Once again Koyuzu and Mirai had gone snooping in the Landlady's closet and found another of her cursed games, this time it was Rock, Paper, Scissors.

"Welcome to the Ultimate, Strip Rock Paper Scissors!" a disembodied announcer voice said.

"Yay…" Kari sat in the stands and clapped a bit as her many lovers were on the stage "Wait don't I get to play?"

"Wait strip version?" Koyuzu said.

"If you lose you have to take off some clothing." Nonko-explained.

"Yaya knows this, if you lose everything you're out." The catgirl explained.

There were plenty of players, Nakai, Koyuzu, Nonko, Mirai, Yaya, Oboro, Karura, Matora, Yuuna and Ouga.

"If we're gonna be undressing we'll need something a bit more fitting." Koyuzu told Mirai.

"I suppose." The fox girl blushed.

The two used their powers to transform into their busty young women forms.

"In this game you play RPS, the loser takes off a piece of clothing if there's a draw everyone takes something off, if you get naked you lose." The announcer explained.

"What a dumb game let's get this over with." Karura groaned.

"The winner will be given a great blessing." The announcer said "A wish that will come true."

"A wish…" everyone thought.

"If I win I could wish to have Fumito's children." Oboro hummed.

"Back down a bit!" Kari blushed.

"The drone above will monitor the game and display it for the fans, when the music starts just dance a bit, when it ends throw your hand out and shoot your chosen piece."

"Adult games are so strange." Mirai sighed adjusting her robes.

"Let's get started!" the announcer cheered.

The music started and the ladies began to sway their hips, the bustier girls bounced side to side while thinner women like Yaya didn't jiggle as much.

"Put some heart in to it!" Kari cheered.

The girls got ready as the music was about to stop, Karura prepared to use her clairvoyance to read the others planned moves while Oboro was going to use her speed to change everyone's hands so that she'd be the only winner, but both were caught off guard when Nakai-san made the first move.

"Luck Manipulation!"

The other ladies luck suddenly changed leaving them all throwing paper against Nakai's scissors.

"How did I not see that she'd try that." Karura hissed.

Everyone was wearing the same outfit so it consisted of four pieces for everyone, Obi, Yukata, Bra and Shorts, Nakai now had a one-point lead as she was still wearing her obi unlike the others.

"If you change someone's clothes you'll be disqualified." The announcer made clear and if someone puts extra on you, you lose three layers."

"Aw that's too bad." Koyuzu tossed a leaf casually, inadvertently hitting Nakai-san and getting disqualified and making the older woman strip a lot as well.

"Are there any other rules?" Oboro asked.

"If you don't put out Rock, Paper or Scissors you lose two pieces, and if you touch an opponent in a way that intends to obstruct their ability to use their hand you'll also be disqualified. That's all."

"So anything but that is legal…" Oboro mumbled.

"Now let's start round 2."

The music started up and as soon as it was about to end Oboro used her Godspeed to stop everyone else in their tracks and change their hands to Paper so she'd win all on her own but when the camera took the shot only one hand was there.

"Hiougi Karura is the only one who put her hand out." The announcer said "The others abandoned the match and therefore she is the only winner."

"But how?" Matora yelped.

"The camera never caught you on film, not since the round began." Karura explained "Because Yaya's stealth steps masked your presence form it!"

"Interfering with the match means Yaya is disqualified." The announcer said.

"You know this is getting way more complicated than it needed to be." Kari sighed a bit "if everyone gets DQ'ed it'll be no fun! But since everyone else didn't throw Rock Paper or Scissors they lose two layers right?"

"That's correct." The voice said.

"The real way to play this game is to control people." Karura smirked.

Soon it was down to just Karura and Oboro, Karura sported one additional layer as Oboro was only in her underwear.

"This should be interesting." Kari laughed sitting with the other girls "I'm getting excited."

Oboro threw Paper against Karura's Rock but the wind whipped around her and changed her hand to Scissors. The two were duking it out with the use of powers, forcing each other to strip until each was in nothing but their underwear but in the end there was no winner, it was a draw.

"That wasn't as much fun as I expected to be, watching is way more boring." Kari laughed sitting around the inn with the girls "It was fun while it lasted I guess."


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