is bad she's sweet, I can't punch her to the afterlife and I really hate the hassle of other methods.

"Ah it's late." Yuuna said "I'll have to get ready."

"Get ready?" I asked.

"Hmph!" she rolled out a futon "Oh are you confused, I have a lot of ghost experience so I can touch things."

Why is that what she's smug about?

"Are you staying here?" I asked.

"This is room four." She said "It's where I stayed when I was alive so I can only sleep here."

"I guess that makes sense for a spirit, to be tied to a routine." I nodded "Wait…does that mean we're gonna be roommates."

My perfect dream shattered by a roommate, and staying with a cute girl too I'm gonna be all turned on all the time, I mean I like getting turned on but I like a break too!

"I'm sorry if I'm causing trouble." Yuuna frowned.

"No, it's fine." I smiled "But, I do have a tendency to be a restless sleeper so I'll apologize in advance if I wake you."

"Okay, umm…good night then." She smiled.

"Wait I still need to get changed for bed!"

I slipped into a more comfortable sleeping gear and rested my head on a pillow.

"I'm happy you're able to be here." Yuuna told me "It's nice to have someone that's not afraid of me and to talk with a person living in this room…"

"Why are you still here?" I asked "Not in the afterlife I mean. Usually the longer a spirit is on Earth the more likely they are to become evil, but you seem just fine."

"Are you…worried about me?" she asked.

"No, I'm not really-." I paused.

"MOUSE!" Yuuna suddenly yelled, the items in the room floating up when she screamed.

"OUF!" I groaned falling down and rubbing my head.

"Sorry I have a habit of flinging things around when my mood changes suddenly." Yuuna explained.

"Huh?" I leaned up and saw I had landed on top of Yuuna, her clothe partially falling off to reveal her sofy breasts.

"Sorry." I blushed starting to back away.

"No, it's…fine." She blushed "You're umm…poking me.

"GAH!" I pulled back in a cringe.

"Don't I…something about you is just." Yuuna blushed more.

"Yuuna…" I blushed back.

"HMM!" she suddenly kissed me "Oh I'm sorry I don't know what came over me!"

"Don't be sorry." I leaned closer "Cause I'm not."

I gently rubbed her leg a bit before catching myself. "We should stop…"

"No this…feels right." She kissed me again.

I don't know what's going on, but I don't want it to stop.

Somehow in seconds we were both bare, my penis between her legs.

"I'm gonna do it." I told her "No more backing out."

"Okay!" Yuuna nodded.

"HMM!" I leaned forward and pushed into her, strangely her ghostness wasn't so bad, she was colder than I would have thought but still pleasant.

"Kari have you ever done this before?" Yuuna asked.

"Once or twice." I blushed "You?"

"I don't know, not while a ghost that's for sure." She shivered when I kissed her breasts "HMM!"

"You feel that?" I asked.

"Just a bit." She pouted.

"I'm gonna start now." I told her pushing my hips a bit.

"HMM!" She moaned again.

I started thrusting into Yuuna, my arms pressing near her head as I fucked her, my breasts shaking around softly near her face.

"This…oh!" Yuuna moaned "I haven't felt like this…ever!"

"M-Me too!" I moaned "AHH!"

I suddenly started shaking with pleasure, my cock twitching and blasting inside her a bit.

"Ha…" I laid on top of her "That was…pretty awesome."

"Hmm…" Yunna drifted off to sleep "Wait…what did we just do!"

"OW!" I got thrown against a wall by Yuuna's ghost energy

"Sorry." She yelled "I…I let my emotions get out of control, something like that, doing what we did, I…"

"It's fine, let's just forget about it." I blushed "I'm gonna sleep."

"Okay…" Yuuna blushed "Night."

The Next Day

I spent the next morning figuring out some part time work and establishing myself in town, I was set now, a place to make money, a place to live, it was perfect except for Yuuna. She was gone when I woke but…after what we did it was even harder to try and think about exorcising her.

"Hmm?" I got back to the inn and saw some sorta monk outside.

He entered before I could get close but I had a weird feeling from him so I followed him upstairs where he went to mine and Yuuna's room and used a spirit binding on her.

"I'm not leaving, there's still things I want to see and learn about!" Yuuna resisted "Yesterday I made a special friend and I want to spend more time with her!"

"I shall force you to pass on then." He said.

"HMPH!" I pulled Yuuna free and into my arms.

"K-Kari!" Yuuna gasped.

"A human able to destroy a psychic barrier, you must be a medium as well, how dare you stop me." The monk said.

"Since you asked…" I looked up, my hair falling over my eyes a bit as I help Yuuna "I promised that I'd exorcise this girl in exchange for free rent!"

"HUH?!" Yuuna yelled "Who would promise that, why would you promise that?!"

"Well it was before I knew you." I laughed "HMPH!"

I slipped back when the Monk swiped his staff at me, nearly hitting my chest.

"Being kind to a spirit is offensive to the living." He said.

"This ain't about living or dead." I pulled my fist back and drilled his chin "I punch whatever I feel like punching! Didn't you break in to this place, so you deserve a dozen punches!"

"Please stop!" Yuuna begged.

"Yuuna…even though you don't want to move on if you stay here you'll end up in hell someday." I sighed "But I figured you knew that."

"Yes." She frowned "But one day I realized I need to do something, and figure out what I'm clinging too."

"Well…I guess I'll help then." I smiled.


"I'll help figure out what's holding you here, cause your cute and I like to help cute girls." I laughed "Also it'll let me get that free rent without any guilt!"

I looked back and saw she had tears in her eyes.

"Why are you crying?!" I yelped

"This is just the first time someone has said something like that." She sniffled "And after last night I just…so happy!"

"Oh." I laughed before noticing that the other guy was waking up "Yuuna stay back-Oh!"

I realized when I reached back to hold her back, I grabbed a big handful of one of her soft breasts.

So soft…

"Rubbing them…I'm gonna…HMM!" Yuuna blasted me through a wall and into the hot spring.

"ACK!" I coughed up some water as I surfaced…and saw four naked woman.

I love this place!

"Didn't I mention before you shouldn't mess around here." Sagiri pulled a Kunai out of her hair while covering her bountiful bust "Since you can't seem to think with the right head, I'll just cut it off."

She was in there with Yaya, Nonko, and Chitose.

"This isn't what it looks like." I shook my hair dry.

"Wait this was my fault!" Yuuna flew down.

"Doesn't matter." Sagiri twirled her mini blade "Sides it's probably so small she won't miss it."

"Hey!" I pouted.

"It's not small." Yuuna reassured her.

"Don't tell her that?!" I snapped.

This place, it's gonna be interesting that's for sure.


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Really excited about this story. I'm a big Yuragi Inn manga fan and have wanted to do a Futa story of it for a long time and with the anime coming up in a couple months now felt like the time. IT's a little awkward to get sex scenes since the manga is all about teasing and it would be out of character for some girls to have sex (Cough Sagiri Cough) but I'll do my best

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