While Kari was dealing with Nadare, Yuuna and the other girls were fighting with his underlings.

"KYA!" Riria yelped as she was blasted by an Shuriken Hibari threw with empowerment from Yuuna.

She quickly used her powers to make her clothes reappear "Close one. You guys keep trying to strip me, must have picked up some naughty habits from Kari. Well you have no memories of her right now so must be subliminal or something."

"We got her." Hibari cheered as Yuuna supplied her with spirit armor.

"It's a good thing Hibari is so trusting." Sagiri said "We might not have all her memories but she can still work with Yuuna no problem, seems like we were all very close before this happened."

"Make her heart go Badump…" Urakata thought "How are we gonna do that? If only you guys had your memories back you'd be able to talk about your love for Kari, that'd do it for sure."

"Is there really no way?" Karura asked.

"Well…Sagiri's Fang Drill technique could possibly pierce the armor of the memory lock, but this Sagiri's had her powers sealed I'm not sure she'd be able to do it."

"What about Yuuna, do you have someone you like?" The bird like girl asked.

"It's embarrassing to say." The ghost blushed.

"Oh, Hibari wanted to know." The girl pouted using her shurikens to block Riria's attacks.

"We need this Yuuna." Urara yelled.

"F-Fine I…I really love Kari-san!" The ghost said "She's kinda, beautiful and she just nice to spend time with!"

"All that love talk won't work!" Riria yelled blasting Yuuna and Hibari again.

Yuuna blocked but then had to release her armor from Hibari, she was using too much power.

"Don't worry!" Yuuna quickly defended them again "I will protect all of you!"

Sagiri cursed her powerlessness, if she had her true abilities and memories, she was sure she could help Yuuna. When she saw a energy bolt curving around behind the ghosts back she hurried over to block it, taking the hit.

"Sagiri!" Hibari yelled.

"Did I over do it?" Riria giggled before a gust suddenly blew her clothes off "Huh?"

Suddenly she was sealed in a pane of energy.

"How I closed off my Spirit Communications abilities to Genryuusai!"

"My Ameno Fang Drill pierced your armor." A voice said.

The whipping winds faded to show Sagiri there wearing tight yet heavy spirit armor, some of her hair was bleached white as Yuuna floated behind her.

"Once I pierced it Yuuna canceled your armor." She explained "When we combine our powers there's no armor Yuuna and I can't cancel."

"She let herself be possessed?!" Riria gasped "How?"

"Yuuna and I are just that good of friends." Sagiri smirked as Yuuna hugged her from behind "So when I took that hit for her my memories and techniques returned."

"Don't ever do something so dangerous again." Yuuna pouted.

"I'll be more careful." Sagiri laughed a bit "Sorry. We still need to escape the strange law barrier, but if Yuuna's love for Kari wasn't enough, neither will mine."

"Yep I've got no interest in love." Riria laughed.

"Are you sure about that, I can hear your heart fluttering right now." Karura said as her body slowly grew back to her normal proportions "You've got some love troubles of your own. See my ability to sus this out proves I'm the best for Kari."

"How does that prove anything?!" Sagiri yelled.

"I-I think Kari will decide." Yuuna blushed.

"Stop trying to steal her away!" Hibari whined.

"So much…lovey dovey stuff!" Riria yelled as her barrier broke.

"Nice!" Hibari cheered "We can escape!"


"Looks like you used up the power of your replenishing stone." Nadare told Kari as her arm faded. "The parts where you focused your spirit energy are fading the fastest."

"Tsk." The girl hissed a bit.

"I shouldn't have used so much power" Kari cursed in her mind.

"Hmm?" Nadare looked off "Riria's barrier is-?"

"Huh?" Kari looked over as saw Yuuna and her team flying in.

"Kari-san!" Yuuna yelled.

"She looks beaten." Sagiri said.

"Her arms and legs are fading away!" Hibari added.

"Alive regardless." Karura said.

"You're here!" Chisaki said "And you look different."

"We got our bodies and memories back." Sagiri explained using her ability to break the seal on Chisaki.

"Huh-OHHH!" Chisaki moaned as her bouncy bust reformed and her hips widened "HMM! I'm back to normal!"

"Are you alright Chisaki?" Hibari hugged her "Thank goodness!"

"Wait, why isn't Fumito going back to normal?" Sagiri asked.

