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Kari's POV
"You were really cool at the sports festival today." The girls said while we were in the bath.

"It was nothing." I laughed them off "All I did was run my best. Still going all out against normal people feels like cheating."

"I wish I got to see." Koyuzu pouted.

"You've never been to an athletic festival before?" Chisaki asked.

"No, we had one in the village I grew up in, it had transformations and everything." The girl explained.

"That sounds fun." Yuuna smiled.

"We had a normal sports day." Mirai said "But we had many types of Youkai so it was probably to keep it fair.

I was in the bath with a few of the girls, Koyuzu, Yuuna, Mirai, Yaya, Nonko and more.

"If we could use our spirit powers Hibari could have done loads more." She sighed.

"It wouldn't be fair." Sagiri told her "Even Kari shouldn't have."

"A sports festival with spirit powers would be cool to see." Shion hummed.

"I think it would be scary." Chisaki laughed.

"I have just the thing then!"

Matora walked in with Asuka, one of the girls that had recently attacked the inn before we cleared things up. The two busty tanned girls came over to us to chat.

"This is a strange law world Matora and I made." She held up a small sphere "We prepared it to be a world where techniques and powers are allowed at a sports festival."

The sphere was activated and we were all transported to a track field.

"What are these clothes?" Yuuna gasped.

The girls and I were now all in t-shirts and shorts that barely got to midthigh.

"So now we're in a strange law world, right?" I fixed my shorts "So we can't get out without fulfilling certain conditions?"

"I just took a bath are we really gonna have to get all sweaty?" Chisaki sighed.

"We can't escape without fulfilling the condition." Asuka said "There's now exceptions."

"Guess we have no choice." Shion shrugged.

"There's a prize to keep you motivated though." Matora said "Winning team gets tickets to Hawaii!"

"It's one of the Tenko family villas." Asuka explained.

"Teams?" Sagiri asked.

"We'll split evenly into red and blue teams with a draw." Asuka explained.

We drew straws and made-up teams. The Red Team was Asuka, Karura, Sagiri, Yuuna and Riria, while the Blue team was Matora, Oboro, Hibari, Nonko and myself, the others were cheering us on from the sidelines.

"How did I get roped into this." Riria whined.

"The first event is a team tug of war." Asuka said.

"That shouldn't be too bad." I smiled "But if we can use our powers it might be too easy."

"We're the support right?" Koyuzu said "So we can help out?"

"Of course do your best." Asuka nodded.

"Then I'll make everyone look shameless!" she threw her leaves at us.

"WHAT?!" Chisaki yelped.

The leaves smacked our teams and shrank out outfits, leaving our tops as half bras and our shorts as small as thongs.

"I can turn you back to normal." Mirai said.

"Don't bother she'll just change us back again." Oboro sighed.

"Can't you use spirit armor then?" Shion asked.

"I need possession to use it." I laughed "Plus Yuuna and Sagiri both have techniques to break Spirit Armor. Who cares I think this look is even better."

"Of course, you do." Hibari said.

"You don't seem to be minding." I giggled when I caught her staring at my crotch.

"It's not like that!" she whined "You've turned Hibari into a sinful girl!"

"Let's play." Nonko picked up the rope.

It was pretty clear that there was going to be cheating and not a fair fight but that only made it more fun if you asked me. As soon as the bell rang Nonko-san tugged hard on the rope making the enemy stumble, but Nakai-san used her luck manipulation to try and turn the tables on us but Oboro reacted instantly and used her speed to drag Yuuna and Karura off.

That left Me, Matora and Hibari tugging against Riria, Asuka and Sagiri.

"How can we be stuck we got the Yatahagane!" Matora said "Use your powers."

"But that's so boring." I whined "I don't wanna rush I wanna keep enjoying the view."

"You are a vile woman!" Riria huffed.

Koyuzu and Mirai kept using their leaves to change and shrink out outfits till everyone was in nothing but micro bikinis, they left little to the imagination and I was certainly a fan of them.

"Well now, I think we've hit the peak." I grabbed the rope "Time to wrap this up then."

I gave the rope one hard pull and sent the others flying towards our side of the rope, they crashed into us, soft supple bodies mashing together over me.

"Nice to see you girls too." I mumbled as Asuka and Riria's breasts smashed against my face.

"Blue team wins?" The announcing voice sighed a bit.

"You're a…total perv." Riria blushed sitting up, her breasts till mostly spilling out of her bikini.

We kept up the rest of the events, it was fun but when you go all out it gets kinda boring in a way.


We took a nice bath after our sports festival before everyone turned in for the night.

"Oh, you two have a good night." I walked past Riria and Asuka.

"Right, umm you as well." Riria bowed her head a bit.

"Something wrong?" I asked "You two have been kinda weird all day, sorry if I made you uncomfortable."

"It's not that." Asuka sighed a bit "We just…We've been asked to keep an eye on you and…"

"You're not Nadare-sama!" Riria said "So don't go thinking we'll fall for you like those other girls."

"That's fine." I smiled "Girls are great and all but I don't have to have the world's biggest harem or anything. You're both really pretty if you change your mind…"

I walked off and winked "I'm always available."


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