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"Heading home Sagiri?" Kari said seeing the girl at the entrance to school.

"Yes, are you alone?" she looked around.;

"Yeah, Yuuna headed back early to help with dinner." The other girl explained

"I see, there are so many people hanging around the inn now." Sagiri said getting her shoes.

"Then that mean…" Sagiri thought "We're going home alone together? There's been so many people at the inn lately it's hard to find time with just her…especially with my ninja missions, with all that's been happening it feels like no one knows what's next or how to move forward."

Sagiri was nervous, ever since she confessed this was the first time she'd been alone with Kari.

"Sagiri." Kari snapped her from her thoughts "My work is this way so…"

In an instant the ninja felt her moment escape her until she made a sudden move.

"W-Wait!" she yelled "Will you…go on a date with me?"

"Sure." Kari smiled.


Sagiri was waiting in the park, her hair down and weaking a cute white sweater dress and black stockings, Kari meanwhile was feeling very underdressed in a graphic tee and jeans.

"You came." Sagiri blushed a bit.

"I said I would, didn't I?" Kari walked up "Almost didn't recognize you with your hair down, it's a cute look."

"Great let's go!" she grabbed the girl's hand.

"So is this a mission?" Kari asked.

"huh, no it's not." She shook her head "Using out ninja tools as hairpins is so that they'll always be on hand, by taking mine off right no…I'm off duty."

"Okay, that's fine with me." Kari smiled.

"Great, date time!" she dragged Kari off.

"Hey be careful." Kari pulled her back as Sagiri nearly ran right into a car, the ninja crashing boobs first into her, the soft mounds squishing into Kari's face.


The two tried to have a peaceful date but Sagiri kept over thinking everything leading to frequent stumbles, fumbles and unintended situations that only seemed to make her more frustrated.

She tried clearing her head in an alleyway only to be attacked by a swarm of spirit grasshopper larva that ate clothing, thankfully with Kari there they were easily able to dispatch them.

"You work to hard." Kari smiled "No reason to overthink everything, you trained to be a stronger ninja right, so then train to be better at dating."

"I suppose that's not such a bad idea." Sagiri said letting her hair down.

"You're cute Sagiri you don't have to worry so much about how you're acting." Kari held her a little close.

"When I with you I can't help but be nervous." She sighed.

"Maybe we need to calm some of those nerves then." Kari held her close and rubbed her thigh a bit.

"Oh~" Sagiri couldn't help but moan a little.

"Come on, I know a place with a bit more privacy."


Kari's POV

I had taken Sagiri to a nearby hotel where we got a room and relaxed a bit, and by relax I mean started getting it on.


The two of us were laying naked on the bed, kissing and rubbing each other. Sagiri slowly moved her body around so her ass was facing me, her warm body laying over mine. I could feel her warm breath on my twitching cock as she slowly leaned in and licked it.

"Yeah that's it." I groaned as she slowly began sucking me off "Sagiri you really know how to use your mouth."

"Like you said, I'm good at training for certain things." She blushed.

The purple haired girl then wrapped her breasts softly around my cock, adding pillowy warmth to my shaft as she slurped on the upper half of it. Not wanting to make her feel uncared for I slowly started rubbing her ass, it was one of Sagiri's best features and seeing it squeezed into those tight stockings or spirit armor of hers was always enough to get me going.

"So fleshy." I felt my fingers get pushed back by her bubble butt "Have you gained weight?"

"Shut up!" she yelped.

"I'm just teasing." I slowly spread her creamy cheeks and saw her wet pussy "Wow, you're soaked."

I dragged my tongue over her slit ad made her squeal when I flicked it against the clit, Sagiri took in a sharp breath of pleasure before returning back to going down on me.

I could hear Sagiri slurping on my cock as I probed my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy, juices leaking into my mouth. The two of us moaned, out genitals in each other's mouths, saliva and juices dripping out.

"I love how wet you are." I poked her plump nethers with my thumbs "I'm gonna fuck you so hard."

Sagiri looked at me with lustful eyes and flicked her tongue over my bulbous dick head, the sensation of pleasure that shot through me was surprising and I was unable to hold back blasting a few ropes of my hot spunk right into her face.

"A little warning." She scoffed in annoyance.

"I can't help it you were too good." I laughed.

I moved out bodies so Sagiri was under me, I sat between her legs and spread them, once again gaining full view of her nude glory. I rubbed my erect dick against her warmth and slowly slid inside her.

"HA!" She gasped.

"Has it been that long you forgot how big it is?" I teased.

"Just shut up and do it." She pouted as I held onto her ankles.

"With pleasure."

I began to roll my hips and roughly thrust into Sagiri, the girl moaned as her body jiggled in response, her big tits smacking up and down as I railed into her. The bed squeaked a bit from the force of my body slamming into hers but I felt like that only made it better.

"Ugh, yes, take it." I groaned going deeper and deeper "So tight."

"Has it been so long you forgot?" She smirked with a heavy blush on her cheeks.

"Oh so now you wanna tease?" I said leaning in and feeling her big breasts press against my petite chest.

"MMMM!" she pulled me into a kiss, my body still rising and falling to push my cock in and out.

The two of us kissed, Sagiri wrapped her legs around my body to keep me close as my penis was squeezed tighter and tighter by her warm walls.

"Sagiri." I briefly broke our kiss "I'm gonna…cum soon."

"Me…too." She whimpered kissing me back.

The two of us both started panting more and more, getting turned on an pushed to our limits. I could feel her fleshy walls shifting and snuggly sucking in my rod, I gave her one last hard thrust as I let out a pleased grunt, my balls quaking and releasing inside her.

"AHHH!" I groaned feeling my splooge fill her.

The two of us took a bit to catch out breath, laying on the silken sheets soaked in sweat and sexual sheen.

"Feeling better?" I asked.

"You could say that." She sighed resting her head on a pillow.

"Any time, I don't want any of your girls to feel left out." I snuggled against her, pulling her rear against my waist as I spooned her.

Still naked the two of us drifted off to sleep like that, we'd return to the inn in the morning.


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