"Her spirit medium qualities made the spell worse on her." Yuuna said "But the seal is gone with time she should return but who knows how long that might take."

"We don't have time to wait." Sagiri picked her up "We still have to find the others."

"Wait, where did that Nadare guy go?" Hibari asked.

"He teleported away." Karura explained "We should escape before he gets back."

Karura used her clairvoyance to see into the other sphere and find that Ouga's group was more or less relaxing in a pool rather than fighting Asuka, Nadare's other underling.

Suddenly Chisaki passed out and fell to the floor.

"It's careless to take off your spirit armor like that." Riria appeared "We're not trying to like kill you guy, more like…save you. The Yatahagane is the only one we really wanna beat."

She tapped on her phone and many orbs of concentrated spirit energy appeared.

"Garandou?" Sagiri gasped.

Riria attacked Kari but Hibari blocked the shots with her body, passing out in the process, thankfully Karura was able to defend after that.

"Just how exactly is a weak maiden like you going to defeat me?" she asked "Well Riria or whatever your name is."

"The elders thought you all needed to be finished off before you got too strong." The Gal said "But Nadare-sama disagreed, so we used that seal to neutralize your strength so we could convince them to like let you live. So just sit there quietly and let your powers be sealed up."

"As if I'd go back to a weak body like that." Sagiri glared.

"Or that I'd give up my looks." Karura huffed a bit "Do you really need to save us?"

"Of course, I do!" Riria attacked again.

The attacked blasted the ninja and the black-winged girl, ripping into their spirit armor and exposing their bodies. Still the two kept on defending with Yunna, trying to protect Kari as best they could.

"…useless." The medium thought to herself as the girls were beaten down "I'm…useless."

"You're out of energy for spirit armor, you lose." Riria smirked.

"Just leave them." Kari groaned "They don't want to hurt you so just do what they want."

"And give up me memories of you again?" Sagiri asked.

"Or our other memories of the inn?" Yuuna added.

"A future where we don't know each other, I'd rather die." Karura said.

"We won't surrender to anyone!"

The girls fought back a bit more, managing to weaken Riria but not before Nadare reappeared and teleported her away before defeating Yuuna and the girls quickly.

"You're still here." Kari groaned.

"The Yatahagane power, with it the future you get involved in will become chaos I'm sure of it." Nadare told her "That dangerous chaos could cause havoc all over, your existence is simply too dangerous. I'm somewhat glad I hate you, it's given me purpose."

"You don't hate me." Kari groaned "You pity me, and I hate being pitied, you're hurting my friends and threatening my home, the more I think about it the more pissed off I get, but my body is really letting me down right now, but you know, I still got enough to kick your ass!"

"How you can't even stand, I'll kill you and then seal Genryuusai."

"You leave Yuuna out of this!" Kari punched him in the stomach.

"You're still at the limit!" Nadare groaned.

"Enough!" Yuuna appeared and grabbed her "If you keep doing this you'll disappear!"

"That's fine, where I go misfortune always follows." Kari sighed.

"I used to think that too, then I met you." Yuuna said hugging her "All these things happening aren't that bad, you're getting all worked up. I love Kari-san, I won't let you vanish because you may think you're cursed but I love you how you are."

Kari suddenly let Yuuna possess her, for the moment her body looked restored though she was still very drained of energy.

"Hmm, this form is like last time." Kari blushed seeing her big chest "Everything always becomes so lewd with you guys."

"Sorry." Yuuna laughed.

"Why, that's half the fun!" Kari smiled at her "You know me, I'm always thinking about how cute your girls are, I can't help it. So anyway Nadare, you're out of power, so let me make this clear, release us and never get in our way again."

"This isn't my call to make, this came from the Tenko Elders." He sighed "IT's always been this way, they won't listen to me, they're all vengeful over not unifying Japan. If I deny them, they will find another, I tried to help all of you and you ruined it. They'll just try and assassinate you now."

"Man you're looking super bummed." Kari laughed "but dude, if you think they're going to far, try and talk to them, you'll never no unless you try and if you want, we'll help you out."


"You seem like a nice guy." She smiled.


With that the fighting was over, for now things were calm again, everyone had their memories and their proper bodies back, things would be tumultuous from time to time but Kari new she could always count on the others to help her out.


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