Kari's POV

Chiaki and I were in our gym uniforms cleaning up a bit after school.

"We just have to return the rest of this equipment and we'll be all done." I smiled.

"And that'll wrap up our athletic committee work too." Chisaki smiled.

Suddenly the clouds above rumbled and started pouring out rain.

"Seriously!" I groaned "Dammit."

We hurried to the nearby storage shed since we had to put the equipment away still.

"Great the light it busted." I flicked the switch "This old shed probably has no power."

"Sounds like the rain isn't slowing down." Chisaki sighed before leaning on the door "Huh, that sounded like a lock."

"Wait what?" I grabbed the door "It won't budge. Guess I could punch the door down."

"Let's not escalate to vandalism." Chisaki sniffed.

"You okay?" I looked at her and saw her shiver, her wet clothes hugging her body "If we need to change clothes I'll have no choice than break the door down.

"Stop being violent so quickly!"

"But we don't know if the power will come back on for us to turn on the lights." I said "And we can't stay in these wet clothes."

"I guess we have no choice." She said unzipping her jacket a bit.

"Yeah, you're right." I did the same.

I know Chisaki likes to show off in public but it's rare for her to be so forward like this.

"Even my underwear is soaked." She blushed taking her shorts off.

"I found a towel." I handed it to her.


The two of us managed to dry off but sitting their in our underwear was weirdly embarrassing, even for two people who'd had sex before, I felt so tired though.


Chisaki heard a thud and looked back to see Kari fall over.

"Kari-chan!" she grabbed the girl "She's burning up. There's no way rain caused a fever this high so quickly."

Chisaki wondered if this was some sort of haunted location in the school, a locked shed where things get colder and colder till you have no choice but to warm up naked, and if you don't, you'll be bedridden with a cold for days.

Chisaki laid Kari on her back and rested over her.

"Guess there's no choice." She blushed "This is…so exciting."

Her own body was feeling feverish as well, slowly she reached back and unclipped her bra letting it fall off her ample bust she removed Kari's sports bra like undergarment as well, leaning down and rubbing their chests together with a moan, nipples striking like swords.

"It feels good." Chisaki moaned rubbing herself on Kari, the thought of someone coming to save them at any moment only enhancing her pleasure "Ohh~"

She felt pressed near her back and looking over saw Kari's panties bulging.

"Even when she's sick Kari-chan is so full of…vigor." She moaned grinding her ass on her cock.

Chisaki was turning herself on and she knew it, she couldn't help herself from slipping their panties off and getting her sexy on.

"Oh! Ah!" she moaned bouncing up and down on Kari's cock "Yes so good!"

Her thick and tender clapped loudly as she moved herself, her tits slapping up and down, ass clapping and thighs squishing.

"Hmm." Kari groaned "Well this is a way to wake up."

"Kari-chan!" Chisaki gasped.

"Don't stop Chisaki." Kari grabbed her ass "Fucking you always feels amazing."

The girl blushed and felt the long shaft twitching inside her, plunging deeper with each bounce and thrust. The two girls collided, bodies slamming together in a sexy show as Chisaki leaned in close, moaning in Kari's ear as she got plowed.

"Oh Kari-chan!" she begged "Harder! I'm so close!"

"HMPH!" the futanari grunted "Me…too!"

She grunted and blasted some cum into Chisaki, the two girls felt less feverish and calmer, though they were both still cuddling naked. Eventually Kari broke down the door and they set themselves free, later sealing the power that caused them to be trapped.


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Pick Up- Chapter 179

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